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quick cheap fake id fake id united states Now it may be that due to a nervousness that voting against the 9 11 families and policies aimed to protect America from 9 11 will be political suicide. However fake RhodeIsland identification card fake id ny felony NewJersey id fake louisiana fake id laws 21 now fake id,How about being told at 11 that you are seen as a failure and your life chances are diminished. ,How about that its only the middle classes that will be able to take this up/or will use their muscle and that theyve paid for home tutoring ,How about that its once again putting individual choice" above the needs of a community or the country ,How about that when the most academically successful have been creamed off by grammar schools the effect on the schools without these pupils will be to make them less successful ,How about that it will not improve social mobility ,It's no different to failing anything else. ,Failing a job interview, failing a professional exam, failing GCSE's, failing A levels, failing to get into a University or College, failing to get into a football team, failing to get into a band or stage show, failing to get a girl you fancy to go out with you. ,Pretty much anything can be seen as a failure if you have a negative attitude. ,So we ban anything that can be considered as failure so not to hurt anybody's feelings. That's communism but that doesnt work either. ,Nobody puts a community or country above their own interests nobody on the entire planet. ,You have to separate individual failure from collective engineered failure. ,For example the education system uses standardised testing for children who if they all had the same background would work. However there are those children disadvantaged by their conditions and they perform worse. ,This perhaps wasn't as big of an issue a while back as jobs were dispersed my more locally and somebody with little education but a great attitude could eb sought locally for employment supported and invested in by the employer.The STD You Have ,Then there's herpes. It goes about its business of infecting the human race with little or no fanfare, mainly because it isn't the serial killer that the other viruses are. ,But what herpes lacks in lethal force, it makes up for in mobility. The Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta estimates that at least 45 million adults carry the genital strain of the disease. And 65 percent of us are likely to have oral herpes. If you've had a cold sore, you probably have it. That's how the virus commonly manifests itself in our bodies. ,We are a nation of herpes carriers. Worse, we're carrying a disease for which there is no cure. But there is a plan. Specifically, strategies that will help you keep herpes in hibernation, outsmart the outbreaks, and prevent the love of your life from turning into the object of your infection. ,SHARING THE LOVE BUG ,Herpes simplex virus 1 HSV 1, oral herpes is the kind you want to have, if you're forced to choose between the two; the symptoms are usually no worse than cold sores. ,Herpes simplex virus 2 HSV 2, genital herpes, on the other hand, can result in itching and burning on your genitals, buttocks, and upper thighs; painful trips to the office urinal; and flulike symptoms. Both strains are incurable. ,Now for the sinister part: Oral herpes can also be transmitted to your genitals. ,How Consider this scenario: Your girlfriend has a cold sore, or even just the invisible beginnings of one, and performs oral sex on you. Her herpes is now your herpes, albeit in a different location. And while the infection will be milder than full fledged genital herpes, it's still no picnic. Yes, you can catch genital herpes on your mouth after performing oral sex on a woman with HSV 2. Fortunately, it's rare. ,PREVENTING AN OUTBREAK ,The operative word is "preventing," not "curing," because herpes plays a neurological hide and seek with every drug we throw at it and always wins. "The virus travels the nerve pathways and nests at the bundle of nerves at the base of the spine," says Dr. Whitley. ,Many sufferers have their own theories about what makes herpes emerge from its hiding place long bicycle rides, depression, divine retribution but scientific studies have pinpointed three specific triggers: ,1. Sunlight. A study published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine linked outbreaks of oral herpes among skiers to their level of sun exposure, specifically to ultraviolet B rays. ,How to beat it: Cover your mouth. Pick up Bullfrog Quik Stick SPF 36. In addition to blocking nearly 100 percent of the sun's UV B rays, Quik Stick is fully waterproof. ,The benefit: Unconsciously licking your lips won't remove the UV protection. ,2. Stress. Any stressful event in your life from a first date to a first day on a job weakens your immune system and gives herpes an opening. Same goes for being sick with a cold or the flu hence the nicknames "cold sore" and "fever blister" for oral herpes. ,How to beat it: If you're feeling especially stressed physically or emotionally drink a glass of red wine with dinner. Not only will the