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best fake id website premium fake id Why are we having voter ID" Trump asked the Wilmington crowd. "I want to vote; here's my identification. As opposed to someone coming up and voting 15 times for Hillary. I won't tell you to vote 15 times. . You won't vote 15 times, but people will. They'll vote many times. fake id in canada good fake id websites uk fake id sites that aren39 fake id use real name or not fake licenses,He criticized a recent federal court ruling that overturned voter ID and other changes to North Carolina election laws ,Seattle area's second recreational marijuana retail store Herbal Nation held a soft" opening today for invited customers who have been following the store's progress toward opening but you could also buy if you just showed up with an ID. You can see the store and some of the sales in the gallery above. ,A stead flow of the usual suspects a woman in her 60's, a clean cut guy who's thrilled to "finally" buy legally and so on started showing up around noon and the line remained steady. The crew expected to be open for this "invite only" event today only until 6 pm. ,What they said on their Facebook page: CANNAREX IS COMING TO MT. VERNON!!!!! ARRRRRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!! . That on Friday, Sept. 12. They add on their web page: "Cannarex is a Washington State licensed I 502 Marijuana retail store. We are the premier supplier of high quality marijuana. We carry buds, oils, wax, edibles, and paraphernalia. We are dedicated to supplying our customers with diverse range of high quality products for recreational and medical use." Phone: ,Grass located at 14343 15th Ave. NE in Seattle. ,They opened Oct. 10 . photo is of Grass staffer Deonte Johnson preparing to make the first sale. We recently wrote this about them: ,What's unique about these stores is that they will be among the first to add a I 502 recreation store to a medical establishment. Plus the store on 15th is a former state run liquor store, Store owner Michael Perkins said. ,Perkins added: "We added a recreational marijuana side, preserving the current medical marijuana stores, which are now next door and only serve medical patients. ,"We hope to see some change in not only the medical marijuana regulation in the next state legislative session but also to the recreational marijuana regulation to insure that we are able to serve not only our out of state and out of country customers who are willing to pay the high prices, but also our local recreational marijuana users and our local medical marijuana users which the majority of refuse to patronize the current system due to its high prices, lack of supply, and lack of selection."Here's what they said: Come say HIGH to our friendly and knowledgeable bud tenders and experience the absolute best the northwest has to offer. ,Green Light is Spokane newest 1 502 Recreational Retail Marijuana Store located in Spokane Valley. We are one mile east of Trent and Argonne, you can miss our giant billboard directly across the street. Our store is geared towards giving customers a more comfortable and classy feel. We will be carrying only locally blown glass and some of the best strains available in the state. The Green Seed has already received a marijuana retail license from the Washington State Liquor Control Board and will be open to the public for recreational marijuana sells next week week of Sept. 15. Store hours and opening day will be posted on the Facebook page please note that viewers are restricted to 21 years of age. ,Amy Dalluge, after receiving a double bachelors spent the last 15 years traveling over 29 countries and creating her own jewelry line and dabbling in the designing and manufacturing of goods in Southeast Asia and India, but made a career change as the marijuana industry opened to the people of Washington State. The goal of The Green Seed is to offer top of the line marijuana in a classy paraphernalia filled environment that will give comfort while shopping in the newly established marijuana industry. ,The Green Seed looks forward to serving our community with top self marijuana flowers, infused marijuana product, marijuana extract, and paraphernalia. As the owner of The Green Seed I would like to express my great passion for the marijuana movement in Washington State and towards the creation of making history!Margie's Pot Shop located at 405 E. Stueben in Bingen. ,What they said: "Our store will carry pipes, bongs, smoking accessories and beautiful glassware. We will have many strains, from popular to less well known, as well as edibles and marijuana infused drinks. ,What they told us: Our grand opening was Tuesday the 23rd facebook fake id status how to scratch an id for a fake id fake id music video HARRISBURG ,Justice Michael Eakin's decision to retire marks the latest fallout since embattled state Attorney General Kathleen Kane began releasing hundreds of emails in 2014 to the media and ethics agencies. Kane has since been indicted on perjury and other charges that she claims were trumped up because she took on the old boys' club of Pennsylvania's judiciary and law enforcement.

