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buy Vermont fake id are oregon fake ids good DontDeportJose," they all cried in an orchestrated Twitter campaign. ,Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of law abiding people from around the world are waiting patiently for their backlogged visa and green card applications to be reviewed. ,Vargas' outraged reporter friends don't have much sympathy for those would be Americans. Or for the Americans who've dedicated their lives to protecting homeland security and upholding our laws. Vargas' enablers jumped to condemn the CBP employees in McAllen for doing their jobs and demanded that he be freed from "unfair" and "out of hand" detention, as one hysterical Roll Call reporter put it. ,Unfair and out of hand ,As I've noted previously, Vargas came here from the Philippines as a child, but knowingly broke multiple laws as an adult in order to stay in the country. After being supplied with a fake passport with a fake name, a fake green card and a bogus Social Security number, he committed perjury repeatedly on federal I 9 employment eligibility forms. ,In 2002, while pursuing his journalism career goals, an immigration lawyer told him he needed to accept the consequences of his law breaking and return to his native Philippines. He ignored the counsel and instead used a friend's address to obtain an Oregon driver's license under false pretenses. It gave him an eight year golden ticket to travel by car, board trains and airplanes, work at prestigious newspapers, and even gain access to the White House where crack Secret Service agents allowed him to attend a state dinner using his bogus Social Security number. As legal immigrant Asoka Samarasinghe wrote to me on Monday, "Michelle, this guy is a slap to the face of all us legal immigrants and citizens. how to make a fake south african id fake identification card maker fake id generator for fun delaware id fake what do i need to get a texas id,As for due process," celebrity illegal alien Vargas will undoubtedly get more bites at the immigration court and federal appeals apple than law abiding citizens will ever enjoy see Zeituni Onyango. ,But the sob story violins play on. Democratic New York Mayor Bill de Blasio sanctimoniously tweeted Monday afternoon: "I stand in solidarity with journalist and advocate Vargas. He exemplifies what America is about. ,Only if America" means protecting leftist elitists from the consequences of their reckless, arrogant actions. ,The mission of the Media Research Center is to create a media culture in America where truth and liberty flourish. The MRC is a research and education organization operating under Section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code, and contributions to the MRC are tax deductible. Federal employees and military personnel can donate to the Media Research Center through the Combined Federal Campaign or CFC. To donate to the MRC, use CFC 12489. Visit the CFC website for more information about giving opportunities in your workplace.THE FACE OF THE HOMELESS IN AMERICA ,They hire K Street lobbyists and their ilk at the state level because they are averse to risk taking pleading for tax breaks, tax credits and endless loopholes. ,The "business of business" in America today is not about job creation, it's about wealth hoarding and redistribution from the middle class to the top 1%. ,So for those who claim government doesn't create jobs, my response is that business doesn't either until given "corporate welfare" by government. The fact is that the private and public sector are highly integrated, something the anti tax, anti government Tea Party types don't understand. ,Job creation requires public/private partnerships but the benefits of such collaboration should go to the 99% not just the 1%. ,Oregon's coming 34th out of 41 states in the Obama "Race to the Top" illustrates the failure of leadership from Governor Kitzhaber and his predecessors as they have built an educational bridge to nowhere called high stakes testing. ,Instead of being in a race to the top we seem to be dumpster diving to the bottom despite doing education reform since 1991. Insanity is termed doing the same thing over and over again. When can we put a fork in this stupidity ,To confuse matters more the Oregonian's editorial board has pontificated that this was a lost opportunity to get federal funding for innovation. How firing principals and teachers equals innovation is a mystery to me. ,The way to reform schools is to reduce class sizes, to encourage teacher collaboration and to support their continued education. High stakes testing and performance based assessment of teachers are NOT the answer! ,If you want students to succeed you first have to resolve the issues they confront before they come to school. Children who face poverty, hunger, homelessness, health care issues and family instability require wrap around services for them and their families, 24/7. ,Every child needs a safe home of their own and parents who know how to be good parents. ,There is only one way to address this impending crisis. Schools must have a stable source of funding. Until that happens we will limp from crisis to