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fake id in usa umd fake id Situated on 240 acres along the Thames River in scenic southeastern Connecticut how to get a fake id reddit real id alabama good online fake ids good fakes how to make fake id card,Certain statements in this press release constitute forward looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 ,Russia's foreign ministry responded in its email:With regard to the recommendation of the Moldovan government to Moldovan officials to refrain from trips to Russia, in our view such actions do not facilitate the restoration of bilateral relations and the activisation of cooperation. ,The Moldovan officials said they do not believe the harassment is orchestrated from the Kremlin but by people in the interior ministry and the security service. fake id got taken fake id rap song can you get a fake id online The Moldovan government has not specified an exact number of cases or when the abuse started ,We have tens of such cases," Interior Minister Alexandru Jizdan told Reuters. ,One interior ministry official said she had been stopped three times at Moscow airport, most recently in January. On the third occasion, she said she jokingly told the Russian guard she could find her own way to the interrogation room. ,The complaints of harassment comes as Moldovan prosecutors have launched criminal cases against 14 judges as well as 10 senior bank managers, senior central bank officials and four bailiffs in the money laundering investigation. Some lawyers who work in the Russian criminal justice system say it is common for one arm of Russian law enforcement to investigate a crime while another arm resists that effortbecause they have competing interests. ,Moldova says it has sent repeated requests to Russia over the past six years for help getting to the bottom of a scheme dubbed by local press as the "Russian Laundromat" which allegedly washed money from more than 100 Russian companies and 21 Russian financial institutions. ,The Russian Interior Ministry said in response to inquiries that it could not comment on the money laundering case itself because of the on going Russian investigation into it. ,Last week Moldova's Prime Minister and the President of the Moldovan parliament met the Russian ambassador in Chisinau to send a note of complaint to Moscow about the way Moldovan officials were being treated.Moldova Struggles with Post ,And now another story about the changing face of Europe. Moldova became an independent nation after the breakup of the Soviet Union. It's desperately poor and its main export is people seeking better lives elsewhere. ,NPR's Emily Harris has a profile of this small nation that's being pulled between East and West. ,HARRIS: Lucia Lisnikph, her young son and infant daughter live on the ninth floor of a Soviet era high rise. It's almost identical to apartment buildings found all over the former Soviet Union, down to the mailboxes and elevator. But 16 years after independence, Moldova has its own reputation. Lisnik found that out when she was caught trying to enter Austria, then Hungary, with fake travel documents. ,Ms. LUCIA LISNIK Resident: Speaking foreign language ,HARRIS: When we got to the border, at both borders, she said, they were all treating us like, you know, oh, those Moldovans. They humiliated us. The Hungarians were nicer at the border, but when we got locked up they were horrible. ,One of Moldova's biggest exports is people. As much as 25 percent of working population is abroad, many illegally. Trafficking is a serious problem, particularly selling young women into prostitution. Moldova was once a part of what's now Romania. The languages are still the same and many Moldovans now hold Romanian passports. In 1812, the occupying Turks gave Moldova to the Russian czar. One hundred years later, it became independent but was made a Soviet republic in 1940, after Hitler and Stalin divided Europe. ,Head of a political research center, Igor Batsanph, says history has turned his identity into a mishmash. ,Mr. IGOR BATSAN Political Researcher: Ethnically, I consider ethnically I am Romanian. Politically, of course, I'm Moldovan, a citizen of Moldova. But I was a educated on Russian culture. ,HARRIS: And he loves that culture, but he doesn't love the power Russia still wields over Moldova, nor the political heritage of the Soviet Union. He jokes that Russia is still interested in this small country because it's strategically important to Moscow. ,Mr. BATSAN: Moldova is the single country in the world that Russia still can defeat economically, military and politically. So if they lose Moldova, nobody else could be used in order to demonstrate Russian power. ,HARRIS: The president of Moldova is a communist. This is the only place in Europe where the Communist Party still leads the government. But after a split with Moscow over the status of the break Transnistria Region, Moldova is now officially oriented toward joining the European Union. Earlier this year, Moscow banned all Moldovan agricultural products. ,HARRIS: In the tasting room of Moldova's Milestii Mici winery and cellars, tourists can sample from an enormous collection. Wine is a vital export for Moldova, and until this year Russia was by far its biggest customer. ,Marina Britvina is the winery's marketing director. ,Ms. MARINA BRITVINA Marketing Director, Milestii Mici Winery: Through translator In March this year, everything was closed. They let no wine in. The Russians even sent back the Moldovan wine they had. ,HARRIS: Moldova hopes Europe will buy more of its wine as part of its efforts to join the European Union. But Europe is still skeptical about Moldova's commitment to transparency and rule of law. ,HARRIS: Chisinau is the capital of Moldova. A caf here displays cakes that rival Vienna's and cooks up French bistro staples such as quiche and croc monsieur. But journalist Sarina Raduph says Moldova has miles to go. A lot has changed since independence she says, but not enough. ,Ms. SARINA RADU Journalist: Young people started to like freedom, started to want to do something more, started to be creative. But all presidents and governments were from that generation of old style people, you know. And now it seems that people regular people are changed, but the government never change his methods of work. That is the huge problem which doesn't work. ,HARRIS: Diplomats are publicly diplomatic when evaluating Moldova. Louis O'Neill heads the Moldova Mission of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. ,Mr. LOUIS O'NEILL Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe: There's no reason to think in zero sum terms about Moldova vis vis Russia and Europe. That's old thinking, Cold War thinking. It doesn't work that way. ,We're now trying to build bridges between all of Europe and have a Europe whole and stable and unified, and so Moldova could be a wonderful country for building those bridges with linguistic plurality, tolerance, real deep understanding of the Russian culture, but part of Europe. ,HARRIS: If Moldova can make up its mind that's the role it wants to play. Emily Harris, NPR News, Chisinau. ,NPR transcripts are created on a rush deadline by Verb8tm, Inc., an NPR contractor, and produced using a proprietary transcription process developed with NPR. This text may not be in its final form and may be updated or revised in the future. Accuracy and availability may vary.mom charged in marijuana case still plans to file civil rights suit ,Shona Banda in June, after she was booked into jail and released when she posted bond. The Garden City, Kansas, resident, who uses cannabis oil to treat her Crohn disease, faces criminal charges related to her marijuana use. ,A Garden City mother facing criminal drug charges said this week that she still intends to file a lawsuit in federal court asserting a constitutional right to use marijuana to treat her Crohn's disease. ,Attorneys for Shona Banda prepared the suit months ago and posted a draft version online. ,Lawrence attorney Sarah Swain teamed up with Long Beach, California, lawyer Matthew Pappas on the suit and Banda said the delay in getting it filed is largely due to logistics. ,"I guess they're trying to find out exactly how to go about it," Banda said in a recent phone interview. "They have to be in the same building at the same time and they both have such hectic schedules.