wine help take the edge off your stress, but it may also function as a preemptive strike against the oral strain of the virus. A study published in Antiviral Research showed that the topical application of red wine helps inhibit oral herpes, thanks to a compound called resveratrol. ,3. Dental work. "If a dentist gives you an injection in the mouth, that trauma can trigger the reactivation of the virus," says Michael A. Lauderdale. ,How to beat it: Ask your dentist to prescribe an antiviral medication such as Valtrex, and take 1 gram g at the earliest signs of a cold sore and 1 g 12 hours later. This will help head off the virus before it can set up camp on your face. ,And even if you don't need a root canal, you may still want to ask your doctor for Valtrex. Along with the antiviral drugs Zovirax and Famvir, Valtrex is often used as a preventive medicine for people who have four or more outbreaks a year. ,TRUTH TO TELL ,Have genital herpes Our own Girl Next Door explains when and how to break the news to the woman in your life. ,As you wow her with your wit and charm, let the physical part of the relationship heat up steadily over the course of five or six dates. ,The night it starts to feel weird that you're not going farther than your waistband is the night you have to come clean. Tell her there's something she should know, and then be straightforward and casual, yet slightly apologetic as if announcing a last minute business trip. ,More than anything, it's crucial that you know your facts, because she's going to have a lot of questions. Finish by saying that you care about her and that you'll understand if she needs time to think it over. ,The first thing she'll do is try to imagine herself with you at the altar. That's because the more confident she is that you could end up a happy couple, the more willing she'll be to see herpes as an unfortunate but tolerable detail of life. ,Clearly, we're willing to sacrifice for love. As a matter of fact, a friend of mine was put in this very position, and not only did she decide to sleep with him, but she also married him. And though they've had their rough spots over the years, none were because of herpes.The stolen flying saucer and the secrets of Area 51 ,Warning: Third party content may contain adverts ,The International UFO Museum and Research Center is not home to any real UFOs. Instead, it houses literature and memorabilia related to the infamous incident of 1947, when a military spy balloon crashed on a ranch just outside the town. ,The local paper at first reported that a "flying disc" had crashed, but the air force issued a press release in response saying it was a weather balloon. ,Suggestions of a cover up didn't come until years later, when a group of UFO enthusiasts got hold of documents related to the crash, which they say prove that the object was actually a spacecraft and that alien bodies were recovered. ,Image caption Major Jesse Marcel from the Roswell Army Air Field with debris found 75 miles north west of Roswell in June 1947 it was later proved to be military kit ,A new report came out in 1994 which said the wreckage wasn't, in fact, a spaceship or a weather balloon, but US spying equipment used for picking up Russian radio signals. ,Despite most of the "aliens" in the photos that appeared at the height of the conspiracy looking suspiciously like something you might find in Toys 'R' Us, the theories are still going strong. ,The truth, say the hardcore believers on the darkest corners of the internet, may be found in Area 51, the secretive military base in the Nevada Desert. ,Nobody knows what's really in it. But people have a lot of fun guessing. Here are some of the wilder theories. ,Crashed UFOsSome people think that the whole weather balloon/secret spyware story is nothing more than a cover story, and that what really happened when the Roswell craft crashed was that the wreckage, and the aliens that died in the crash, were taken to Area 51 and hidden. ,A New York Times article from 1996 features Glenn Campbell, a man who decamped to a trailer near Area 51 to sell maps of the area to tourists, and believes the government might be hiding UFOs there. ,Another common belief is that scientists and military engineers on the base examine alien technology for us to copy on Earth. Basically, Snapchat might have been invented in Space. But probably not. ,Image caption Boyd Bushman holds up a photo of an alien being ,Real aliens that are definitely not fakeJust before his death in 2013, a man called Boyd Bushman revealed a collection of photos of "aliens drivers license barcode generator novelty fake id online scan fake id app The aliens in the photos look very similar to a cheap plastic toy. Chris Sereda ,Image caption An alien model on display inside the museum in Roswell

