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fake id scanner app does fake id work The documents spoke of certain sexual practices that had been recorded in Russian hotels. Trump said he was aware that in hotels there would be spy devices and he admonished his staff to be careful. Besides fake id europe usa id systems fake using a fake id for an ico turtle bay nyc fake id make your own fake id card,Long term care insurance basics ,When an array of services available to people with a prolonged illness ,Long term care insurance is not for everyone how much is a california id how can i get fake id ny state id Consumers who may qualify for state aid should carefully weigh the pros and cons of long term care insurance. Those who have planned ahead and made a lifelong habit of saving may find that the best way to pay for possible long term care is to set aside a portion of their assets for that purpose. Other alternatives ,Tips regarding long term care insurance

fake id for facebook online fake student id cards best state fake ids to get fake id band Check with a financial services professional Consumers should make sure they have guidance from a certified financial advisor australian fake id generator alex malzone fake id fake id from south carolina 21 fake id false id Understand coverage Knowing what is and what is not paid by a long term care insurance policy is a key step toward ensuring proper coverage. Find out what out of pocket expenses are likely and be certain to understand daily expense limitations. To accomplish this ,Understand your premium obligations Premiums on long term care policies are typically lower when bought at a younger age buy oregon fake id alaska id fake vs real fake id wrong eye color Pre existing conditions exclusion For those with a current medical condition ,Do not divulge personal information by phone Social security numbers ,Be wary of advertising Unscrupulous fraudsters may suggest through ads that Medicare is associated with a long term care policy. Medicare does not endorse nor sell long term care insurance. Consumers should disregard mailings about long term care insurance that seem to be from a government source. ,If rates increase For those who have purchased a long term care insurance policy and face a large increase that may cause them to drop coverage fake id mx fake id creator online fake fbi id card maker

