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fake ids oswego fake id bush administration He said most news organizations have treated him fairly," but some have taken his quotes out of context. He joked that he would have liked to have told Reid that The Washington Post took him out of context, but the Post quoted him dead on. ,Barlow is an expert of American religion and Mormonism. ,After the talk, Barlow discussed the current presidential race with The Herald Journal, talking about the interest Romney's candidacy has had on scholars particularly since he is on the cusp of being the most powerful man in the world. ,"Everyone is quite aware that there's been a resistance to a Mormon candidate," said Barlow. "The fact that Romney has navigated those waters sufficiently for that to happen signals some changes in American culture. This will change history. fake 21 id buy fake ids boston fake id bars replica driving license great fake id scam,But there are still challenges ahead for Romney on his religious beliefs. Barlow noted that looking back at the 1960 presidential race ,Barlow was referring to the issues of polygamy and the FLDS Church. ,Every time a Mormon issue came up, people have plugged it in to those controversies," Barlow said. ,Barlow told Kiger Hour attendees there's a personal interest for him in the Romney candidacy. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, when Barlow was working to earn a Master of Theological Studies at Harvard University, he met Romney when they shared the same LDS Ward. ,"It's quite interesting to compare the man you know with these different portraits that come across," Barlow said. "Mitt seems to come across to people as a little too programmed or too perfect or formal. He's photogenic; his boys are photogenic. Yet he's had us out to Cape Cod, his beach front place. And he's in his polo shirt, swim trunks, and he's flipping hamburgers or joking around. That's not fake; that's not just for the cameras. fake id dance best fake id reviews.wix fake id repercussions ArticlesBlack Bear Diner expected to open in ProvidenceMicrophone cut after Mormon girl reveals she's gay at churchCan't we all just get along Logan temporarily allows scooters at skate parkHerald Journal moving to new buildingDoctors these days too quick to diagnosePolice release video of suspected serial killer who once lived in PrestonDesign firm brings WWI hospital train car to LoganThree dead in head on crash in Southeastern Idaho on Sunday; responder suffered near fatal heart attack at sceneCraig Jessop talks time with Singing SergeantsConstitutional laws broken left and rightMorning Legal Briefs ,Some of you might do well to take a sociology course and better understand the systems that trap people into poverty. You can't choose to be born rich or poor. It's not always as simple as wanting to have a better life.

fake police id badge where to get a fake id in las vegas ph.google buy fake drivers license online This entire thread reads about as tone deaf as republicans referring to all rioters as thugs" or southerners that use words like "coon" on a regular basis. You can choose not to incorporate racist triggers in your day to day speech, or you can choose to be an asshole. ,When a person has a history of referring to people as thugs and criminals you don't have to guess exactly which time they are being racist. When the topic is "racially disparate sentencing laws" you should know to be more careful with your words. ,The only reason Bollaert's sentence is "so long" is because he was charged with 27 counts of identity theft and extortion. If he was charged with 1 count he would only have received 8 12months. If you were charged with 27 murders the sentence would obviously be far longer. Why does this have to be explained This ,If I could only state things with such clarity. ,The Half Elf wrote on Feb 9, 2017, 08:58: ,EVERYONE has a choice. The problem is people are lazy. You can choose to be violent, or a drug user, or commit crimes, or you can choose to better yourself and not do that. ,Life is not easy. Now I do understand that people who grow up in tough situations, but people also have clawed their way out of poverty, out of bad family lives, out of certain situations. ,NOTHING in life is free, or easy, and if you want it bad enough you can make it happen, but you have to WANT it, and WORK for it. ,Of course everyone has a choice, but its bullshit that everyone can get what they want if they want it hard enough and just play by the rules. Most poor people choose to be hardworking and honest, and they usually end up even poorer or just as poor as they started. Things are even worse in a corrupt society where the more money you steal the easier it is to get away with it, where the rules do not seem to