how to make fake license real fake id websites 2015 fake id using western union ids indiana Petite pilots with abnormal headsIn Annie Jacobsen's 2011 book Area 51: An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military Base best fake id state to get fakeiduk fake id consequences laws fake us marshal id fake id clubs uk She says the alien bodies allegedly seen by eyewitnesses after the crash were actually human guinea pigs that appeared to be children" created as part of a Cold War plot to send the US into a panic over an alien invasion threat. ,Nuclear bomb testing and spy planesThe Telegraph reported in 2013 that the CIA had finally acknowledged "strange goings on" at Area 51. ,A report was released under the Freedom of Information Act, which described the area as an "Atomic Energy Commission test site ,A fake moon landingThis one's actually true. National Geographic published a list of facts about Area 51 reditt fake id texas ids funny fake id Apparently ,Image caption UFOs are real" but the punctuation is paranormal ,Secret railwaysArea 51 isn't small in fact, it's over 23 miles wide. But some conspiracy theorists reckon the real business happens underground. ,But no one's ever seen large amounts of concrete and other construction material enter the site. ,A gift shopReddit user kiver16 did an AMA with his mum's boyfriend, who claims to have been to Area 51. Instead of being concerned with the threat of alien invasion, one poster just wanted to know if they'd be able to pick up a souvenir of their trip to Nevada. ,"Area 51 has a gift shop" Asked Texas_Hog. Kiver16 confirmed that yes, it does, but it's "somewhere outside the gate and] nothing to do with Area 51."The stories of Irish deportees from the US in 1800s ,President Donald Trump's determination to deport undocumented immigrants has drawn criticism not only from his opponents within the United States but also from the international community. As suggested by Taoiseach Enda Kenny's reference to the estimated 50,000 undocumented Irish immigrants during his recent meeting with the US president, American immigration policy is deeply related to people of Irish descent. ,And the connection between American immigration policy and the Irish is not a new one. As I have demonstrated in my recent article, the Irish were in fact the first targets of deportation policy in the United States. In the nineteenth century, Atlantic seaboard states, especially Massachusetts, systematically deported indigent Irish immigrants back to Ireland and Britain. Here are the experiences of some Irish deportees. ,Mary Williams gave birth to Bridget in Massachusetts, shortly after landing in New York in 1855. Becoming destitute, the mother and the daughter entered a public almshouse in Massachusetts. In May of the year, discovering Mary's Irish born status, Massachusetts officials forcibly sent her to Liverpool with Bridget, who was a native born US citizen. This deportation was doubly illegal. While Massachusetts law limited overseas banishment to noncitizens, it required the officials to obtain a court warrant for removal. Massachusetts officials almost kidnapped Mary and Bridget Williams from the almshouse without such warrant and shipped them away. ,Some deportees experienced "double deportation." In 1855, Massachusetts officials deported to Liverpool eight female Irish paupers with mental illness. In 1867 she developed insanity and entered a Massachusetts almshouse. Gray's two year residence at the institution did not cure her insanity, and Massachusetts officials decided to deport her to Ireland in the spring of 1869, with three other lunatic Irish women Abbey Butler, Mary Cullen and Esther Daly. In April, the officials sent them to New York, where they took a ship to Cork. Upon arrival in the port of Queenstown in Cork, Massachusetts immigration officials ruthlessly dumped the women on the street without any provisions for self support, such as money, food, or clothes a routine practice of the officials. The women roamed helplessly until a local officer of Cork accidentally found them. ,Irish in tall hats and European immigrant families arriving in New York harbour and approaching Ellis Island where they would be processed c1900. Photograph: Universal History Archive/Getty Images ,Some deportees experienced what might be called "double deportation." In late January 1855, Massachusetts officials deported to Liverpool eight female Irish paupers with mental illness. Five of the deportees Anne Arbuthnot, Mary Shiel, Hannah Irvine, Anne Taggart and Mary Sheeby were found by a Dublin official "wandering about the quay, not knowing what to do or where to go," and taken to the North Union Dublin Workhouse. Being banished first from the United States and then from Britain, the Irish migrant poor were indeed stateless people. ,John McCarthy had emigrated from the town of Tralee to America and naturalised to become a US citizen. During the American Civil War, he enlisted in the Union army. After the war, he suffered from poor health and returned to Ireland. In late May 1883, McCarthy and his wife received assistance from Tralee poor law officials to emigrate to New York. A few weeks after landing, McCarthy and his wife lost all their money and applied for relief from New York's immigration officials. They told the couple that the wife, who was then blind, should go back to Ireland. McCarthy tried to claim public relief for himself and his wife on the basis of his American citizenship. But the New York officials ultimately sent both of them back to