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how to get a new york id get a fake id quickly Loaiza spoke with Thomson Reuters Foundation by telephone from the Colombian city of Cali fake id canada bc fake Utah can best texas fake id reddit where to get ny state id fake facebook id maker,I remember a Colombian man coming up to me in a nightclub in Colombia where I was working as a professional dancer. He introduced himself to me as a talent scout looking to hire dancers to work abroad. I didn't accept his offer, but I took his card and kept it. ,"Back then, I had two jobs: one as a cashier in a supermarket and another as a dancer on the weekends. A few weeks later after I'd met the man, my daughter, who was three and a half years old then, had an asthma attack. I stayed with her in hospital night and day for two days as she recovered. As a result, I lost my two jobs, and I didn't have the money to pay for the hospital bill. I was a single mother. I was desperate. So I got in touch with the man I'd met at the nightclub and he lent me the money to pay for my daughter's treatment. That was the hook that got me in. ,"He offered me work as a professional dancer in Japan. It seemed the best way to earn money to look after my daughter and buy a house I had always wanted for my mother. I left my daughter with my mother. Within a week, I was in Tokyo. ,"At the airport, I was met by three Japanese men and a Colombian woman. I later learnt she was a recruiter for the traffickers and had been a victim of trafficking herself. ,"My passport was taken away and the pimps working for the Yakuza mafia told me I had to pay them a 50,000 bond before I could be released. I still had no idea I had been sex trafficked. I didn't know what human trafficking was. ,"I was given a blonde wig and blue contact lenses. I worked on the streets, changing my location every 10 days or so. Sometimes I worked in massage parlours. A pimp was always nearby checking how much I earned. For 18 months I worked day and night, from 14 to 20 clients a day, Sunday to Sunday. I never stopped. ,"I shared a three bedroom flat with other women who were working as prostitutes for the mafia. They were from the Philippines, Russia, Venezuela, Korea, China, Peru and Mexico. There were about six to seven girls to a room, and we'd sleep in bunk beds or mattresses on the floor. I had a diet of tuna, boiled eggs, rice and energy drinks. ,"I didn't have the right to speak, to have an opinion. I was only allowed to speak to my mother a few times during the time I was there. They threatened to harm my family and daughter back in Colombia if I left. ,"They brainwash you. They tell you this is the high price you have to pay for taking up the offer of work you need to move on with your life. That's the sacrifice you have to make, they would say. ,"After working for nearly 18 months, I knew that I had paid off my 50,000 debt I owed them. It got me thinking about escaping. I spoke to a loyal client of mine, who had known me for most of the time I worked there. I told him I had been kidnapped and that I was trapped by the mafia. He didn't believe me at first. He said I was there because I wanted to do what I was doing. It took me ages to convince him otherwise. I kept telling him all I want to do is to return to my country Colombia. ,"Eventually he agreed to help me and we hatched a plan for my escape. One day, he told me to walk slowly with him along a street until I reached a McDonald's. There near the toilets, he had left me a change of clothes, including a jacket and a wig, as a disguise. He helped me board a train to reach the Colombian embassy in Tokyo. ,"At the embassy, I was crying uncontrollably. I was paranoid because I thought the mafia had been following me. I kept saying, 'I'm a prostitute.' The consular gave me a big hug and told me I was a victim of human trafficking. That's basically the first time I had ever heard of the term. ,"I stayed in the embassy for about a week until I was given a new passport. When I came back to Colombia, I didn't get the help I had been promised. I needed medical care. My body was very weak. My hair and teeth were falling out and I was anaemic. ,"I was traumatised. I couldn't speak to anyone. I was too ashamed to talk. I felt as if I was the worst person in the world. I felt disgusting. I felt guilty for accepting the job proposal. I was suicidal. ,"The first person I spoke to about what had happened to me was a nun in a local church in the Colombian town of Pereira. She told me I wasn't a bad person. ,"It took a long time for my mother to understand what had happened to me, that I had been a victim of human trafficking and not a prostitute of my own choice. ,"I spent three years in therapy. I felt a catharsis when I wrote down my feelings. My psychologist suggested I write a book to help other women who've been trafficked. I've had two books published about my experience. ,"Many girls and women in Colombia don't know what human trafficking is. They're vulnerable because of the high levels of unemployment and their lack of education. The