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steam ids for sale get your fake id online Defense attorney Burges McCowan asked Flagstaff Justice Court Judge Paul Christian to allow Jones to be released to his parents in Glendale online fake id free newark nj fake id how easy lucid ids fake id fake Alabama id card fake id online legit,He has no other place to go," McCowan said. ,Brough was from Castle Rock, Colorado, about 30 miles south of downtown Denver. He loved to play lacrosse and wanted to be successful so he could help other people, said his cousin, Ryan Jernegan of Woodbury, New Jersey. He also worked as a lifeguard at a Flagstaff recreation center. ,"He was the happiest person that you probably would ever meet," Jernegan said. ,He worked as a cashier at the Puma outlet store in Castle Rock during the summer after graduating high school. Manager Chauncey Musser remembered him as an outgoing employee with a seemingly bottomless supply of energy. ,Alex McIntosh, a friend of Zientek, said he worked part time at the High Country Conference Center while attending school full time. ,"He's very calm, very respectful, has a great manner, calm demeanor and you'd never expect him to be caught up in something like this," McIntosh said. ,The shooting set off panic at the Flagstaff campus as students heard gunshots and quickly took to social media to figure out what happened. ,Student Maria Gonzalez told The Associated Press that she at first suspected firecrackers when the shooting happened. ,"I was studying for an exam, so I looked out the window and see two people running, and that's when I realized they weren't fireworks, they were actually gunshots," she said. ,The Flagstaff shooting comes on the same day that President Barack Obama visited Roseburg, Oregon, where eight students and a teacher were shot and killed last week at Umpqua Community College. ,In Texas, a student was killed and another person was wounded in a shooting outside a Texas Southern University student housing complex on Friday. A brief panic broke out in Kentucky hours later when there were reports of shots fired on a college campus. The reports turned out to be unfounded. ,Northern Arizona University is a four year public university that has more than 25,000 total undergraduate students at the campus in Flagstaff, a city about two hours north of Phoenix that is surrounded by mountains and ponderosa pines. The city of 70,000 people has a reputation for being a safe place and typically records only one murder per year. ,ArticlesFormer Lewiston Village Pub owners working to open the Griffon HouseBOCES heading to former Falls school buildingGun shots fired into Falls home hit child's bedroom wallReview: Randy Bachman, 54 40 deliver despite Artpark bomb scare, rain cloudsFive properties sold at homebuyer's auction'Suspicious package' found at ArtparkFalls councilman pleads guilty in DWI caseState board offers financial advice to Niagara FallsBuffalo officer injured during NT training exerciseDeluca: Strength in forgiveness for abuse victimBraxton Brewing hits milestone ,COVINGTON, Ky. A storm is coming to Northern Kentucky but don worry instead of lightning and torrential rain it brings 100 percent chance for better beer for your refrigerator. ,Only seven months into their first year, Braxton Brewing Company has purchased a canning line from Denver based Wild Goose Canning and they are racing to bring cans to the market. ,The new cans will be distributed via Stagnaro Distributing to a variety of stores, as well as some Kroger stores, to start. The six packs will sell for 9.99 and will also be available in Braxton taproom. ,The company has already hired one person to help run the packaging line and will likely hire more packaging line workers. ,beyond pumped, Braxton co founder and CEO Jake Rouse said. way this came about is nothing short of a miracle. the day they opened, Braxton has wanted to be in cans by the end of the year. Due to overwhelming demand, the brewers weren in a position to truly even consider cans until the addition of their two new 80 bbl. barrel fermenters. ,like mobile canning and we like what it means for the industry, but we so committed and focused on quality that if we don have 100 percent control over the process we not going to be OK with it, Rouse said. ,The team said they were extremely fortunate that Head Brewer and co founder Evan Rouse was able to work closely with Wild Goose to make the timeframe and delivery happen. ,The cream ale was the first beer Evan Rouse made in his family garage on Braxton Drive in Union. The recipe has changed a bit since then but the brewers said there no other beer they rather put into cans first. ,Storm is the brewery most popular beer on draft in the taproom and in distribution. It also won a silver medal at the 2015 Alltech Commonwealth Cup. ,has always been one of my favorite recipes I developed, it light, crisp, clean, and extremely drinkable. It made perfect sense to make it our first packaged product, Evan Rouse said via a release. our customers to be able to take it home and enjoy it in their own homes and garages