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The Maine crowding the stage with instruments, blacking out the lights before their first song, bouncing off each other in ballads are hyperactive on stage, sprouting echoes and weird passages from songs everyone in the crowd is trying his or mostly her damnedest to sing along to. ,O'Callaghan, unable to hide behind a guitar, is totally self possessed as a frontman; he doesn't need to ask the crowd to sing along and he knows it, which makes them want to sing along even more. ,Which isn't to say he wasn't involved several times he asked fans in front what they needed, whether the band could do anything for them, a bit of stage business that concluded every time with someone throwing bottled water into a crowd packed so tight they couldn't really lift their arms to catch it. Later on, he leaned back into the crowd, tethered to the stage like a fishing bobber by his microphone cord. ,At another point, leading into "These Four Words," he asked if anyone in the audience listened to Tom Waits. After scattered yeses "Don't fucking patronize me," he warned he suggested that the people who'd bought Forever Halloween buy The Heart of Saturday Night, and the people who'd downloaded Forever Halloween "get on their] fucking pirate ship and go illegally plunder" it. ,But all the jokey bluster was a prelude to an affecting paean to their hometown "This is where we were born, it's where we will die" and leavening for a tight set that gestured toward every evolutionary step as a band. It's both a terrifying reminder of time's icy hand and a little funny that our first coverage of the band, back in 2008, began "Tempe's The Maine has MySpace tweens and teens eating out of their hands. And can you blame them ,When you bring a prop on stage at a venue the size of the you're always taking a risk. But it was clear from the start that their giant M wasn't in lieu of a stage presence so much as a confirmation of it it was a reminder that their live show is as inextricable a part of the band as their albums. When they closed the set and the show and the tour out with We'll All Be," with every musician on the tour huddled around microphones and drums in giddy crowds, it was obvious why. ,With major label validation already tested and rejected, it's harder than it used to be to guess at what a band in The Maine's position should be doing next. But they'll certainly be doing something. ,Click through for more photos and the setlist. ,Critic's Notebook: Last Night: The last stop on The Maine's 8123 Tour. Personal Bias: I'm fascinated by how popular these bands appear to be in the Philippines and Singapore. The Crowd: Mostly young girls, but not entirely plenty of guys striking rock poses at the appropriate moments. Overheard: The riff from Papa Roach's "Last Resort," for some reason. Better Than: You'd think from that preview that opens with MySpace tweens eating out of their hands. ,Setlist: Love Drugs Misery Inside of You We All Roll Along Into Your Arms with self esteem boosting spoken word interlude and "I'm Like A Bird" outro Everybody quits the band impromptu reenactment of the "Gay Witch Hunt" episode of The Office] Right Girl Happy Some Days Kennedy Curse My Heroine These Four Words Whoever She Is Identify Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Count 'Em One, Two, Three Like We Did Windows Down We'll All Be ,Top 40 Songs with Arizona in the Title 9 Tips for Using A Fake ID To Get Into A Show Here's How Not to Approach a Journalist on Facebook The Ten Most Metal Deaths of Metal MusiciansCrew claiming to be spring break partiers busted in check fraud scheme ,Their suspicions already high, Elm Grove police heard this explanation when they asked some Georgia men what they were up to in a minivan that had just fled the leafy suburb at high speed: ,They were on spring break, one said, and had driven overnight to Wisconsin "to have some good fun. ,They actually were part of a sophisticated nationwide check fraud scheme that Elm Grove police through instinct georgia identification card best fake id site oklahoma fake id template From the time officers noticed the minivan moving oddly in downtown Elm Grove to when they were shutting the jail door on the whole operation ,I don't think we've ever had 10 people in custody at one time," Assistant Chief Jason Hennen said Monday. ,Eight of them, all men from the Atlanta area, were charged Friday with identity theft, and four with seven counts of receiving stolen property. Two others who may have been pulled into the scheme and who cooperated with investigators have not yet been charged. ,Hennen suspects Elm Grove was just one stop in a monthlong, multistate crime tour that started in the South. Nor was it the first time such an operation touched down in the village, he said. ,"I don't know what it is," he said. "Maybe because E is early in the alphabet when these guys Google banks. Delafield has seen this, too.

