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fake id america law idgod fake id This is a career criminal," Dwyer said. "The fact that the judge went below the guidelines is disconcerting. how to make a fake Maryland driver's license chinese fake id website connecticut fake id god validate uk fake id fake id internationals,Dwyer said Brodak's senior citizen status doesn't guarantee he will be law abiding. ,I will predict right now that when he gets out he will rob again," he said. ,With credit for time served and 15 percent off for good behavior, Brodak could be released into a halfway house in about seven years, Steingold said. ,Dr. Steven Miller, a Grosse Ile forensic psychologist who interviewed and studied Brodak, recommended the lighter sentence. He said Brodak can be free without reoffending. ,"His mood swings and erratic behaviors can be adequately stabilized and controlled with appropriate medications and regular ongoing psychological counseling," Miller says in a report. "He has a good prognosis for reintegrating back into the community and, ultimately, for becoming a productive, law abiding member of the community. ,Brodak spent 13 months in Vietnam in 1966 and 1967 before he was honorably discharged. He told Miller he killed many Viet Cong in battle. nyc fake id for job laser id fake fake RhodeIsland identification card Brodak showed common symptoms" of clinical depression and signs of PTSD and high risk behavior, and acted out in many ways, including gambling, cocaine use and dangerous motorcycle riding, in the years before his first series of robberies, Miller said. His main vice in recent years before the 2009 robberies was gambling. ,"It's all about risk taking, playing Russian roulette with your life like he and others were forced to do in Vietnam," Steingold said. ,He was married twice, had three daughters and had been living with a woman the past several years before his 2009 arrest. ,Brodak said in a letter to the judge that PTSD affected him. ,"At first I was not aware of my illness and later, after it was diagnosed, there was no treatment available," he said. "The PTSD contributed to ruining both of my marriages and it prompted me to gamble uncontrollably. ,He said his criminal solution to financial woes conflicted with his religious beliefs.

