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free fakes fake id penalty Arizona Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro recalled Castro departure from Mexico on the yacht Granma with his brother Raul and several dozen supporters to start their revolution. bleecker street fake id download fake id using a fake id at a casino how to make a id fake bitcoin transaction id,Sixty years after the Granma sailed from Mexico, Fidel sails toward the immortality of all those who fight their whole lives," Maduro tweeted. "Onward to victory, always! ,Bolivian President Evo Morales said on Twitter that Castro was the leader who taught us to fight for the sovereignty of the state and the dignity of the peoples of the world. ,While most of the official remembrances were complimentary europe fake ids order fake id uk fake id shops in atlanta His legacy is one of repression at home, and support for terrorism abroad. Sadly, Raul Castro is no better for Cubans who yearn for freedom," Royce said. ,"I hope his death can start a freedom revolution in Cuba," Denmark Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen said. "Any demise is sad. In this case I believe that it can bring something good. ,Lebanon militant Hezbollah group described Castro as a great leader. Ammar al Moussawi

fake id license number fake id traffic ticket get fake id made fake Alaska id card Guyanese Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo said Castro shared his island resources with any nation that dared ask for help. The Castro government sent thousands of doctors and nurses to work in remote Caribbean areas where local and other foreign medical personnel had refused to go fake ids for cheap how to get a florida id card best fake id new york city fake id Vermont fake usa id card His and Cuba contribution to humanity and the Caribbean is unmatched by any other nation in terms of brotherly and sisterly relations. He was an international gift to humanity," he said.Sorry Google ,This week came news via the leak of Sony documents that State Attorneys General have opened up an investigation against Google. And that the movie industry has provided them with evidence to back up claims that Google is facilitating content theft, while others have shown that Google is making it easy to illegally buy drugs and steroids, stolen credit card and counterfeit passports and other fake documents. ,And Google is shocked, shocked, to find that a group I oversee the Digital Citizens Alliance has been supported by the movie industry, and that we've demonstrated that Google is falling short of its promise to "don't be evil." Instead, Google wants to frame the State Attorneys General efforts as an attempt to resurrect the SOPA PIPA battle to combat piracy. ,Sorry, Google, this is about you, not SOPA PIPA. For the record, I didn't support the SOPA PIPA legislation when it was being debated and haven't changed my view. So, Google and Digital Citizens are on the same page about that legislation. ,Google seems adamant against any form of blacklisting of dangerous websites. Except, of course, when it isn't. In 2006, Google funded an initiative called Stopbadware that was operated by Harvard's Berkman Center. I know, I helped launch the program that identified websites that exposed Internet users to computer viruses and other malware. Stopbadware researchers work to review over 1.5 million websites that have been deemed dangerous and blacklisted by providers such as Google. To date they claim to have helped more than 168,000 sites remove themselves from those lists. ,Sadly, Google's willingness to make the Internet safer seems to stop there. ,Three years ago Google agreed to pay 500 million to make go away a Justice Department investigation that showed that the company helped overseas pharmacies illegally market prescription drugs in the United States. After that, why should we be surprised that State Attorneys General would be concerned about Google's role in endangering their citizens ,Now, what the State Attorneys General appear to be focused on is not what SOPA PIPA was about, but more specifically Google's questionable behavior. ,And that behavior is this: Google seems to oppose nearly all efforts to combat websites that promote the sale of illegally obtained drugs, content theft, scams, counterfeits or fake IDs, perhaps because in the past Google has stood to gain financially from these sites. ,We know because Digital Citizens has worked on all of these issues, although about only 20 percent of our work has involved Google. And we've actually gone to bat for Google by condemning criminals counterfeiting their Google apps. ,Google doesn't like the fact that Digital Citizens gets funded in part by the movie industry. Actually, we get funding from lots of others as well, some of which are also concerned with your behavior, and others who care about online safety issues like unethical online pharmacies, counterfeit products and fake IDs. ,For example, Digital Citizens pointed out that Google allowed drug dealers to promote Oxycontin, Percocet and other narcotics on YouTube; that had nothing to do with the motion picture industry. And when the media got interested, Google removed thousands of YouTube videos under pressure. And when Digital Citizens pointed out that Google was allowing illegal steroids to be marketed on YouTube, and the media got interested, the company once again removed hundreds of videos. And when Google was found to be allowing thieves to promote the sale of stolen credit cards on YouTube, Google hurriedly removed those videos as well. ,See a pattern In other words, Google only acts when shamed or pressured. And when it really feels the heat, it writes a big check, like it did with the DOJ. ,For the most part, Digital Citizens doesn't publicize our members because we do a lot of edgy stuff, such as sting operations where we videotaped online pharmacies offering to illegally sell narcotics to a 15 year old or credit card thieves offering to sell us stolen credit cards. We also shed led light on the amount of illegal drug sales going on in the so called DarkNet marketplaces. ,This Sony hacker leak will come and go, as will juicy details of company emails. And here's what we will be left with: serious concerns about Google's willingness to protect consumers. Our reports exposed the fact that Google allowed criminals to promote drugs, counterfeits and stolen credit cards on its online properties and worse, that Google made money by selling ads in conjunction with those activities. ,State Attorneys General are independent law enforcement officials who take a lot of information from interested parties, then make up their own minds if there is a case to pursue. And I admire them for it. When State Attorneys General took on the tobacco industry a decade ago, they heard from interested parties about behavior that endangered their citizens. That's their job, and they do it well. ,So Google, no matter how you spin it, your willingness to help criminals and other bad actors is under scrutiny. And it will continue to be so until you change your behavior and live up to your promise to be a great company.Sorting options on Keystone Landfill expansion plan ,The region will not face a shortage in waste disposal options in the next five years if Keystone Sanitary Landfill is not granted its nearly 45 year expansion plan, state regulators say. ,The state Department of Environmental Protection continues to vet the application from the state's third busiest landfill to increase its disposal area 100 acres. The agency is in the third year of its review of the Dunmore and Throop facility's plan. ,The DEP's newly released second environmental assessment letter covers issues ranging from recent leachate overflows to whether the region needs more space to accept garbage. ,"Additional capacity in and of itself is not considered to be a benefit," wrote Roger Bellas, DEP's regional waste management program director. "There has been no demonstration of the need for additional waste capacity in the region. ,Agency spokeswoman Colleen Connolly said when considering the region's disposal options fake id crime texas fake us passport id maker fake id boston reddit Al Magnotta ,Keystone consultants and members of anti expansion group Friends of Lackawanna strongly disagree about how strong a case the landfill has for an expansion after DEP's latest review. ,Magnotta met with other consultants Thursday and said they feel the landfill answered all the most important questions the agency raised about its expansion plan. ,We're very comfortable we have the technical data by experts that will confirm our position," Magnotta said. "We're getting down to issues like mud and dust, overweight trucks and birds that you'll never be able to fully mitigate. We're going to employ the best available technology, but you're never going to be able to say there will be no harm at all. fake police id ids usa inc any real fake id websites