apply in the same way. ,RedEye9 wrote on Feb 8, 2017, 20:55: ,The Half Elf wrote on Feb 8, 2017, 19:36: ,You REALLY want to read into other people's comments, when you have a picture from a game with the most ass backwards dialog in gaming history If you comprehend things like the horrible translation from that game, then it explains quite a bit about you. So now my cool meme avatar comes into play. I don't think straw man covers that, maybe crazy man argument and that explains quite a bit about you. ,The penalties for crack cocaine hit the African American community, not whitey. If you don't understand that you should probably stay out of the conversation lest you risk sounding ignorant. ,Sorry you're blinded by the hood over your head. ,Hood over my head As a gay guy I've dealt with all sorts of fucktards. But not once do I read into comments and call people racist. Go google some statistics, in particular go to this site and look. 58.6 are white, 37.9% are black. Drug offenses account for 46.4% of all offenses with the next HIGHEST being 16.8% for guns/arson explosives. ,Now I'm not the best math person, but if "All of them" was released, statistically more whites would be released then blacks. ,I really want to know if your reality is as twisted as you sound. If a black person comes up to me and ask me for a cig and I tell him no am I racist No. But in your view I would be. ,I wish my life was as perfect as yours that all I could do all day is sit behind a computer and make shit up on the internet. You are one of those people that just like to point fingers, talk out of your ass so you can get attention regardless of the topic or how wrong you are. Dude, tighten the choke on that shotgun, you're all over the place. ,But at least we've straightened out the confusion about my avatar and now we're making real progress. ,About the hood comment, I should have said you need to rotate it so the holes are over your eyes allowing you to see, my bad. I could see where that could be confusing. ,The law I was referencing disproportionately affected black Americans, don't know what else to say on that matter. Not sure exactly how that pertains to you not being a math expert, so I'll give you that. ,I don't smoke anymore and hated to give away cigs to anyone when I did, they are like 20 cents a pop. I would probably think that you were just being fiscally responsible, strange that you would equate that with racism. ,Some of you might do well to take a sociology course and better understand the systems that trap people into poverty. You can't choose to be born rich or poor. It's not always as simple as wanting to have a better life. ,This entire thread reads about as tone deaf as republicans referring to all rioters as "thugs" or southerners that use words like "coon" on a regular basis. You can choose not to incorporate racist triggers in your day to day speech, or you can choose to be an asshole.Moroccan brothers accused of funding ISIS arrested in Spain ,Mayor of Arbucies Perre Garriga talking to reporters after two residents were arrested for funding ISIS ,Investigators said today it was one of the first operations in which they had managed to identify a direct link between Spanish residents and financing of the terror group. ,The Civil Guard said in a statement, in which they referred to ISIS by its acronym DAESH: 'The Civil Guard has arrested in Girona two people accused of collaborating with a permanent DAESH fundraising operation. ,'The network used allegedly fake identities to send cash to administrators of DAESH's economic structure in Syria and Iraq to finance the transfer of operatives to conflict zones. ,'It's the first investigation in Spain in which concrete evidence has been established showing the specific purpose of the money sent from Spain to facilitate terror group DAESH's operations.' ,A spokesman added: 'The two people arrested are Moroccan brothers aged 33 and 32 resident in the province of Girona. ,'Together with a third brother believed to have died in Syria, they sent funds to DAESH's administrators. ,'The death of their brother, who had moved to the conflict zone with his wife and two children to join the terror group, didn't lead them to stop their activities.' ,The detained pair were taken to Madrid's Audiencia Nacional court pictured where they were due to appear in court in a private hearing ,The detained pair were taken to Madrid's Audiencia Nacional court where they were due to appear in court in a private hearing. ,A judge is expected to remand them in custody pending an ongoing probe. ,Spain has been on high anti terror alert, level four out of a threat level scale of one to five, since last June. ,Level five is 'very high' and would involve the mobilisation of the Armed Forces to guarantee security in