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Memphis fake id lux card fake id This isn't a third term of Bill Clinton, this is a third term of Barack Obama," Walker said of a potential Clinton victory in November 2016. ,The speech sounded similar themes to the stump speech he rolled out last month in New Hampshire, with the themes of growth, reform and safety forming the pillars of a potential presidential platform. ,Walker's speech, which he has honed in recent months, opened with his narrative of a Kohl's shopping everyman who faced death threats during the 2011 protests and closed with the story about realizing on a visit to Independence Hall that the Founding Fathers were ordinary people "who risked their lives for the freedoms we all hold dear today. using a fake id in maine fake hawaii id movie alabama id fake referral id colorado id card,Walker drew a laugh mentioning that he was wearing a Jos. A. Bank suit ,He then got the crowd buzzing and nodding in retelling a story about how the Wisconsin based discount retailer makes money off of sales volume ,With all deference to my friend Art Laffer, it's the Kohl's Curve in my mind," Walker said. ,He then took a jab at Clinton, adding, "I doubt the presumptive nominee for the other party has ever been to Kohl's. fake id chinatown nyc fake id sellers alex malzone fake id Walker was asked three questions by the audience ,That last question is when he mentioned his support among Republicans and independents during his three election victories.

online fake id maker uk alberta fake id consequences florida id generator arizona id template He's really lit it up in New Hampshire," said Gregory Slayton, a venture capitalist from Hanover, who asked the third question and thought Walker gave the best presentation of the weekend. "Talk, talk, talk. There's a lot of people talking about things but he's done things. british fake id easiest id card to fake fake id making app fake Massachusetts id card western australia proof of age card Walker is leading the latest New Hampshire polls ,If I looked at the polls, I would never have been a state senator, I would have never been a governor," said former New York Gov. George Pataki, who spoke at the event. "You don't worry about what the polls say about you or the others, you worry about what you say about the future of the country. how to get a florida id how to spot a connecticut fake id new ny id fake Walker's second visit of the year to the Granite State came the same week the latest Marquette Law School poll showed his popularity in Wisconsin dropping to its lowest level in the three year history of the poll. ,Those saying the state is heading in the right direction and the state budget is in better shape also dropped ,The poll found 41 percent approved of the job he is doing ,The poll also showed widespread opposition to several provision in Walker's proposal Missouri id fake fake id GrandRapids fake california phone number

