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Quoted by Ben Murray, an Internet marketer. ,For more details, you could see Gifbuddy soft review and bonus. ,Release ID: 187413 ,A Nacogdoches jury has found a professional massage therapist from Nacogdoches guilty of sexually assaulting a client back in July of 2016. ,SFA Band Camp leaders kept a close eye on Tropical Storm CindySFA Band Camp leaders kept a close eye on Tropical Storm CindyUpdated: Thursday, June 22 2017 7:23 PM EDT2017 06 22 23:23:56 GMT ,With Cindy, which has now been downgraded to a tropical depression making its way out of over our area it raises concerns for some outdoor activities that could be threatened by potential severe weather to come.A perfect storm hits the east coast property markets ,Westpac's decision to lift interest rates is just one piece of the real estate puzzle, and if history is any guide the east coast housing boom is right on the edge of a bust, writes Ian Verrender. ,The governor giveth. Now the governor has to taketh the pain. ,Having spent almost three years furiously pumping up the east coast residential property market bubble by cutting interest rates to record lows, the Reserve Bank has found itself a pickle; how to limit shockwaves from an impending downturn. ,The only option Further cuts to official interest rates. And soon. ,Sydney and Melbourne housing went well beyond "irrational exuberance" more than two years ago when it began vying for the honours of World's Most Expensive Real Estate. ,Now a perfect storm is enveloping the two capital city markets. ,Looming oversupply, loan restrictions on investors, enforcement of foreign investment rules, slowing population growth and last week's move by Westpac to lift its mortgage lending rates have begun to bite. And all at once. ,It is an impending headache for policymakers; house prices coming off a tear as the broader economy weakens. ,It took until June this year for Reserve Bank governor Glenn Stevens to reluctantly admit the obvious. ,His strategy of maintaining employment by shifting construction from west coast mining to east coast housing via a real estate boom was in danger of running off the rails. ,"I am very concerned about Sydney, I think some of what's happening is crazy, but we've got a national focus to manage as well that just increases the complexity," he told a lunchtime gathering in Brisbane. ,Ain't that the truth. The idea of replacing a once in a century externally driven boom with an artificially created speculation boom in real estate was always fraught. Now it's all catching up. ,Will Sydney and Melbourne property prices collapse That depends on your definition of crash. If history is any guide, they undoubtedly will come under pressure and could easily afford to wipe out a significant portion of the 30 to 40 per cent gains of the past few years. ,Macquarie Bank last week took a stab. According to the Millionaire's Factory, a 7.5 per cent decline through next year and 2017 is on the cards. ,The next day, Morgan Stanley added another bearish tone to the debate, arguing in a note to clients that Westpac's rate hike "is likely to have a disproportionate impact on housing sentiment, given it affects the entire back book, comes without the cover of an RBA rate cut and takes effect right ahead of two 'super weekends' of elevated auction volumes". ,The collective intake of breath immediately drew out property spruikers vehemently denying even the possibility of a downturn. But you don't have to delve too far into the past to see just how conservative Macquarie's estimate is. ,Higher interest rates are the last thing the Australian economy can afford as the mining boom wind down shifts into second gear, slumping commodity prices tear a hole in the economy and with the automotive industry facing imminent shutdown. ,Back in 2010 and 2011, as the global economy wheezed, Australian residential property dropped about 10 per cent, with the top and bottom ends of the Sydney market hit hardest. ,And, whatever you do, don't mention the phrase "property boom" to anyone in regional Australia, where prices have been on the slide or stagnant for years, or the other capital cities, particularly the resource states. ,According to RP Data Corelogic, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart and Darwin real estate have all registered falls in the past 12 months. ,Whenever real estate prices decline, opportunistic sellers withdraw stock, which tends to limit the falls. At least, that is the experience when the economy is still growing. It's a different story during recessions and periods of high unemployment when sellers have no choice. ,During the recession in the early 1990s, rising unemployment and labour dislocation caused a rise in defaults that shook a banking system already reeling from massive corporate loan losses in the late 1980s. ,Ironically, just as now, it was loose monetary policy in the aftermath of the 1987 stock market crash that fuelled a housing boom that led into the "recession we had to have". ,Back then, the Australian property market was still relatively