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original footloose fake id people who make fake ids People of all stripes are potential customers fake id taken away fake id generator google app fake caller id texting app new ny state id order a fake credit card,Other commercials flood Spanish language television stations. One starts with a squealing car crash ,Ent ll 411 PAIN," the ambulance driver tells her. ,Then there's the popular company spokesman, "Jorge," a lovable geek who lives in Miami, wears a fanny pack, and carries an ancient cordless phone. ,A seemingly endless flow of cash funds all these marketing tools. In the past dozen years, the company has spent more than 13.2 million on advertising, according to court documents. More than 250,000 people "like" 411 PAIN's Facebook page. In October, the page held a Halloween costume contest asking fans to dress up like "Jorge" and win 1,000. ,The page also regularly gives away 100 prizes to fans who win celebrity trivia contests involving anything from a new Kanye West album to a Jersey Shore star. "Snooki's birthday is tomorrow! What birthday gift would you give Snooki The funniest answer by 10PM EST will win 100!"pain on Good Friday ,Thousands of pilgrims, some carrying large wooden crosses and others holding candles, wound their way through the narrow lanes of Jerusalem's Old City, retracing the route the Bible says Jesus took on the way to his crucifixion. ,And in Rome, Pope Benedict XVI carried the cross at the beginning of the traditional Way of the Cross procession at the Colosseum. ,"But it will also be a path trod in faith, hope and love, because the tomb which is the final stop on our way will not remain sealed for ever," the pope said of Easter Sunday, when Jesus is believed to have risen from the dead. ,Benedict handed over the cross to Rome Cardinal Camillo Ruini, his vicar for Rome. Other faithful, including a young Congolese woman and a family from Rome, took turns carrying the cross for a few steps. ,Half million turn out in Mexico City ,In Mexico City, meanwhile, more than 500,000 people turned out for the annual Passion play in the capital's working class Iztapalapa neighborhood. Thousands participated in the procession, many lugging heavy crosses through the streets. ,Officials said it was the 164th year that the Passion play has been enacted in the neighborhood, although there are references to earlier performances in Mexico City going back to the 16th century. ,In the Mexican silver mining town of Taxco, hooded men belonging to a Catholic brotherhood slapped their backs bloody with nail studded whips and dragged their shackled bare feet across rough cobblestone streets. Others carried thorny blackberry branches tied across their outstretched arms. ,On Jerusalem's Via Dolorosa or Way of Sorrows visitors from the United States, India, South Korea, the Philippines, Russia and many other countries followed the traditional route of Christ's final walk, stopping at 14 stations, each marking an event that befell Jesus on the way to his death. ,The final five stations are inside the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, where tradition says Jesus was stripped, crucified and finally laid to rest before being resurrected on Easter Sunday. ,Re enacting Christ's last hours ,In a re enactment of those last hours, a Korean pilgrim played the role of Jesus, wearing a crown of thorns, dragging a cross and covered with fake blood. He was escorted by other pilgrims dressed as Roman legionnaires. ,"The Lord moves us to come here," said Bob Payton of Orange County, Calif., playing the part of a Roman soldier in his third Good Friday visit. ,Israeli police said "thousands" took part. ,In the Philippines, seven penitents in the northern village of San Pedro Cutud were nailed to crosses in an annual rite that is frowned upon by religious leaders but has become a major spectator attraction. Dozens of half naked men hit their bloodied backs with bamboo sticks in an atonement rite. ,In his traditional Good Friday message, Latin Patriarch Michel Sabbah, head of the Roman Catholic Church in the Holy Land, appealed to politicians of all faiths to bring an end to the region's ongoing violence. ,"What's happening now, in our Holy Land here, is believers in God killing each other in the name of God; Jews Muslims, Christians," he said. "We hope, we wish, for political leaders who will have the courage to go and find the right ways for peace."The calendars of five major Christian faiths coincide with one another this year, something that happens only once every four years. ,Clergymen of different Christian denominations, some dressed in colorful robes, filed early Friday into the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. ,The various groups, who have feuded in the past, put aside their rivalries and the ceremonies passed smoothly. At one point, Catholic and Greek Orthodox worshippers quietly held simultaneous prayers in different parts of the church. ,In accordance with tradition, the church's doors were unlocked by a member of a Muslim family that has held the key for centuries. ,Easter this year also falls during the weeklong Jewish festival of Passover, which brings thousands of Jews into the cramped Old City to worship at the Western Wall, Judaism's holiest site. ,'Faith . can bring us together' ,"Faith