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how to make fake identity how to spot a fake tennessee id Of all the content on Facebook, more than 99 percent of what people see is authentic. Only a very small amount is fake news and hoaxes. The hoaxes that do exist are not limited to one partisan view, or even to politics. Overall, this makes it extremely unlikely hoaxes changed the outcome of this election in one direction or the other," Zuckerberg wrote on his Facebook page. ,"That said, we don't want any hoaxes on Facebook. Our goal is to show people the content they will find most meaningful, and people want accurate news. We have already launched work enabling our community to flag hoaxes and fake news, and there is more we can do here. We have made progress, and we will continue to work on this to improve further. ri novelty coupon nsw identity card best ways to spot a fake id connecticut fake id vs real buy student id fake,Harris Breslow ,But this is easier said than done ,Fake news is however less of an issue in the Arab world ocga possession of fake id genuine fake id websites uk make fake caller id But its global spread speaks volumes and has grave repercussions for the dominance of the mainstream" media, Breslow added. ,"The popularity of false news and the post truth era confirms what many social media scholars and scholars of new media have been saying for some time: The era of the mass media channel and the mass media audience is over," he said.Did Jenny McCarthy ever do hardcore pornography ,She first appeared in Playboy magazine in October 1993 and was named Playmate of the Year in its June 1994 issue. She later began a career in television and film and has recently started writing books. ,McCarthy was born in a middle class Catholic family that lived on the southside of Chicago in the West Elsdon neighborhood. She is the second of four daughters born to her mother, a housewife of German ancestry,citation needed] and her father, a steel mill foreman of Irish ancestry. As a teenager, McCarthy attended Mother McAuley Liberal Arts High School and was cheerleading captain at nearby St. Laurence High School. ,After McCarthy graduated from high school, she attended Southern Illinois University to study nursing. She needed money to pay for college, so she decided to submit her picture to Playboy magazine to make money. McCarthy was paid 30,000 for the photo shoot. McCarthy became the Playmate of the Month and later the Playmate of the Year. With this, McCarthy gained attention and popularity. In 1994, McCarthy moved to Los Angeles. For a time, she hosted Hot Rocks, a Playboy TV show featuring uncensored music videos. ,In 1995, MTV chose McCarthy to be the host of a new dating show called Singled Out, for which she left Hot Rocks. Her job as a host was a success, and Playboy wanted her to model more. In 1996, McCarthy landed a small part in the comedy The Stupids. In 1997 McCarthy launched two shows. The first one was an MTV sketch comedy show called The Jenny McCarthy Show, which was popular enough that NBC signed her to do a sitcom later that year called Jenny. Unfortunately, her sitcom was generally considered a "bomb," and was quickly canceled. Also in 1997, she appeared on one of two covers for the September issue of Playboy, the other cover had Pamela Anderson on the cover. McCarthy also released an autobiography: Jen X. McCarthy once modeled for Candies, a shoe company. In one advertisement, McCarthy posed naked only wearing shoes and having her panties off while sitting on a toilet seat. This stirred a controversy. ,In 1998, McCarthy starred in BASEketball. In 1999, she starred in Diamonds, a movie which was directed by her husband John Mallory Asher. The next year, she starred in the popular horror movie Scream 3. Since 2001, McCarthy has guest starred in many shows as Stacked, , The Drew Carey Show, Fastlane and Just Shoot Me!. ,In 2003, McCarthy appeared in Scary Movie 3 along with model and actress Pamela Anderson. In 2005, McCarthy starred in Dirty Love along with Carmen Electra. The same year, McCarthy hosted a new show on E! called Party at the Palms. The reality show, which is filmed at The Palms Hotel in Las Vegas, features hotel guests, party goers and celebrities acting outrageously with McCarthy. In March 2006, she was given Razzie Awards for "Worst Actress," "Worst Screenplay," and "Worst Picture" for her work on Dirty Love, which also netted her then husband, John Asher, a Razzie for "Worst Director."Public and professional image ,McCarthy on the cover of Rolling Stone magazineThough McCarthy initially rose to fame because of her sexual image, a frequent source of her humor derives from scatalogical jokes; particularly the shock or surprise of seeing a beautiful woman do something like vomit, pass gas or pick her nose. McCarthy has played off of both sides of this image. For instance, in a cover photo for Rolling Stone magazine, McCarthy was featured in a bikini top while squirting mustard over a hotdog as it splattered. ,Another Candies ad which did not cause as much controversy found McCarthy passing gas in a crowded