is a dream come true. COVERAGE: See what brewing in the Tri State ,SOCIAL: You can take part in the conversation at our 9beer Facebook page too! ,The brewers slyly call Storm a American lawnmower beer. They describe it as having a medium body with a creamy palate feel. Craft beer fans should smell corn and malt like notes in the aroma with an earthy and spicy hop presence. It is recommended as a session beer due to its low alcohol and bitterness. ,From the start of the brewery, Storm was designed for packaging. ,a beer that designed for travel, Jake Rouse said. meant to ship. ,in cans is the epitome of the garage. The format is such an American icon to tell the brand story with, creator/owner Keith Neltner said via a release. Storm can is a first for Neltner Small Batch and we couldn be more stoked to share this milestone with the Braxton family. ,While Neltner has worked with other brewers, Braxton said it the first time he has ever designed a can for production. The brewers said their goal was for the can to have the retro look and feel of the rest of their marketing while still telling their in a garage story. got a special treat while going to do a press check at the Ball manufacturing site. The team was there to inspect the cans as they came off the line and got to see their cans made next to some giants in the field. ,was us, Founders and Pabst Blue Ribbon, Jake Rouse said with a laugh. was absolutely incredible. It was a bit of a moment to see our cans running at 17,000 cans per minute next to beers that we were drinking before this place was even open. 16 and for sale in the taproom on Nov. 17. ,Braxton CEO said that the moment feels like over a hump. He feels that one of the things that separates breweries that are new versus breweries that are to stay is running a production line. ,a production line started is hard, Rouse said. can emphasize that enough. addition to that, planning the rollout and distribution was a challenge as well. ,don want to be in a position where stores are out selling, Jake Rouse said. why we focusing on Northern Kentucky first and making sure we taking care of the people that have helped us get to where we are. of the barriers in the way was making sure their quality was up to snuff. ,To that end, co founder Richard Dube is working with Evan Rouse to build a lab and keep the quality of the package beer and the draft up to the level they want even as they meet the demands of the market. ,Dube past includes major stints at legendary Canadian brewer Labatt Brewing and at the Boston Beer Company the maker of Sam Adams. He said working with the team on starting their line was a fun process as he was able to take all the little tricks he learned over the years and help speed up Braxton education. ,aren dealing with speed or super quantity. This actually helps us because by going a little slower we can get things exactly the way we want them, Dube said. been talking up our beer for so long, now we finally at the point where we can really show people that we know what we doing. added that he was ecstatic at the press check to see Storm be printed alongside Founder All Day IPA. Dube beamed as he proclaimed how it validates what he and Evan have been working for. ,honestly can wait just to open the door to my fridge and grab a nice cold Storm can. He quickly added, course I be drinking that out of a proper glass though. pressed on what the next Braxton beer to be canned would be, Dube coyly deflected. ,a secret, he said with a smirk. still trying to decide what beer on our current lineup it will be or if it will be something else entirely. Rouse was quick to add that they plan on the next canned beer to be released in the spring of 2016.Brazil court begins hearing on removing President Temer ,Brazil top electoral court began hearing arguments on Tuesday evening on whether embattled President Michel Temer should be pushed out of office over allegations of illegal campaign financing in the 2014 presidential election. ,Judge Herman Benjamin, who was named by the court to examine the case, began with his analysis of the charges against Temer, but left his vote for the next session Wednesday morning. ,The hearing was expected to take at least three days, and there is no deadline for a final ruling by the seven judges in the case, which is the first time in Brazil history that a sitting president risks could have the job taken away by the electoral court. ,The suit was brought after the election by the right leaning Brazilian Social Democracy Party, whose presidential candidate, Aecio Neves, lost to the ticket of then President Dilma Rousseff and Temer as her vice presidential running mate. Ironically, the party has been a key ally of Temer since he took over the presidency after Rousseff was suspended and then impeached last year. ,If the court decides the Rousseff Temer ticket did receive illegal campaign financing, as several plea bargains have suggested, Temer mandate would be annulled and Congress would have to pick some to serve out his term through December 2018. However, the career politician whose popularity is hovering around 