crisis. ,The faces of the homeless are families with children, single men and women, vets, and many who are impaired. It is estimated that in Washington County up to 56% of homelessness occurs to families. ,Hunger is highest among single mother households 10% and poor families 15% as well as renters, unemployed workers and minority households. ,In Washington County, Oregon's "economic engine," the divide between the affluent and the working poor continues. We have a 19,000 unit gap in affordable low income rental housing. County political and business leaders are indifferent to this crisis. but when you consider. moon faced Mitch McConnell, your faith in democracy is challenged severely. Any legislative body in which 41 senators from rural states that together represent 10 percent of the population can filibuster you to death is going to be flat footed, on the verge of paralysis, no matter what. Any time 10 percent of the people can stop 90 percent, it's like driving a bus with a brake pedal for each passenger. Those who hold and those who are without property have ever formed distinct interests in society. The regulation of these various and interfering interests forms the principal task of modern legislation, and involves the spirit of party and faction in the necessary and ordinary operations of the government. ,James Madison how to get new york state id fake id review australia fake id sites china Why should we have government Why not each individual take to himself the whole fruit of his labor, without having any of it taxed away ,The legitimate object of government, is to do for the people whatever they need to have done, but which they can not do, at all, or can not do, so well, for themselves in their separate and individual capacities There are many such things roads, bridges and the like; providing for the helpless young and afflicted; common schools the criminal and civil justice] departments. ,Abraham Lincoln

victorian fake id get a fake id NewOrleans fake id fake apple id creator Taxes are the price we pay for a civilized society roosevelt avenue fake id fake id for free will a fake id work in miami online fake id good fake id sites uk Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes ,Parliament is not a congress of ambassadors from different and hostile interests, which interests each must maintain, as an agent and advocate, against other agents and advocates, but Parliament is a deliberative assembly of one nation, with one interest, that of the whole. best fake id scannable fake caller id mod apk fake id m EDITOR'S NOTE: I joined two colleagues of mine in Washington County yesterday and traveled to Newport ,Just by chance when I opened my e mail this morning I got a message from the NEAH aka National Alliance to End Homelessness which included a clip from last Sunday's 60 Minutes. I will have been to Salem 4 times in two weeks and have attended 7 other meetings in that time! A friend asks me how can I stand so many meetingsThe faces and facts of tobacco compliance checks ,Lexi Dietl remembers an 18 year old clerk crying when she found out she had sold cigarettes to a minor. ,Elizabeth Klassen where to get a fake id online fake identification review fake ids indiana

fake id rhode island Elizabeth Klassen tried to buy cigarettes from someone who did not speak English well. When he understood what she wanted and asked for her ID and saw she was not 18 years old ,Dietl and Klassen were among the two dozen teens who worked with law enforcement last year to conduct tobacco compliance checks throughout Anoka County. Klassen The Minnesota legislature in 1997 passed a new tobacco law that requires all communities to send a 15 to 17 year old teenager into all establishments that sell tobacco at least once a year to see if clerks will sell to them. ,If they do We're not out there to see people fail. We want them to pass," said Ramsey Police Officer Chandra Kreyer, who trains most of the tobacco compliance checkers in Anoka County for all law enforcement agencies. ,Ramsey Police Officer Chandra Kreyer trains most of the 15 to 17 year olds in Anoka County who conduct tobacco compliance checks. ,The numbers show that most do pass, according to 2013 and 2014 information shared by the Anoka County Sheriff's Office and police departments in Anoka, Blaine, Coon Rapids, Ramsey and Spring Lake Park. ,"Our last compliance failure was in 2011," said Anoka Police Chief Phil Johanson, whose department conducted 17 compliance checks in 2013 and 20 in 2014. ,Youth tobacco use has declined, according to survey results released this past November by the Minnesota Department of Health. ,In 2014, the department surveyed 4,243 sixth through 12th grade students at 70 middle schools and high schools. Approximately 19.3 percent of high schoolers and 3.6 percent of middle school students reported using tobacco products in the past 30 days. ,In 2000, the statistics were 38.7 percent for high school students and 12.6 percent for middle school students. ,The report notes that more youth are trying e cigarettes, but the Minnesota Department of Health said it is possible that some may try it once and never do it again. ,Laura Oliven, tobacco control manager