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trusted fake id vendors 2015 Marines now pushing deep into Taliban controlled tracts as part of an expanded war in southern Afghanistan are setting up fire bases amid some of the most productive poppy fields in the world's opium producing capital. ,It's not harvest time in Helmand province On a small scale ,You're able to put a hurt on the Taliban without necessarily putting the hurt on the people who happen to live there," said William Wechsler, deputy assistant secretary of defense for counter narcotics and global threats. ,The United States has spent about 45 million annually in recent years to support poppy eradication in Afghanistan, and the policy has also been a cornerstone of the United Nations anti drug program. ,Afghanistan is the world's leading source of opium, cultivating 93 percent of the world's heroin producing crop. While opium cultivation dropped 19 percent last year, it remains concentrated in Afghanistan's southern provinces where the Taliban is strongest. estimates that opium poppies earned insurgents an estimated 50 million to 70 million last year. backing. do not participate. ,The shift away from eradication is still more plan than policy, and it has little practical effect right now. The announcement came after the largest harvest was in for the season. ,"The real difference as we move from how we were focusing on Afghanistan in the past to the president's new focus on counterinsurgency is this is a policy that defines the strategic interest, that defines winning over the population," as the primary goal, Wechsler said. ,As a forthcoming mission statement from the new American commander in Afghanistan is expected to conclude, the Obama administration will measure success in Afghanistan not by the number of insurgents killed but by the number of civilians protected. leaders are trying to apply in Afghanistan, after the encouraging example of tribal leaders in Iraq who rejected al Qaida. The Bush administration pushed the policy in part out of the conviction that a similar policy had worked in Colombia. ,"Our experience with illicit crop reduction programs worldwide has shown that a credible threat of forced eradication remains critical to the success of a comprehensive counternarcotics strategy," Nancy J. Powell, the State Department's acting anti drug chief testified to Congress in 2005. ,The policy also resonated with Republicans on Capitol Hill, who have so far said little about the shift. officials have told allies that Washington will increase funding for alternative agriculture from tens of millions of dollars a year to hundreds of millions of dollars. ,The Obama administration is sending dozens of agronomists and irrigation specialists to Afghanistan this summer as part of what it says is the new, less militarized look of the Afghan mission. President Barack Obama approved 21,000 additional forces for Afghanistan this spring, of which the Marines moving through Helmand province are the vanguard. ,The military is increasingly targeting drug labs and distribution networks used by traffickers, often in partnership with insurgents. In theory, that approach allows the sharecropper farmers to get paid but cuts profits for their Taliban affiliated masters. ,"You hurt them when you take out where the value is added," at the lab or warehouse, said Gen. general in charge of the NATO operation in Afghanistan. ,Paste made from poppies is worth about 250 a kilogram, but the value jumps to 2,500 a kilogram or more once the material is refined at a processing lab, Craddock said. A kilogram is about 2.2 pounds. ,"Destroy the facility . and you take big money out of the pocket of traffickers," Craddock said. "That's where I think we can make the difference. Craddock said he agreed with Holbrooke's assessment that eradication has been a wasteful failure and should be scrapped. ,It might destroy some acreage, but it didn't reduce the amount of money the Taliban got by one dollar," Holbrooke told the AP. "It just helped the Taliban., ArticlesGilbert suspended for one year for again violating NFL's substance abuse policySHSU students respond to tuition feesLocal competitive shooter showing age doesn't matterLocal family seeking help from communitySuspected drunk driver threatens HPD officerTwo killed in weekend traffic accidentBearkat women's rodeo team wins national championship; Bearkat men finish secondSign me up for another four or five years at SHSULongtime Huntsville businessman 'Mr. B' passesSuccess Stories from Huntsville High School Career and Technical EducationMoving to Limit Antibiotic Use in Chickens ,McDonald's said on Wednesday that it would begin using chickens that are not raised with antibiotics used to treat humans apple id hacked fake emails best fake id 2017 reddit benchwarmers fake id fake mail id

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