massachusetts id best fake id yahoo fake id bitcoin caught kansas id card I must say that all my life I have believed in God. . My deeply rooted moral/religious values were particularly compromised whenever I was faced with financial chaos that threatened the status quo of my family life which I value more than anything in the world," he said. ,Brodak's downfall began after he got fired from his good paying job as a tool and die maker at the General Motors Tech Center in Warren in 1993 for stealing a fellow employee's Chevy Corvette from the parking lot. ,"At the time I suffered the trauma of a job loss and feared for the status of providing support for my children," Brodak said. ,His children all attended college and have had successful careers, according to Steingold. ,Brodak's series of bank robberies over several weeks in 1994 baffled police. Law enforcers dubbed him the Mario Brothers bandit due to his resemblance to the video game's character, "Luigi." Brodak donned a fake mustache, large rimmed glasses and a baseball cap. His spree drew media attention. ,Brodak evaded police with the help of his disguise and method in which he ate at a restaurant after a robbery until "things cooled off," Warren police said. He also transferred a stolen license plate onto various rental cars. ,He was caught in August 1994 after two Shelby Township police detectives saw a car matching the description of the getaway vehicle for a robbery at a Citizen's State Bank on Hayes Road in Shelby Township parked at the now closed Tee J's Golf Course on 23 Mile Road in Macomb Township. Brodak was arrested after having a sandwich and a couple of beers at Tee J's. He was found with betting chips from the Windsor casino and betting slips from Hazel Park Raceway.Game 7 and National Geographic's Afghan Girl ,For one of baseball's longest suffering teams, the misery will end Wednesday night. The Chicago Cubs, who last won the World Series in 1908, play Game 7 against the Cleveland Indians, whose last title was in 1948. One of those streaks has got to end. ,Can Corey Kluber or Kyle Hendricks make like Jack Morris with wire to wire domination Will Andrew Miller or Aroldis Chapman channel Madison Bumgarner with a 15 out save Can the Indians give Cleveland a long awaited party at home Will the Cubs get a GOAT or just another goat ,Nothing left to do but find out. ,Former nail salon owner and failed professional baccarat player Qui Nguyen has won the World Series of Poker Main Event after the longest heads up matchup in tournament history. ,The 39 year old in a raccoon baseball cap took the top prize of 8,005,310 and the gold bracelet on Tuesday night in Las Vegas. He eliminated San Francisco poker pro Gordon Vayo on the 364th hand of the final table. ,Nguyen was dealt a king and 10 of clubs. Vayo was down to 53 million chips with a jack and 10 of spades. ,The first three community cards came out and among them was a king to pair up Nguyen. Two blanks followed and Nguyen was the winner 19 hours of play after the final began on Sunday night. ,The native of Vietnam emerged from a field of 6,737 in the 10,000 No Limit Hold 'Em Main Event, the final and most prestigious in a series of 69 World Series of Poker tournaments. ,Las Vegas could soon add recreational marijuana to its list of vices if Nevada approves a Nov. 8 referendum on cannabis. ,Supporters see pot as a fitting alternative for tourists tired of 15 cocktails and hangovers. But weed proponents will have to win over closely divided voters and a risk averse gambling industry. ,In spite of their libertine reputation, Nevada's rigorously regulated casinos are known to err on the conservative side to avoid scandalizing the middle aged tourists who are their bread and butter. ,The ballot initiative would not allow municipalities to put blanket bans on marijuana. It would also bar consumption in buildings that are open to the public. Local governments could restrict the locations of dispensaries, and city dwellers would be effectively banned from growing their own pot. ,A fresh analysis of the final moments of doomed Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 suggests no one was controlling the plane when it plunged into the ocean, according to a report released by investigators on Wednesday, as experts hunting for the aircraft gathered in Australia's capital to discuss the fading search effort. ,A technical report released by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, which leads the search, seems to support the theory investigators have long favored: that no one was at the controls of the Boeing 777 when it ran out of fuel and dove at high speed into a remote patch of the Indian Ocean off western Australia in 2014. ,In recent months, critics have increasingly been pushing the alternate theory that someone was still controlling the plane at the end of its flight. If that was the case, the aircraft could have glided much farther, tripling in size the possible area where it could have crashed and further complicating the already hugely complex effort to find it. ,But Wednesday's report shows that the latest analysis of satellite data is consistent with the plane being in a "high and increasing rate of descent" in its final moments. The report also said that an analysis of a wing flap that washed ashore in Tanzania indicates the flap was likely not deployed when it broke off the plane. A pilot would typically extend the flaps during a controlled ditching. ,Peter Foley, the bureau's