sanely priced and household debt as a proportion of income was a modest 60 per cent. It's now risen to 180 per cent. ,That makes Australian households extremely sensitive to any rise in interest rates and our banks extraordinarily exposed to any downturn in the housing market. ,Westpac's decision to lift rates last week has been a year in the making. ,Late last year David Murray's Financial System Inquiry recommended our banks become "unquestionably strong" with new rules to force them to hold greater reserves against their loans, particularly home loans. ,Between them, the big four have raised 18 billion in new capital from shareholders so far this year to meet the stringent new requirements. There's probably more to come.a Persian fairy tale ,Discovering that the tooth fairy and Santa are not real can be a downer, and I hate to see a fairy tale demolished. ,But for years people believed that the Shiraz grape known to many of us as Syrah originated in ancient Iran. The city of Shiraz is about 900 miles from Tehran and home to some of the world's earliest vineyards. One story has it that the grapevine cuttings were brought to France by a 13th century crusader knight who planted them in the Rhone Valley and became a hermit hence the famed Rhone wine Hermitage. ,Another ancient Persian tale is even more far fetched but appealing. The story is that stored ripe grapes in a cellar so he could enjoy them all year long. One day he sent a slave to get some grapes. When the slave didn't return, the king went down to the cellar and discovered the slave passed out from the fumes and carbon dioxide gas emanating from fermented grapes. One of the king's mistresses, depressed after having been rejected by Jamshid, decided to drink this supposedly poisoned potion in a dramatic gesture of despair, only to leave the cellar elated, dancing and in high spirits. The king understood the power of wine to deliver pleasure. ,Back to reality. Super sleuth Dr. at UC Davis did a DNA studies of the Syrah grape only to determine that it is native to the Rhone Valley, not Iran. So how did this grape get to Australia It appears that the first cuttings of Shiraz made it there in 1832 when , who's often credited with bringing the first wine grapes to Australia, shipped it from Europe along with hundreds of vine samples. Shiraz is now the most widely planted red grape in Australia. ,In Australia, Shiraz has different personalities. The McLaren Vale style of Shiraz featured in today's Wine Selections is jammy, laden with ripe black and red fruit. Tannins are restrained and the wine has smooth, opulent mouthfeel. The Barossa Valley produces a more peppery and herbaceous style. ,I hate to let a good story die, so I had been thinking of cooking a Persian dish to go with the wines. Because the name Shiraz is so romantic, it still summons images of life in ancient Persia, of blue tiled mosques, of rich rugs and of a divine cuisine, a cuisine so voluptuous, nuanced and flavorful it influenced the foods of Morocco and subsequently the Catalonia region of Spain, where meat and fruit dishes still appear on the table. What capped it for me was the film "Persepolis," which I saw with my granddaughter. That set us talking about the glories of ancient Persia, and my regret that given today's political situation, I shall probably never get to Iran in my lifetime. But I can still cook Persian food. ,Khoresh also spelled khoresht is a Persian stew/sauce often served over rice. It may even be layered in a baked pilaf called a polo. In the winter, when fresh fruits are scarce, meats are prepared with dried fruit. Some think that this stew will help cure a cold or the winter doldrums, just like the wine cured Jamshid's discombobulated mistress. ,The fruit in the wine is echoed by the stew's prunes and citrus juice. To balance the wine's acidity, I added a touch of pomegranate syrup. The sweet spices are not overpowering but subtly echo those in the wine. Salt brings all of the flavors together, so season and taste again until you are happy. Elated, in fact. ,Khoresh Beef with Prunes Carrots Serves 4 to 6 ,Because a khoresh is a cross between a stew and a sauce, the meat is cut into 1 inch pieces, smaller than for a regular stew. This khoresh can be made a day ahead of time. Save the prune soaking liquid to add for reheating so the prunes don't scorch. Serve with rice pilaf. ,1 pound pitted prunes 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon cardamom 2 teaspoons kosher salt more to taste 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground pepper 6 tablespoons unsalted butter 2 pounds stewing beef boneless short ribs, brisket or chuck, cut in 1 inch pieces 2 large onions, chopped 1 1/2 cups beef broth 1/2 teaspoon saffron crushed and steeped in 2 tablespoons very hot water 1 pound carrots, peeled and cut into 1 inch pieces 1 cup fresh orange juice or 2/3 cup orange juice and 1/3 cup lemon juice 2 tablespoons pomegranate syrup, if needed see Note Chopped fresh mint, optionalInstructions: Plump the prunes in hot water. Combine the cinnamon, cardamom, salt and pepper in a small