elevator. A sketch on her MTV show centered around her character, a well coifed business woman, answering the question of "What did you have for lunch" by forcing herself to vomit all over a table. The direct contrast of McCarthy's reputation as a sex symbol and this often grotesque humor is closely associated with her image. ,This was taken to a head in her film Dirty Love, which featured scenes such as McCarthy's character sitting in a massive pool of her own menstrual blood. The film was not well received. ,In 1993, McCarthy received breast implants to enhance her look as a model for Playboy. In 1998, McCarthy decided to take them out. ,In 1998, McCarthy dated her manager Ray Manzella for a short time. After breaking up with Manzella, McCarthy began dating actor/director John Asher. The couple got engaged in January 1999 and married that year on September 11. They have a son, Evan Joseph, born on May 18, 2002. In August 2005, McCarthy and Asher filed for divorce. ,In the late 1990s and early 2000s, numerous false rumors popped up on the internet, that Jenny was diagnosed with HIV, or had developed AIDS. ,In a February 2006 interview with Howard Stern, adult actress Jenna Jameson said she had two sexual encounters with McCarthy.1] When McCarthy visited Stern's show in April 2006, she denied having sex with Jameson, but said she "made out" with her during the two encounters. McCarthy also took a lie detector test and passed the questions regarding Jameson. During the appearance, McCarthy also admitted to cheating on her ex husband with men and women.2] However, in a later appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, she claimed they didn't cheat on each other.Did Michael Brown have his 'hands up' when killed ,FERGUSON A police officer's bullet that killed Michael Brown here 10 days ago, igniting protests around the country, entered the top of the teen's head as he was bent over or falling down, a private autopsy performed for Michael Brown's family says. ,The autopsy couldn't say, however, whether the unarmed teenager was retreating, charging or if he had his hands up when he was killed, a claim that has become a central rallying cry of protesters demanding justice in cities across the United States. ,Brown, 18, of Ferguson, was shot at least six times, including twice in the head, according to the autopsy performed by Dr. Michael Baden, a former New York City medical examiner who has investigated numerous high profile cases. Baden said one bullet, which was likely the fatal shot, entered in the top of Brown's skull. Another hit just above his right eye, exited near the eye, re entered his face, exited near his jaw and then ended up in Brown's upper chest or shoulder. Brown suffered four other gunshot wounds to his right arm and palm. ,The family's autopsy, performed Sunday at Austin A. Layne Mortuary in Jennings, leaves unanswered questions and differs slightly from what few details have been released about the autopsy conducted by St. Louis County's medical examiner, Dr. Mary Case. Her office, so far, has said only that Brown died of gunshots to the head and chest, and would not comment further on Baden's preliminary findings of his belief that only the shot to the top of the head would have been fatal. ,It's not clear how far Brown was from Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson when the officer opened fire. Baden found no gunshot residue, which would indicate an extremely close range shot, on Brown's body. But Baden didn't have access to Brown's clothing, which is still being held by St. Louis County police. ,Baden said given what he knows, the shots could have been fired from at least 1 or 2 feet away or much farther. ,"It could be 30 feet away," he told reporters Monday. ,Baden said he found no injuries that would indicate a struggle with Wilson, 28, of Crestwood, who police say fatally shot Brown about noon Aug. 9 in the Canfield Green apartment complex. Obtaining Wilson's hospital records will be crucial in concluding whether they fought before the shooting. ,Baden said Monday that Brown had some abrasions on the right side of his face, which Baden believes were caused by Brown falling to the pavement. ,Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson has said Wilson suffered facial injuries in a struggle, but police haven't provided a clear picture of how Brown was shot. ,Dorian Johnson, 22, may be the closest witness to the shooting. He has told media that he and Brown were walking in the street when the officer pulled up and ordered them to "get the F on the sidewalk" and grabbed Brown by the throat. Johnson disputed a description of the encounter by St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar that Brown had reached into the car and tried to grab Wilson's gun. ,Shawn L. Parcells, who operates a forensics company based in Kansas, assisted Baden during the more than three hour autopsy Sunday. Parcells, who joined Baden Monday to discuss their findings, said the autopsy showed Brown could have had his back the shooter or he could have been facing the shooter with his hands above his head or in a defensive position. ,"While the shot could have come from the back," Parcells said. "The arm is a very mobile part of the body, so it also could have occurred when he was putting his hands up . We don't know. ,Two of the six bullets may have left and then re entered Brown's body