shouldn't necessarily divide us, but in fact can bring us together," said Catholic pilgrim Michael Murphy, a San Francisco native who lives in Paris. ,Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said hundreds of police were deployed in and around the Old City to maintain order and protect all visitors. ,Among the Easter pilgrims on Friday, some could be heard singing hymns in English, Latin and Hindi. ,Slavko Stojic, an electrical engineer from Serbia, walked with three large crosses on his shoulders, which he wanted to have blessed before taking them back home.Painkiller sales soar around US ,Sales of the nation's two most popular prescription painkillers have exploded in new parts of the country, an Associated Press analysis shows, worrying experts who say the push to relieve patients' suffering is spawning an addiction epidemic. Some places saw sales increase sixteenfold. ,Meanwhile, the distribution of hydrocodone, the key ingredient in Vicodin, Norco and Lortab, is rising in Appalachia, the original epicenter of the painkiller epidemic, as well as in the Midwest. ,The increases have coincided with a wave of overdose deaths, pharmacy robberies and other problems in New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Florida and other states. Opioid pain relievers, the category that includes oxycodone and hydrocodone, caused 14,800 overdose deaths in 2008 alone, and the death toll is rising, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says. ,Nationwide, pharmacies received and ultimately dispensed the equivalent of 69 tons of pure oxycodone and 42 tons of pure hydrocodone in 2010, the last year for which statistics are available. That's enough to give 40 5 mg Percocets and 24 5 mg Vicodins to every person in the United States. The DEA data records shipments from distributors to pharmacies, hospitals, practitioners and teaching institutions. The drugs are eventually dispensed and sold to patients, but the DEA does not keep track of how much individual patients receive. population with pain issues and a greater willingness by doctors to treat pain, said Gregory Bunt, medical director at New York's Daytop Village chain of drug treatment clinics. ,Sales are also being driven by addiction, as users become physically dependent on painkillers and begin "doctor shopping" to keep the prescriptions coming, he said. drug czar, told Congress in March. "However, we all now recognize that these drugs can be just as dangerous and deadly as illicit substances when misused or abused. ,Opioids like hydrocodone and oxycodone can release intense feelings of well being. Some abusers swallow the pills; others crush them best fake caller id app teddanzig fake id fake id number south africa Unlike most street drugs ,Now it's spreading from those two poles," Jackson said. ,The AP analysis used drug data collected quarterly by the DEA's Automation of Reports and Consolidated Orders System. The DEA tracks shipments sent from distributors to pharmacies, hospitals, practitioners and teaching institutions and then compiles the data using three digit ZIP codes. Every ZIP code starting with 100 , for example, is lumped together into one figure. ,The AP combined this data with census figures to determine effective sales per capita. ,A few ZIP codes that include military bases or Veterans Affairs hospitals have seen large increases in painkiller use because of soldier patients injured in the Middle East, law enforcement officials say. In addition, small areas around St. ,Many of the sales trends stretch across bigger areas. ,In 2000, oxycodone sales were centered in coal mining areas of West Virginia and eastern Kentucky places with high concentrations of people with back problems and other chronic pain. ,But by 2010, the strongest oxycodone sales had overtaken most of Tennessee and Kentucky, stretching as far north as Columbus, Ohio and as far south as Macon, Ga. ,Per capita oxycodone sales increased five or six fold in most of Tennessee during the decade. ,"We've got a problem. We've got to get a handle on it," said Tommy Farmer, a counterdrug official with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. ,Many buyers began crossing into Tennessee to fill prescriptions after border states began strengthening computer systems meant to monitor drug sales, Farmer said. ,In 2006, only 20 states had prescription drug monitoring programs aimed at tracking patients. Now 40 do, but many aren't linked together, so abusers can simply go to another state when they're flagged in one state's system. There is no federal monitoring of prescription drugs at the patient level. ,In Florida, the AP analysis underscores the difficulty of the state's decade long battle against "pill mills," unscrupulous doctors who churn out dozens of prescriptions a day. ,In 2000, Florida's oxycodone sales were centered around West Palm Beach. By 2010, oxycodone was flowing to nearly every part of the state. ,While still not as high as in Appalachia or Florida, oxycodone sales also increased dramatically in New York City and its suburbs. The borough of Staten Island saw sales leap 1,200 percent. ,New York's Long Island has also seen huge increases. Soon Emerson was popping six pills at a time. ,"When I would go over to friends' houses I would raid their medicine cabinets because I knew their parents were most likely taking something," said Emerson, now 19. ,One day she overdosed at the mall. Her mother, Phyllis Ferraro, tried to keep her daughter breathing until the ambulance arrived. ,"The pills are everywhere," Ferraro said. "There aren't enough treatment centers and yet there's a pharmacy on every corner."Paint your computer ,2.49 at Home Depot. