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fake Arizona driver's license fake id canada generator One thing was evident to me from the beginning," said Guy Verhofstadt, leader of the European Parliament's Alliance of Liberals and Democrats, Belgian prime minister from 1999 to 2008, and one of Europe's most federalist politicians. "A state can exist without a currency, but a currency cannot exist without a state. fake NewMexico id NewJersey id fake fake id St.Louis off the wagon nyc fake id tennessee id card,FROM UNION TO DISUNION ,One of the driving forces of European integration is former French President Valery Giscard d'Estaing. Now 85 ,As president from 1974 to 1981 fake id review yahoo 21 express fake id fake id blacklight and scan For Giscard ,WALKS WITH A LIMP

romanian id card fake fake my id fake id maker philadelphia how expensive is a fake id On the other side of the French political spectrum is Michel Sapin how to make a fake Arizona driver's license colorado id card fake id god binny's fake id deep ellum using fake id To Sapin ,The Maastricht Treaty was built on two pillars. The monetary pillar has been an extraordinary success, because, say what you want, there is no monetary crisis the euro is strong," he said. "The second pillar was the economic government. We knew from the start we had to build a second pillar for economic, budget and fiscal matters, because countries cannot share the same currency if they have divergent economic policies. cf fakes how to make a fake driving license good fake id sites uk European Investment Bank President Philip Maystadt ,Former European Commission President Jacques Delors said the single currency walked with a limp it had one strong leg, the monetary part, and one weak leg, the economic governance," he said. "Clearly, this ersatz economic government was utterly insufficient."European leaders were aware of the shortcomings of Maastricht. They spent two years negotiating the 1997 Stability and Growth Pact, which threatens escalating sanctions on states that fail to limit annual deficits to three percent of GDP and outstanding debt to 60 percent of GDP. ,But the focus on these two indicators meant that other measures of economic health, such as private debt, wage costs and the current account balance, were ignored. ,As a result, EU finance ministers overlooked the build up of tensions in the Irish and Spanish economies. Their public finances looked to be in excellent shape by Maastricht Treaty standards, until Ireland's banking crisis and the Spanish real estate collapse.Architectural photographer captures some of the state's most iconic structures including two on the Peninsula in a new book ,California turned out to be the perfect incubator for modern architectural design, according to an architectural photographer who has captured some of the state's most iconic structures in a new book. "It was a perfect storm of design and building that took hold and exploded in Los Angeles and San Francisco in the 1950s and '60s," said Russell Abraham, who will be speaking in Monterey next Friday, March 4. The coming together of California's open and carefree lifestyle with vital advances in technology and materials paved the way for a very distinctive brand of architecture in the mid 20th century, which Abraham captures in his book, "California Cool: Residential Modernism Reborn," published in November 2010. Bay Area based Abraham will talk about his career, the book and the architects that left their modernist mark on the Golden State in a lecture this Friday in Monterey, sponsored by the American Institute of Architects Monterey Bay chapter. The lecture and slideshow is open to the public as part of AIA Monterey Bay Art Architecture Lecture Series. Abraham will be available for a book signing following his lecture, and books will be for sale the night of the program. "California Cool" showcases the modern residential style from Southern California to the Bay Area and includes many of California's masters of modern architecture. Featured in Abraham's book are two local homes designed by Monterey Peninsula architects. One is a Pacific Grove home that won AIA Monterey Bay's honor award for design excellence in 2007, created by Pacific Grove architect William E. Foster when he was with Flesher Foster Architects; the other is in Carmel Valley and was designed by renowned modernist architect Jerrold E. Lomax, a resident of Carmel. "The brighter lights are still among us, and still designing," said Abraham, noting that Lomax has been creating structures since the 1950s in Los Angeles. The style is distinctive, and can be found from Southern California to the Bay Area. It's characterized by geometric and minimalist forms, extensive use of metal and glass, flat roofs and outdoor decks and patios. It's a type of architecture that's now being rediscovered, as people gravitate to the look made popular during the 1950s and early 1960s, thanks in part to television shows like "Mad Men" and a desire for stripped down style. "It's where geometry itself becomes an aesthetic," said Abraham. Although Abraham's work has been seen in numerous other books and magazines, "California