bowl. ,Melt 3 tablespoons of the butter in a skillet and brown the meat over medium high heat, sprinkling it with some of the spiced salt mixture. Do this in batches so the meat is not crowded in the pan and can brown easily. Set aside. ,In a Dutch oven, melt remaining butter over medium heat and cook the onions until soft and pale gold, about 10 to 15 minutes. Stir the remaining spice mixture into the onions. Add the meat to the pot and deglaze the skillet with the broth and saffron mixture, stirring up all of the brown bits in the pan. Bring to a boil, reduce heat and cover the pot. Simmer over low heat for 1 hour. Add carrots, citrus juice and drained prunes save the soaking liquids, and simmer for 30 minutes longer or until meat and carrots are tender. Taste with the wine and adjust seasoning. It may need a bit of lemon or pomegranate syrup for balance, or a bit more salt. If the sauce is too thick add a bit of the prune soaking liquid. Garnish with mint, if using.a Philippine girl over webcam ,I'm really needing some thoughts, input, advice. anything on this decision I'm trying to make. ,I have met this 20 year old girl from the Philippines and we really like each other. She says love, but I say we need to meet first. She agrees we need to meet. A good idea ,I'm a 26 year old from the US and we met on a sexcam site. Pretty embarrassing, but I joined and then saw her online that day and was just taken away by her beauty. On these sites you buy credits to take the girls into private shows where they do what you want. ,Well I bought credits and took her into a private show and we just continued to chat. I came back the next day to talk more. For a few hours again. She gave me her Yahoo messenger name after that. ,Now we talk online every day. Sometimes quite a few hours at once. This is all while she is at work. No computer at home. We both have webcams and use them all the time to see each other. We have exchanged phone numbers, address and she tried to call me the other day. Expensive for her to call or text, but I tried to call her back, which is what she asked, but my phone doesn't do international. ,Ok, sorry this is wordy, I know. Since we met, her birthday came, so I sent money for a cell phone, plus some extra. Then she bought two phones! What ever. Now one is cracked and she gave to her sister, And the other is lost from something that happened on her birthday. Ill spare the details. ,Well, she really want another phone. This is kind of sounding like a scam to me. Anyway, She tells me about her medical problems and the high cost of meds, but never ask for money for that. She only wants a cheap 60 phone. ,Think this is a legit thing And, Ive met online on webcam, someone who is supposedly her best friend from 5 years old, also her older sister Ive met on webcam. Ive chatted to another friend w/o a cam. ,This girl has told me stuff about how poor the family is. When she was young her house did not have a door she told me. She really hasn't asked for much and has told me so much about herself. She says she is a virgin and is waiting for marriage. Possibly not the best thing to say to get a 26 year old to come visit you. ,I'm pretty sure I'm going to go meet this girl real soon. We joke about marriage and stuff like that. I really like her and she seems to love me. I'm thinking I'm going to take a month off and go rent an apartment in Angeles City. 20 minutes from her home. She says she will be at my side the whole time and wants to stay at the apartment. I think this apartment will be like luxury to her. We have plans to do many different things while I'm there. If I visit. ,On the cam site, many times, I see her come in the next day in the same clothes as the day before and then she is changed after she gets there. Like she uses clothes provided by her job. She seems real legit to me. Am I being blinded by what seems to me could be love ,Also, While she is at work she hardly gets any customers, she basically ignores them while chatting to me. I try to get her to work harder and maybe show off her body some. She just keeps her clothes on while the other girls at the very least get down to panties and bra. You know ,What's everyone feelings on this A good idea to meet her She seems amazing. ,BTW, I choose the Marriage category because I've seen a Q on the Philippines here already and I really would like to marry this girl if she is what she says she is. ,If you can go there and meet her that would be best, it really sounds like a scam where she just wants you to pay for her visas and passports and to get her into the US and then she will disappear. ,In fact she might even get you to pay for her visa and passport and not even go get the passport, just take the money and disappear. ,You just never know these days but if you can go there and meet her maybe you will feel she is genuinely into you. tough call. but in all cases don't send her money, as the last poster said it sets a precedent that she can get money from you and you might get taken advantage of. ,Originally Posted by Lowtax4eva ,If you can go there and meet her that would