the streets and at strategic locations, or even the restriction and control of Spanish airspace. ,The Interior Ministry sets the anti terror alert level after discussions with experts in the fight against anti terrorism include police and Civil Guard representatives and representatives from the National Centre of Intelligence and the Centre of Intelligence Against Terrorism. ,One in three terror suspects arrested in Spain formed part of cells ready and prepared to carry out attacks, investigators revealed earlier this month. ,The shocking figure was revealed in a study by international think tank the Real Instituto Elcano. ,They found 86 per cent of those detained belonged to Islamic State. ,They also concluded 94 per cent participated in activities relating to ISIS terrorism with other people and only six per cent acted as so called 'lone wolves.' ,Police say the two siblings, and a third believed to have died in Syria, allegedly sent money to ISIS administrators using fake identities ,ISIS jihadis have consistently vowed to unleash terror on Spain as part of a campaign to recover the country for Islam. ,Tom Wilson, an expert on the Middle East at the Henry Jackson society, said earlier this year Spanish destinations including holiday hotspots offered likely targets for terrorists. ,He said: 'Islamic extremists, such as those in Islamic State, certainly see any territory that was once conquered by Islam as being up for grabs, so to speak. ,'That goes for Spain, which is often viewed by Islamists as representing the highpoint of Islamic conquest into Europe.' ,Most watched News videos David Dimbleby tells irate Corbyn supporter to leave studio Moment car spins out of control in Chiang Rai, Thailand Shocking brawl breaks out between women at Sheffield mall Police release footage to identify unprovoked attack suspect Man grabs teen girl from behind before sexually assaulting her Melania Trump discusses move from New York to Washington DC May promises to protect the 3.2 million EU nationals living in UK Dad who asked schoolgirls for sex is trapped by hunters Ton of fun! Baby elephant takes tumble while chasing birds Vengeful cyclist presses emergency engine kill on a bus the f out of the car! Cop attacks black driver Completely NAKED female base jumper dives off a cliff edge ,Irish teacher is killed in horror car crash 'as he was. Woman, 20, is ordered out of her apartment complex pool. Hotpoint urged to recall fridge freezer that started. Camilla's side of the story: Her love affair with Prince. 'I love teaching, I love sex': Christian kindergarten. Why men REALLY get penis enlargements from a plastic. 'Resentful' Kensington resident says she'd move OUT if. Five people electrocuted in Turkish water park horror:. What a difference a spring clean makes! Hoarder whose. Dramatic moment paedophile hunters who posed as underage. Johnny Depp's managers 'knew he abused his ex wife Amber. Camden Council forces 800 households out of their homes. Lingerie photographer, 21, fed up with men sending her. Bare chested Royal Ascot reveller is father of four. A bad week for Question Time's Mr Tumble! Tory busting. Former mayor, 86 and his wife, 87, are found dead in the. 'It's a really special place and I love it here': Melania. Body of girl, 14, who went missing while walking her dog. MOST READ NEWS Previous.Morris Birnbaum ,Due to my clinical training, I had not been in a lab for five years. I deliberately picked that discipline because it was completely different from what I did as a medical student I knew it was going to be important to have a grounding in molecular biology and genomics. But as a result, I knew absolutely nothing about it, technically or intellectually. I also was not prepared for the level of independence that I was given in a large lab. I floundered there I did not know what a good project was. I never got anything to work well and never got a publication. ,The smartest decision I ever made was realizing that I was not ready to run a lab. I turned down job offers to be an assistant professor and took a second postdoc in molecular biology at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. I realized that I had control over my life and scientific productivity. It's interesting. Two messages that I try to get across to trainees are: you do not have to have success quickly to have a great career, and the only person you can depend on is yourself. ,After my second postdoc, I took a job as an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts, thinking that the moment I had my lab up and running, I would start seeing patients. As the years went by, I realized that for me, basic research was a full time job. Even though I trained as a physician, I never saw a patient again. I do not regret the medical training, though. It