8% has said he would appeal. ,Rousseff claims innocence as does Temer, who argues that his team was not responsible for the fundraising of the ticket. ,Amid growing pressure for the president to resign amid a number of different corruption allegations, Hermann said this trial will be on facts, not on political convenience. Supreme Court Justice Gilmar Mendes, who presides over the electoral court, described the trial that could remove his old friend as great learning experience. Temer is eventually pushed out of the presidency by the court, or decides to resign, Chamber of Deputies Speaker Rodrigo Maia would take over for 30 days while Congress voted in a new leader. ,The electoral court scheduled more sessions for Wednesday and Thursday, but those could be postponed if any of the seven judges asked to review the case. ,On Wednesday, the court will have to analyse a preliminary issue that could change the proceedings: Both Rousseff and Temer legal teams want the judges to reject information coming from plea bargain testimony from executives of the giant construction company Odebrecht, which is caught up in the sprawling investigation into bribes and kickbacks involving Brazil state run oil company Petrobras. ,They argue that accusations made by Odebrecht employees involving the 2014 campaign exceed the original scope of the Petrobras investigation. ,Mauricio Santoro, a political analyst at Rio de Janeiro State University, said he expects the court to postpone a final decision in the case or find a way to separate Temer from Rousseff ticket. ,has built a coalition of supporters in the Supreme Electoral Court under the argument that people may not like him, but there no consensus about who his successor should be, Santoro said. ,Hours before the trial began, Temer political situation deteriorated further with the arrest of a former tourism minister and close ally. Henrique Eduardo Alves was taken into custody on allegations of corruption related to the construction of a 2014 World Cup stadium in Natal. ,Globo News captured images of Alves being arrested by federal police. Officials held a news conference later at which they laid out allegations that Alves and Fred Queiroz, Natal secretary of public works, received bribes from major construction companies. ,Alves, a former speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, was tourism minister under both Rousseff and Temer, who assumed the presidency last year when Rousseff was removed for illegally managing the federal budget. Alves gave up the Cabinet post soon after Temer took power in May 2016. ,His arrest came just a day after federal police sent Temer a list of questions in a separate criminal probe that involves the president. He had 24 hours to answer the questions, but his lawyers got an extension until Friday afternoon. ,Last month, Brazil top prosecutor opened investigations on Temer for alleged passive corruption and obstruction of justice. ,Temer is being investigated for allegedly endorsing the payment of hush money to former Chamber of Deputies Speaker Eduardo Cunha, another former ally. Cunha is serving a 15 year prison sentence for corruption and money laundering. ,The president is also being investigated for allegedly receiving bribes via former aide Rodrigo Rocha Loures. On Tuesday, Brazil top court rejected a petition by Loures to be released from jail. ,Loures was arrested over the weekend. Police released video that apparently showed Loures carrying a suitcase filled with 154,000. Should he reach a plea bargain, his testimony could further implicate Temer.Brazil fears child sex trade boom at World Cup ,With Brazil hosting the World Cup next year, officials fear an explosion in child prostitution as sex workers migrate to big cities and pimps recruit more underage prostitutes to meet the demand from local and foreign soccer fans. ,worried sexual exploitation will increase in the host cities and around them, said Joseleno Vieira dos Santos, who coordinates a national program to fight the sexual exploitation of children at Brazil Human Rights Secretariat. ,trying to coordinate efforts as much as we can with state and city governments to understand the scope of the problem. prostitution is driven mostly by local demand in Brazil, with more than 75 percent of clients coming from the same or nearby states as their victims, according to estimates from the secretariat. Sex tourism targeting children is active in larger cities along the coast and increases at times of big events such as Carnival or New Year Eve festivities. ,The Minas Gerais State Association of Prostitutes, an organization that represents sex workers in one of Brazil largest states, is even offering free English lessons to prostitutes in Belo Horizonte, another World Cup host city. ,be a lot more people circulating in this area during the games for sure and the city will be full of tourists, said Giovana, a 19 year old transvestite working a corner near Fortaleza Castelo stadium. ,know there be more work for everybody women, girls, everybody. World Cup tournament is expected to attract 600,000 foreign visitors to