Ireland, viewing them as unwanted burdens on American society. ,The expulsion of the Irish in the nineteenth century laid the foundations for many of the central features of contemporary American deportation policy ,The expulsion of the Irish in the nineteenth century laid the foundations for many of the central features of contemporary American deportation policy, such as the uncivil manners and illegality of removal, the disregard for deportees' basic welfare and the rights of their citizen family members, and the notion that deportees never belong to the United States. If American deportation policy matters to the Irish, that is not only because of undocumented Irish immigrants in America today but also because of the fact that the policy fundamentally originated from anti Irish nativism, especially economic antipathy to the poverty of the Irish. ,Hidetaka Hirota teaches American history at the City University of New York City College. The stories in this article are taken from his recent publication, Expelling the Poor: Atlantic Seaboard States and the Nineteenth Century Origins of American Immigration Policy Oxford University Press, 2017The Story of Anders Breivik and the Massacre in Norway ,When the news broke in July 2011 that an atrocity had been committed in prosperous, peaceful Norway, one of the first things to become apparent was that the perpetrator, Anders Behring Breivik, was something different. ,Blond, tall, handsome and muscular, the 32 year old from Oslo seemed as far removed from the bullied omega males who shoot up classrooms in the United States as he did from the jihadists whom the post 9/11 world usually associates with such large scale brutality. From his meticulous self presentations in precrime photo shoots to his defiant demeanour and far right salutes while on trial, the following year, Breivik seemed more than merely vile: he seemed formidable. ,One of Us, sne Seierstad's thorough and absorbing account of the Oslo bombing and gun massacre on Utya island, and the life and trial of the man who perpetrated them, offers an opportunity to look more closely at the fearsome pose adopted by Breivik and see what cracks might show. ,There is always a sense of ethical trickiness about a book such as this, especially so soon after the events in question. One of Us is her first book about her native country, and in it she proves astute enough to usefully probe what is still an open wound without flinching, even if, by the end, we are only partly closer to understanding the why behind the forensically delineated how of July 22nd, 2011. ,Despite Breivik's Photoshopped efforts to appear as the indomitable Aryan avenger, his early life bears ample evidence of the rejection and emotional impoverishment typical of lone spree killers. ,His childhood was marked by neglect at the hands of a depressive mother. His diplomat father left when Anders was young and, when he was 15, cut contact with him entirely. At school he was joyless and solitary, bullying other pupils until one of his victims, a Pakistani immigrant named Ahmed, stood up to him and thence became his friend. ,As a teenager Breivik embraced hip hop culture and became a graffiti tagger. Attempting to ascend the tagging hierarchy from the status of "toy" to that of "king ,But these rejections being passed over for a local leadership position in the right wing Progress Party ,Breivik's only noteworthy relationship was with a Belarusian mail order bride whom he found online. He visited her family and later brought her to Oslo. Their romance did not last long. She called him a male chauvinist. He called her a gold digger." The woman went back to Minsk. ,After breaking with the Progress Party Breivik proved successful as an online "businessman fake apple id text getting a canadian fake id buy ohio fake id

new id mass fake review Holed up in what he called his fart room" he became entirely absorbed in World of Warcraft. In the virtual world he called himself Andersnordic; he became a guild leader, giving orders to gamers around the world via his headset, ruthlessly dismissing team mates whose dedication was less than his own. This was serious, he admonished his comrades. ,Feeling guilty about how much time he was devoting to WoW, Breivik began reading anti jihad and anti Islam websites. ,In particular he became fascinated by Bat Ye'or's "Eurabia" theory. Ye'or claimed that European leaders had secretly capitulated to the Muslim world in exchange for oil and peace and that Muslims were infiltrating Europe through immigration and high birth rates, with the ultimate aim of enslaving the continent. ,In Breivik's eyes the Islamification of Europe and the undermining of white Christian values was being abetted by "cultural Marxism ,Despite her concern for the amount of time that he was spending alone in his room In spring of 2011 Breivik moved to a secluded farmhouse ,In one of the book's queasiest scenes the steroid pumped gunman enters a building where many of the youths are hiding. As he starts shooting he is fascinated to find that those yet to be shot do not try to escape but stand frozen on the spot. I've never seen that in a movie," he later remarked. ,To