Colombian state is failing survivors, and it's not giving them the support they need. ,"I've been living in the United States for the past eight years. I'm happily married and have had two more children. My family is behind my cause and supports my work through myfoundation.A Texan Twist To Visions Of The Holiday Season ,Mr. HANK STUEVER Journalist: Oh, he's a genuinely bearded Santa is the correct term for that. My research would show that this Santa is well taken care of. And he's good at what he does and he's, you know, probably part of the Amalgamated Order of Santa Clauses. ,SMITH: I'm hanging out in the mall in Tysons Corner, Virginia, with journalist Hank Stuever, because he knows a lot about Christmas like the kind of green the guy in the red suit is making. ,Mr. STUEVER: A genuinely bearded Santa can earn for the season this one maybe 30 to 50 grand for the season. ,Mr. STUEVER: Three families who live in the very, very outer brand new mega mall, mega church, shopaholic suburbs, and I followed them through three Christmases. ,SMITH: And that required months of going to the mall every day. ,Stuever says it never gets old. ,Mr. STUEVER: I can't help myself. The mall does make me deliriously happy, even as I know that this world cannot stand. There is not enough petroleum product left on our planet to sustain this forever and ever. And so I know that this should also make me frightened. I mean, I've loved the fakeness of Christmas. A whole part of my book is called Fake is Okay Here, where people just give in to that idea that they can seek, make or purchase a perfection. ,That's the heartbreak of Christmas: that so many people try so hard to make it the perfect Christmas this year, to find perfect presents and to finally get along with one another and to finally, you know, relate to a relative that either has been cruel to them in the past or drinks too much. You know, Christmas really does mess with the American psyche in such a way that I can't resist it. ,SMITH: Well, over the course of your book, I should say that you started out following families in 2006 Christmas and then you returned and visited them for Christmas 2007, 2008. So, in a way, one of the main characters in your book is the recession, the looming economic disaster out there hovering over Christmas. ,Mr. STUEVER: You know, I started out writing a book about the magnificent half trillion dollar make believe that is American Christmas, and I was always alert to different fantasies that were playing out in front of me. And one of the fantasies that was playing out in front of me was our economy. How did people afford to move into houses that clearly, on paper, they can't afford Where did they find the money to buy everything they want at the mall These were things I was always keen to. ,And when the recession changed, I didn't feel like I had predicted it, but I did feel a sort of recognition that in telling the story of the American economy through Christmas, I was waiting for something like this to happen. ,SMITH: Now, in your book you act as a sort of assistant to this woman Tammy who is a professional Christmas decorator. ,Mr. STUEVER: Yeah, she is. She started calling me her elf, yeah. ,SMITH: So, are there fashions in Christmas decorating Is it, like, things are in vogue and out of vogue ,Mr. STUEVER: Yes, there are, absolutely. You know, one year when I was doing this book back in the, like, gauzy, easy credit world of 2006, which seems like a million years ago, black spray painted black Christmas trees were in, upside down Christmas trees hung from the ceiling were in. We have come a long way and fallen a long way economically, because this year, now, everybody's preaching red and green, gold, red plaid, simple straightforward, we are a suffering people but by god we're going to get through it Christmas. ,SMITH: You wouldn't know it from the cover of the book and from the title "Tinsel" and we think Christmastime, because it doesn't happen in a lot of Christmas specials, but there is a lot of sadness in the book. ,Mr. STUEVER: I would just consider it malpractice if I didn't look at that aspect of these people's lives. Things that they have laid awake at night worrying about friends who are dying of sickness, a baby in need of a heart transplant, a friend and a brother who's died in Iraq. Those things are all very present at Christmas. ,And, you know, I belong to a family through my partner I belong to a family where there had been a murder. My partner's brother was murdered 12 years ago, and I didn't know him and I came later. But I can tell you that Christmas is as happy a Christmas as we have at that house, that sadness is with us too. And I just can't imagine writing about the sort of humorous, joyful, strange and snarky aspects of Christmas without that grief that we all carry with us, especially at the holidays. ,SMITH: So, in your book, you're following these three families the buildup to Christmas, the shopping, the bills, the church, the Christmas pageant, the music, everything and then we get to Christmas in your book and you have