south carolina id card fake Pat Clark ,At the end of the day, they have to prove the benefits outweigh the known and potential harms," Clark said. "All of the benefits are either removed or are about money, and all the harms haven't been mitigated yet . This is an equation you cannot solve. You simply can't come to the conclusion that the benefits outweigh the harms. And, if you do, you're doing so purely on a dollars and cents level. Top environmental issues DEP officials are examining include: ,n Recent overflows of leachate a substance created when water is exposed to trash including a spill discovered Feb. 26 KSL needs to identify and address the root cause of the excess leachate flow at the site and propose mitigation," Bellas wrote. ,Magnotta said the landfill already eliminated several possible problems and that he believes stormwater infiltration into the collection system is the most likely cause. ,"I'm pretty comfortable trying to figure out ways to divert stormwater," he said. ,n Contamination of underground mine water a monitoring well intermittently picked up starting in August 2002, with Keystone and DEP officials struggling until recently to identify the source. ,Magnotta said he believes replacing the west lagoon liner and associated pipes resolved the long standing problem. ,"The department stated in its response that we feel KSL has been and continues to take appropriate steps to mitigate the problem," Connolly said in an email. ,n DEP expects to address questions about air quality in the next phase of the process, which is the technical review, and to learn more about the issue from a health study led by the state Department of Health and the federal Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry. ,Magnotta called the DEP's review of the expansion plan "extremely detailed" perhaps more than it might otherwise be, he said, if the scope of Keystone's proposal wasn't so large and public interest wasn't so high. ,Thomas Lukasewicz, a former 23 year Throop councilman who closely followed developments at Keystone over the years, said DEP is giving the current expansion proposal a much more careful review than the last one in the 1990s. ,He attributes the scrutiny to more knowledge about the complexities of running modern landfills compared to two decades ago, and efforts by anti expansion group Friends of Lackawanna. ,"With how much DEP has been cut over the years, that they're giving that much attention to this, it's a wonderful thing," Lukasewicz said. "If every 'i' is not dotted and every 't' is not crossed, the future could be bleak. ,Clark said he wishes DEP's process was less passive" and that the agency did not rely on Keystone to self report. ,"We're happy that DEP is paying attention and the thoroughness is much greater than it was when they Keystone first applied," he said. ,Magnotta expects to respond to DEP within 45 days because Keystone already compiled relevant data for a clash with Friends of Lackawanna over the landfill's operating permit that went before the Environmental Hearing Board. ,"After we get responses from Keystone regarding the second environmental assessment letter and we are satisfied with the information, we will issue our environmental assessment decision," Connolly said. "If we determine that the benefits from the project clearly outweigh the potential or known harms of the project, then we would move on to the technical review. If we determine that the benefits do not clearly outweigh the potential or known harms of the project, we would deny the application.".Sorting truth from fiction in Lonzie's death ,JACKSONVILLE, Fla. As details unfold in the death investigation of toddler Lonzie Barton, it clear the boy mother and her boyfriend have been spinning tales of deceit from the moment the boy was reported missing last July. ,According to a letter from Ebron that was read in court Friday as he pleaded guilty to aggravated manslaughter in the boy death, Lonzie drowned after Ebron and Barton locked him in a bathroom while they were having sex. ,It now known that Barton knew her youngest child was dead before she left for work as an exotic dancer the night of July 23. Ebron dumped the little boy body in a wooded area near Bayard and then called police shortly after midnight July 24 to say the child had been abducted when someone stole his car from their apartment complex. ,Yet according to investigators, the couple maintained a charade for months that they didn know what happened to the 21 month old. ,But as the months passed and their stories fell apart, investigators said they tore into each other ,"When they both lying and it a finger pointing contest, like these cases tend to be, what pulls out, what saves law enforcement and prosecution are the physical findings that refute what either of them are saying, State Attorney Angela Corey said. did not have that in this case. There was not a shred of tissue left of this child remains that could be analyzed with the types of things you asking, like the drugs or injuries to the skull. No brain to examine. So when we have statements, those are tested by and compared to expert findings., Early in the investigation ,Neighbors in the area where the car was found the next day said they had seen the same vehicle in the neighborhood the day before uga fake id houston flea market fake id fake id California florida fake ids that scan

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