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LosAngeles fake id Back in the 70s ,Inflating a resume using that all too familiar resume language is likely harmless. However As a business owner ,1. The school sounds iffy. There are few laws governing the awarding of a diploma. The bottom line is that issuing or purchasing a fake diploma isn't illegal. It is The problem is that these diplomas look like the real thing so you'll have to do a little research. Make sure the college is accredited in the degree program of the diploma. If things still don't seem right ,2. You've never heard of the company. There's a better than average change that you will not know a person's past employer. That doesn't mean that the person is lying. It does mean that you should research the company before hiring. Research online and make sure information online matches the information on the person's resume., If the addresses don't match ,Related: Questions You Should and Shouldn't Ask During Interviews fake id generator indonesia bc fake fake id places new york state fake id

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