sort of a revelation there, which is after the presents are open ,Mr. STUEVER: Or even before, yeah. ,SMITH: not a lot happens on the day of Christmas. ,Mr. STUEVER: Yeah. Christmas Day is the shortest part of my book. I had written this long, elaborate chapter about every little movement made on Christmas Day who opened what first, what so and so said to so and so, who's going to take what back, all of that. And my editor very smartly said, you know what the least interesting part of this book about Christmas is It's Christmas Day. It was all the buildup, it was the Christmas pageant dress rehearsal, it was Tammy decorating her last house, it was, you know, her family going off to Vail for the ski holiday, it was Jeff trying to get all the lights finished. You know and it was all these people shopping and shopping and shopping and shopping.A theatre of the absurd ,Donald Trump used to regularly give press conferences. They were free form events, bits of political performance art that dominated the news and helped the presidential hopeful win the Republican nomination. ,The last one came more than five months ago. ,That was when Mr Trump urged Russia to hunt down Hillary Clinton's deleted emails. Less than a week before the day after he accepted the Republican presidential nomination he went out of the way to belittle former Republican presidential opponent Ted Cruz, stepping all over his own post convention bounce. ,It wasn't particularly surprising, then, that the Trump team decided to end the practice, despite the fact that they had spent months mocking Mrs Clinton for her own efforts to avoid media queries. ,Candidate Trump would occasionally take questions in small media gaggles or offer one on one interviews usually on Fox News but the formal, free for all style press conferences were a thing of the past. ,Now, nine days before his presidential inauguration, the Trump press conference is back and it turns out he hasn't lost a controversial step. Before getting into the give and take with reporters, however, Mr Trump explained why it had been so long. ,"We stopped having them because we were getting a lot inaccurate news," he said. ,In other words, he was punishing the press for what he saw as unfair treatment. On Wednesday, instead of punishing the press with his absence, he would punish them with his presence. ,Mr Trump made a fair amount of news in his press conference on dealing with his sprawling business empire, his views on Russian hacking and his policy priorities but the theatre of this press conference became a story in itself. ,Just over a week from his inauguration, Mr Trump is still the same man he was on the campaign trail and on the reality show set. The Donald Trump on Wednesday is the Donald Trump who will govern the US, and the theatre of the event is something that will be a part of American lives for the next four years. ,Here are a few of the key takeaways. ,Beat the pressMr Trump liked to focus on a key enemy or target of scorn in past press conferences, and Wednesday was no different. He arrived more than ready to air his latest round of grievances. Buzzfeed News which posted an "intelligence dossier" full of unverified allegations against the president elect was a "failing pile of garbage" that is going to "suffer the consequences". ,CNN, which published a multi sourced reported article about the intelligence briefing Mr Trump received based in part on that dossier, is "terrible" and trafficks in "fake news". The president elect verbally sparred with CNN reporter Jim Acosta, refusing to take his questions. ,After the event wrapped up, Acosta said he was berated by Trump aide Omarosa Manigualt and told by incoming press secretary Sean Spicer that he would be banned from future press conferences if he argued with Mr Trump again. ,Media playback is unsupported on your device ,Media captionDonald Trump said the information was 'fake' ,The president elect even took a swipe at BBC News. "That's another beauty ,It wasn't all sticks for the president elect ,I have great respect for the news and great respect for freedom of the press and all of that," Mr Trump said. "But I will tell you, there were some news organisations with all that was just said that were so professional, so incredibly professional, that I've just gone up a notch as to what I think of you. real id louisiana fake id possession missouri fake id light test Friendly voicesMr Trump also took a few questions from oft overlooked conservative outlets ,Reporter Matt Boyle asked Mr Trump what sort of reforms he might recommend for the media industry given the problems with fake news". It allowed the president elect to take a few more swings at the mainstream press criticising some of the reporters "sitting right in front of us". ,"They're very, very dishonest people, but I think it's just something we're going to have to live with," he said. "I guess the advantage I have is that I can speak back. When it happens to somebody that doesn't have that kind of a megaphone, they can't speak back, it's a very sad thing. I've seen people destroyed.