fake paper id ohio fake id reddit reddit making fake id printable fake id templates Eakin's lawyer fake id laws kansas united states marine id fake trends in fake ids fake id blonde how to make fake license This is the only process I know of in America where you can be charged with sending emails to friends that were inappropriate and face the death penalty," Costopoulos said. "I just don't think that's right. ,Justice Seamus McCaffery fake id illegal immigrants real name on fake id drake and josh fake ids The board that investigates accusations of judicial misconduct said Eakin sent or responded to emails that included a satirical video about a busload of sluts" crashing, a joke about a woman told to keep "her mouth shut" after telling her doctor her drunken husband had beaten her, a "sexually suggestive thread/conversation" about one of Eakin's female employees and a joke about Tiger Woods that referred to his African American and Asian background. ,The email scandal, centered on the attorney general's office, has already led to dozens of people being disciplined or losing their jobs. ,Eakin, 67, has been on the state Supreme Court since 2002. He's a Republican and former district attorney in Cumberland County, which includes Harrisburg's western suburbs. ,During tearful testimony in December before a three judge panel of the court, Eakin apologized for what he said he "allowed to happen," but he accused the news media of sensationalism and argued his job performance hadn't been affected. ,"Perhaps my demeanor is one of the boys," Eakin said on the stand. "But what I sent was to people who were also one of the boys. It was in the locker room. I allowed, I created something that could be released. Shame on me and it won't happen again. ,Eakin used the pseudonym John Smith" in a private email account for the emails at issue. The Judicial Conduct Board said he emailed a group of friends, including a deputy attorney general, about plans to visit a strip club in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, using a vulgar term for women's breasts. ,The state constitution says judges lose their pensions if they act in a way that "brings the judicial office into disrepute," one of the allegations Eakin faces. Costopoulos said he hoped that would not occur but it was not certain. ,"We have lost one of the finest jurists of our court in the recent past," Costopoulos said. "His opinions and writing will withstand the test of history. What has happened to him and what has been done to him will not. ,When Kane ,Kane's license was suspended a month after prosecutors in suburban Philadelphia charged her with perjury and other offenses for allegedly leaking secret grand jury material and lying about it. She is not seeking a second term this year new id mass fake review free fake id drivers license make ids

www fake id com The exchange of explicit and pornographic emails by state prosecutors was uncovered as part of Kane's internal review of how the office handled the investigation into Jerry Sandusky ,Eakin's resignation leaves the seven member Supreme Court with five Democrats Wolf issued a statement calling the case another reminder of why we must all work with urgency to restore the public's trust in their government as well as the integrity of the judicial system."2nd Term Lectures in 2nd Term Lectures Year 2 ,Educating south London Riba Competition 9million; Kingsdale School, deprived, vandalized, O shape, added a roof using a similar company that made the eden projectetfb, a pattern was added, a a moveable middle skin that would move to allow more or less light. In the courtyard they added an egg shape auditorium. Acoustic panels had to added to the interior as curves cause nuisance sound. Also in the egg was a library. These projects are about creating relationships. Worked with the community, the locals felt the 9 million was a waste on these badly behaved kids. Originally the community denied a choice to have mirror panels on the outside, but it was later accepted. ,The schools academic output increased, attitude was better, fast becoming a popular school, that also gives back to the community, the community use some areas as the church and other aspects. ,Banner Street Primary School Victorian Board School Basic needs funding6 new classrooms Collaboration with as many people, director of education, head teacher, local architect etc. ,I really don't like it when someone puts a modern element in a traditional space, you wouldn't put a bauhaus chair in a gaudi building. I just think theres a better way of doing it. ,Rereadings 1st Graeme Brooker 25th January ,Rereadings taking an exsisting building and reworking it. Throughout history buildings have been re used, notion of temerality, to be good with interiors you need to understand your design won't last for ever, it needs to be adaptable. Modernism deals with purity, whipping the slate clean. ,Structure Load bearinglike castles and FrameColumn and beam Monocock boatbuilding, skin and structure as one ,Case Study 1: Pheasant Barn Faversham, Circus Architects, Previously Threshing Barn Grade 2 Listed to turn it into a family home. ,Timber framed, Isle frame system, box frame the inside supports built on the ground then hoisted up and the frame built from that. ,"New elements are inserted aligned to the various functions of a dwelling that hug, warp and fold around the construction timber structure, encouraging movement. ,Case Study 2: Netherlands Pavilion Expo 2000 Exposition are follies to represent the country Architects: MDRDV Case Study 3: Museum of Fine Arts Caceres Spain Architects: Maria Jose Aranguren Originally a castle ,Case Study 4: Restaurant Pompidou Centre, Case Study 5: Gothernburg Law Courts ,Case Study 6: MDV Multi Purpose Venue fake id maker app iphone fake id in Washington fake ny id Michigan id fake

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