make fake id photoshop fake id nz law fake id how to make how to make fake email id How the case unfolded fake id auckland dhl mypayment big rich fake id fake id hologram stickers nj fake tennessee id template According to Hennen and the criminal complaint ,Hennen and Chief Jim Gage were on routine patrol shortly after noon Wednesday when Gage noticed the white Chrysler minivan pull out from under a former drive through canopy at Woller Anger and Co. Insurance fakies google fake id generator bush fake id Hennen said he immediately became suspicious because the van had several passengers ,He knew from previous trouble in Elm Grove that out of state check fraud gangs often wait near banks where they've sent a locally recruited mule" to try to cash a fake check. ,He immediately called the bank, but employees reported nothing suspicious. The van, meanwhile, drove around the corner and backed into a space at Penelope's, again with a view of the bank. No one got out. ,When the crew in the van noticed the officers turn around and approach, they left Penelope's and headed west on Watertown Plank Road at high speed. Gage and Hennen eventually pulled them over at Brookfield Square mall. ,The van reeked of marijuana, and Hennen noticed some in plain sight on the back seat. They also found a bag with outgoing mail from businesses in Sturtevant. ,While they processed the four occupants in the van, they heard back from BMO Harris Bank someone had just tried to cash a suspicious check. The business name on the check flagged by the bank matched mail in the van. ,As the four men were being arrested for possession of marijuana, Hennen contacted the Sturtevant businesses. One had security video that showed the same Chrysler minivan stealing outgoing mail from boxes the day before. ,Meanwhile, other officers had responded immediately to the bank. Carnell Harris told investigators some men in a black Ford Explorer had approached him at a Milwaukee bus stop earlier in the day and offered him 200 if he'd cash some checks. He said they told him their relative's construction business needed cash to pay undocumented migrant workers. ,Harris said he gave the men his ID, they made a phone call and a couple of hours later they were in Elm Grove. One of the men got out and reappeared with a DVD case containing several different checks made out to him, Harris told police. He said he was given one for 3,467.45 and dropped off near the BMO Harris Bank. Harris was arrested but later released. ,Within an hour of the initial arrests, Hennen said, he got a call at the Police Department from someone asking about the men from the minivan. He said yes, all four were being held for possession of marijuana and could be bailed out for 100 each. ,Thirty minutes after the call, two men showed up at the Elm Grove Police Department with the 400, Hennen said. They were arrested, along with three others in the black Ford Explorer parked on the other side of the Village Hall. ,One of the three passengers, Samari Joe Lofton, told police she had driven up from Georgia the day before to visit a girlfriend in Milwaukee. She said she knew some of the men did check fraud and had seen evidence of the operation but did not take part. ,Lofton said she and two others had checked out in a hurry from the Red Roof Inn in Oak Creek when the Ford Explorer group got word the minivan contingent had been arrested. They were then picked up by the Ford and headed to the Elm Grove Police Department. ,Police would later recover a printer and a bag of blank checks in a wide assortment of styles from the hotel room. ,Lofton was also arrested but later released, Hennen said, though she and Carnell Harris could still face charges. ,"The icing on the cake was when the second car showed up," Hennen said. "It's a good thing when the criminals don't know as much as the police. ,He noted both rented vehicles had Bibles on their dashboards ,Sometimes they try to claim they're missionaries," Hennen said. "But they probably stole the Bibles, too."Crigler lays down gavel ,Magistrate Judge B. Waugh Crigler steps down, leaving the federal courthouse without a sitting district court judge for the first time since 1978. ,Also turning in her keys will be Judy Pace, Crigler's judicial assistant and unofficial court historian, who Crigler said has helped keep him on task since he assumed the bench Oct. 1, 1981. ,"One of the conditions of my accepting the position then was that I retain Judy Pace, who was not Judy Pace at the time," Crigler recalled last week from his half packed third floor office on West Main Street. "It's one of the best decisions I've ever made. drivers licence qld consequence of fake id real fake id website

fake id maker in atlanta ga Crigler and Pace retire with 32 and 35 years of service respectively ,Crigler's replacement will be based out of Harrisonburg. A panel of judges will interview applicants and make a recommendation to the district's chief judge It was terrible," Crigler, 65, said, of arriving at his decision against seeking a fifth eight year term. "Even if you struggle against it, there's some identity associated with just being in the court. I've told people, being in the court has been my work, not my life, but truthfully, if you add up the hours, we've been here more than anywhere else. ,Crigler said one of the most difficult things to part with was his collection of calendars dating back to his days in private practice. When I came in on Monday they were in the round trashcan, and he said, 'She made me throw away part of my life,'" Pace said. ,Crigler said his loving and supporting wife, Anne, had rightly drawn a line in the sand. ,"I'm a pack rat," he said. "She said, 'It's not your identity, don't make it your identity,' and I said, 'OK.' ,His judgeship, There's this famous passage that says, 'What's required of you to do justice and have mercy,' and I think this whole balance between justice, which is what people deserve, and mercy about what people maybe need to see the wrong that they've done and turn from their ways, and that's a fine line," he said. "No judge is ever able to do that correctly. ,Crigler's life nearly took a different turn. After earning a bachelor's degree in history from Washington Lee University in 1970 fake student id studica real id georgia english fake id fake irish id

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