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. I managed to paint an entire case and all its components without getting a single drop of paint on me or get this on the rim of the spraycan. Then remove all plastic from the metal chassis. Usually this means removing the sides or top if one piece and then removing the plastic faceplate. Then remove all buttons, switches, LEDs, etc. from the faceplate itself. ,Lay all components out on some nice disposable newspaper. I used the Wall Street Journal. I recommend giving the components a bit of sandpaper if they are smooth; if they have the slightly dimpled or rough finish common, they're OK. Definitely wipe them down with denatured alcoholor the like to remove grease, swudge, etc. ,Using the gun adapter, really give each piece a coat of paint. Allow to dry. Repeat 4 times. ,Wait 4 hours, then reassamble. Voil I've found this finish to resist nails, oils, alcohol, fingerprints, dropped screwdrivers and ferret licking don't ask. For best results, you can add any of the following touches: ,Glow in the dark stars, as suggested above ,Plexiglass side panels and fake neon tubes inside for Cool Lighting! ,Bumper stickers galore ,A milspec camouflage pattern using matte brown and green paint and a stencil ,Speed stripes, either unsubtle red or subtle I use glossy black enamel, just different enough. ,Labels for switches/lights etc. in gold or silver paint pen ,Random blinkenleitz in the form of LED strips, log LED VU meters a l BeBox, etc. ,Lego surfaces for attaching playthings! I've used Mindstorms bits to build cyclone lights, etc. But I'm not getting into that. ,Try this. Remove all keycaps from your favorite keyboard. Disassemble the case. Spraypaint the case and keycaps black or whatever, but black is nicest for this one, IMHO and reassemble. It may help to mark the underside of the key caps as you remove them. : Then use a gold or silver paint pen and draw likely looking but cool and meaningless symbols on the keys. Think of the display screens the Empire used in the Star Wars movies, or go crazy. ,Note: You should be a touch typist for this to work. ,Allow to dry. Woohoo! anyone that comes over should produce at least a doubletake. Besides, it'll make it less likely your siblings/roommates/ferrets/whoever will use the machine while you're gone. ,Computers should have been black, just like all audiovisual equipment today. How they ended up beige is an evolutionary aberration. ,Before going any further, I must give honorable mention to Silicon Graphics for coming up with cool case designs nine times out of ten, long before the iMac came out. ,What I'd like to see, though, to end the reign of beige through pure excess, is hotrod style computers. Stylized flames, painted on mouths full of sharp teeth, aerodynamic shapes and, most of all, chromed exhaust pipes running up the sides. But whatever you do, do not I repeat: do not call them "extreme" computers or X treme, or whatever the cool spelling is right now. ,My first attempt to paint my computer involved several coats of spray enamel. However, this soon chipped, scratched and generally looked shabby, so I came up with a better idea. ,I bought two sheets of holographic blue paper from Paperchase the coolest shop on earth and stuck that to my computer, now I have a shiny holographic effect on my case which will not chip or peel and is quicker, easier and less messy that spray paint. Also if you get bored of it you can easily peel it off and do something else. ,I just recently started to experiment with painting my treasure read: computer. There are several steps in this endeavor, and my crusade was long in duration. ,STEP 1: Get spray enamel This was the first barrier I had to break through, as I forgot that my local hardware store by the name of "Doody

fake id to get into casino oregon fake id laws fake id consequences in florida caught with fake id nj STEP 3: Prepare surface Once more fake caller id caller fake caller id cracked apk make a fake id apple com fake get a fake id today Of course ,For more than three decades fake tax id number ca vendor fake id id titan fake id The SEC can't stop them," said Lawrence West, a former SEC associate enforcement director. "They can only punish the filer afterward and remove the filing from the system. So, caveat lector let the reader beware."The US Congress has already raised the alarm. For its part, the SEC, which declined to comment, has said those who make filings are responsible for their truthfulness and that only a handful have been reported as bogus. Submitting false information exposes the culprit to SEC civil fraud charges, or even federal criminal prosecution. ,"I always wanted to be wealthy, so I could have more free time with my family," said Lee, a divorced father of three. ,During a two hour conversation at a Chicago art exhibition, Lee gave no indication that his statements were in jest or untrue. There is no evidence he profited from the filing or fooled any investors. ,But