balance what would otherwise be an indigestibly grim book, Seierstad splices Breivik's narrative with the stories of several of his victims, including young women from a Kurdish family who fled the Iraq war, and an idealistic young socialist who idolised Barack Obama. ,One reads these saccharinely rendered sections impatiently and guiltily, eager to get back to Breivik, with his belligerent ideology and bizarre, emoticon strewn manifesto. The final 100 pages are given to an account of Breivik's trial we get the sense of a stunned Norwegian justice system scrambling to accommodate the scale of his crimes and the aftermath of the killings. Following much controversy, Breivik was judged not to be psychotic and therefore accountable for his actions. He will almost certainly die in prison. ,For the most part Seierstad refrains from condemnatory language and emotivism, letting the facts speak damningly for themselves. After 500 pages sifting through the materials of Anders Breivik's life, though, we are still left wondering what drove a man to step so radically beyond the pale of human community. ,Perhaps it would take a novelist's tools to really penetrate the psyche of an aberration like Breivik, and it may be too early yet for the humanisation that would entail. For now, beyond the facts of his obvious narcissism and barren extremism, Breivik remains a miserable enigma and an ambiguous warning.The Story of Frankie Potts ,Director J. Edgar Hoover continues to deny that an organized crime syndicate exists. To obtain proof, a frustrated inner circle of agents decides to plant an undercover agent in Mafia controlled Empire Bay. ,Establishing himself as Francesco Potenza, alias Frankie Potts, the undercover agent sets himself up in a high rise headquarters equipped with a darkroom. Through informants and surveillance, Frankie becomes aware of low level players like Derek Pappalardo, a corrupt union boss, Harry, a weapons dealer, and Giuseppe, who runs a general store with mob connections. ,Week Two ,At Freddy's Bar, Frankie meets low level crooks who work for an auto theft ring. After Frankie earns their trust, they take him inside Giuseppe's General Store. The store turns out to be a false front for a literal black market packed with fake IDs, illegal weapons and tools for safe cracking. Frankie's new friends introduce him to Charlie, whose service station is really a chop shop, and Mike Bruski, whose scrap yard gets rid of the evidence. ,Frankie is enlisted to help steal a car for a family connected mobster, "legitimate businessman" Henry Tomasino. ,Week Three ,Using government supplied contraband, Frankie plies more information out of bartender Johnny Morgan at Freddy's Bar. He learns that mobster Henry Tomasino is tied to Alberto Clemente, the head of a paranoid and mean spirited crime family.' ,To earn Tomasino's respect, Frankie assists in stealing and stripping a luxury car belonging to Carlo Falcone, the head of a rival family. At the Empire Arms Hotel, the very pleased Tomasino introduces Frankie to other members of the Clemente Crime Family including the treacherous Luca "Rat Soap" Gurino, an unpleasant and ambitious crime boss. ,Week Six ,Frankie spends time at the Cathouse, a strip club frequented by Falcone's lieutenant, the hard partying Eddie Scarpa. Though he's regarded with deep suspicion by Falcone's thugs, Frankie manages to earn Eddie Scarpa's trust. ,Eddie believes that Clemente was responsible for killing his cousin's husband, Silvio but he needs proof. Frankie hints that the evidence may have been locked in Clemente's safe by the devious Luca Gurino. Promising him a new future in the Falcone organization, Eddie tells Frankie to get his hands on the mysterious evidence by any means necessary. ,Week Eight ,When he successfully cracks Clemente's safe, Frankie discovers a bloodstained wallet belonging to the recently deceased Silvio. With hard evidence of the murder, Frankie knows he's found a sure path into the Falcone organization. He passes on the evidence to the enraged Eddie Scarpa, who vows revenge on the Clemente family. ,Frankie also discovers another surprise in the safe: contraband suggesting that Clemente is dabbling in illegal trade with one of Empire Bay's street gangs. Police raid one of the street gang's strongholds, possibly due to a tip from Eddie Scarpa. ,Week Nine ,At the Cathouse, Frankie overhears gossip about a building feud between Empire Bay's three major families. Clemente knows that someone stole his contraband but he doesn't blame the Falcone organization. Instead, he suspects his old rival, the aging Don Franco "Frank" Vinci, a staunch traditionalist who disapproves of Clemente's activities. ,In recent years, Vinci's organization has declined as the aging Don takes more interest in his racehorses than in his criminal enterprises. Falcone's organization considers bucking Vinci's leadership in order to cash in on the illegal trade that Vinci frowns upon. ,Week Eleven ,Intrigued by Frankie's new street connections, Eddie Scarpa devises a plan. Falcone family accountant Harvey is a master counterfeiter. Under Eddie's orders, Frankie aids Harvey in printing a stack of