was a major time of personal development and it has informed my science ever since. I have always run my labs to focus on projects with a physiological relevance. I stayed at Harvard for roughly seven years and then moved to Penn. There I secured a Howard Hughes Medical Institute appointment which provides full salary and benefits, and a research budget for five years to study glucose transport. ,How did your research focus shift ,When I cloned the gene GLUT4, which specifies the genetic code for an insulin regulated protein that facilitates glucose transport into and out of tissues, it changed the field of insulin action. It allowed us to focus on the mechanism of action of insulin in muscle and fat. I had to retool completely. I basically became a cell biologist. By the time I moved to Penn, I was frustrated it had been hard to do in vivo physiology at Harvard because of a lack of access to animal models. But after the move, I started using mouse models. For 20 years, my lab studied aspects of how insulin works and how the body deals with nutrients after a meal. ,It sounds like you were having a good run. Why move to Pfizer ,I was arguably at my most productive, doing exciting stuff. But I had been on the advisory board at Pfizer for ten years. I had some knowledge of what was happening at the company. I agreed to talk to Pfizer because my wife was interested in moving closer to family in Boston, but I made it clear that the chances of my moving were vanishingly small. As I continued the interview process, however, I kept asking myself whether to stay or go. The decision was down to which path would prove more challenging. I realized that staying in academia, even though it is harder now to secure funding and publications, was the easier route. Trying something that I knew nothing about that could have a big impact was much harder. It got me excited about the possibilities. ,Did changes in academia affect your decision ,Somewhat. One that did is the increasing importance placed on publications. Twenty years ago, a scientist was judged on a body of work; people worked on the same thing for long periods of time. In many labs now, the goal of doing science is the publication. ,What has been the biggest adjustment in working at Pfizer ,Two aspects have been difficult. First, the size and scope of the job are much larger now; for example, I have to stay up not just on the science of developing a drug, which includes chemistry, pharmacology and drug safety, but also on the business, marketing and competitive landscape side. There is also a hierarchical part that is different from academia, where the boss concept does not really exist. ,Yes. One of my big fears about the move to Pfizer was that instead of focusing on science, I would be stuck in meetings all day. That is not the case. I do the same fundamental exercise each day interpreting data and doing experiments. ,Can you dispel any myths about the pharmaceutical sector for young researchers ,Yes. It's a myth that you cannot do interesting science in industry and that you have no independence. For example, our postdocs work on non drug related basic investigations so there are no restrictions on publishing their work. The other myth is that academia is collaborative and the pharmaceutical sector is not. Nothing could be further from the truth. Here, people are judged much more by how they contribute to a successful project. ,Do you think you will look back on this as a good career move ,The philosophy here is, 'Give leaders autonomy and hold them accountable.' As the months roll by, it is becoming more and more clear that I am going to have to establish successful drug development programmes. The goals in drug discovery are different from those in academia and impossible to fake: get something on the market to help somebody. But I am already feeling how much pressure that places on us to succeed at something that is really hard.MORRISONS FACES SALFORD PROTEST OVER CONTRACTS ,FROM NEW YORK TO SALFORD PROTESTS OUTSIDE MORRISONS ON TRAFFORD ROAD OVER CONTRACTS ,Yesterday, the new Morrisons store on Trafford Road, near Salford Quays, was the scene of protests by construction and electrical workers over the supermarket's maintenance contract with NG Bailey which has signed up to a notorious new agreement that UNITE the union reckons will cut wages by up to 35% and lead to shocking conditions for workers. ,Now, the ultra powerful USA based union, Teamsters, is showing support for UK workers and top contractor Balfour Beatty has already pulled out of the disgraceful new deal. ,Full story here ,Shoppers at the new Morrisons on Trafford Road were met by UNITE the Union flags, placards and leafleting pickets yesterday to draw attention to the food store's maintenance contract with a