Brazil and they will spend an estimated 25 billion reais 11 billion while traveling in the country, said the Brazilian tourism board, Embratur. ,The championship as a whole could inject 113 billion reais into the Brazilian economy by 2014, FIFA has said, citing an Ernst Young report. ,For its part, Brazil government will have spent 33 billion reais on stadiums, transport and other infrastructure by the time the tournament kicks off, plus 10 million on advertising. ,In contrast, very little is being spent on fighting the sexual exploitation of minors, campaigners say. ,Despite more than a decade of government vows to eradicate child prostitution, the number of child sex workers in Brazil stood at around half a million in 2012, according to the National Forum for the Prevention of Child Labor, a network of non profit groups. ,That a big increase since 2001, when 100,000 children worked in the sex trade, according to UNICEF estimates. ,The Human Rights Secretariat earmarked 8 million reais for World Cup host cities to set up projects to fight child prostitution, but not all cities had programs in place to absorb the funds, said Santos. ,Santos department is finishing a review of child prostitution in key locations and will then decide what action to take. But any programs will only scratch the surface. ,realize we only touching the tip of the iceberg with these actions for the World Cup, but we hope to build capacity and implement longer lasting programs in the future, he said. ,Beyond the Human Rights Secretariat, the government could not provide data on total spending to fight child prostitution. But campaigners say some programs have been shut down and they argue the government isn doing enough to address the problem. ,subject isn really part of the government agenda and we don see a willingness to combine efforts or increase resources to address the sexual exploitation of children, said Denise Cesario, executive manager of Fundao Abrinq, a local partner of Save the Children International. ,Sex tourism happens across Brazil but Fortaleza a top tourist destination with sandy white beaches and 300 days a year of guaranteed sunshine is the industry main hub. ,A culture of machismo, combined with extreme poverty and drug use, has created the perfect environment for sexual exploitation, say social workers like Ceclia dos Santos Gis, who works at children rights charity Cedeca. ,In the poor and arid outskirts of Fortaleza, it culturally acceptable for fathers to sell their daughters into the sex trade as a source of income, Gis said. ,More phone calls are made from Fortaleza to a nationwide toll free number to report child sexual exploitation than from any other Brazilian city on a per capita basis, experts say. ,While international sex tourism is prominent in Fortaleza, it represents only a third of all reported child prostitution cases. Prostitutes with Brazilian clients, from Cear or surrounding states, are far more common, prosecutors said. ,Many of Fortaleza young sex workers see prostitution as a way of escaping their circumstances. Jessica, 16, a tall brunette with thin plucked eyebrows and baby blue nail polish, began sex work with local clients, earning about 18 a night, before graduating to bigger nightclubs and groups of foreign tourists for about 90 a night. ,Police arrested her in a September raid on a club on Iracema beach, the epicenter of Fortaleza sex trade. They took her to one of four shelters for underage prostitutes, a discreet two story house, accessible only through a narrow iron gate watched around the clock by security guards. ,Sitting in the small room she shares with three younger girls, Jessica said one of her regular clients, a Spaniard, had promised to take her to Europe. ,told him I was 18 and I was getting my passport, she said, tucking a rainbow colored tank top into green and yellow tropical print stretch pants. paid 500 reais for a fake ID and was saving money to buy a fake passport. But in the end I was afraid to go. and clients are rarely punished and when prosecutors do manage to build a case, victims often change their testimony and the cases are thrown out, said Francisco Carlos Pereira de Andrade, a prosecutor specializing in child exploitation. ,Of the 2,000 cases before his department, which only handles sexual violence against children, only about 20 involve child prostitution. ,The face of sex tourism in Fortaleza is also changing, making it more difficult to catch criminals, Andrade said.Brazil moms say more help needed with Zika ,RECIFE, Brazil As the sun dyes the early morning sky a reddish hue, Angelica Pereira carries her 1 year old daughter out of a tiny white house sitting on a dirt road where piles of garbage float in puddles. ,The driver sent to fetch her and other mothers with babies disabled by the Zika virus is two hours late, which could mean less time with the therapists who help her daughter move rigid limbs and a floppy back. ,While battling these logistical challenges, Pereira also struggles to find and afford expensive drugs that families must pay for because government health plans don't cover