Cool" is the first one that's been his own from start to finish. "A couple of different folks had been after me to do a book," said Abraham, speaking from his office in Oakland. "It was a bit of work, to say the least." "You want a book to say something, not just to be a collection of pretty pictures." Abraham's background prepared him perfectly for his specialty line of photography. He earned a bachelor's degree in architecture from UC Berkeley in the late 1960s, but then "became enamored of taking pictures of buildings," he said. He went on to study photography and get his master's degree in that discipline, and after a stint in educational media, turned his attention to photography fulltime. Abraham said he found that photographing buildings came naturally, and he had an extra advantage when it came to dealing with architects. "I speak their language," he said. "I conceptualize things the way they do in terms of final imagery." The synergy that gave rise to modern California architecture had to do with several factors, Abraham said. One was the unique West Coast culture, which attracts some of the best and most creative minds in the world. Another is the way that California synthesizes ideas from around the world and refashions them. "A lot of the underpinnings of California modernism came from Europe, and a new style of architecture was modified to meet our lifestyles," said Abraham. There was also a new sense of "honesty and frankness and openness" at that time and this way of thinking became integrated into the open spaces of modern structures. Instead of a lot of small enclosed rooms, there were spacious "great rooms." "It was a style of architecture that took advantage of changes in materials and technology," said Abraham, noting also that because these houses didn't have the burden of winter snow, thick reinforcement of the structure wasn't necessary, allowing them to be built with larger windows. The modernist movement dimmed after a time, due in part to requirements of the style itself. Modern houses aren't the easiest to live in, Abraham points out: Flat roofs tend to gather water and leak, large rooms can be drafty, and lot of windows, if not handled correctly, let in too much sun and heat. "They can be challenging. They're not environments that everyone can live in," said Abraham. However, now that the style has been revived, architects and builders are coming up with clever ways to go modern without the madness. "There are architects in their 40s and 50s who are cranking out really beautiful work based on modern principles," said Abraham. "Architecture is a cultural statement it's more than keeping a roof overhead.Archive of Palin emails online at msnbc ,Though it took more than two years for the state to release the emails, on paper, they were returned to electronic form in just 12 hours. We're live blogging the release at Open Channel, even as citizens in Juneau continue on Saturday reading the documents. ,Among other glimpses into her time in office, the emails read so far show an inexperienced governor focused as much on burnishing her image as on crafting public policy. Palin helped to write and rewrite an op ed column to be submitted under a friend's name about controversy involving a state controlled dairy. She did a fake TV interview with the answers written by her staff already on the teleprompter for her to recite. Even as she signed on with the McCain campaign, she urged her staff to put out some statement under her name every day, so Alaskans would know she was still focused on the state. ET, the governor's office in Juneau released to reporters 250 pounds of printed emails sent between the former governor and her husband and 50 state officials. ,"The thousands upon thousands of emails released today show a very engaged Gov. Sarah Palin being the CEO of her state," said a statement from the treasurer of SarahPAC, Tim Crawford. "The emails detail a governor hard at work. Everyone should read them. ,Those who enjoy tweaking President Barack Obama for using a teleprompter may note this email: On March 20 ,Others removed from public view include several having to do with newspapers and editorials fake fb id photos buy fake id in new york new york ids

ids that scan At the time ,When the Alaska Legislature appointed investigator Stephen Branchflower to look into possible ethics violations by Gov. Palin's role in the Troopergate case In a series of emails on Aug. 1 ,But the progression is clear. It starts with the subject line Then Palin changed the subject line to Re: Fairness: Branchflower." We can't see what the governor wrote. Blanchflower sic] having retired after working FOR Walt at APD and the conflict involved there." Walt is apparently Monegan, whom she had dismissed. ,Press aide Sharon Leighow replies, "I dropped all sorts of questions about linda," referring to Branchflower's wife, ". license lasping sic] . John McCain's vice presidential running mate. Their release has been delayed so long that the 2012 presidential campaign has started, with Palin the possible wild card in the Republican field. ,Keeping public business private ,Although Palin ran for governor on a platform of