other cases have had real costs. On May 14, 2015, Nedko Nedev, a dual citizen of the United States and Bulgaria, filed an SEC form indicating he was making a tender offer an outright purchase for cosmetics company Avon Products. Avon's shares jumped 20 per cent before trading was halted, and the company denied the news. A federal grand jury later indicted Nedev on market manipulation and other charges. ,After the fraudulent Avon filing, US RepublicanSenator Chuck Grassley, former chairman of the Finance Committee, told the SEC it must review its posting standards. ,"This pattern of fraudulent conduct is troubling, especially in light of the relative ease in which a fake posting can be made," Grassley wrote in a letter to the agency. ,In response, Mary Jo White, who then chaired the SEC, said it wouldn't be feasible to check information. One relied on the impersonation of Buffett'sinvestment company Berkshire Hathaway. In September 2015, a Singapore based entity calling itself LMZ Berkshire Hathaway Co. filed two ersatz regulatory forms disclosing 10 per cent stakes in both energy company Phillips 66 and food giant Kraft Heinz. Berkshire is the largest shareholder of both companies. A person using the name Loreto M. Zamora signed the filing. ,This past November, the same filer struck again. The elusive Zamora made a fake takeover offer for Fitbit, the maker of the ubiquitous exercise tracking bracelets. The supposed bidder, ABM Capital, listed a Shanghai address. Fitbit said it received no such offer. Berkshire didn't respond to requests for comment. ,Honest disclosure rests at the heart of the SEC's mission. Congress created the agency in 1934 because the public had lost faith in finance after the stock market crash five years earlier. Even its first chairman, Joseph Kennedy the father of President John F. Kennedy had profited from stock manipulation before the crash. ,Easy filings ,In 1984, the SEC began an experiment with online filings. A decade later, the agency started requiring that all information be submitted in digital form through its Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis and Retrieval system, now universally known as Edgar. ,Doing so is surprisingly simple. Applicants fill out an online questionnaire called Form ID and submit a document signed by a notary. The applicant is then granted access codes to Edgar. The entire process usually takes less than 48 hours. ,Had the SEC taken more time, it may have had some questions for Lee, the Chicago artist. ,In his telling, his efforts to sell artworks led him to get in touch with some of the biggest movers and shakers in finance and technology: Bank of America's chief executive Brian Moynihan, who liked his art, and Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who wanted to buy his company. ,In one of his first SEC filings, on October19, Lee said Bank of America bought a stake in his YNoFace Holdings, the investment company associated with his art business, for shares worth US88 billion which would rank it between the value of Starbucks and Nike. ,In another filing months later, Lee said that Alphabet acquired YNoFace Holdings in exchange for 4.5 billion of its Class A shares more than 10 times the number of shares that are outstanding and worth US3.8 trillion currently. ,Bank of America and Google said the filings and the claims of contact with executives were false. Both filings remain on the SEC's website.Painting the ceiling with coffee ,And as SETI Institute CEO Tom Pierson pointed out in a letter to supporters, the facility is turning off the lights for the time being, anyhow just when NASA's Kepler telescope is discovering hundreds of new exoplanets and candidates for targeting. "This fabulous opportunity represents a fundamental shift to be able to point our instruments at known planetary systems, rather than at stars that might or might not host planets," Pierson wrote as he urged fans to kick in to a 5 million fundraiser to keep it going. ,But maybe the realkick in the pants was a wonderfully perverse bit of press coverage in an online publication produced by an outfit that bills itself as "The global leader in media and marketing solutions for the electronics industry." The headline for the EE Times read: "UFO Group Seeks Funding for Telescope. ,To find UFOs or signs of life in the universe," the story went on, "SETI uses the so called Allen Telescope Array ATA. The ATA is an array of" blah blah blah etc. etc. ,Sweet bleedin' cheeses, how De Void would loved to have been a fly on the wall at Hat Creek Radio Observatory, where the SETI crowd no doubt blew its coffee all over that one. This is like spraying water on cats. ,SETI, as we all know, has spent decades clawing and scratching and gnawing its way to membership in the mainstream club partially for its gritty efforts to trash The Great Taboo. As SETI point man Seth Shostak wrote in 2009, "SETI feels a need to distance themselves from UFOs, simply to forestall conflation of the two activities by potential SETI supporters. If you're trying to raise research dollars from the government or serious donors, credibility counts. ,Word. And with so much earnestness andconscientiousness at stake ,Good golly. how to get an id card in australia fake id license generator buying fake id uk

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