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It will always get found out. , displayName ,Postmedia wants to improve your reading experience as well as share the best deals and promotions from our advertisers with you. The information below will be used to optimize the content and make ads across the network more relevant to you. You can always change the information you share with us by editing your profile.How to buy rare books the right way ,A chance encounter with a rare book changed the course of Subbiah Yadalam life. ,Though Yadalam had been an avid book buyer since he was 10, he stumbled across a book at the Bangalore Club library in 2004, which opened up a world he never knew existed. ,Castes and Tribes of Southern India, a seven volume ethnographic encyclopedia by Edgar Thurston and Kadambi Rangachari captivated the then 42 year old so much he immediately wanted to buy the whole set. The Club declined to sell. ,was compelled to search for a rare book for the first time in my life, said Yadalam, a native of Bengaluru, India. At a local book dealer, he bought the entire set for 15,000 rupees 246. ,Now, a decade later, he has become one of India most distinguished collectors of rare and antiquarian books. In 2009, he established the Rare Book Society of India, a digital library of rare, out of print books on India, with more than 44,000 members worldwide. ,His personal collection is impressive, with almost 175 rare literary works valued at 4.2m rupees 70,000, including an inscribed copy of Fanny Parkes 19th century memoirs titled Wanderings of a Pilgrim in Search of the Picturesque that he bought for about 3,500 from a dealer in New York. ,Wanderings is considered a rare Anglo Indian classic and the most readable travelogue of India in the early 1820s, he explained. ,The advent of technology has pushed many to electronic devices for the bulk of their reading. For rare book collectors, though, the thrill of holding a piece of literary history remains unparalleled. ,Whether sifting through a yard sale or a million dollar bid at an auction, the pursuit of a rare piece of literary work is half the fun. For seekers, the joy of a serendipitous find is boundless. ,What to buy ,Rare is really a measure of how easily obtainable a book is, said Matthew Haley, head of books and manuscripts division at the noted British auction house Bonhams. ,makes a book collectible is another matter, he said. editions aren always the most valuable and sought after, as some would believe, according to R Arvid Nelsen, chair of the Rare Books and Manuscript Section of the Association of College and Research Libraries in Minneapolis in the US. ,people have bought into the idea that first editions are inherently more valuable, he said. lot of it has to do with marketing. 1586 first edition of William] Camden's Britannia has no maps but fetches 1,633. The larger format 1607 edition has 57 maps and can fetch five to 10 times the price of the first edition. Third Folio the third collected edition of his plays is a famous example of a later printing of a book that has more value than an earlier one. of the surviving copies of] the Third Folio sold for 374,500 in 2012, while Second Folio printed in 1632, can achieve as little as 25,000. die hard collectors look for intrinsic, not financial, value, asserts Warwick Jordan, founder and manager of Hard to Find Books in New Zealand. He cites Michael King biography titled Wrestling with the Angel: A Life of Janet Frame as one example that became collectible merely by accident. first edition of it is worth around NZ25 20. We have the copy that Michael King inscribed and presented to Janet Frame. At NZ6,250 5,034 it a unique historical item of which only one exists. isn always the biggest value proposition, says Wendy Guerin, co founder of Cookbook Village, an online store that specialises in collectible and vintage cookbooks in Tucson, Arizona, in the US. notes in older cookbooks can actually bring the value up, she said. enjoy reading the handwritten recipes and notes. you pay ,The range of a book value varies dramatically. ,difficult sometimes to call it, Guerin said. Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking a classic cookbook is a great example. The book, which normally sells in the 20 to 40 range, hit the 800 mark after the 2007 release of Julie Julia, a movie based on Child memoirs. ,Haley says enthusiasts can find books to suit all budgets. A collector can buy good condition first edition of a James Bond book by Ian Fleming anywhere between 160 and 24,500 depending on whether it's one of the first or last stories in the series. The first stories are considered more valuable because they were published in smaller quantities, before the Bond phenomenon took off. ,At the higher end, signed first editions of famously reclusive J D Salinger The Catcher in the Rye goes for around 25,000, but signed later editions can still fetch 5,000. ,View image of Hot at Auction Credit: Christie Images ,Proof copies, which are sent to book reviewers prior to first editions, can also be a great find, especially for people interested in owning a piece of the process. ,copies of J K Rowling first Potter offering, Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone, sell for around 6,830. There are 200 of them, Wade said. ,What to look for ,Well preserved volumes command a higher premium and will last longer if you care for them properly. ,can think of condition as a kind of pyramid, Haley said. "For a given work, there might be dozens of copies in scrappy condition, several copies in good condition, but only two or three copies in outstanding condition. Those two or three copies will always be the most desirable and will hold their value better than others. covers, missing dust jackets, ripped pages, mildewed edges, less than sharp corners and food stains can all detract from the value of a treasured tome. ,Moisture, dust and direct sunlight are the enemy of books. A bookcase with a door can protect them. ,Apart from physical condition, content contributes meaningfully to a book desirability. most valuable books are those that changed the course of history or of human