fake moneygram reference number fake id teens gopuff fake id how to make a fake Alaska driver's license Parcells said the forensics could not explain the order of the six gunshots but he speculated that the two shots to the head were the last because Brown was bending over as he was coming down. how to make a fake nc id fake id flashlight test fake drivers license from china fake id pics eto fake id The Brown family's lawyer ,Baden has often been labeled a celebrity medical examiner for hosting TV documentaries and the HBO series Autopsy." He is a nationally noted pathologist who testified in the high profile triple murder trial of Christopher Coleman, convicted of strangling his wife and two children in their Columbia, Ill., home in 2009. Baden spent 25 years in the medical examiner's office in New York City. ,Parcells was featured in a 2013 Post Dispatch story in which some coroners and medical examiners in Missouri said Parcells had embellished his qualifications and performed autopsies without a license. Case was among several outspoken critics of Parcells, suggesting his working without a license was "a huge atrocity, an invitation to disaster" that could have jeopardized criminal cases. ,Parcells denied any improper behavior to the Post Dispatch. ,A spokesman for St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch, said a grand jury could hear evidence in the case of Brown's death as early as Wednesday.Did NC ruin any chance I had or was it already over ,Ask Me Help Desk > Family People > Relationships > Did NC ruin any chance I had or was it already overView Full Version : Did NC ruin any chance I had or was it already overTo make a long and painful story somewhat shorter. Was dating my girlfriend for 5 years; I am now 33 and she is 27. About a year ago she moved in with me in an apartment I was renting. At that point things started to go somewhat down hill. She became very moody and we had our first arguments ever in 4 years over very stupid things going to bars with friends, etc.. Despite the conflict, we always worked out our differences and said that in the end there was no one else in the world that we would spend the rest of our lives with. She wanted to be married so badly and gave me a deadline of her 27th birthday for me to propose to her. I needed to get a few things in my life together finishing grad school, etc. so I didn't meet the deadline, but I bought the ring and planned on doing it soon thereafter. I did, however, have some doubts if I was doing the right thing. ,A month ago, two months after her 27th birthday, we got in a huge fight based on the fact that she wanted to be married and was tired of waiting and us disagreeing about things; she moved back to her mom's house. She said that the reason we weren't getting along since she moved in was that she wanted to be married so badly and was resentful of our current situation. The move devistated both of us but the next day we agreed that we couldn't live without each other. We agreed that we would make it work despite the new living situation and that we loved each other. This went on for over a month, us seeing each other and things were going OK. I believed we were making progress and that we were planning on working back to the point we needed to be to be together forever. We discussed moving in together again and starting our life. ,Two weeks ago, she told me "I love you, there is no one I would rather be with. I want to marry you". Then two days later, out of the blue, she told me, "It's not that I don't want to be in a relationship with you anymore, but I need some time to live my life for myself because I was so dependent on you and I want us to be together but without any complications or fighting in our lives. I just want to go out with my friends and have a good time. I have no interest in dating other men though." The next day, she came over to spend the night, telling me "she loved me multiple times and asking me if I still loved her, but said she still needed to find herself on her own and we would see each other when we see each other and just enjoy life". ,After reading info on this site, I got it in my head that she was breaking up with me in a nice way or trying to simply keep me on the back burner and decided that the only way I could win her back was to go NC to make her miss me and realize she needed me in her life and it was all or nothing. I stopped taking her calls for three days and throughout that time she sent me at least one or two emails/txts per day, asking how my day was or telling me to have a good day. Two days after this we were supposed to go to a wedding together. A day before the wedding she asked me if I still wanted to go with her and I replied that I would because I already RSVP'd with her. To which she responded, "Nevermind, I don't want to deal with