for the Minnesota Department of Health, said enforcement of the youth tobacco law plays a role in the decline but she believes the biggest factor has been higher state tobacco taxes. ,"Youth are three times more price sensitive than adults," she said. ,Compliance check stats ,Of the 45 businesses in eight communities the Anoka County Sheriff's Office checked in 2014, only four failed tobacco compliance checks. In 2013, there were five failures among 44 establishments, according to Cmdr. Paul Sommer. ,There were no repeat offenders and seeing the same business fail more than once rare, according to law enforcement officials throughout Anoka County who supervise tobacco compliance checks. ,Blaine Sgt. Matt Carlson said the Go For It gas station on University Avenue had three failures dating back to 2008 with the same clerk being responsible for two incidents. The business later closed. ,"I am more inclined to believe that sales of tobacco to minors is the result of a combination of poor training and inattentive store clerks rather than an outright effort to make an illegal sale or corrupt children," Carlson said. ,Some do not ask for the ID. Some who ask for it miss that a minor's ID has the date of their 18th birthday in red print, making it unnecessary to do math in your head. Carlson said Blaine officers have even seen some clerks override the computer after it warns them after scanning the driver's license that the person is underage. ,Most law enforcement agencies conduct only one compliance check a year. Spring Lake Park does two to three checks a year, according to Spring Lake Park Officer Karen Fiske. Only one Spring Lake business failed a compliance check in 2014 and none failed in 2013. ,Blaine and Coon Rapids are the two largest communities in Anoka County and thus issue the most tobacco licenses. Blaine reported 13 failures in 2013 and six failures in 2014 among its 53 establishments, while Coon Rapids had two businesses fail in 2013 and three in 2014 among its 49 licensed businesses. ,Coon Rapids received a Minnesota Department of Human Services grant in 2014 to help with compliance check costs. A special requirement of this grant is that the city could not issue any fines to the violating businesses and not criminally charge the clerks, who would normally receive a misdemeanor citation. ,If Kreyer had the power to legislate, she would impose no fine for first time offenders. ,"I think it's an opportunity to educate businesses so they can educate their employees," she said. ,Jill McDonah, who works in the communications department at Kwik Trip's corporate offices in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, said Kwik Trip gives clerks a 20 gift card if they pass a compliance check. A first offense of selling tobacco or alcohol to an underage person results in a three day suspension. A second incident within one year of the first violation is a one week suspension. A third violation could result in termination. ,McDonah said Kwik Trip computers alert clerks to request a driver's license when a tobacco or alcohol product is being sold. Clerks are allowed some discretion. They do not have to request an ID if they believe the buyer is over 30 years old. They can either look at the ID, type the birth date in the computer or scan the license.The faces of regional Australia ,Olive Davis, 6. Picture: GLENN DANIELS, Bendigo Advertiser ,PINUPS: They're known as Miss Lola Bess and Miss Bettie Bliss and they're Maitland's representatives in the Miss Pinup Australia Pageant this year. The Maitland Mercury ,Looking back: It was in his teenage years that Port Macquarie Hastings councillor Adam Roberts, a mad keen young bodyboarder learned how to really surf, in the later stages of his time spent as a homeless teenager. Photo:The Port Macquarie News ,Member for Riverina Michael McCormack and mayor Rod Kendall did time behind bars to raise money for the PCYC yesterday. Picture: Les Smith The Daily Advertiser. ,Roman Griffiths, 5. Picture: GLENN DANIELS, Bendigo Advertsier ,GOLD MEDALLIST: Australian wheelchair rugby paralympian Ryley Batt with junior rugby players. Picture by CATH BOWEN The Maitland Mercury ,Benson Sudholz, 1, is surrounded by his adoring sisters, from left, Phoebe, 5, Olivia, 8, and Bethany, 9, at the family's Natimuk home. Picture: PAUL CARRACHER, Wimmera Mail Times ,DUBBO: For the love of a son, 72 year old Janice Willetts had her head shaved. Nick Willets had already taken a turn in the chair at The Beauty Box Hair Studio after chemotherapy took a toll on his hair. Photo LOUSIE DONGES The Dubbo Daily Liberal ,BATHURST: Robbie Curtis and Jarred Dewey of Circa go through their routine in preparation for their performances at Bathurst's Catapult Festival this week. Photo ZENIO LAPKA The Western Advocate. ,Bega Heritage Motor Club members Anthony and Kathy Dack show off their restored 1959 Holden SC Station Sedan and 1968 Tabbert Caravan. Pic: Bega District News ,Dapto Junior FC under 7s Daniel, Cody and Finley are sad that they haven't been able to play this season. Picture: ADAM McLEAN, Illawarra Mercury ,BATHURST: Around 3000 riders joined the Blayney to Bathurst last Sunday making it one of the largest