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shipment id Andrade said she wanted to become a citizen because one has more rights" here and said she remembers clearly the day three years ago when she took the oath of citizenship in Los Angeles. "It was really emotional, beautiful. I felt so wonderful. Now it's not so great. It was such a shock when this happened. residents, unless they had been found guilty of a serious "deportable" offense. ,Those who receive notices can argue in writing against revocation to the INS review team in Washington. They can also request a hearing, which would be held in the local INS district. They could ultimately appeal the decision to federal court. ,INS spokesman Andrew Lluberes said hundreds of cases have been dismissed by reviewers before notices were sent out, and he expected more would be. "We're talking about an extremely small number of people, and we already know not all will have citizenship revoked," he said. ,But immigration attorney Carl Shusterman of Los Angeles, who once worked as an INS examiner, said he expected there would be some political pressure to be tough on citizens who lied. ,"Right now the prosecutors and the judges and the attorneys are all working for] the same guys," he said. "I would think they would have a tremendous amount of pressure to take away the citizenship, because they're being hounded by Congress. ,Shusterman represents a native of India who became a citizen two years ago but failed to disclose a 20 year old arrest in an Orange County traffic accident in which a young girl was killed. He said the charge was later dismissed. He's very worried they're going to deport him, even though I assure him it's not true," Shusterman said. ,"I think he has a good case for keeping his citizenship], but I'm just not sure that all our evidence is going to be enough to stop them from doing this."Criminal Case After Adoptions Spurs Review ,Child welfare workers in New York City said yesterday that they were poring over hundreds of records for possible cases of adoption fraud and abuse after a woman who adopted 11 foster children, and collected subsidies for them, was arrested in Florida and charged with abusing and neglecting the teenagers and young adults living under her care. ,The city's Administration for Children's Services could not yet say how much money the woman, Judith Leekin, 62, collected over the years from city, state and federal agencies in New York. She is accused of using fake identification and multiple aliases in adopting the children in New York over several years in the mid 1990s. A police official in Port St. Lucie, Fla., where Ms. Leekin was arrested, put the figure in the millions of dollars. ,"We haven't gone through all her financial paperwork, but a good estimate is that she received between 1.5 and 2 million over the years," said Officer Robert Vega, a spokesman for the Police Department in Port St. Lucie, a coastal city about 120 miles north of Miami. "And we're not even done going through all the financial documents, so that number will likely increase. Officer Vega said that Ms. Leekin ,Continue reading the main story One 18 year old woman was found last month in St. Petersburg ,All had been adopted from foster care agencies in New York City from 1993 to 1996., According to the Administration for Children's Services in New York City ,For children 12 and over fake id test yo i got a fake id though call using fake caller id buy fake id paypal

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