having a fake id in michigan pa fake id review drivers license tasmania fake id virginia tech The peanut galleryDuring the press conference buy student id fake fake id song download fake id passat fake driving licence generator fake id reddit vendor list It was enough to make some viewers wonder whether the normally reserved reporters were throwing their lot in with the soon to be president. ,In fact fake Florida id club21 fake id review fake id laws in georgia Given that Mr Trump seems to draw energy from a welcoming crowd ,Trump the eccentricMr Trump says he's very much a germaphobe". ,When confronted by evidence of leaked intelligence, he conducted a mole hunting investigation within his own organisation. ,When he's travelling abroad, he warns everyone with him to be on guard and watch for hidden cameras in hotels.A theorem in limbo shows that QED is not the last word in a mathematical proof ,When a top tier mathematician announced in August that he had proved one of the greatest problems in mathematics, the claim was trumpeted in the New York Times, Nature, Science and the Boston Globe. ,But that didn't make the abc conjecture proven. People often think of mathematics as a solitary pursuit, with a written proof as final product. In fact, it's an unavoidably social activity, even for mathematicians who prefer to work alone. A theorem isn't proven until the mathematical community is persuaded that it's proven. And proofs today are often so complex that that persuasion must happen in person. ,Six months after Shinichi Mochizuki of Kyoto University in Japan released his 500 page proof of the abc conjecture, that vetting process has yet to occur. No one has been able to explain the central ideas of the proof. And few people are trying to understand it anymore, with the possible exception of a mathematician or two in Japan. ,Whenever major proofs are announced, mathematicians caution that the work might not hold up. Ordinarily it's a matter of checking for hidden errors, as mathematicians in the field quickly understand the strategy of the proof. ,But this time, no one except Mochizuki seems to have any glimmering of how his proof works. It is so peculiar that mathematicians might have dismissed it as the work of a crank, except that Mochizuki is known as a deep thinker with a record of strong results. ,Also, they really hope he is right. Though the abcconjecture is only 30 years old, it has become one of the greatest prizes in mathematics, subsuming Fermat's Last Theorem along with four other major theorems in number theory. ,To understand what it says, start with two whole numbers, a and b, that are divisible by small primes raised to large powers. Say a = 210 = 1,024 and b = 34 = 81. Add them together to get c: In this case, c =1,024 81 = 1,105. That number happens to be the result when you multiply three other prime numbers raised to small powers in this case the power is 1: 5 x 13 x 17 = 1,105. ,This pattern of two numbers a and b that are divisible by small primes raised to large powers adding up to a number c that is divisible by large primes raised to small powers turns out to be quite common. In the 1980s, mathematicians formulated this observation precisely into the abc conjecture, encapsulating a deep connection between the two most basic mathematical operations, addition and multiplication. ,In August, when Mochizuki released the four papers explaining his proof, a number of mathematicians dove into them eagerly. But they couldn't even understand his vocabulary. Mochizuki had built an entirely new mathematical field, one he named "inter universal Teichmller geometry," and populated it with objects no one had ever heard of: "anabelioids," "Frobenoids," "NF Hodge theaters." Without any sense of the overarching logic of the proof, his readers bogged down in minutiae. ,This isn't all Mochizuki's fault: Mathematicians generally don't necessarily like to read mathematics. "It's so painful to read someone else's paper, even if it is a short paper," says Minhyong Kim of the University of Oxford. The formality and precision necessary for accuracy can interfere with developing intuition, particularly with such unfamiliar mathematics. ,Mathematicians began clamoring for Mochizuki to explain the kernel of his ideas, but he refused. Kim explains the refusal this way: "Imagine asking a poet what a poem means: They'd probably say no. What they meant by the poem is what they wrote. I suspect that this is the psychology of the situation for Mochizuki. He said what he wanted to say in the paper. ,Mochizuki has ,Well I recently spoke with a woman who claims to be an atheist. Interesting enough I found it strange that even though her belief is the of rejection of the existence of deities she sure talks a lot about God. So here it is fake id in new york penalty fake id massachusetts law best state fake ids to get

washington fake id template God plants within the conscience this knowledge, and as a seed, it lays dormant until the Spirit begins to water the seed with grace and truth to awaken man to its presence. God is calling to man to return to Him. ,NOW IS THE TIME If you like to come into covenant with God ,To understand any discoveries a true scientist needs a blueprint to properly interpret the item they are examining. Even physics sees mysteries about the behavior of the universe calling it 'black matter' to fill in the spaces of their puzzles. Much like gluing cardboard filler to random pieces to make some sense out of the picture. Don't put to much confidence into your idols of science Everything in this dimension ,Real Picture of Jesus Proof God is Real". This is an authentic photograph of Jesus Christ taken by a woman with a Bronny camera in California in 1970. As the story goes, a woman said she felt deeply impressed to go out to her dead garden and to