be best, it really sounds like a scam where she just wants you to pay for her visas and passports and to get her into the US and then she will disapear. ,In fact she might even get you to pay for her visa and passport and not even go get the passport, just take the money and disapear. ,You just never know these days but if you can go there and meet her maybe you will feel she is genuinely into you. tough call. but in all cases dont send her money, as the last poster said it sets a precedent that she can get money from you and you might get taken advantage of. ,I understand the doubts because fraud really happens here but I just want to clear that, HERE, guys the must be the one to pay for immigration expenses if ever! Even in the date wedding, guys are responsible for MOST of the expenses. It's the way of showing how to be a gentleman. It's a culture thing. ,Do you know ALL KNOW that the minimum wage here is P375/a day or 8.33a day, not p/h ,I saw a news when police raided a internet sex den. They were asked how much these girls are earning they said P 15,000/a month 333! Most of the payments wired goes to the operator of the shop and these poor people just enjoy the gifts sent to them by cust like reallywondering. ,Hi there. I am in somewhat of a similar situation. After a year of phone calls, probably 2 hours a day, and her being offline for a few months, I thought I would go and finally see her. ,Well, I've just come back from two months with her! Everything is fantastic! As for the webcam thing. I know she won't do it forever and doesn't really bother me too much right now. We chat via msn video every day, even while she is working. Though I try to not watch her shows live on msn when I can! ,What she does online is just a show. All fake. Anyone who thinks it's real needs to have their head examined.A picture of our future ,Standing behind the counter of the marijuana store he manages, Jeff Botkin proudly presents a glass jar filled with pungent green buds and invites a customer to sniff. ,This cannabis strain, Bio Diesel, contains hints of whole bean coffee and skunk, Botkin says. Then he offers another variety, branded as Dopium, and describes its floral aroma. ,Talking up the product at Denver Relief, a pot dispensary in the state with the nation most lenient marijuana laws, Botkin sounds like a sommelier dissecting the nuances of nearly identical cabernets, or a master roaster discussing the ideal water temperature to create the perfect espresso. ,Depending on your point of view, Colorado is either a nirvana or a nightmare. Pot proponents say the marijuana industry there is operating safely and responsibly. But in Florida, foes deride legalization as an effort to put joint in every backpack. 4 whether to follow California, Illinois, Arizona and more than a dozen other states that have legalized medical marijuana. If 60 percent of voters approve Amendment 2, Floridians will be able to buy weed with a doctor permission. ,Colorado is the state farthest down the path of marijuana legalization. Denver medical marijuana dispensaries opened in 2009. This year, the sale of pot to adults without a doctor note became legal. ,While opponents of Amendment 2 say pot proponents ultimate goal is Colorado style legalization, Florida ballot measure would fall short of that mark. Beau Kilmer, a marijuana policy expert at the nonpartisan Rand Corp., said it inaccurate to think that all loosening leads to full legalization. Most states have stricter programs that allow only medical use of marijuana. ,jurisdictions are looking at Washington and Colorado, I hope they look at them as just one particular model, Kilmer said. are a lot of other models out there. Dispensaries often grow their own product in converted warehouses. They market their strains with deliberately provocative brand names such as Moonshine Haze, Train Wreck, Outer Space and Bio Jesus. ,But the Cheech and Chong vibes vie with strict state rules about how growers and dealers can operate. ,very regulated, said Luke Ramirez, owner of Walking Raven, a Denver dispensary. normal business, kind of like a liquor store. He works from an office suite in a Denver penthouse. The only clue that he selling pot and not insurance or software A small Cup sticker on his laptop. ,Call it the banality of legalization. So long as the feds continue to ignore Colorado embrace of taxed and regulated ganja, Ramirez can grow and sell pot without fear of prosecution. So his complaints too much government regulation, too little help from banks could be torn from the script of any business owner in any industry. ,Visit Denver Relief, Walking Raven or other weed stores in Colorado, and you immediately asked for ID, which a worker scans. At Denver Relief, the interior walls are reinforced with Kevlar. At Walking Raven, the stash is stored in safes bolted to the floor. Security cameras aim in all directions. ,Colorado law says cannabis must be sold in rooms that can be seen from outside, so the real business happens in an interior room. A helpful and knowledgeable a guy in his 20s or 30s, typically, who has submitted to