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fake Massachusetts id card vermont fake id Vietnamese fishermen sat on their fishing ship anchored at the Marine Law Enforcement Division Port in Koror fake id template uk cheapest form of id how to make a fake Maryland driver's license novelty id fake id law florida,TOKYO The tiny Pacific nation of Palau ,Palau president ,We wanted to send a very strong message. ,The country created the world first shark sanctuary in 2009, but until recently had only one patrol boat to help protect its great hammerheads, leopard sharks and more than 130 other species of shark and rays fighting extinction. Several of the boats that it seized, stripped of their fishing gear, are due to carry 77 crew members of the boats back to Vietnam. ,Remengesau said that the stream of poachers showed that just stripping the rogue boats of their nets and confiscating their catches was not enough ,"I think it necessary to burn the boats," he said. ,Palau, about 600 miles miles east of the Philippines, is one of the world smallest countries, its 20,000 people scattered across a tropical archipelago of 250 islands that is considered a biodiversity hotspot. In 2012, its Rock Islands Southern Lagoon was named a UNESCO World Heritage site. ,Driven by rising demand from China and elsewhere in Asia, overfishing threatens many species of fish. With 240,000 square miles of territorial waters, including its exclusive economic zone, or EEZ, extending 200 miles from its coastline, Palau is battling to prevent poaching of its sea life by fishermen from across southeast Asia. ,Despite progress in tracing sources of fish sold to consumers, about a fifth of the global market for marine products caught and sold, or about 23.5 billion, is caught illegally. ,"There a lot of opportunity for illegal fishing and other transnational crime. It a challenge," said Seth Horstmeyer, campaigns director for The Pew Charitable Trusts Global Ocean Legacy program. High seas pockets, beyond the jurisdiction of any government, account for nearly two thirds of all ocean areas. ,From Palau to Japan is a vast expanse of seas that nobody controls and nobody owns, areas that serve as refuges for illegal fishing vessels. ,The Vietnamese fishermen tend to prowl shallows seas and reefs in search of sea cucumbers and reef fish and then flee back into those deeper waters to evade capture, Horstmeyer said. ,One way to counter that tactic is to create a "geofence" using vessel identification systems that could trigger alerts when vessels cross into national waters. ,Nearby Indonesia also is taking harsher action, recently blowing up and sinking 41 foreign fishing vessels from China, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, as a warning against poaching in the country waters. ,In Hanoi, Foreign Ministry spokesman Le Hai Binh recently told reporters the government was seeking to protect the rights of the fishermen. He urged other governments to "render humanitarian treatment toward the Vietnamese fishing trawlers and fishermen on the basis of international law as well as humanitarian treatment toward fishermen who were in trouble at sea. fake driver license fake NorthCarolina id card fake id 21 While burning and sinking such ships seems drastic ,In a report on IUU fishing last year

chinese id generator fake id card forum pa identification card texas fake id template download Poachers go where the risk of being discovered is lowest, said Johanne Fischer, New Zealand based executive secretary at the South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organization, which works on conservation and sustainable use of fishery resources in the South Pacific Ocean. ,"Part of the problem is the mafia type of the thinking of the industry of just trying to make money. It human nature, whenever you have possibility to make money with illegal activities. It the same in the ocean. how to get washington state id do fake ids work uk how to get the best fake id how to do fake id card id chief busted As Palau plan for a national marine sanctuary moves through its legislature ,Britain is preparing to make the Pitcairn Islands best fake id site reviews most common states for fake ids fake id under blacklight As it gears up for stricter enforcement ,By participating in online discussions you acknowledge that you have agreed to the TERMS OF SERVICE. An insightful discussion of ideas and viewpoints is encouraged ,RAMALLAH ,The raid occurred in Hebron fake id california reddit fake driving licence using fake id scotland

real looking fake id Jihad Shawar ,The forces handcuffed Shalaldeh and a brother who was in the room This is an outright crime," Shawar said. "No one should violate hospitals, but Israel did." Osama Najjar, the spokesman for the Palestinian Health Ministry, called the incident an "assassination," saying he believed Israel intended to kill Abdallah Shalalbeh. ,The Israeli military said troops shot a man at the hospital while they were there to arrest a suspect in a stabbing attack. It claimed the man had tried to attack the troops, but gave no further details and would not say whether undercover troops had participated. ,The hospital, however, provided security camera video to The Associated Press showing about a dozen men walking down a hospital corridor, pushing someone covered in a blanket in a wheelchair. The person in the wheelchair flings the blanket off, stands up and, with the other men, draws a gun and continues walking. ,The men are joined by what appear to be two women, one wearing a niqab, a garment covering the face and body, and the other appears to be pregnant, and has her hand on her lower back as she walks with the group of men. ,Minutes later, the men, some wearing traditional Palestinian scarves and others donning what appear to be fake beards and moustaches, push a man in a wheelchair, apparently the suspect, back down the hall, as perplexed nurses look on. ,Azzam Shalaldeh was being treated at the hospital for gunshot wounds, which the military said were sustained when the Israeli he stabbed last month shot him. It said he was about 20 years old and comes from a family of "known Hamas operatives. ,The incident is not the first time Israel's undercover forces have been caught on camera since a current wave of Israeli Palestinian violence began two months ago. Last month The Israeli army and police both maintain undercover units that are used primarily in arrest raids. The operations are meant to take place quickly ,After McCain named Palin to the GOP national ticket, One lawmaker complained earlier this month that state Sen. Hollis French ,Can Obama be trusted We ask because he's shown a pattern of secretive double dealing with voters state id oahu fake uk id from china fake id ontario laws provisional license nsw

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