fake ny drivers license Among Republicans ,Among independents Despite the downturn in public opinion back home ,Presidential candidates outside of their home states rarely face a situation where Iowa or New Hampshire voters pay attention to what goes on back home," said Marquette Law School pollster Charles Franklin. ,Walker told reporters after the speech that the low poll numbers don't complicate his national message, and that his numbers will improve when people see the benefits of things such as lower property taxes and funding for domestic violence prevention.Scott Walker understands power ,Thought Scott Walker's effort to reshape the balance of power in Wisconsin began and ended with his initiative to yank collective bargaining rights away from public employee unions Think again. As my colleague Jennifer Rubin points out, he's using the absence of the state's Senate Democrats to pass a law requiring photo identification from voters. Such laws tend to exclude groups of voters who move a lot, don't drive or can't afford the fees required to keep their identification current groups that just happen to overlap with traditionally Democratic constituencies. Here's NYU's Brennan Center for Justice on who tends to get excluded: ,The impact of ID requirements is even greater for the elderly, students, people with disabilities, low income individuals, and people of color. Thirty six percent of Georgians over 75 do not have a driver's license. Fewer than 3 percent of Wisconsin students have driver's licenses listing their current address. The same study found that African Americans have driver's licenses at half the rate of whites, and the disparity increases among younger voters; only 22% of black men aged 18 24 had a valid driver's license. Not only are minority voters less likely to possess photo ID, but they are also more likely than white voters to be selectively asked for ID at the polls. ,That last point is important, too: These requirements tend to get enforced more heavily in minority or immigrant heavy districts, and less heavily in, say, retirement communities. Walker knows what he's doing here, just as he knows what he's doing in going after collective bargaining under the guise of increasing pension contributions. He's attempting to reshape Wisconsin's laws in a way that benefits Republicans and disadvantages Democrats, and he's being notably systematic about it. In her post, Rubin refers to him as "the canny governor," and though you can decide for yourself whether that's a compliment, it's undoubtedly accurate. ,he may do some real damage, before the senators return again, from illinois, but i think that walker is in, way over his head now. ,his state could turn into a tinderbox, and no one wants to see things out of control. ,the bottom line is, he has very little control over events now. ,and as more and more people become engaged and mobilized, this has the potential to cause real damage, and to reflect very poorly on his ability to manage and reach conciliation within his state. ,he may do what he can, but he is in an extremely precarious place right now, with the potential for anything to happen. ,no matter who you are, or how powerful you are, that is not a good place for anyone to be. ,this situation is not going to go away, and it is probably turning from headache to nightmare for him, despite his canniness in getting legislation passed. ,Every election I've voted in I've needed to provide photo ID and be registered to vote at my location. In fact I moved just before the November 2010 elections and went to my new one and they sent me back to my old polling place because i wasn't listed there. Is that something that's not required in every state Its not a national law Shouldn't you be required to prove you're a citizen of a country, state, city, locality to vote in their elections ,Should we really be pushing to make it easier to have voter fraud ,So are you saying we should just take people's words for it that they're citizens of that state, county, city if that's the case in the next election I'm spending the day going from town to town to vote. ,Is this article about the budget bill containing the organizing restrictions, or about a separate stand alone bill that can be brought up without the budgetary quorum requirements I can't tell from the information provided. I had thought the original budget bill had already passed the lower house. ,By relating everything to a driver's license, you simply set up a straw man to knock down. Doesn't get his way and says, "I'll show you And I've come to expect partisan attacks from constans. that being each time its a senior citizen at a retirement community where my polling place has been from now on its at a school so I don't know who will be there or if i'll be asked for it. I wouldn't necessarily call it a shakedown" but again congratulations in continuing your derogatory tones towards me. i hope you're proud of yourself because your lack of class shines through yet again.Scott Walker's approval level at home drops below 40 percent ,Republican presidential hopeful Gov. Scott Walker has lost significant home state support for his White House bid, and he continues to face dissatisfaction among Wisconsin voters with his job approval rating falling below 40 percent for the first time in a new Marquette Law School Poll released Thursday. ,The poll found 39 percent of registered voters approve of Walker's job performance, two points lower than a similar survey in April and the lowest of all Marquette polls since January 2012. ,Among a field of 17 Republican contenders, Walker received support from 25 percent of self identified Republicans or independents who lean to the GOP. That's dramatically below the 40 percent backing he had in April before formally entering the race. ,Other contenders trailed Walker, including retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson 13 percent, real estate mogul Donald Trump 9 percent, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz 8 percent, former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio both at 7 percent. Trump, who leads in national polls, wasn't one of the options in the April poll. ,Walker's campaign spokeswoman, AshLee Strong, issued this statement about the poll results: "As Governor Walker says, the only poll that matters is on Election Day. Gov. Walker has a strong record of fighting for reform and winning on behalf of the taxpayers, and he will continue to share that message in the months to come. Voters are hungry for action, not talk, and they want a candidate who is tested and proven. Gov. Walker is that candidate. ,On the Democratic side, In a head to head matchup ,Only 37 percent said Walker is someone who cares about people like me," while six in 10 respondents said Walker is "someone who is able to get things done." A third of respondents said they like Walker's decision to run for president. ,The poll included 802 registered voters interviewed between Aug. 13 and 16. It had a margin of error of 4.3 percentage points. Republican primary questions had 334 respondents and a margin of error of 6.6 points. Democratic primary questions had 396 respondents and a margin of error of 6.1 points. ,A lot has happened in the three months since the last Marquette poll found Walker's approval rating at its lowest level in three years, including Walker officially announcing his candidacy though he's been traveling the country extensively since January. ,Walker signed a contentious state budget that cut University of Wisconsin System funding by 250 million while freezing tuition, borrowed a record amount for roads while reducing other borrowing and raised park fees while keeping property taxes flat. His office also was involved in a widely criticized attempt to gut the state's open records law. ,The poll found a plurality, 41 percent, think the state budget is in worse shape than it was a few years ago. ,Another 36 percent say it's in better shape and 19 percent say it's about the same. ,It also found 58 percent of respondents don't think the UW System can absorb the state funding cuts, though 52 percent said it can absorb four years of frozen tuition. ,Walker also approved a deal to provide 250 million in state and local taxpayer funds for a new Milwaukee Bucks arena and signed a bill banning abortion after 20 weeks. ,Asked about the abortion ban, 48 percent said they support it, while 44 percent said they were opposed. ,In May, a State Journal investigation raised questions about the Walker administration's involvement in a 500,000 Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. loan to a struggling Milwaukee company owned by a top Walker donor that has yet to be repaid. Walker has since begun a phase out of the agency's loan program and removed himself as chairman of the board. ,The poll found 49.5 percent of respondents think the state is creating jobs at a slower pace than other states. About 9 percent say it is creating jobs at a slower pace, and 36 percent say at about the same rate. ,Overall, 46 percent said the state is headed in the right direction, whereas 52 percent say it's on the wrong track. That's a slight improvement from April when 43 percent said it was on the right track and 53 percent said it was headed in the wrong direction.Scott's BBQ smokehouse in Hemingway burned in early Wednesday fire ,A suspected grease fire destroyed anything that would burn in the fire pits of Scott's Bar B Que early Wednesday morning. All that remained were the 14 concrete fire pits and an outer, concrete wall garnished with dangling debris and charred tin. ,In many ways, the scene around Scott's Wednesday morning was the same as every other morning, including the incessant presence of thick, alluring wood smoke and the creaking of the store's glass door with arriving customers. A half dozen men shouted orders and tossed wood into a flaming, 8 foot tall fire barrel behind the smokehouse or "The Pits," as owner Rodney Scott calls the building housing the pits on which he cooks his hogs. ,The store where barbecue and other Southern staples are sold remained undamaged and business operated as usual. As a small group of volunteers and regular employees began loading a large trailer with debris, Scott called the fire a minor setback. ,"Fire does what it wants," he said. "This is like a speed bump. You readjust and you go over it again. ,Chief Randy Swinton said about 15 firefighters from five stations were on scene with the priority of protecting the store adjacent to the smokehouse. As apparatus arrived, Swinton estimated The Pits to be about 75 percent engulfed. The fire was contained and under control in an hour and a half. ,Scott said he received a call from one of his workers at about the same time who said a grease fire had gotten out of control. He just told them "to get out of there. fake id captions fake id penalty Louisiana fake south carolina id fake id's ca

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