director of Flight 370 search operations, has previously said that if the flap was not deployed, it would almost certainly rule out the theory that the plane entered the water in a controlled ditch and would effectively validate that searchers are looking in the right place for the wreckage. ,A Pakistani prosecutor says a court has dismissed a bail plea from National Geographic's famed green eyed 'Afghan Girl,' arrested a week ago over allegedly forged ID papers. ,Sharbat Gulla has denied the charges, insisting she didn't fraudulently obtain Pakistani nationality. ,Prosecutor Mohsin Dawar says the court dismissed the plea Wednesday, citing lack of evidence to prove Pakistani citizenship. ,Gulla gained worldwide fame in 1984 as an Afghan refugee after war photographer Steve McCurry's photograph of her, with piercing green eyes, was published on the cover of National Geographic.Game Day for Super Bowl nation ,Just 48 years after launching the first one in Los Angeles, the NFL has decided that if the Super Bowl can make it in New York, it can make it anywhere. ,With some kind of reverse marketing strategy in play here, Super Bowl XLVIII plops itself down in New York sixth borough New Jersey as weathered hosts in the nation No. 1 TV market join together two teams familiar with the need to perform in potentially rotten atmospheric conditions. ,To top off a matchup of the Seattle Seahawks and their top rated defense against the Denver Broncos and their top rated offense, Fox Sports has proclaimed this to be the and coldest Super Bowl ever. ET, Fox, as we already have wrapped ourselves in our warmest blanket to give us better clarification of the situation. ,Fox once had that trashy weather girl as part of its pregame show, but since she been kicked to the curb, the network is going to have to drag someone out who knows about cold fronts, polar vortexs and how to repurpose the ice building up on your mailbox as a cocktail slushie. Darn it. ,People have come to start counting the number of times Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning screams during a game just before the ball is snapped, yet no one is quite sure yet what code word represents. The state of Nebraska has tried to thank him for increasing awareness of its largest populated city by naming a penguin after him at Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium. Vegas odds for the over/under on shouts is 27.5. There a lot of Omaha steaks at stake here. ,Remember last year, when New Orleans Superdome went dark all of a sudden in the second half and sent CBS reporters into a tail chasing tizzy The NFL has assigned Executive VP of Business Ventures Eric Grubman to address that already, and he is we won have a repeat of last year blackout because they have done tests on the stadium. than one power plant would have to go down to have any issues, he said. And if that happens, everyone goes nuclear. ,Prop bets may be the only thing keeping your Super Bowl party peppy, so consider these provided by oddsmaker Bovada: Will Broncos running back Knowshon Moreno cry during the national anthem Yes is 5 2. Will it snow at any point during the game Yes is 3 1. Will Richard Sherman get a taunting penalty Yes is 4 1. Will the opening coin toss land heads or tails In the previous 47 Super Bowls, heads is leading, 24 23. Seems like a coin flip betting on that one. ,In the shadow of Wall Street, the ads are what make this a super show to some following the money. But since YouTube has already many of them to spoil any surprise, we surprisingly not really wowed by any we seen so far. There one VW spot where they try to all the essential parts of the past successful Super Bowl ads into one 30 second blip, which shows some creativity and exposes the whole mindless exercise. Oddly, the most buzz has been created by an ad starring Scarlett Johansson that promotes an in home soda making machine. Because she fires off a warning shot to Coke and Pepsi the latter of which sponsors the halftime show Fox thought it was too mean spirited and yanked it. We may just go out and buy it now because of that cold mess it created. ,You may be aware that the states representing both participating teams Washington and Colorado are the only two in the country where the people have voted for the graceful acceptance of recreational marijuana sale. Pro potheads are also lobbying the NFL to allow medical marijuana to be in play for players who need a way to address pain management issues related to concussions. Just make sure you got extra stash of Doritos and Ding Dongs in the pantry if your party guests get too fired up about all this. ,You think since the game is in Jersey, either Bruce Springsteen or Bon Jovi would play at halftime They going with Bruno Mars, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers instead. NFL is such a prestigious stage that they give the new guy a shot, and I so grateful for that, Mars said. We all are aware that it the 10th anniversary of that notorious Janet Jackson Justin Timberlake malfunctioning wardrobe, so no funny business, guys. Got it, Flea Put your shirt on. ,There should be plenty of shots in a suite somewhere of Eli Manning, Peyton little brother who happens to be the quarterback of the New York Giants, who happened to have recently lost to the Seahawks, 23 0. Maybe he got some insider tips on MetLife Stadium wind patterns and can wrangle some extra tickets. Eli has his own issues to deal with, however, as he was named in a civil