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wilmington delaware fake id fake id shops in dallas The Obama administration real connecticut id vs fake donjohn fake id fake id Washington vegas vacation fake id guy elfqrin fake id,This is obviously disturbing," said Rep. Darrell Issa, chairman of the House Oversight and Government Committee, in a USA Today article. IRS officesApologists of criminal government have described all this criminal IRS activity as nothing but the "mistakes of a local IRS office" in Cincinnati. ,Countdown to January, 2014Beginning January, 2014, the IRS will become the enforcement arm of Obamacare. Part of this enforcement will include demanding private health insurance status information and ID numbers from all Americans. "fined" an amount that increases each year until it reaches a penalty of 2,085 per family or 2.5% of your income, whichever is greater. ,How much will it cost you to acquire this Obama mandated health insurance, exactly According to cost estimates from 17 of the nation's largest insurance companies, health insurance premiums are set to skyrocket 100% to 400% under Obamacare. ,This means whatever you're paying now for health insurance say 1,000 a month double it to 2,000 a month and you begin to get an idea of what Obamacare is really going to cost you. It might actually cost you 4,000 per month! ,But that's only the beginning. Given that the IRS has proven it is a criminal enterprise that uses its power to intimidate political opponents of the Obama administration, a very likely tactic to be pursued by the agency will include punitive scrutiny of any who refuse to participate in Obamacare mandates. ,If you refuse to get Obama mandated health insurance, in other words, and opt to pay the IRS penalty instead, you may be subjected to extra scrutiny by the IRS in exactly the same way conservative non profits were targeted by the IRS over the last four years. ,The IRS will, of course, deny their investigations are politically motivated, but after all the recent revelations about the IRS targeting political opponents of Obama, who will believe them ,Do you really want the IRS digging into your medical historyAll this questions the wisdom of putting the IRS in charge of enforcing a health care law. It's going to force all taxpayers to turn over personal medical details to an agency that has already admitted violating federal laws and abusing its power to punish political enemies of the current administration. ,Have you ever thought about the enormous evil that could be accomplished by the IRS building a database of all Americans' health insurance records This information could be covertly used by the government to do things like identify everyone taking antidepressant drugs then have them all declared mentally unstable and therefore unqualified to own firearms as an example. ,Once the IRS has your health insurance ID information which you are required to provide this coming January it could use that data to discover if you're seeing an infertility doctor, being treated for cancer, taking antipsychotic drugs, seeking medical treatment for substance abuse, were beaten or molested by a family member, were the victim of a rape assault or any other detail in your medical records. Is this the kind of information you trust the IRS to have on youAnd yes, it really is a simple matter for the government to gather all this data. Once you hand over your health insurance ID, the government can simply demand the complete medical records of all Americans from top insurers, then use your social security number to match your income and home address to your detailed medical records. ,Feeling violated yet Obamacare subjects us all to government data rape. ,Obamacare was passed when most people foolishly trusted the governmentObamacare was passed into law during a time when most Americans foolishly believed their government would never lie to them. They trusted Obama to be honest and tell them the truth. They trusted his administration to do what was best for the citizens and the country. ,Heck, most people believed Obamacare was going to give them "free health care," remember That was the big selling point of the whole thing. What a total con job. ,Since then, the blinders have come off. People are waking up in droves, and most Americans now realize the Obama administration is wholly dishonest and deceptive. Many people believe it is the most dangerous and destructive administration ever to hold power in American history. ,The Benghazi fiasco and the IRS being caught red handed both prove to the American people that the Obama administration is full of liars who cannot be trusted. Suddenly in that context the idea that the IRS is going to be running Obamacare is horrifying. We're going to put this agency in charge of gathering, archiving and then protecting our personal health insurance records We're going to let the prying eyes of the IRS have full access to private medical and biological details that we wouldn't even share with friends and family members ,Something is terribly wrong with this picture. ,Obamacare may cost democrats the Senate in 2014 and the White House in 2016Here's my prediction in all this: Obamacare is so onerous, so costly, so unjust and so widely hated by such a wide swath of Americans that it's going to cost democrats hugely in the 2014 and 2016 elections. ,Consider these facts about the upcoming 2014 Senate race. The US Senate currently has 53 democrats, 45 republicans and 2 independents. Democrats are clutching to a majority that could be lost if just five seats flip:The scandal explained ,What is Volkswagen accused ofIt's been dubbed the "diesel dupe". In September, the Environmental Protection Agency EPA found that many VW cars being sold in America had a "defeat device" or software in diesel engines that could detect when they were being tested, changing the performance accordingly to improve results. The German car giant has since admitted cheating emissions tests in the US. ,VW has had a major push to sell diesel cars in the US, backed by a huge marketing campaign trumpeting its cars' low emissions. The EPA's findings cover 482,000 cars in the US only, including the VW manufactured Audi A3, and the VW models Jetta, Beetle, Golf and Passat. But VW has admitted that about 11 million cars worldwide, including eight million in Europe, are fitted with the so called "defeat device". ,The company has also been accused by the EPA of modifying software on the 3 litre diesel engines fitted to some Porsche and Audi as well as VW models. VW has denied the claims, which affect at least 10,000 vehicles. ,In November, VW said it had found "irregularities" in tests to measure carbon dioxide emissions levels that could affect about 800,000 cars in Europe including petrol vehicles. However, in December it said that following investigations, it had established that this only affected about 36,000 of the cars it produces each year. ,What has been VW's response"We've totally screwed up," said VW America boss Michael Horn, while the group's chief executive at the time, Martin Winterkorn, said his company had "broken the trust of our customers and the public". Mr Winterkorn resigned as a direct result of the scandal and was replaced by Matthias Mueller, the former boss of Porsche. ,"My most urgent task is to win back trust for the Volkswagen Group by leaving no stone unturned," Mr Mueller said on taking up his new post. ,VW has also launched an internal inquiry. ,With VW recalling millions of cars worldwide from early next year, it has set aside 6.7bn 4.8bn to cover costs. That resulted in the company posting its first quarterly loss for 15 years of 2.5bn in late October. ,But that's unlikely to be the end of the financial impact. The EPA has the power to fine a company up to 37,500 for each vehicle that breaches standards a maximum fine of about 18bn. ,The costs of possible legal action by car owners and shareholders "cannot be estimated at the current time ,How widespread are VW's problemsWhat started in the US has spread to a growing number of countries. The UK ,VW will recall 8.5 million cars in Europe virginia fake id fake id sms free fake id michigan law No wonder the carmaker's shares have fallen by about a third since the scandal broke. ,Will more heads rollIt's still unclear who knew what and when