openness and transparency in government, it became clear when she was running for vice president that she and her aides had moved much of their email traffic on public matters to private Yahoo accounts, presumably out of reach of the state's public records law. Specifically, the records to be released include emails that went between the Yahoo accounts of Palin or her husband, Todd, and about 50 top state officials: the governor, her senior staff, her Cabinet, department heads, and some other state agencies. More than 2,000 pages are being withheld for privacy and other reasons allowed under state law. Volunteers contacted through the League of Women Voters and the Retired Public Employees of Alaska gathered at Juneau's Centennial Hall convention center, chewing through bagels and the stacks of documents. They will continue their work on Saturday. The volunteers looked for significant or interesting emails, stuck a post it note on the pages, and passed them to journalists, who also were reading through the 24,000 pages. Exact copies of the best of those emails were posted online immediately.Archives for the Month of May 2014 ,These days, for the first time in years, the numbers are feel good. Voters passed a new tax, Measure U, in 2012, and for next year budget the city anticipates a 31.8 million windfall. ,City Council will be talking about this, and more, at Tuesday meeting. ,There is some bad news, however. The Measure U tax expires in April 2019. You do the math: No more 32 million a year, plus 22 million in annual arena debt and another 20 million in new public employee pension obligations. That a 75 million deficit. ,This is how City Hall staff put it in a budget report for this past Tuesday City Council meeting: City will be challenged with a cliff in 2019] when the current General Fund forecast indicates that the City will be unable to sustain funding significant increases in General Fund revenues. ,Basically, a very buttoned up way of saying shit. fear not, naysayers. The city projects a General Fund increase of 42 million in 2019. SN isn sure where this chunk change will come from over the next five years. But just like the attorney in Idiocracy, we like money, too. ,The catch is that the city can only spend Measure U revenue on essential services like police, fire and parks. Next year, for instance, they plan to eliminate fire station brownouts and hire 14 more police officers and investigators. ,But in 2019, there will be no more coin to pay for all these new public safety obligations. ,The solution Probably pass another sales tax increase, much like the original Measure U. That City Management 101, people. ,Of course, it possible that in five years voters will be sick of fees and taxes. It took a complete and total breakdown at the Capitol and years of brutal budget deficits to pass Gov. Jerry Brown Proposition 30 in And, while Sacramentans voted for Measure U with a 64 percent majority, who knows what the local body politic will be up for in 2018, when a new tax measure would have to go before voters. ,Anyway, enough crystal ball nonsense. Pass the moscato and let just enjoy that 32 million! ,One quick side note. Did you know Measure U isn a sales tax It a and Use Tax. What this means is that, when a city resident goes to Roseville to buy a car at the auto mall, the city of Sacramento gets the tax revenue from that sale. That why Measure U has generated more than the projected 28 million a year. ,GOOD: Street Design Food Market is still going strong third year of festive outdoor shopping begins on Sunday, June 1. at 1409 Del Paso Boulevard. If you can make it to the season opener, the modern urban market will continue popping up every first Sunday of the month through December. ,Event organizers pinned some hints on Pinterest of who and what visitors can expect to see Sunday: fancy soap, fancy ash trays, fancy jams, fancy juice and so forth. ,And as always, DJs will spin to keep things lively. DJ Mr. Vibe and DJ Rated R are up first. Admission is free, and early birds on Sunday are expected to nab GOODie bags get it. For more info, head here. ,So all six readers of this blog know this recap and review is way behind even my lax schedule. Mad Men's sixth episode aired May 18 and I just posting now This is why I never survive at a daily. ,Then again, AMC is known for giving its most prestigious dramas down in front, Hell on Wheels generous sabbaticals between 13 episode seasons, and I just piggybacking on that kindness. ,If you buy that, I got a burger chain to sell you. ,Speaking of, the office tug of war over who got to pitch the advertising strategy to the nice folks at Burger Chef may have been the plotline in this episode, but other plans brewed and burst in Strategy. we grow up, we going to kill you and marry your wife, Roger cracks. That he follows up that clever dig with an off color one about Hobart sexuality was, unfortunately, all too appropriate. ,Because this is the episode where the biggest strategy of all belonged to closeted accounts man Bob Benson, back from Detroit with the boys of GM and hitting a fork in his relationship with single mom Joan Harris Christina Hendricks. ,Bob, tipped