suit this past week claiming he and Giants teammates created fake used gear to be sold to collectors so they could hold onto the originals. ,So this game doesn pique your interest, and you graze elsewhere on the TV menu By all means. Animal Planet Puppy Bowl marks its 10th year and had 12.4 million viewers last year. How adorable. Enough to where the Hallmark Channel has the Kitten Bowl, and Nat Geo Wild has the Fish Bowl. ESPN has PBA bowling as its own counter programming hosted by the Clippers Chris Paul. Still, no one has figured out a smash hit TV series for the Budweiser frogsGame Quotes vs Blue Jackets ,How nice was it to score the team first short handed goal of the season and your first in 17 games ,made a great play there at the line. He does a great job of breaking up plays like that. He just put it into space and I had a step on the guy and saw the lane and got a fortunate bounce. Their player slashed me at the last second and I kind of fanned on it actually, but luckily it went in. shootout attempt for you this season, what were you thinking ,like to do a certain few moves and that one was in my head, so I just tried to make a good fake off the start and then I got a good bounce off the post. does this team feel after a big two points after tonight ,huge. I think those first eight spots in our conference are so close, so we need to pull out wins like this. We had a little rough patch there on the road and to get back home and play in front of our own fans and have some success is good for us. of chipping and chasing against a big Blue Jackets team, happy with the outcome ,I think we showed spirts where we were getting pucks in deep and skating well. I think when you can do that and you can move around the O zone, we have so many skilled players that are able to make offensive players, so we did a good job at that and we were getting pucks to the net. relieved were you to finally score for the first time since Jan. 10 ,definitely felt good. Obviously, you like to contribute on the score sheet as much as you can and gain confidence in that area but at the same time you have to do little things right. I think we got a bunch of guys that know that and we have to do a good job out there. the point drought frustrating you ,think it kind of obviously. You do want to be a scorer and you want to contribute on the score sheet, especially when you put up OK numbers in the past. But at the same time you can let it get to you because it a long season, it a long grind and if you let it get to you mentally it kind of wears you down. was the team collective thought on the play blown dead by the officials when Mrazek began to skate the puck out up the ice ,was a huge save for Petr and built some momentum for us. I guess there a rule where the goalie can take strides with the puck but we didn know that obviously. Petr always thinking ahead of the game and I think that one of the reasons he so good. you just get used to playing in these tight games now ,I feel like our last handful of games has been like this, so they fun to play in. Obviously it more fun when you come out with a win but they good. You have to get your legs going. It definitely a team effort. are tight games fun to play in ,attention is all into the game and you focused and the intensity of the crowd and everything. It an adrenaline rush and we have fun with it. ended up with six shots on goal, was that because you have more opportunities, or were you more focused on it ,think just getting the puck to the net was a focus. Sometimes the goalies are so good that they can cut the angles and take away shot lanes, and I think when you can get the puck to the net and look for a bounce you gotta good chance at getting a goal. So I just tried to do that tonight. excited are you for the Stadium Series against the Avalanche in Denver on Saturday ,it exciting. I think the last one at the Winter Classic at the Big House was a lot of fun for the guys. We looking forward to it, looking forward to sharing it with our families, and I think we have a good time. was the last time you had a shootout attempt ,think last year in Minnesota was my last one. you successful on that shot attempt ,kind of did the same move, so I guess I gotta try and find a new one. Obviously there's some emotions there, as there should be. But I think that sometimes the refs make mistakes too. They're not trying to make mistakes. That just happens. I even talked to one of the linesmen after and he said as a goalie, you can't take any strides with the puck either. I don't know if that's a rule or not but if that's the case, maybe he took a stride or two. fake id indicators fake id crime code footloose fake id scene rhode island fake id vs real buy fake id paypal How big were these two points ,It was huge. From here on in, it's going to be like this, tight games. Obviously we got to tighten up a lot more defensively. There was a little bit too much open, too many scoring chances against, but Petr played great, as always, and gave us a chance. how to get a fake id card florida id template fake hacker id roblox First game back and you're out for 3 on 3 overtime ,There's some stuff to work on, for sure, not just the conditioning part. Timing and gap control and things like that. A little rusty but it was definitely nice to be back on the ice. ,You couldn't lose on Nick Night ,Right, it was good to get the win on his night, for sure. fake id NewJersey fake passport id generator where do you get fake ids