the akwardness of us being together there. let's do something the day after the wedding instead". I responded that I couldn't meet her that day but that we would get together when we were both free next. She seemed upset and said "whenever you decide to make time for me then". ,I again went NC for two days but broke down the day after and asked her to meet me for lunch. She responded, "So you want to see me now that you are free When do you want to meet" I told her that afternoon, to which she respoded, "Seeing you will only make things more difficult. I need some time. Maybe after we've had some time to work on ourselves we can get together.". ,So, did the NC drive her from wanting to see me one day and then two days later not wanting to see me How is this possible Last week she loves me and wants to spend our life together and now she doesn't even want to see me ,What do I do now I'm devistated can't eat/sleep it's all I can think about knowing that I will NEVER find someone in life as attractive and with so much in common trust me I've dated many girls over the past 20 years and none has ever come even close and my friends and family agree. ,She's not the independent type; has always had a boyfriend. I am almost positive she hasn't moved on to someone else, but can't fight the suspicion. why would she not want to see me at all and why would this come on so suddenly unless there is someone else I saw her sister randomally last night and she mentioned that she has drastically died her hair and is making appointments with plastic surgeons to get a nose job and breast implants something which she was previously totally opposed to. ,You weren't ready to commit to marriage,and I suspect there were underlying issues between you that were never discussed. ,You stay with the no contact and get your life back on track. ,Okay, you seem to realize she's a needy, dependent person. She needs to have a boyfriend in her life and, now that she doesn't have one, she needs to dye her hair and get cosmetic surgery done. This will accomplish what for her ,Even though you say she is the love of your life, do you really want to be on her emotional rollercoaster for the rest of your life If not, then what Can you accompany her if she is willing to take her rollercoaster back to the factory for rehab, or can you maintain total NC and find a safer rollercoasterMar 29, 2010, 11:25 AM ,Unfortunately, I can somewhat relate to this girl. ,She wants to get married. She wants to start a life with you. Its been 5 wonderful years. why hasn't things moved forwardDid Norfolk's First World War heroine Edith Cavell help your ancestor to freedom ,An early postcard of Edith Cavell's grave at Life's Green, Norwich Cathedral. Crowds lined the streets in May 1919 to see her body brought home from Belgium for burial. ,It was, as near as he could remember, about five days before Christmas, in the bleakest of mid winters, that the tram clanked into Mons, its soot blackened streets swarming with German soldiers. ,Jesse Tunmore was back where it all began. Just four months had passed since he had marched through the dreary clutter of pit heads and slag heaps to do battle with the might of the Kaiser's army. ,His first action, a few miles south of Mons, had been his last contribution to the British Expeditionary Force's unequal struggle. Part of a rearguard, cut off and eventually overwhelmed trying to hold back the German tide pouring through Belgium and into northern France, he had limped into captivity before making his break for freedom with a group of prisoners of war. ,He had been on the run for about two months, roaming from village to village before he heard tell of a potential escape route leading through enemy occupied Belgium into neutral Holland. Ushered into the matron's office, the 22 year old sergeant from the Norfolk Regiment found himself looking at a tiny, frail looking woman. She seemed an unlikely saviour and, for a while, a deeply suspicious one. ,How, she asked, could she be sure he was an English soldier. The answer, which would become part of the Cavell legend, came through an astonishing coincidence. On the wall was a picture that Tunmore straightaway recognised as Norwich Cathedral. "You know Norwich, do you" she said. "Well, I know Norwich too. fake id pay with paypal get your fake id online fake id cliff notes Almost a century on ,A nursing officer at the Department of Health and a distant relative of the young soldier who was among the first in a long list of Allied evaders helped to freedom by the Norfolk born nurse ,David Jesse Tunmore left with his younger brother Fred in 1911. Jesse joined the 1st Norfolks in 1906 and enjoyed a long and distinguished military career. During the Second World War ,Together with the Cavell Nurses' Trust american fake id reviews fake id las vegas casinos SanFrancisco fake id