off to a Buick job offer coming his way, spots an opportunity to build the kind of fake life mid 20th century America expects of its alpha males. know I flawed, but I offering you more than anyone else ever will, he says in what must be the shittiest marriage proposal ever recorded between two beautiful people. ,But Joan, nearing 40 with a kid and a meddlesome mother, isn ready to take that deflating deal. you not, Bob, she answers, eyes brimming. I want love. And I rather die hoping that happens than make some arrangement. Eying Bob for a moment, she then concludes, you should too. just being realistic, he says hopelessly. ,Poor Bob. Ever since he came on scene least season to flummox Pete Campbell Vincent Kartheiser and maybe off the guy mother, I considered Bob, his plastic smile and PG attitude all kinds of creepy. Like a late '60s version of Patrick Bateman, a sociopathic climber approximating what it like to be human. But we finally won a glimpse of the man behind the camouflage, a guy who focused every ounce of energy on attaining success because society won allow him anything else. ,When copy chief Peggy Olson Elisabeth Moss, drunk and doubting her mom absolving burger campaign, wonders, this family exist anymore we already have our answer: It never did. ,Raised on a prostitute stolen Hershey bars instead of a mother love, Don is glumly watching his second marriage pull apart. Peggy, who secretly gave a child up for adoption years ago, returns each night to an empty apartment except for when the sweet Hispanic kid in her building watches TV with her. ,Yet these two have been boxed in as the voice of dad and mom, respectively, by Pete, whose daughter doesn even recognize him.Archway Cookies Business Crumbles into Chapter 11 ,The initial distress felt by lovers of homestyle cookies at the news that Archway Mother's Cookies Co. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy this week is yielding to calls for an investigation into and former employees signing on to lawsuits against the management of the business by Cattertan Partners, headed by COO George Knobloch. ,Several former employees claim that accounting irregularities led to the loss of operating funds. According to a corporate employee at the Battle Creek office, both Ernst Young and Price Waterhouse accounting firms had been at the company offices earlier this year, and their main bank, Wachovia, also put in a surprise visit to ask for verification of data. This same corporate employee also states: ,approximately 11 million dollars worth of fake sales had been put into the system at COO George Knobloch's direction. These were all backed out and Financial Statements since January had to be restated, as well as bank reporting information. Soon after, representatives from the Dispute Analysis Forensics area of Alvarez and Marsal confiscated an employee computer in the Accounting dept. It was clear to all that worked there that we were going under and it was definitely not quote, unforeseeable, unquote. ,Several former Independent Distributors say that cases of cookies were added to their orders, but never delivered, in order to inflate the value of the business and gain higher loan amounts. The motive for this manipulation of the Independent Distributor accounts was to force them out for falsifying orders and non delivery of goods, supposedly so that the company could be sold to another entity. Ridding the company of these contractors means that they can drop distributors at any time without the expense of buying out the contracts. Archway has been working to force as many IDs, as they are called, to quit, and has done business directly with the chain wholesalers. ,In its bankruptcy filing earlier this month, Archway Mother's Cookie Co. listed assets in excess of 50 million and liabilities of more than 500 million. ,An announcement early in the week said that Knobloch stepped down as chief executive, but later reports are that he was asked to stay on for another two weeks. He plans to move next to a chief executive position with Broyhill, the manufacturer of recliners. ,Former workers may contact the office of the mayor of Battle Creek for information on how to contact the legal firm in Lansing which is handling a lawsuit on their behalf. Interested parties may also search the website for the firm Kurtzman Carson Consultants for several legal papers on file. ,According to the Ashland Times Gazette of Oct. 6: Mother's Cake Cookie Co. operations. Upon Court approval, Jeff Granger of Focus Management Group will be appointed as Chief Restructuring Officer CRO of the Company. per Topix, Focus Management has a toll free number at 888.733.1544. ,Speculation abounds that Keebler will buy Mother's and/or Archway as it emerges from bankruptcy, with CBC buying the Salerno, Mrs. Alison and possibly the Archway brands, along with the Kitchener bakery plant. Archway had previously been owned by Deerfield based Specialty Foods Corp. According to a company profile, variations of Archway's famous oatmeal cookie had accounted for 40 percent of overall sales. The Salerno butter cookies and coconut bars are sold in Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana. Salerno