how to make a fake NewHampshire driver's license What was that like ,It was nice. Definitely anytime he gets recognized, he deserves that and so much more from the things that he's accomplished. It was nice to see him back in Detroit, see him back on the ice. Obviously we'd like to have him with the gear on but we'll take this, too."Game Quotes vs ,How did the game go from your perspective ,know we did a great job with the penalty killers, they did a great job today, so that one of the keys and one of the reasons I had the shutout today. Yeah, I had five shots maybe in the first 25 minutes or 30 minutes. So I had to stay focused but we did a great job in front of the net. tough is that when you see so few shots and then they turn up the heat ,always a little tougher when you don have any shots but you have to be focused, you have to do the best there and try to get as many saves as you can. has scored eight goals in the last two games, how much does that relieve some of the pressure from the goalie ,when team scores it way easy job, you know, for the goalies to be in the net. We did a great job against the Islanders and today. seemed to have a few chances against you, what was that like ,he got a couple there, I think the 2 on 1 was the hardest. He fanned on it a little bit and it hit my glove, so that was one of the hardest ones. I hope we just keeping going, find it more together and whole team come together and play better. it important for a team to figure out how to win these tight games ,of course it is. It important to play 60 minutes and that what we did today. We all played together today. is two solid games in a row, can this spark this team ,game it take us more than 60 minutes, probably two hours with the delay in between. Now I think it everybody having good chemistry and everyone in a good mood. Everybody play hard. Everybody understands what we need from us. also two wins in a row at home, talk about the importance of racking up points at home ,think we have three more games at home on current homestand and it important for us to make this building tough for opponents. played a strong net front role on your first goal, can you describe it ,think he learn from Tomas Holmstrom. He just always make it bad, tough for the goalie. He did a good job today. He wanted to make sure I not hit him or that he was not touching the goalie. do you think of the job that Mrazek continues to do this season ,played well, plays with more confidence. team now has scored eight goals in the last two games, how much of a confidence boost is that ,goals, but another time it four games with 10 goals. It not enough. We just need more score, especially when we play at home. I thought it was a good play on our first goal. Jakub Kindl made a fake and then walked the line and then got the puck through and Tats made a good tip. That what we need to do more of, try to get pucks through from the point with players and bodies at the net. nice is it to see contributions throughout the lineup ,think up and down our lineup it just important each night different guys stepping up and stepping in. We done a pretty good job of that. We had contributions from all over. Our defensemen have been doing a great job of jumping in the play and getting pucks through. We been getting opportunities that way. We got to continue to do that and continue to play good, tight defensively. was this game scoreless first two periods ,execution, whether it was on faceoffs or forecheck, it made it hard on those guys up the ice and didn give them a lot of time in the zone. Then when we got a chance we got pucks down the ice and had an opportunity to change. Petr made some good saves for us when he had to and I thought we had a good game plan coming into tonight. happened on your hit on Barkov ,not trying to hit him in the head or contact him that way. I thought my feet were down and I thought I followed through, through his body. But sometimes those hits can change momentum. Hopefully he all right. I don think he returned but hopefully he all right. Our power play I thought did some good things tonight. Just got to continue to get more pucks on net. about the importance of scoring first here tonight ,very important. Games are going to be tight. We been in tight games all year, one goal games, and that not different tonight. Whoever gets that first goal can kind of get momentum. It was big for us here on home ice and it a big two points. players and coaches are complaining about your hit; can it carry over to next time you face these guys ,the type of player that is going to go out and play hard and my job is to go out there and finish checks. I don think I a cheap player or try to make cheap shots out there. I don think I was coming into hit with my elbows or my arms up. I was coming in to finish his body. His head was a little low I guess but at the same time I thought I finished through his body. Not trying to make it cheap, but I guess those guys can talk whatever they want about it. But move on. It was a big win for us, and look forward to keeping this momentum.Game Week Awaits Griffins ,FOUR GAME WEEK AWAITS GRIFFINSThis Week's GamesGRIFFINS at Cleveland Monsters/ Tues., Dec. Fourth of 10 meetings overall, third of five at Van Andel ArenaAll Time Series: 36 22 2 4 2 Home, 73 50 2 6 2 OverallNHL Affiliation: St. Louis BluesNoteworthy: Chicago's Brad Hunt was named the AHL Player of the Week on Monday, marking the third consecutive player of the week to come out of the Central Division Matt Lorito on Nov. 21, Teemu Pulkkinen on Nov. Fifth of 10 meetings overall, second of five at Allstate ArenaAll Time Series: 37 28 0 2 0 Road, 73 50 2 6 2 OverallNHL Affiliation: St. 30 Cleveland Monsters 3 at GRIFFINS 2 SO 11 6 0 1 23 points, 2nd Central DivisionFri., Dec. 2 Iowa Wild 4 at GRIFFINS 3 SO 11 6 0 2 24 points, 2ndSat., Dec. 3 GRIFFINS 4 at Rockford IceHogs 1 12 6 0 2 26 points, 2ndOpening Faceoff: The Grand Rapids Griffins have points in five consecutive games 3 0 0 2 following last Saturday's 4 1 win at Rockford. Grand Rapids is positioned second in the Central Division, third in the Western Conference and eighth in the AHL with a 12 6 0 2 record 0.650. 