website to find fake pictures fake miami university id fake id band schedule tennessee identification card Law enforcement officers searched Banda's house and found marijuana and a device for turning it into oil after her son spoke up about her use of it during an anti drug presentation at his school last year. identification card maker online new ny id card fake id driving licence west virginia fake id how to check if an id is fake Banda's son was removed from her custody and she has a pending court date in Finney County on the criminal charges resulting from the search. Banda was already a prominent voice in the medical marijuana community when she was charged ,The suit prepared by Swain and Pappas names Gov. Sam Brownback nj fake id template WestVirginia fake id for sale how can bouncers tell a fake id Banda said she absolutely" still intends for the lawsuit to be filed. ,"They need to be held accountable," she said. "Otherwise it's going to continue to keep happening to some people. ,Swain and Pappas did not respond to requests for comment. ,When news reports first surfaced about the draft lawsuit in September ,This lawsuit can and will change the course of history," Swain posted above the link. "The time to end prohibition is now. fake id paypal uk fake college id ireland hawaii fake id template

highline ballroom fake id Broad bills legalizing marijuana for treating a wide range of illnesses have been introduced in the Kansas Legislature several times in the past five years but have gone nowhere. ,A narrow bill that would legalize low THC marijuana oil for use in treating seizure disorders only passed the House last year Banda said she doesn't support the oil only bill because it's far too restrictive and called it the biggest farce ever. ,Hearings in Banda's criminal case are scheduled for late July. The judge has ruled she will be allowed to submit evidence of marijuana's medicinal benefits. Banda said she's aware using marijuana to treat her condition is illegal ,I don't want to get sick again," Banda said. "I'm not afraid of prison. I'm afraid of my own personal hell and I never, ever will go back., Andy Marso is a reporter for KHI News Service in Topeka ,I really did enjoy the humor in your made up conversations pretending to be my dad australian fake id template turf umd fake id how much does a texas id cost fyd oh fake id

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