started in 1936 and was a big company until Archway purchased them in 2001. ,The company sent notices to the cities of Battle Creek and Ashland, Ohio, stating that the two locations would close, putting approximately 160 people out of work, 59 of those in Battle Creek. Archway distributors across the country have lost their jobs as well. Employees were notified either by letter or by a group announcement at the factory that the plants would be closing. ,Employees were treated with very short shrift. They were told that their insurance was terminating, and that COBRA would not be offered. According to one California family, they would not even be paid for the last week of work. Mary Norwood wrote on Topix: Employees will not receive a pay check for work that was done week of 9/29/08. ,Suspicions are that operations will be shifted to the Canadian plant in Kitchener. Factory equipment was sighted being removed from the Ohio plant and loaded onto Canadian moving trucks, as reported by a commenter on the Topix site. To quote: Our local paper reports that a truck left the plant in Ashland loaded with equipment. Funny thing is that the trucking company is from around a place in Canada that has a plant. ,Reportedly Davis Cookie in Pennsylvania still produces Archway and distributes to all of Pennsylvania. ,Compiled from stories in the Battle Creek Enquirer by Ryan Holland, in The SouthStar News by Mike Nolan, the Ashland Times Gazette, and the WOOD TV of Grand Rapids and Michigan forum called Topix.]Arctic Ice Is About to Go on Sale ,in the world of rare stones, Foxfire is a freak. ,It was buried in a place where big gem quality diamonds aren supposed to exist. A Rio Tinto Group ore processor was configured to discard it. Luckily for Rio Tinto, rare diamonds are hot, much hotter than bog standard rough stones. Sales of those fell 18 percent last year, while their uncommon cousins rack up records. Lucara Diamond Corp. just sold an 813 carat jewel named the Constellation for 63 million, making it the most expensive of its kind a carat. in Vancouver. larger you go, the better pricing protection you have, simply because of rarity. may be less than a third the size of the Constellation, which like the Lesedi la Rona hails from the Lucara mine in Botswana, but Davies said he banking on its back story capturing imaginations. providence is just superb. Foxfire Journey From Mine to Market ,Named for an aboriginal description of the Northern Lights translated to an undulating fox tail escaped being crushed 130 miles 210 kilometers south of the Arctic Circle in the Northwest Territories. The Diavik mine is remote, surrounded by rocks and too many lakes to count, with caribou and grizzly bears the nearest neighbors. In winter, daylight lasts fewer than six hours and the temperature can drop to minus 50 Celsius minus 58 Fahrenheit. Approaching from the air, the Ice Road leading to the mine appears as a turquoise ribbon snaking across tundra and semi frozen water. It been unseasonably warm in Canada north and this year the road was only open for eight weeks. The only other way in is from the sky. ,Diavik exists because molten rock called kimberlite forced its way 100 miles up through cracks in the Earth 60 million years ago and erupted miles into the air, scattering diamonds in all directions. Over time, the stones were pushed back down into the volcanic pipes, which were scoured by glaciers and eventually topped with water. Foxfire was hiding where most such gems in the Northwest Territories lurk: beneath a lake. Since Diavik began operating in 2003, it has produced more than 90 million carats of diamonds. Three kimberlite pipes are now being excavated, with a fourth scheduled to come on stream in 2018. ,Mine processing systems are designed according to complex calculations about the likely size and distribution of gems waiting to be tapped. In Canada, diamond ore bodies tend to be quite consistent, said Kim Truter, CEO of De Beers Canada Corp. and a former head of Diavik. some reason, the quality of the stones at Diavik peaks at six carats but then thereafter actually gets worse. Diavik wasn set up to handle big stones, and Foxfire pulled through in August by chance. Yuri Kinakin, superintendent of process technology, said he does think about another giant being crushed get paid to be worried views it as statistical question. One anomaly isn enough to rejigger the whole place. ,Foxfire looks like a pretty piece of glass with a slight yellow tinge, not the very white hue that ideal for engagement rings. That could knock down the value, although Rio Tinto experts figure the offending color can be polished away. Meanwhile, all the publicity surrounding the recent sale of the Constellation might be a boon. The stone was purchased by a trading company in Dubai that will probably chop it into several pieces; even Elizabeth Taylor might not have wanted to wear a golf ball sized diamond around her neck. ,Jordan Fine of JFine Inc., a dealer specializing in rare diamonds, had a look at Foxfire at New York Langham Place Hotel, where it was recently on display for prospective bidders; before that it was showcased at Kensington