company called NG Bailey. ,NG Bailey was one of seven companies to propose new bargaining arrangements with construction workers, known as the BESNA deal, which unions believe will force worse pay and conditions on the industry, cutting wages by up to 35%. ,After pressure by the powerful Teamsters union in the USA, Balfour Beatty, one of the dirty seven', as they are known, pulled out of the BESNA deal last Friday which leaves NG Bailey one of the remaining dirty six'. ,"We are here as part of a co ordinated protest outside Morrisons which is happening around the region" said Mike Thompson, senior officer for UNITE North West "It's to put pressure on Morrisons, who use NG Bailey and we object to it. fake id Missouri fake NewJersey license tips for spotting fake id fake caller id cydia ios 10 apps like fake caller id A delegation of protesters went into the new Salford store to relate their issues to the manager and afterwards Kevin Loughran ,This is rubbish" Kevin said "NG Bailey is using sub contractors but they are the term contractor doing all the maintenance at Morrisons stores. NG Bailey is a known black lister that is trying to de skill the electrical and mechanical industry by what they term this BESNA agreement which is against the existing JIB agreement. ,"We are challenging this as being disgraceful and trying to put a pay cut on individuals who are working in this trade" he added "The Teamsters are our allies and Balfour Beatty who were a subscriber to this new BESNA have turned round and pulled out of it which is a major, major victory for the rank and file and UNITE the union. It encourages us to come to NG Bailey sites and we will push on until the remaining six companies see sense. We will win this. fake id louisville ky SouthCarolina fake id real ids for sale The Teamsters letter to Balfour Beatty ,If this dispute is not resolved to the satisfaction of my colleagues in the UK we will have no option but to demonstrate our support" he wrote "I am sure that neither of us would welcome this development ,No one messes with the Teamsters ,Ex Minor is correct. What is amazing to me is how little foresight these companies seem to have. Anybody can see that the entire world is changing. In the past verified fake id vendors rgf colorado fake id review fake id eugene oregon

how to get a louisiana id So ,And still Star date: 22nd June 2017 ,COMMUNITY PETITIONS AGAINST LOSS OF STAFF AT SALFORD COMMUNITY LEISURE Salford Community Leisure is proposing to axe reception staff from Ordsall Leisure Centre. A community petition from users of the centre has been launched ,Meanwhile, AS CLADDING TESTS CONTINUE ,Despite being assured of tenant safety" by housing providers for the city's 43 tower blocks, Salford and Eccles MP, Rebecca Long Bailey, has written to the Government demanding immediate "total assurance of safety on the materials used" for cladding. ,In a letter to residents, the MP also demands from the Government "funding to carry out any necessary works to remediate once the assessments are complete plus funding to support or re house residents whilst that is carried out." She also calls for the Government to pay for the retrofitting of sprinklers in the blocks.Morrisville Adds Charges in Suspected Magazine Scam ,There were new charges Monday in a suspected magazine subscription scheme. ,Morrisville police said their town may have been targeted in addition to several neighborhoods in North Raleigh. ,Residents came forward after seeing television news coverage of the story, police said, and they charged Thomas Fuller with two more counts of obtaining property by false pretenses. ,Fuller and six others were arrested Friday in north Raleigh. City police said the seven had posed as local college athletes to get money for fake causes and to sell phony magazine subscriptions. ,Monday, , 21, of Uniontown, Ohio; Damion Balok, 25, of Belleview, Fla; , 18, of Doylestown, Ohio; Jennifer Dobbs, 20, of Surprise, Ariz.; Thomas Fuller, 21, of Phoenix; Heather Austin, 18, of Minerva, Ohio; and Christopher McKim, 21, whose address is unknown had their first appearance before a Wake County judge. Tuesday, Fuller and McKim are still in jail. Austin, Balok, Blount, Hensel and Dobbs have all been released. ,Carey Rountree is one of at least 15 people in Raleigh who gave money to the group. He recognized Heather Austin as the one who came to his door. ,gave her the benefit of the doubt, said Rountree. She told him she was raising money for a UNC soccer program, he said. He was suspicious, but decided to be generous. ,want to help people out, Rountree explained. ,Beryl and Elizabeth Wagner said it was who came to their door. Beryl said Hensel told them he was with a club baseball team at NC State that had just returned from a tournament in