9 10, 2011, as they dropped a 3 2 decision to Cleveland last Wednesday and fell 4 3 to Iowa on Friday. Every time the Griffins win at home on Wednesday, each fan in attendance will receive a free ticket to the next Wednesday game. Friday's game against Milwaukee is '80s Fauxback Night presented by WZZM 13. What if the Griffins existed in the early 1980s Take part in this fake throwback "fauxback" night as the Griffins will don special edition jerseys that feature a 1980s themed logo. In his second professional season, Nastasiuk has skated in 10 games with the Walleye and recorded five points 2 3 5 and a plus one rating while helping Toledo post a league best 0.833 points percentage 15 3. The 6 foot 1, 200 pound winger is riding a three game point streak 2 1 3. Grand Rapids is 18 for 56 32.1% on the man advantage during the stretch. In comparison, the 2005 06 team that also went on an 11 game streak was 17 for 77 22.1% during its run. Take a look at the longest power play streaks in club history:YearFeb. 24 March 232016 17Nov. 9 Dec. 32005 06Oct. 15 Nov. 152002 03Oct. 18 Nov. 7On the Power Play: The Griffins have relied on their power play for 38.5% of their goals 25 of 65, the second highest percentage in the AHL behind only Tucson's 44.7% 21 of 47. In the last 11 games, Grand Rapids has scored 23 goals at even strength and 18 on the man advantage. At this pace, Lorito is on track to conclude the season with 34 goals, 57 assists and 91 points. Thirty four goals would tie for fourth most in franchise history while 57 assists would be second and 91 points would be third. The Griffins are 5 1 0 1 when recording 40 or more shots on goal. Robbie Russo's 12 points 3 9 12 are tied for 14th among league defensemen. Matt Lorito has recorded back to back one goal and two assist games Dec. 2 vs. IA, Dec. 3 at RFD for the second time this season Nov. 16 and 18 vs. TEX. From Nov. 25 Dec. 2, Eddie Pasquale started four consecutive games in the crease for the first time since starting five in a row from Jan. 7 18, 2014 when he was a member of the St. John's IceCaps. Cal Heeter made his Griffins debut Saturday at Rockford and recorded 33 saves in a 4 1 win. Not only was Saturday the first Griffins game for Heeter, it was also his first AHL game since starting for the Toronto Marlies on Nov. 8, 2014 in a 4 3 overtime loss at a Todd Nelson led Oklahoma City squad. Bertuzzi became the 157th Griffins alumnus to play in the NHL when he debuted with the Red Wings during Detroit's 3 2 shootout win at Philadelphia on Nov. 8. He has appeared in seven games and recorded a minus one rating but was recently placed on injured reserve. Coreau became the 158th Griffins alumnus to play in the NHL following his debut last Saturday at Pittsburgh. Coreau made 32 saves but the Red Wings fell 5 3 to the defending Stanley Cup champions. Recalled last Saturday, Lashoff recorded 15:31 of ice time in Sunday's 4 3 overtime win at the New York Islanders. Mantha has six points 3 3 6 and a plus two rating in 11 games. Thirty nine of those 77 games have been decided by just a single tally, including 23 in overtime or a shootout. The Griffins hold the slight edge, having won 20 of 39 one goal contests. Dating back to the start of the 2014 15 campaign, 16 of the last 27 meetings between the clubs have been decided by one goal, including three of five encounters this season Oct. 22: 3 2 W, Nov. 9: 5 4 SOW, Nov. Hunt totaled 72 points 18 54 72 in 83 games while Nelson coached the Barons. After Nelson was named interim coach of the Edmonton Oilers on Dec. Jenks 8 13 21 and rookie Tyson Spink 7 13 20 lead the team in scoring while second year pro Jake Paterson, Detroit's second pick in the 2012 NHL Entry Draft, is 7 3 while ranking eighth with a 2.31 goals against average and 13th with a 0.919 save percentage. Compare the statistics for when the Griffins have played on consecutive nights:First Night ,5L incl. OT, SO2GF2.43PP %19.23%PK %33.14Win Some, Lose Some: Compare the statistics for the Griffins during their 12 wins and eight including overtime and shootout winning streak ends ,After all the winning, the Huskies coach could appreciate a thrilling victory even from the other side. ,UConn's 111 game run came to a stunning end when Mississippi State pulled off perhaps the biggest upset in women's basketball history, winning 66 64 on Morgan William's overtime jumper in the national semifinals Friday night. ,"You know what When stuff like this happens, it kind of makes me shake my head and go, 'You know how many times this could have happened and it didn't happen'" Auriemma said. "The fact that it never happened, that doesn't mean I went home thinking it's never going to happen. I knew this was coming at some point. I'm just shocked that it took this long to get here," he said. ,The Huskies hadn't lost in 865 days, with that defeat coming to Stanford in overtime on Nov. 17, 2014. Winning had become routine, often by routs. But in an instant, their drive toward a fifth consecutive national championship had been blocked. ,When William's jumper dropped, Auriemma broke into that wry smile. He turned to his bench, then went to congratulate the Bulldogs. ,"I just kind of shook my head. This kid's had an incredible run," Auriemma said. "When it went in, it was almost like, of course. Of course, it's going to go in. ,Look, nobody's won more than we've won," he said. "I understand losing, believe it or not. We haven't lost in a while, but I understand it. I know how to appreciate when other people win. It took an incredible shot by Mississippi State's diminutive point guard to end the historic streak. ,William hit a 15 footer to cap it, I live for moments like this," William said. "UConn, they're an incredible team. For me to make that shot against them, it's unbelievable. I'm still in shock right now. I wanted to take the shot. I wanted to take the shot and I made it. ,William's shot came one game after she scored a career high 41 points to help Mississippi State beat Baylor and advance to its first Final Four. de blasio fake ids how to spot a fake nevada id using a fake id in nyc fake id uv