cycling events in NSW. The Western Advocate. ,Daniella Gillespie 2, Keely Elliott 7, Ruben Elliott 10, Archie Elliott 5 and Natasha Gillespie 5 get ready for the Good Friday Easter Egg hunt. Picture: THEA PETRASS, Wimmera Mail Times ,ORANGE: THE secret to the perfect back flip is to have no regard for your personal safety. Pascal Berry showed she can follow that edict at the Orange Big Air School. Photo: STEVE GOSCH The Central Western Daily ,Cancer Sufferer, Kiama teen Ashleigh Collins is hoping to raise more than 15,000 for next month's Kiama Relay for Life. Picture: ADAM McLEAN The Illawarra Mercury ,Artists Jenny Altmann left, Gayle Hill Clark and Alex Rees defied the gloomy skies to put the finishing touches to their colourful artwork in a laneway to the Ozone car park. Picture: ROB GUNSTONE, The Standard Warrnambool ,Koonawarra mother Sonia Facey has sent a video essay of her autistic son, Nathan, to local and state politicians as part of a personal campaign to keep Dapto Respite Centre open. Photo: Adam McLean The Illawarra Mercury. ,GROW: Gum Ball Music Festival founder Matt Johnston and family dog Lulu at the Lower Bedford festival site. Picture: Max Mason Hubers Photo:The Newcastle Herald. ,GOOD SPORT: Miss Australia Quest entrant Racquel Andrews, of Maryland, paints Cessnock Mayor Bob Pynsent's fingernails for Ovarian Cancer awareness. Picture: Peter Stoop The Newcastle Herald. ,Derrinallum service station owner and CFA member Geoff Henderson. Pic: DAMIAN WHITE,The Standard Warrnambool ,FROM THE OVEN: Stefanie Nelson, left and Amie Campbell with some of their hot cross buns. Photo: The Armidale Express ,BABY BEHEMOTH: Moree mum Michelle Wharram shows off her new bub Bentley Dahlstrom, weighing in at nearly 6.3kg, the biggest baby ever born in Tamworth. Photo: Gareth Gardner, The Northern Daily Leader Tamworth ,The Hopeless Heroes' guitarist Tristan Ahrns is excited to see the depth of talent at this weekend's Battle of the Bands. Pic: Murray Valley Standard ,Ben Anfruns and Chantel Fitzsimmons. Picture: Ryan Osland, The Herald Newcastle ,John and his wife Ann Redman fear ratepayers will pay more to cover for the lack of fees collected by council from developers. Picture: Jonathan Carroll, The Herald Newcastle ,For Auld Lang Syne: Ben Cox, Gordon Morrison and Peter Freund proudly show off their tartan as part of the Art Gallery of Ballarat's launch of the Scottish exhibition. Pic: LACHLAN BENCE, The Courier, Ballarat ,Grampians Integrated Family Violence Committee regional integration co ordinator Jeannine Le Vaillant with some campaign promotional items. Pic: JEREMY BANNISTER,The Courier Ballarat ,Crystal Brook RSL sub branch president Ivan Venning has sent out a call to arms to his local community to support the ageing hall. Pic: Port Pirie RecorderThe Facts About Genetically Modified Food ,Scratch the surface of genetically modified GM foods and you find a topic that makes people very itchy indeed. ,It is a debate that spans health, politics, power, environment and ethics and on either side are people with passionately opposing points of view. ,Advocates argue that GM can improve the quality of food. British scientists, for example, have recently created a purple tomato that is particularly high in antioxidants. Foods can be made resistant to disease, meaning they require fewer insecticides. It is also argued that GM foods can provide a solution to global food problems and make farming and processing more affordable and efficient. ,Detractors, on the other hand, are not only concerned about the possible human health implications, but say changes in food composition could have a dire effect on the environment and biodiversity. ,For instance, a crop designed to eliminate Bollworms, by interfering with their ability to make toxin processing protein, may also kill non pest insects. And scientists have expressed concern that pest insects are becoming resistant to the very toxins designed to ward them off crops. ,People also fear the monopoly of multi nationals like Monsanto one of the world's leading producers of GM foods and don't trust their assurances. Instances of the public being mislead by corporations and reaping the dire health consequences have become etched in our psyche. ,This makes navigating the science of GM foods and separating our fears from the facts a challenge according to a recent paper in the Yale Climate Media Forum. ,The more science there is on a subject, the more positional we become depending on our cultural conditioning, the article says. ,Our attitudes to GM are likened to this study on climate change. It found "respondents predisposed by their values to dismiss climate change evidence became more dismissive, and those predisposed by their values to credit such evidence more concerned, as science literacy and numeracy increased. ,Paul Brent, Certainly. In an opinion piece for the New York Times American Association of Advancement of Science AAAS President ,In the 25 odd years since research began and the 15 plus years humans have been consuming GM foods what do i need for texas id maryland state id fake id consequences florida using fake ids in miami

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