them. ,"We are always chasing something. We have to drop everything else, all our chores, our homes," said the 21 year old. "There are so many of us with children with special needs. The government is forgetting about that. ,Zika initially was known only to cause flu like symptoms in some people. But a surge late last year in cases of babies born with small heads in northeast Brazil set off worldwide alarm about the virus ,While the government has provided therapy and some financial assistance vegas vacation fake id canadian identity card buy fake ids in toronto Some families plan to sue the government to get more families with disabled children the 275 a month now currently provided to households earning less than 70 a month. They also want the government to pay for medication for babies with epilepsy ,These are women in need of financial aid, who are from remote towns and are finding new problems every day with their children," said attorney Viviane Guimaraes, who is helping several families enroll in a program for the disabled. ,State run health care in Brazil is woefully underfunded, and patients often wait months for treatment. People who can afford get care through private health plans. ,Jusikelly da Silva says she is desperate to get a brain scan for her 10 month old Luhandra, who was sitting up and eating solid foods before a seizure several months ago left her virtually motionless. Silva has tried for three months to get the radiology test and an appointment with a specialist. ,"It's horrible because I feel that the longer I wait for these exams, the worse it can get, and I won't be able to take care of her," said Silva. ,Many mothers end up borrowing money from relatives to pay for private hospitals and doctors for specialized treatment. Silva says that isn't an option for her; just trying to buy baby formula is a struggle. She and her five children live on the 250 her husband earns each month working at a warehouse. ,The Health secretary for Recife state, Jailson Correia, says the city has yet to receive funds from the state or federal government for a special child development division. The plan is to create a group of pediatricians, neurologists, social workers and physical, speech and occupational therapists who treat children with congenital Zika syndrome. ,Correia says the city has offered epilepsy drugs on a case by case basis because they are not provided through the public health plan, but that help won't last forever. ,"The city's financial resources are already strained," Correia said. "We need the state and federal levels to take a more active role.

fake id for ezoo big and rich lyrics fake id fake id new jersey penalty do fake ids work in boston Federal officials didn't respond to repeated requests for additional information about how they are responding to the crisis. fake id offense nz fake id 21 years old canadian fake id reddit fake university id template real ids fake The Zika crisis comes as Latin America's largest nation weathers a two year recession that has pushed inflation and unemployment to over 10 percent. A proposal under consideration by Congress would cap public spending ,Treating children with neurological problems is not cheap. alameda swap meet fake id are fake ids illegal to buy fake id templates canada Researchers exploring the health burden for governments fighting Zika conclude that each child with microcephaly in Brazil would cost about 95 ,Jorge A. Alfaro Murillo ,Brazil has confirmed more than 2 ,Ana Carla Maria Bernardo real new york fake id buy Connecticut fake id fake id laws illinois

connecticut id real vs fake FORTALEZA ,We're worried sexual exploitation will increase in the host cities and around them," said Joseleno Vieira dos Santos, who coordinates a national program to fight the sexual exploitation of children at Brazil's Human Rights Secretariat. ,Child prostitution is driven mostly by local demand in Brazil, with more than 75 percent of clients coming from the same or nearby states as their victims, according to estimates from the secretariat. Sex tourism targeting children is active in larger cities along the coast and increases at times of big events such as Carnival or New Year's Eve festivities. ,The Minas Gerais State Association of Prostitutes, an organization that represents sex workers in one of Brazil's largest states, is even offering free English lessons to prostitutes in Belo Horizonte, another World Cup host city. ,"There'll be a lot more people circulating in this area during the games for sure and the city will be full of tourists," said Giovana, a 19 year old transvestite working a corner near Fortaleza's Castelo stadium. ,"I know there'll be more work for everybody women, girls, everybody. BIG BUCKS ,The World Cup tournament is expected to attract 600 The championship as a whole could inject 113 billion reais into the Brazilian economy by 2014 ,For its part, In contrast ,Despite more than a decade of government vows to eradicate child prostitution fake Mississippi id sc fake id template fake id free generator id maker machine

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