using a fake id in la There are lots of families whose forbears' lives were touched in some way or other by Edith Cavell," says Robert, "and it would be wonderful if they could take part in at least some of the events which will be taking place. ,He acknowledges that the quest will not be an easy one and Discussions are already taking place with the Western Front Association ,Escaper Billy Mapes. Nurse Cavell told him: 'I would do anything to help a Norfolk man.' He returned home to Hethersett to find he had been posted 'missing believed killed'. So far," says Robert, "we have a list of about 50 men who were known to have been helped by Edith Cavell, but we know there were many more than that and it requires time, money and expert knowledge to seek out where their descendants are now. ,Details concerning those who were assisted by the Brussels network, When questioned at her trial about the number of people she had sent" to the frontier, Edith Cavell replied, "About 200". In her three alleged depositions, the total given of those hidden at the clinique ranged between 250 and 275 with a further hundred or so boarded out in 'safe houses'. ,But according to research undertaken by Cavell's Norfolk based biographer Rowland Ryder in the 1960s and 1970s, the actual figure may have been as high as a thousand with an estimated 630 'guests' coming and going from the clinique and a further 300 sheltered elsewhere. ,Edith Cavell: Honouring a Norfolk heroineEvents are being planned around the world to mark the centenary of Edith Cavell death in October 2015 with Norfolk being a focal point for commemoration. ,Kate Tompkins, chief executive of the Cavell Nurses Trust, a welfare and educational charity born in the wake of the Norfolk heroine execution, spoke an international campaign to honour the memory of the Swardeston born nurse. ,As well as events taking place in Belgium, plans are being made for acts of remembrance in Canada, where a mountain is named after her, and in Australia. ,Closer to home, discussions are under way to feature Edith Cavell sacrifice in the Royal British Legion annual festival of remembrance. Church services will be held in London and, on the 100th anniversary of her death, in Norwich Cathedral. ,Here in Norfolk commemorations and exhibitions will be held in the village where she was born and the city in which she was finally laid to rest in 1919. ,A display planned for The Forum may also feature the restored railway which was used to transport both her body and that of the Unknown Warrior for ceremonial burial. ,Other commemorative plans include a bid to develop a Norfolk education project that could see the story of Edith Cavell eventually become a part of the national curriculum, special screenings of films made about her life and even an attempt to have her sacrifice honoured by a posthumous award. ,strange to think that while the French and Belgians both recognised her gallantry, the British government did not, says Kate. ,Meanwhile, the Trust is supporting efforts to have Cavell commemorated on a new coin. 50,000 people have signed an online petition calling for it to happen, says Kate, we just waiting to hear when it will be presented to the Prime Minister.did not raise suspicions ,DULUTH In 2006, Howard Kieffer represented a professional hockey player convicted of trying to kill his agent. He also defended a phony preacher who ran a fraud empire out of his Atlanta prison cell. In 2007, Kieffer was hired to represent a Colorado woman charged in a high profile murder for hire case. That same year, he testified in a case of an accused terrorist in Miami. ,When a federal prosecutor discovered Kieffer wasn an attorney in 2006, the ruse was never exposed. congresswoman in California. ,Yet he was always one step ahead of a system that seemingly had no interest in catching him. ,During his court records and archived news stories show that Kieffer was able to defend numerous high profile cases, make thousands of dollars and buy high priced homes and cars while never raising the suspicion of the real lawyers he practiced with, seemingly because he was knowledgeable on the law. ,Among the many strange twists his life has taken, according to news reports and court records: ,In 1976, he was found guilty of possessing more than 48,000 in stolen checks, a conviction set aside because he was only 20. ,In 1983, he was convicted of grand theft. According to the Los Angeles Times, he illegally deeded himself a home that he used as collateral for a loan. Between 1985 and 1989, he violated his probation by using a former employer credit card to buy furniture. is apparent Kieffer] is criminally oriented and will continue his criminal acts, his probation officer is quoted in the Orange County Weekly as saying. ,In 1989, at age 33, he was convicted and sentenced to five years in prison by a federal court for filing fake tax returns in what was called of the largest tax scams ever uncovered in Southern California. For five years, according to the Los Angeles Times, Kieffer filled in W 2 forms with bogus salaries drawn from fake companies, demanding refunds for the excess withdrawals he claimed. In total, he stole 212,000 from the IRS before it caught him through a tip. ,That same year, upset by the charges and his previous convictions, the Democratic Party of Orange County tried to oust him from its board. District