Palace in London, and its next stops are Antwerp and Tel Aviv. Fine represents a Canadian retailer who would like to burnish the stone in front of customers in his shop and believe that there anything higher end that he could deliver, being from North America. One potential bidder represented by David Shara, CEO of Optimum Diamonds, is considering shaping it into a 100 carat maple leaf. ,The world biggest ever gem quality diamond was the 3,106 carat Cullinan, found in 1905 in South Africa. It was fashioned into several polished gems, the two largest of which are part of Britain crown jewels. But Shara said Foxfire is unusual enough that it might be kept away from the cutters and remain unpolished as a rough stone, perhaps even in a museum. Bids will be unsealed on June 1, and the winner will be notified by telephone. ,is something extraordinarily rare that has come from North America, Shara said, it that particular story that makes it so interesting to the collectors.are Americans safer ,Remember when you could guide Grandma straight to her gate at the airport, hug her goodbye before boarding, and wait for one final wave as the plane pushed off ,All that changed on Sept. 11, 2001. ,Now Grandma gets dropped off, hoists her carry on bag onto the X ray machine, and blushes through a full body scan and perhaps a frisking by a security officer. ,The nation has taken unprecedented steps to prevent terrorism, creating a vast, sophisticated security machine to collect information about residents from Dallas to to . ,Along the way, our response has changed nearly every aspect of how we live and work. Whether North Texans fully realize it, the nation is moving closer to a society where every move is monitored all in the name of safety. ,Sophisticated traffic cameras monitor us as we cruise down Interstate 35. Workers at a Las Colinas high rise might need special identification to park, enter the office or even ride the elevator. An afternoon of Dallas Cowboys football might start with a bomb sniffing dog in the parking lot. ,But are we truly safer today than a decade ago ,"Yes" is the consensus. At least 30 planned terrorist attacks have been foiled since 9/11. ,But some security experts say the further we get from 9/11, the more complacent we become. Others fear that technological advances erode privacy rights and civil liberties. A new set of issues looms as federal, state and local governments face budget constraints, pitting public services such as libraries against law enforcement. intelligence gathering is better, flight school students are screened and airplane cockpit doors have been hardened, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said at the Aspen Security Forum in July. But in their place, she said, are new risks such as "belly bombs" explosives implanted inside a person. ,William J. Bratton, one of the world's top security experts and a former police chief in , Los Angeles and New York, says great strides have been made to mitigate risk and make us safer today, but "there will never be victory" because threats are constantly evolving. ,Cities vs. borders and more. The Department of Homeland Security says it has funneled 195.3 million in funds to the area since 2003. ,Dallas, for instance, used some of its roughly 55 million in grants to create an urban search and rescue team, update its emergency operations center and buy generators for water plants and major public buildings, said Rocky Vas, head of the city's office of intergovernmental services. urban areas. ,Texas saw more border crossings last year than any other. And Texas cities have experienced four attempted attacks in the past two years, including two incidents at the Fort Hood military base near Killeen. ,Most federal money has gone to North Texas' biggest cities, but some suburbs have developed sophisticated systems using a combination of funding and existing technology. ,In Frisco, a bank of monitors and a network of cameras cover every corner of town. The system is a direct response to terrorism, Fire Chief Mack Borschardt said, and lets commanders plan their response before crews arrive on the scene. ,The city's new hazmat truck can determine whether powder that arrived in the mail is anthrax or baby powder, said firefighter Will Tramel. ,Air travel ,Jennifer Massengale of Frisco recently lugged two young children, two strollers and four bags through Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport on the way to visit family in Kansas City. She said she understands the need for extra vigilance, but wishes airport security agents were better trained and followed uniform procedures. ,"I feel safer to some extent, but it sure does make it much more hectic," Massengale said. "It takes so much work to get all the shoes off, get all the liquids out of their sippy cups. At one point, I had to carry the rules. ,For many people, In a dark room behind a nondescript door at D/FW Airport ,The agency has spent 56.8 billion on aviation security nationwide. It wouldn't disclose North Texas spending. fake id got taken fake call id apk fake id marche Ȥ vegas fake id book online amazon

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