fresh "cash" which they use to make an illegal deal with the Bombers. With the bogus money's serial numbers, the Falcone family is able to track down the suppliers. The trail of cash leads to a local gang called the Greasers. Feeling an urgent need to act, Frankie devises a half baked plan to sow discord among the gangs. He sends anonymous tips to heads of the three families, hinting at schemes and betrayals within the organization. He exposes Eddie Scarpa's excesses and sets up Henry Tomasino for arrest. ,Frankie's plan backfires spectacularly: instead of inciting suspicion among the three families, it drives them together. As rumors circulate, Frankie is left on the outside looking in. It becomes clear that the families recognize that they have a rat in the fold. Everyone connected to the crime families comes under scrutiny. ,Frankie realizes he has a major problem. connections remain undiscovered, he fears that Eddie Scarpa will learn that he skimmed some of Falcone's counterfeit cash. handlers to pull him out of the situation as quickly as possible. Instead, Frankie's handlers devise a dangerous plan. He is supposed to plant a car bomb and take out a major Mafia figure creating a smokescreen of chaos that will enable his escape. ,Week Fifteen ,Frankie's attempt to plant the car bomb in Carlo Falcone's vehicle fails disastrously. He's caught in the act and has to shoot his way out. However, he manages to pin the blame on Berto, a low level mobster who he guns down at a nearby diner. Frankie successfully convinces Eddie Scarpa that Berto confessed to being the rat. Eddie and the Dons of the three families seem to fall for the story hook, line and sinker. The relieved Frankie celebrates in style, hailed as a hero by the gang.the story of Gable Tostee and Warriena Wright ,January 4, 2010 was a turning point for Gable Tostee. A self described loner with no real friends, Tostee turned to the only group he trusted, and declared that he wanted to change. ,"Recently I have decided that enough is enough and I need to start socialising properly again, and build up a network of friends," he wrote. forum a male dominated group of knockabout bodybuilding enthusiasts whose conversations ranged from the mundane to the salacious. ,Tostee was a prominent personality of the forum. Initially, he sought tips on bodybuilding supplements before conversations branched out to things like the economy and philosophy. He kept a video diary while trying to adopt a rhino beetle as a pet, and it soon became part of Misc folklore. ,Five years earlier, Tostee and several school friends were caught up in a Schoolies fake ID racket that landed them in court. It was an experience that caused Tostee to withdraw socially. Gifted although awkward in person, he worked at his dad's carpet business and was out of sight, alongside older colleagues he struggled to relate to. ,Tostee explained to his fellow "Miscers" that he "had to cut off contact with literally all my friends and basically disappear". ,"It pretty much goes without saying that I haven't really had much contact with women over that period either, which is one of the worst things about it," he wrote. ,With the encouragement and advice of the Miscers, Tostee would make a series of choices that would eventually bring him together with New Zealand tourist Warriena Wright on August 7, 2014. ,On their only date, she would plunge to her death from his high rise apartment balcony. ,'I'm not sure where to begin'The Misc was Tostee's first port of call for tips on how to reconnect with old friends but more importantly for him, how to meet women. ,"I would like to start a Facebook but I'm not sure where to begin, and I don't know many people closely nowadays, and I'm not sure how it all works. Should I simply try and contact pretty much anyone I ever knew and see how it goes" he asked. ,"Any help or experience from anyone who has been in similar situations would be really appreciated. Tostee ,Well I got a root the other day," he soon proclaimed. ,Tostee's obsession with 'recording everything' ,Fast forward to 2012 and the shy, introverted Gable Tostee was no more. He bragged to his fellow Miscers that he had now "slept with 100 women". He was now a regular on the Gold Coast nightclub scene where he admitted to drinking heavily and sometimes went out by himself. ,"I feel amazing after rooting a hot girl. It's a huge confidence boost," he wrote on the Misc. ,"One of the main reasons I try to sleep with different girls as often as possible is to improve my own confidence., Tostee also revealed his penchant for documenting his conquests. His habit of secretly recording encounters with strangers would later become the pivotal part of evidence at the Warriena Wright trial. ,I have actually kept a written log with dates and names," he wrote in 2012. ,"I'm somewhat obsessed with recording everything. I have motion detection cameras in my house, call recording on my phone, and sometimes even leave my phone on record in my pocket for nights out in case I forget what happens. best fake id uk 2015 dmv fake id professor rips fake id reddit fake id picture

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