take a picture of her rose bushes. When she did, she states the camera captured this image of Jesus. ,She had forgotten all about the photo when she had taken the film in for development. Later the developer calls her to ask who was in the picture. She testifies that there was no one in the garden with her when she took the picture. ,The Evidence of God is Seen From These Powers He Gave Us From The Powers of Emotions to The Powers of Reason and The ImaginationClick thumbnail to view full size ,The feeling of sadness and depression is evidence that God is real. ,Death, the cemetery, why people is also evidence the God is real. How come when someone dies science cannot just fix them and push restart. ,Happiness and joy is evidence that God is real. This is not just some chemical reaction in the brain it is an excitement that you feel deep in the heart. ,The desire to express love and have a relationship is evidence God exist. Again this is not some mimicking thing we do or brain activity. The Spirit of God put that within us to express just as God put it within everyone of us a desire to know Him. ,The seed sprouts and takes root when water touches it. How does a seed know to take the water and to sprout Again the seed is not mimicking it is doing it by the Spirit of God. Army soldier comforts a child fatally wounded by a car bomb blast in Mosul, 225 miles northwest of Baghdad. Where did these feeling of compassion come from. It was God who gave them to us. ,PHOTO BY Michael Yon for TIME MagazineWho put it in man heart to want to imagine great things for himself It was God. ,Our abilty to express courage is evidence the God is real. ,How about the love a woman has for her child is evidence enough. ,Man desires to have a family and increase in sons and daughters to carry on his name, or to leave something behind so that he is remembered. Again God that within everyone of us.a threat to national security ,The National Security Council was created 70 years ago, at the dawn of the Cold War, as the White House intelligence center where secrets of state were weighed, assayed and placed before the president for life and death decisions. ,Running the NSC is a killing job. You juggle hand grenades seven days a week. Keep them flying and you gain great power, like Henry Kissinger did. Let them fall and you might face indictment like the two NSC chiefs who blew covert operations under President Ronald Reagan. ,Twenty five people have held the post. Never has there been one like Michael Flynn, the former lieutenant general appointed by President Donald Trump. Flynn has been under investigation by the FBI since late last year and that is a danger to American national security. ,Flynn has been startling superiors and subordinates since he became director of the Defense Intelligence Agency in 2012. He had spent a brave decade on the dark side of the war on terror. ,Then, as a private citizen running an intelligence consulting firm, Flynn got cozy with Russian President Vladimir Putin. After dining as Putin's guest of honor and taking payments from his propaganda machine, Flynn got on the Trump bandwagon, tweeting links to fake news accusing Hillary Clinton of sex crimes with children and leading "Lock Her Up!" chants at raucous rallies. His reward was his appointment as national security adviser. He took office on Jan. 20 already was the subject of scrutiny by FBI counterintelligence agents and their colleagues at the CIA. The case is the most politically charged intelligence investigation since the Cold War. ,The FBI and the CIA agree that Putin tried to swing the 2016 election for Trump. Trump concedes that point but says he had nothing to do with Putin's efforts. The intelligence agencies reached this conclusion in December: cyber attacks, information warfare, and clandestine operations promoted Trump as part of a campaign to destabilize Western democracies. That fact beggars belief, but American, British and German intelligence services are unanimous about Putin's astonishing ambitions. ,The explosive question for the FBI is whether members of the Trump campaign were in cahoots with this covert crusade on behalf of their candidate. ,Enter Flynn as a private citizen, before his swearing in, and a subject of the FBI's scrutiny conversing with Sergey Kislyak, the Russian ambassador to the United States. These colloquies, as Reuters reported on Jan. 13, included five talks in late December. They began just before Obama hit back hard at Moscow for meddling in the election, targeting 35 Russian intelligence operatives, and continued until Putin's surprising statement that he would not respond tit for tat. ,The FBI listened in; the Bureau and American intelligence have routinely eavesdropped on foreign embassies in Washington since the 1950s. ,Was it wrong for Flynn to talk with the Russian envoy Absolutely not. Kissinger himself met with Boris Sedov, officially a diplomat but actually a spy, at the Soviet Embassy on Jan. 2, 1969, eighteen days before President Nixon was inaugurated and Kissinger became his national security adviser. "Sedov said that the Soviet Union was very interested that the inaugural speech contain some reference to open channels of communication to Moscow," Kissinger told the president elect. Nixon took that to heart at his swearing in. His exact words, addressed to Moscow: "Our lines of communication will be open., The difference between then and now Kissinger checked in with FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover before he went to talk to Sedov. In the context of the Cold War ,Flynn did not clear his chats with Putin's ambassador certainly not with the FBI nor the Obama administration fake id template university fake id laws louisiana fake id charges arizona minnesota fake id

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