Court in Minneapolis. ,By 1992, he was out of prison. By 1997, he had formed a Santa Ana, Calif. based business called District Counsel, which at the time was listed as a debt collection company but now is listed as a law firm and uses the same e mail address as Kieffer other firm, Federal Defense Associates. An incorporation record listed his wife, Leanne, as the company president. Both were named in a 1999 breach of contract suit against District Counsel, according to Orange County Superior Court records. ,In the mid 1990s, Kieffer became one of the biggest leaders and donors of the Orange County Democratic Party and played a leading role in the campaign of Loretta Sanchez, who won election and has served in Congress since 1996. ,Other Sanchez backers at the time urged her to drop the known felon from her campaign, but Sanchez was quoted by the OC Weekly saying they would remain friends. am I supposed to do shun him she asked in an interview, Sanchez office declined comment for this article, saying only that Kieffer was just a volunteer for her campaign. ,In 2003, Kieffer and his wife were taken to court by the city of Santa Ana for refusing to do anything about the barking of their two springer spaniels. It was a case, Kieffer was quoted as saying, showed the lack of supervision and accountability in the city attorney office. After several days of testimony, a jury found the Kieffers guilty, a decision that was reversed by the judge, who said the ordinance was unconstitutional. A smiling Kieffer posed with one of the offending dogs for a photo that ran in the Los Angeles Times. ,In early 2006, Kieffer represented Wayne Milton, a fake preacher who sneaked out of federal prison camp at night to further his mortgage fraud schemes. marshal, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. ,In mid 2006, Kieffer represented St. Louis Blues hockey player Mike Danton in an unsuccessful appeal of his sentence for plotting to have his agent killed. Court of Appeals found that wasn true. ,Siler forwarded his findings to the Tennessee Attorney General office, which apparently never followed up with an investigation. The office did not return a News Tribune phone call seeking comment. ,wasn much they could do with the case, Siler said. wasn like he was practicing in Tennessee. Sometime in 2006, Kieffer, his wife and their daughter moved into a home near the University of Minnesota Duluth campus. It not known why they chose Duluth. ,By 2008, Kieffer was known as one of the foremost experts on federal prisons and sentencing appeals, representing at least 16 different clients in 10 jurisdictions and boasting several high profile cases. He even testified in the Miami case of Kifah Wael Jayyousi, a co defendant of convicted terrorist abettor Jose Padilla. ,Under questioning in that case on June 5, according to court records, Kieffer said he earned a degree from Antioch School of Law and that he was licensed to practice in North Dakota and California. District Court of North Dakota on June 30 that he was not a graduate of an accredited law school and not a bar member of any legal jurisdiction. That letter caused him to be disbarred. ,So how did he convince other attorneys that he was a lawyer By intermingling with them and sounding remarkably like one. ,knows what he talking about, said Bruce Houdek, a Kansas City, Mo. based defense attorney whom Kieffer fooled. ,Houdek said he first met Kieffer at a training seminar for federal defense attorneys, where he said Kieffer often gave sound legal advice and spoke so much that Houdek thought he was a featured speaker. The group sponsoring the seminars denies that. ,Kieffer later asked Houdek to help him gain access to practice in a Missouri court through a hac vice motion, in which Houdek essentially vouched that Kieffer was a lawyer in good standing with the federal courts. ,Because of his experience at the seminars, Houdek said he never thought to question Kieffer credentials.Did police just nab a cyber crime 'botmaster' ,How else to explain the capture of the quirky Hamza Bendelladj, whom news reports call the "happy hacker" for his post arrest sunbeam bright smile, seeming almost pleased to be in custodyWhether walking handcuffed with police through the Bangkok airport where he was captured or whether sitting later at a police press conference, the 24 year old Algerian characterized by Thai police as a cyber bank robber who defrauded hundreds of banks of millions of dollars through online fraud kept right on grinning.Recommended:How much do you know about cybersecurity Take our quiz.Mr. Bendelladj only smiled when Thai police alleged he had infiltrated the computer networks of 217 banks and then stole tens of millions of dollars. The "tools of his trade," police officials claimed during the press conference, lay on a table in front of him: two laptop computers, a satellite phone, external hard drives, and other equipment. Used in conjunction with phony Web pages, SpyEye was deposited on the computers of unwary visitors to those websites from December 2009 to September 2011, according to a report in the Nation, a