flordia id Shop around ,Consumers who decide that long term care insurance is appropriate should shop around for the right coverage at the best price. Group contracts like those offered through an employer Deal with a Licensed Carrier and Agent ,Long term care insurance shoppers should make certain any sales professional It is easy for consumers to protect themselves from scammers peddling fake long term care insurance policies," said Acting Commissioner Kobylowski.term congressman is trying to survive the Trump headwinds in Florida ,A high ranking member on the House Judiciary Committee called on Comey to resign: "While I cannot know Director Comey's reasoning . it was plainly premature, careless and unprecedented in its potential impact upon a Presidential election without a speck of information regarding the emails in question, their validity, substance or relevance," Rep. Steve Cohen D Tenn. said in a statement. "There is a reason that FBI investigations are not usually made public until they are completed. To do so gives an impression of guilt before all the facts have been determined." "Weiner" has become almost a curse word over the past several days for many Democrats. From Maggie Haberman and Alexander Burns in the Times: "The fury that many leading Democrats feel toward Mr. Weiner had been building for years. His sexting habits embarrassed them. His attempted political comeback in 2013 disgusted them. For many], the news resurrected memories of previous Weiner scandals. 'He is like a recurring nightmare,' said the Rev. Al Sharpton. 'It's like one of those 'Damien' movies it's like every time you think he's dead, he keeps coming again.' For some, the development touched off more worry than anger: former President Bill Clinton, who learned of the news en route to his last event of the day, in Pennsylvania, fretted that it would draw hostile attention to Ms. Abedin. Around the country, former aides to Mr. Weiner traded emails and texts throughout the weekend, fuming at the 'collateral damage' inflicted by their onetime boss." The probe has left some wondering whether Abedin's role in a potential Clinton White House could be jeopardized. From WSJ's Laura Meckler: "Some Democrats said Sunday they had no doubt Mrs. Clinton would bring Ms. Abedin with her to the White House. Others] point to Mrs. Clinton's loyalty to her friends and staff, many of whom have been with her for years. Ms. Abedin, who is said to be personally closer to the candidate than any other adviser, is often described as akin to a second daughter." Trump repeatedly pressed the issue at campaign rallies this weekend, mentioning her by name: "Is she going to keep Huma" Trump asked Saturday in Colo. "Huma's been a problem. Do we agree Huma. Huma's been a problem. I wonder if Huma's going to stay there." "For Clinton, the damage at least at the moment is done. The conversation in the race is now all about emails. And whether Clinton did or didn't do anything wrong," writes The Fix's Chris Cillizza. "That means Trump was out of the spotlight, which is the best/only place for him to be if he wants to have a chance at a comeback. At the start of this week, it looked like Clinton was running away with the 2016 race. She still might, but the last seven days aren't at all how she wanted to close the campaign." Overplaying their hand: A Trump rally speaker in Vegas fantasized about the deaths of Clinton and Abedin while warming up the crowd. "Conservative commentator Wayne Allyn Root, describing his fantasy of a made for TV movie about Clinton and Abedin, said, 'We all get our wish. The ending is like 'Thelma and Louise.' In the 1991 film, the title characters drive over a cliff to their death. 'It's Hillary in a White Ford Bronco,' he said. 'She's got Huma driving, and they're headed for the Mexican border. I have a name for the future TV movie. It's called, 'Driving Ms. Hillary.' He added, 'When they make the run for the border of Mexico, there's nowhere to go, because President Trump has built a big, beautiful wall.'" Politico's Ben Schreckinger The email controversy was the focal point of all the Sunday shows. Trump surrogates praised Comey's decision as an "example of real leadership" while Clinton's surrogates characterized it as unfair. From Elise Viebeck:"This is clearly a very serious matter and we respect the institution of the FBI and we are confident that they'll handle this in a professional and timely way," Mike Pence said on "Fox News Sunday." "I guess he was trying to clear his own conscience," Trump manager Kellyanne Conway said on CNN's "State of the Union." "As far as we know now, Director Comey knows nothing about the content of these emails," Tim Kaine said on ABC's "This Week." "We don't know whether they're to or from Hillary at all If Comey] hasn't seen the emails, I mean they need to make that completely plain then they should work to see the emails and release the circumstances of those once they have done that analysis." Clinton chairman John Podesta defended Huma on CNN when asked whether she withheld information from the FBI. "I think it's clear that she complied to the best of her ability turned everything over that she had in her possession," he told Jake Tapper. "I don't think she knows anything more than what we have seen in the press to date." Not all Republicans piled on Clinton. She got some unlikely support from former Illinois Republican Rep. Joe Walsh last night:Term of Endearment Leaves Bitter Aftertaste ,Here the truth: I sweet on Barack Obama, and the man can call me whatever he wants as long as he doesn let that war mongering glad hander into our White House. No, not Hillary. The other one. ,But last week the likely Democratic nominee said something that left a bitter taste in some Americans um, ears: He called a journalist a Detroit factory tour, a TV reporter asked how Obama planned to help autoworkers, and the senator said, on, sweetie, we do a press avail, meaning he make time for questions soon. ,In fact, he never did answer the very legit question, or make time for others. And what most peeved the press was not his evasion. It was his condescending remark a word he had also lobbed at a Pennsylvania factory worker just last month. ,Barack, baby! Honey! Sugarlips! This ain no way to win Clinton bra sporting supporters. ,As a woman, and a reporter, I can tell you there little that chafes the patience like being addressed in a professional setting with the same patriarchal smarm you use to charm a waitress at a pie shop off the interstate. ,Actor Jimmy Smits called me sweetheart once during an interview you know, in that smooth as cream voice of his and I instantly hated him. Still do. I don care how high your cheekbones are, or how much better you looked in the nude than Dennis Franz; sexist banter is a turn off. And my reaction to it was visceral. ,But why This is not the worst thing a man could say to a woman. It not that thing McCain allegedly called his wife. Come to think of it, I rather be called sweetie than a lot of the names I had beaned at me many of which were well earned. ,Most gals don mind the label when it comes from, say, a doting dad. Or an elderly gentleman asking for a hand getting off the bus. But in most other settings, it patronizing. It attempts to establish an ad hoc gender hierarchy where none actually exists, and implies here where we bitches really bristle that there something adorable about a dame doing serious work. Getting in a candidate face. Demanding answers. ,That said, we can condemn Obama without demanding some more answers: First, if female professionals are so tough, why would we let such a minor slight ruffle us Second, if the senator had been walking with the reporter, and had stopped to hold a door open so she could pass through first, would he have been called chauvinistic or chivalrous ,Chromosomal carping aside, I not as depressed about his mistake as I am impressed with his response to it. When an aide pointed out the gaffe, Obama personally phoned the reporter and apologized both for failing to field press questions and for speaking thoughtlessly. ,a bad habit of mine, Obama confessed of his sweetie slip. do it sometimes with all kinds of people. I mean no disrespect and so I am duly chastened on that front. the good ole boy culture of politics, it not unusual for men to talk down to women. But it rare for any politician, male or ahem Iraq War voting female, to own up to stupid errors. And rarer still for them to do it eloquently. ,Duly chastened That, sweetie, is how you turn into ,Why do you question your own intuition to call someone out If he is condescending in his comments, you shouldn question if its okay for professional women or women in general to get bent about it. ,This brings to mind the Sir Edward Ross routine by Monty Python where Graham Chapman says to John Cleese "Don call me common sense dictates that you don call someone you don know "Sweetie ,Since the subject is Obama quotes, Considering how out of touch the above comment is ,Mike Godwin fake id stores in nyc how to make a fake student card fake drivers license template da fake id

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