Maui. ,know, I said something doesn sound right to me, Beryl said, recalling the visit. He ,Beryl looked up the number for the baseball program at NCSU. When a coach told him the story wasn legitimate, Wagner called police. ,With Wagner help, police tracked down Hensel and a van carrying the rest of the crew. ,Raleigh Police are investigating the group claim that they were selling for a company called Quality Subscriptions, Inc. ,A company with that name is listed in Buford, Ga. It has an unsatisfactory rating with the Better Business Bureau, and a phone number listed for the company on the BBB report rings to a fax line. ,Damion Balok father said he and his family knew nothing of the arrest until WRAL called them. ,thing I knew, he found a job in the paper, Greg Balok told WRAL over the phone from his home in Belleview, Fla. told me he was going around and they were going state to state selling magazines, added Balok. ,Greg Balok said his son told him the employer paid room and board. The sellers apparently had to sell a certain amount before getting paid, he said. ,Elizabeth Wagner said she felt the group wasn from Raleigh. ,suspicion is that they were moving from city to city, and they had some degree of success to do that, said Wagner. ,More On This ,Seven Arraigned in Suspected Magazine Scam ,Over 30 years ago, I was hired by one of these mag. sales co. in Florida. I was living on the streets and needed a job. I thought the subs. were legit. They stay in one town for one week then move 100 miles to next. That how I made it to Raleigh. They train you to lie, taking ID from nearby colleges, so you can sell. They kept the money I earned only giving me enough to eat. Also said I owed for hotels, expenses; so I felt like a slave. They treatened to send me home to Fla., but I had nowhere to live. I was lucky to meet a man, a Free Mason, who I put my trust in and he got me away from these people found me a job an apartment. He gave me a start in life in Raleigh I love it here. I do not know about these six young people, but they may not know they were doing wrong. I did not know, I was just trying to survive. I was lucky because that man I met in a bar could have been a bad guy, but he wasn These companies use abuse young people they need to be stopped. ,A quick search on the names with MySpace turns up some interesting information. is not from Raleigh but from Ohio. He has his parents photos listed on the web site along with some other people that might show more leads on what went on with the magazine sales. The ironic part is that Denver even states in his MySpace profile that he does not like the police local police should love that one. seems to be flashing around some money in his MySpace photo. Needless to say it looks like a deeper crime, perhaps drugs, than anything else. Seems like the center of this surround Ohio. ,If you have been scammed or know someone that has been scammed regarding this specific incident please contact the Raleigh Police Department at 919 890 3335.Mortar explosion kills 7 Marines ,Seven Marines from a North Carolina unit were killed when a 60mm mortar exploded unexpectedly at a Nevada military depot that's an important training facility for troops headed overseas, a Marine Corps official said. ,The Marines immediately issued an indefinite moratorium on firing of all such mortars worldwide until an investigation clears as safe the type of weapon and ammunition in the tragedy. PDT Monday at the Hawthorne Army Depot. ,The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said it was not immediately clear whether the mortar exploded prematurely inside its firing tube or whether more than a single round exploded. ,The 60mm mortar is a weapon that traditionally requires three to four Marines to operate, but it's common during training for others to observe nearby. ,Renown Regional Medical Center in Reno, the area's major trauma hospital, took nine patients, including one who died, three who are in serious condition and five who are in fair condition, according to spokeswoman Stacy Kendall. All the patients are men under the age of 30, she said. Kendall described their injuries as penetrating trauma, fractures and vascular injuries. ,The identities of those killed won't be released until 24 hours after their families are notified. ,"We send our prayers and condolences to the families of Marines involved in this tragic incident. We remain focused on ensuring that they are supported through this difficult time," said the force's commander, Maj. Gen. Raymond C. Fox. "We mourn their loss, and it is with heavy hearts we remember their courage and sacrifice. fake id los angeles 2017 scannable california fake id software to detect fake id buy a fake id canada

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