Bangkok news website."With just one transaction, he could earn 10 to 20 million dollars," police Lt. Gen. Phanu Kerdlabphol told reporters, as Bendelladj sat, beaming, beside him. "He's been traveling the world flying first class and living a life of luxury."Bendelladj, who reportedly earned a computer science degree at a university in Algeria in 2008, has denied that he used the money for personal expenses and travel and said he was not connected to any cybercrime syndicate, the Nation reported.He also denied Thai officials' claims that he was on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list. Indeed, he is not."I'm not in the top 10, maybe just 20th or 50th," Bendelladj said with a laugh. "I am not a terrorist."Still, Bendelladj now sits in a Thai jail awaiting extradition to the United States. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, through its offices in Georgia, has been pursuing him for three years, Thai police said. The FBI tipped off Thai police about Bendelladj's visit, so that they could arrest him at Bangkok's Suvarnnabhumi airport, where he was awaiting a connecting flight to Cairo after arriving from Malaysia, Immigration Police Deputy Chief Preecha Thimamontri said at the press conference.The FBI has not released any information about Bendelladj's alleged criminal activities.Even so, emerging clues suggest that the FBI may have helped nab one of the world's top 20 bank hacking criminal masterminds part of an ongoing global conspiracy that has stolen more than 100 million over the past six years.Bendelladj's possible role in the fraud has been explored by Brian Krebs, a respected cybersecurity blogger in the US. He says Bendelladj "fits the profile" of a hacker nicknamed "bx1," with whom he communicated online in 2011. Mr. That account used the alias "Daniel," as well as the nickname bx1. Krebs also has photo identification cards, leaked onto the Internet last fall, that include the name Hamza "Daniel" Bendelladj and a picture that bears a striking resemblance to the "happy hacker" arrested in Thailand."I didn't fully appreciate why I found this case so interesting until I started searching the Internet and my own servers for his e mail address," Krebs wrote on his blog Thursday. "Turns out that in 2011, I was contacted via instant message by a hacker who said he was operating botnets using the Zeus and SpyEye Trojans. This individual reached out to me repeatedly over the next year, for no apparent reason except to brag about his exploits."Of course, Krebs's digital bread crumbs are not conclusive in tying Bendelladj to a global bank fraud conspiracy. Still, a former federal investigator who spent years tracking bank robbing cyber criminals says Bendelladj's Mideast connections, educational background, and travel patterns are noteworthy."Based on what I've seen in news reports so far, this guy fits a profile of being the kind of typical hacker being bred in that region of the world," says Jason Smolanoff, a cyber investigator with the FBI for 12 years until 2011 and now a vice president with Stroz Friedberg. a global risk management firm.Mr. Smolanoff spent most of his years at the FBI tracking cyber fraudsters who used Zeus and other malware to drain bank accounts. The preliminary reports coming out of Bangkok about Bendelladj are reminiscent, he says, of an FBI sting in which he participated, Operation Physh Phry because it was a phishing scam that used fake e mail to help defraud the unwary.In October 2009, he says, the FBI Physh Phry ended with charges against more than 50 individuals in the US and nearly 50 Egyptian citizens, with charges including computer fraud, conspiracy to commit bank fraud, money laundering, and aggravated identify theft."In Egypt, at the time, this type of thing was an easy way to make money with what they thought was really low risk," he says. "It's still a prevalent problem in Egypt and across northern Africa. The Thai police say he got into 217 banks. This guy could have been doing small transactions across multiple banks to avoid getting caught and still have stolen millions."Did Russia pull the trigger ,A top Ukrainian official says he has no doubt. ,Vitaly Nayda, Ukraine director of informational security, told CNN the person who shot down the flight was a Russian. Russian trained, well equipped, well educated officer pushed that button deliberately, he said. ,taped conversations between a Russian officer and his office in Moscow, Nayda said. know for sure that several minutes before the missile was launched, there was a report to a Russian officer that the plane was coming, he said. ,knew the plane was coming with constant speed, in constant direction, and should have known it was not a fighter jet but big civilian plane, he said. intelligence officials said Tuesday. ,The officials have determined that Russia bears some responsibility for the incident because of its support for the rebels, but they haven been able to determine exactly who fired the missile, whether Russian military were at the site or whether the Russians were directly responsible for launching the missile. ,Moscow