a state background check guides you through the selections. ,Prices start at 10 to 12 for a single joint, and range from 25 to 75 for an eighth of an ounce. Most shops sell pipes and offer a variety of hard candy, chewy candy, granola bars and cookies made with cannabis. If you prefer to vaporize the cannabis, there gear for that, too. ,The budtender rings up a receipt that includes state and local taxes totaling more than 20 percent, then puts the product in a vinyl pouch with a childproof clasp. At Denver Relief, the safety envelope costs 4 after taxes, but you can reuse it for future visits. ,Every dispensary doles out reminders about state laws: Customers aren allowed to smoke in public. Driving under the influence of cannabis is illegal. So is taking weed out of the state. ,Because credit card issuers won do business with dispensaries, you pay in cash or with a debit card device that rigged up not to come directly from your bank account. ,The experience can be scary for out of state visitors. Botkin said some tourists are terrified about being filmed buying a drug that has been illegal for decades. ,hands are shaking, Botkin said. know that if they get caught doing this back home, it could ruin their life. ,no ailment that cannabis isn good for, even inflammation, Botkin said. ,That sort of talk worries doctors, who say cannabis hasn been subjected to rigorous research that would prove whether it works. Pot proponents engage in minimizing of risks, and a hyping of benefits, said Dr. Bernd Wollschlaeger, a family physician in Aventura. ,science is very thin, Wollschlaeger said. ,Dr. Abbey Strauss, a psychiatrist in Boca Raton, also is skeptical. He said the budtenders serving up medicinal cannabis lack the formal training of a pharmacist measuring prescription drugs.a picture says it all ,FILE These are file photos by year showing Tiger Woods, starting in 1994 and ending with a 2017 photo provided by the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office on Monday, May 29, 2017. Tiger Woods attributed an "unexpected reaction" to prescription medicine for his arrest on a DUI charge that landed him in a Florida jail Monday for nearly four hours. Monday and taken to Palm Beach County jail. He was released on his own recognizance. less ,FILE These are file photos by year showing Tiger Woods, starting in 1994 and ending with a 2017 photo provided by the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office on Monday, May 29, 2017. Tiger Woods attributed an . more ,FILE In this March 20, 2017, file photo, golfer Tiger Woods prepares to sign copies of his new book at a book signing in New York. Police say golf great Tiger Woods has been arrested on a DUI charge in Florida. on Monday, May 29, 2017. less ,FILE In this March 20, 2017, file photo, golfer Tiger Woods prepares to sign copies of his new book at a book signing in New York. Police say golf great Tiger Woods has been arrested on a DUI charge in . more ,FILE In this Jan. 25, 2017, file photo, Tiger Woods watches his tee shot on the fifth hole of the north course during the Pro Am event of the Farmers Insurance Open golf tournament, in San Diego. Police say golf great Tiger Woods has been arrested on a DUI charge in Florida. on Monday, May 29, 2017. less ,FILE In this Jan. 25, 2017, file photo, Tiger Woods watches his tee shot on the fifth hole of the north course during the Pro Am event of the Farmers Insurance Open golf tournament, in San Diego. Police say . more ,It will almost surely end up being the defining image of his downfall, a stark reminder that greatness can be a burden not always suffered easily. If there was any doubt that Woods is a troubled soul, it's erased in a mugshot showing eyes that appear dead to the world. ,Two decades ago, the image people at Nike announced his arrival with commercials that said, "Hello World." Now all we can do is hope Woods is not trying to say goodbye to what for him has become a very different world. ,Never mind that it wasn't alcohol, as Woods quickly pointed out after he got home and cleaned himself up. Somehow, he seems to believe the fact he hadn't been drinking makes things look better. ,That's nonsense because there's no difference, just a choice. Pill poppers are just as dangerous as tequila drinkers on the highways, and it seems Woods took more than his share before getting in his Mercedes and going on a ride to nowhere. ,Woods was so out of it, he was found sleeping in a car still running with the right turn signal blinking. So out of it that when asked to recite the alphabet backward, he thought the police officer meant the national anthem. on a holiday that he didn't know where his house was and thought he had been driving from a golf tournament in California. ,The internet, of course, couldn't wait to weigh in on the mugshot. There was great hilarity at Memorial Day cookouts around the country as people gathered around their phones to see how far the mighty Woods had fallen. ,And on Tuesday the photo graced the front page of two New York tabloids with the same headline, "DUI of the Tiger.