best fake id websites 2016 fake id cards that scan fake id blacklight test virginia real id Christian Klingler create id card online fake buying a fake id in nyc free fake id cards online college key fake id legit fake id uk In 2014 ,The UK trade body for the car industry fake ontario id florida identification card online fake id stores in houston But it added: The industry acknowledges that the current test method is outdated and is seeking agreement from the European Commission for a new emissions test that embraces new testing technologies and is more representative of on road conditions. ,That sounds like EU testing rules need tightening ,Car analysts at the financial research firm Bernstein agree that European standards are not as strict as those in the US. However ,He hastens to add international fake id scannable fake id Georgia china id card generator

fake caller id android india The photos were posted in late 2012 ,That's just one of the ways the Beloit community's embracing of unconventionality had a positive impact on Sharma. I will put this squarely on English professor] Tom McBride. He, and by extension Beloit, showed me that there are other ways of doing things than the norm. ,"When I had a paper due on the wolf lamb power strategy by La Fontaine, I turned in 12 pages of Calvin and Hobbes comic strips, explaining how, in Calvin and Hobbes, you can see the wolf lamb power strategy, and Tom McBride gave me an A minus. If he had said, 'You're stupid. This is dumb. You have to do it the same way as everyone else,' I probably wouldn't be the same person. ,Sharma was the product of While at Beloit ,Santa Fe, In another Beloit connection ,That led to some awkward moments. I would buy frozen mice and would have to thaw them out before feeding," says Sharma. "One day Duncan came home, and there was a pot on the stove It was traumatic for Duncan. fake novelty drivers license brass monkey dc fake id fl id generator chinese fake id cards

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