has denied claims that it pulled the trigger. And Russian Army Lt. Gen. Andrei Kartapolov suggested a Ukrainian jet fighter may have shot the plane down. ,Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko rejected that in an exclusive interview with CNN, saying that all Ukrainian aircraft were on the ground at the time. ,Vitaly Churkin, Russia ambassador to the United Nations, was asked Monday about different intercepted recordings, purportedly of pro Russian rebels talking about shooting down a plane. Churkin suggested that if they did, it was an accident. ,to them, the people from the east were saying that they shot down a military jet, he said. they think they shot down a military jet, it was confusion. If it was confusion, it was not an act of terrorism. rebels have repeatedly denied responsibility for the attack. ,Now that rebels have handed over the black boxes and the bodies of victims killed when Flight 17 went down, the crash site in eastern Ukraine was eerily quiet on Tuesday, a spokesman for observers in the area said. ,There were no more local emergency workers or teams combing the wreckage even though Dutch officials said they weren sure whether the remains of all the victims had been recovered. ,had even taken down the tents, said Michael Buciurkiew, spokesman for the monitoring mission from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. was no activity whatsoever. We had an internal discussion today on whether to say it already trending towards a cleanup operation. There no active recovery of remains going on right now. investigators arrive at the scene, it unclear what evidence they find. ,Before activity died down at the site, Buciurkiew said, observers saw emergency workers moving around wreckage. ,pieces of the fuselage have been moved, he said. ,At one point, he said, observers witnessed teams at the scene out diesel powered saws and sawing quite invasively into the cockpit. PM: Identifying bodies could take months ,A train carrying the remains of crash victims arrived in Kharkiv, Ukraine, on Tuesday. ,Investigators were going through the train cars and transferring bodies to a factory, where a facility was set up to transfer them to coffins and get them on a military plane to the Netherlands for forensic investigation. ,But officials offered conflicting reports about how many bodies were on the train, with a top Dutch official expressing concern that the remains of more victims could still be at the crash site. ,Malaysian official Mohd Sakri, who traveled on the train with the remains, said there were 282 corpses and 87 body parts aboard the same tally Ukrainian officials earlier gave to describe the remains recovered from the crash site. ,But Dutch investigators only confirmed there were at least 200 bodies transported from the crash site, Jan Tuinder, head of the Dutch delegation, told reporters. Another Dutch official said investigators were still going through the train cars and it was possible all the crash victims were on the train. ,There were 298 people aboard the plane when it crashed. ,Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said he expects the first plane carrying the remains to arrive Wednesday in Eindhoven. ,As soon as the remains are identified, families of the victims will be informed. In some cases, that could happen quickly, Rutte said, but in other cases, identification could take weeks or even months. ,Frans Timmermans, the Dutch foreign minister, said bringing the victims remains home is his country top priority. ,Ukrainian rebels handed over the so called black boxes Tuesday after what Malaysian officials said were repeated attempts to negotiate with the rebels. ,recent days, we have been working behind the scenes to establish contact with those in charge of the MH17 crash site, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said Monday.Did Russians hack Bradley Foundation computers ,Besides theirdigital footprints, the cyber thieves left behind a series of spilled secrets, broken laws and unsettling questions about how voters and the news media should react when international hackers seek to influence American politics. ,"These are very powerful techniques for manipulating institutions of all types," said Dave Aitel, whose career includes six years as a National Security Agency analyst and nearly two decades in the cyber security field. ,"Hackers definitely will succeed some of the time, so we need to figure out what we do about it," said Aitel, now chief executive officer of the Miami based firm Immunity. "It's not the media's problem. It's democracy's problem. ,Experts in cyber securitypoint to evidence thatthe theft of the conservative Milwaukee foundation's files was likely the work of Russian hackers. The documents were posted online briefly last year and provided to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Media ethics experts saythe American public has an interest in knowing what those documents show about their government. pennslyvania id fake id consequences reddit fake fordham id fake driving licence

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