evolved fake ids fake id maker software fake Kansas can texas fake id vs real Washed up golf legend busted in Fla.," the Daily News added, because there's nothing better than kicking a star when he's down. ,It's easy to laugh because we like our heroes to fail. If watching Woods struggle on the golf course in recent years was fun, there's nothing like seeing him before a booking cam on his way to the slammer. ,What's both telling and a bit sad is that no one is rushing to come to Tiger's defense. He's alone, just as he was in the car in the middle of the night on a Florida roadway. ,For all his greatness, there has always been a certain disconnect with Woods. For years he was arrogant to fellow players, treated fans dismissively and couldn't be bothered with the media. ,That's fine when you're on top and everyone is in awe of what you're doing. But in the descent that began outside his mansion over Thanksgiving weekend in 2009, no one has been there to hold Woods up. ,His enablers will try to spin it, of course, because they have jobs to protect. But they have little credibility anymore, and neither does he. ,Just a few days earlier Woods announced that his most recent surgery had finally alleviated his back pain. Yet he told police that he was taking several different medications, including Vicodin, a highly addictive painkiller. ,And now there's the picture that says way more than 100 spin doctors can say. ,It wasn't long ago that Woods was the world's greatest golfer, someone who brought thrills to a sedate sport every time he teed it up. The fact he had character flaws was carefully hidden as he won major after major, the final one on one good leg.A pinch of fear in every Turkish citizen ,FKRET BLA >A pinch of fear in every Turkish citizenRussian Ambassador to Ankara Andrey Karlov was the victim of a hateful assassination. May the ambassador who we know was a very good person rest in peace. My condolences and regrets to his family and the Russian people. ,The assassination against the Russian ambassador is not just a crude attack; it is a well calculated, finely tuned professional assassination. ,So professional that even if the cold blooded assassin Mevlt Mert Altnta may have not considered it, whoever led him obviously took into consideration the psychology of Turkish society. ,We know that the murderer was a policeman. We know he entered the ankaya Contemporary Arts Center where the exhibition was organized by showing his police ID. Apparently, those who planned the attack calculated the effect of being a police officer on society. ,If the assassin were not a police officer if his police ID had been fake, he would again have been able to easily enter and take his place behind the ambassador. As a matter of fact, he would not even have needed to show a fake ID; he could have verbally said, "I'm a policeman" and with the help of that attitude, he would have passed the entrance and gotten in. ,If he had been a soldier or showed a fake military ID, that could also have worked; he could have said "I am an officer" and gotten in; he could have taken his position behind the ambassador. ,The reason is that in our society, you do not ask for the ID of a member of the military. You can't, because our citizens do not question the police or the soldier. This is a psychological state. Our education system does not raise a person with the "courage" to ask questions to the police officer, the soldier, actually to the uniformed guard or even somebody wearing a private security uniform. This is because the civil servant, especially the uniformed one, is acknowledged as sacred. Our society is educated to obey the state with a culture of submission to the police, soldier and civil servant. ,Being an individual and using the rights of a citizen and the right to question the state and the civil servant are not taught. ,A pinch of fear is planted into our people when they are very young. Respect, mixed with that fear, blocks us from asking for the identity of the police or member of the military. It deems it unethical to suspect them. This education system translates into a social deficiency. ,Because this is so, the assassin police officer, Mevlt Mert Altnta, I am sure, added a mysterious air as he showed his ID and easily found his way in. Nobody at the entrance asked him, "Let me take a look at your ID; are you assigned here and on which duty; are you guarding the ambassador fake Idaho id generator idlist RhodeIsland fake id for sale fake id numbers that work rgf colorado fake id review Those who planned this assassination calculated using the superiority of being the police and the military in our society. ,There is also the oriental negligence in this incident. In the oriental person alabama id card fake id offense nz newark nj fake id how easy Because of this culture ,This is oriental business ,A similar negligence is observed in the Russian ambassador's assassination. He has reported to have had a modest personality ,Especially after the Syrian incident chinese fake id number us fake address for apple id selling fake ids

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