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Because of the questionable legality of Fake Identity documents niche, a scammer can easily rip off anyone who was gullible enough, and get away with this dirty trick, not fearing any repercussions. Such con artist would only need a website and bitcoin address to pull this off!

Do a thorough research before buying to avoid disappointments! Spend time reading the reviews and feedback. Contact your vendor, don't be shy to ask all and any questions you may have - legit vendors are always happy to help, because they are looking for loyal customers who can bring them repeat business by spreading the word, whereas scammers only look to grab your money quick. Also check out our F.A.Q page where we have addressed most common concerns.

And there is nothing you can do about it, except preventing such thing by choosing your vendor wisely!

But not all are such blatant miscreants, charlatans come in variety of shapes and forms. Some vendors will deliver your Novelty ID, but it would be just that, a souvenir card with your picture on it. Forget about getting into a bar or club with it, you will be turned away right from the door. High quality fake IDs that scan are virtually indiscernible from the real ones, but these are rare and hard to get.

Due to the numerous difficlulties and potential hazards involved in the buying process, like picking trusted vendor and best fake ID, many young people are never able to get a fake ID online. After being scammed or supplied with sub-standard product, they are left only with frustration and disappointment. Watching with envy how their peers living to the full and being excluded from social life feels dispiriting and humiliating.

We offer you to obtain a fake identity with complete safety and confidentiality. At the same time, we offer clear and transparent scheme of work. In addition, we provide all visitors of KingOfFakes site with an opportunity to view the samples of our products and to verify our production capabilities and the quality of the documents we make, which again confirms that we are actually selling the documents, and are not engaged in any scams. In the end, we offer you convenient and anonymous payment options and discreet shipping.

Be suspicious about the offers that look too good to be true - most likely, they are!

There is a certain cost involved in the production and shipping of quality fake. Products offered for cheap would be of a cheap look and feel too, and could only pass for a real identification document in some dimly lit bar with a tired bartender at the end of the night. They will not scan, your fake identification card will be exposed as such upon closer inspection, and you will be escorted out of the drinking premises.

Premium fakes require a superb degree of skill, professionalism and experience to produce, and such excellence is not easily achieved. Without disclosing the trade secrets, let us hint at a few points: quality source materials, industrial level top-of-the-line equipment and attention to detail. The subtle differences and tiny details are what constitute a high quality fake. It is impossible to reproduce them on a random home or office printer, and this is exactly what many people tried to do - and failed spectacularly. Only skillful application of cutting edge card printing technology can guarantee a quality fake that has latest security features and passes all authenticity tests.

Imagine all the shame of being dressed up for the occasion and expecting great night out with friends and sparkling bubbly, only to be turned away by unwavering bouncer, laughing at your souvenir novelty ID card. They have seen so many of them, and can tell one apart at a glance.

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