understanding, Haley said. ,Among them, the Gutenberg Bible 1455, Isaac Newton's book on gravity Principia Mathematica 1687 and Charles Darwin On the Origin of Species 1859. ,Given that rare books are old and have been touched by many hands, proper care is key. Those printed more than a century ago can develop discoloured and brittle leaves if not kept in suitable conditions.How to Buy Shares in Chinese Companies ,wikiHow to Buy Shares in Chinese CompaniesTwo Methods:Purchasing Stocks from Chinese Stock ExchangesPurchasing Chinese Stocks from non Chinese Stock ExchangesCommunity Q emerging market can be attractive to foreign investors. However, the Chinese market is regulated in specific ways that restrict how foreign investors can purchase stock in Chinese companies. Nevertheless, multiple options are available to those who would like to gain direct and/or indirect exposure to Chinese stock markets.Research to learn which stocks are available and right for you. There are several types of stocks that can be bought from Chinese exchanges for example, A shares, B shares, and H shares. Different regulations, fees, and procedures apply to each one.You can research different types of stocks and information about Chinese stock exchanges by reviewing databases such as Morningstar, Barron's, and Bloomberg, as well as online stock trading services.Think about choosing stocks that have the right cost, risk level, diversity, and potential returns for your particular investment portfolio.If you are relying on translated sources for information about the Chinese market, keep in mind that the sources might not be the most current or detailed.Since foreign markets can be particularly complicated, it is a good idea to seek advice from a financial professional before investing in them.Contact your broker or investment service when you are ready to purchase stocks. When you are ready to buy shares in Chinese companies, contact your broker, who can guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have. With internet based stock trading, you can also purchase stocks on your own in many cases. Visit your online investment service for details on which options are available to you.Information about fees, limits on the number of shares you can buy, and/or minimum numbers of shares you must purchase at a time can be obtained from your broker or online trading service. This information will be listed for each stock that is for sale.As with any investment, there is some level of risk with buying stock in Chinese companies. No one can predict with complete certainty which stocks will succeed, but you can make an educated decision getting the best information possible from your broker or independent research.Purchase A shares of Chinese stocks. A shares are a class of stocks in Chinese companies that trade on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets. These can only be purchased by residents of mainland China, and by certain Qualified Foreign Institutional Investors QFIIs.1]2]A shares are quoted in renminbi, the official currency of China.3]Individuals cannot become QFIIs. These are designated by the Chinese Securities Regulatory Commission CSRC and are very large foreign financial companies such as Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, Scotiabank, Deutsche Bank, and Lehman Brothers.Purchase B shares of Chinese stocks. B shares are a class of stocks in Chinese companies that trade on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges. Unlike A shares, these can be purchased by foreign investors.4]5]The number of companies offering B shares is relatively small.B shares of Chinese stocks are quoted in foreign currencies. B shares listed on the Shanghai stock exchange are quoted in United States dollars, while those listed on the Shenzhen stock market are quoted in Hong Kong dollars.Purchase H shares of Chinese stocks. H shares are a class of stocks in companies incorporated in China but which trade on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange HKEx. These can be purchased from the HKEx by foreign investors.6]7]Many companies that have H share listings also have A share listings.8] Effectively, this provides a way of purchasing stock in Chinese companies that are otherwise barred from foreign investors.Shares are sold through the HKEx in bulk groups known as "board lots." The size of a stock's board lot ranges from 50 100,000 shares. Shares in companies listed on the HKEx must be bought in multiples of the stock's board lot amount.9]10]The number of companies offering H shares is limited. You can check the HKEx website in order to see which companies list H shares, their stock codes, board lot amount, and other pertinent information.Do research to learn which stocks are available and right for you. There are several types of Chinese stocks that can be bought from non Chinese exchanges. Different regulations, fees, and procedures apply to each one.You can research different types of stocks and information about Chinese stock exchanges by reviewing databases such as Morningstar, Barron's, and Bloomberg.Think about choosing stocks that have the right cost, risk level, diversity, and potential returns for your particular investment portfolio.If you are relying on translated sources for information about the Chinese market, keep in mind that the sources might not be the most current or detailed.Since foreign markets can be particularly complicated, it is a good idea to seek advice from a financial professional before investing in them.Contact your broker or investment service when you are ready to purchase stocks. When you are ready to buy shares in Chinese companies, contact your broker, who can guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have. With internet based stock trading, you can also purchase stocks on your own in many cases. Visit your online investment service for details on which options are available to you.Before purchasing any shares in a company, make sure you know and understand any fees, limits, and risks associated with its stock.Consider purchasing shares in a China focused ETF. Exchange traded funds, or ETFs, are like mutual funds in many ways but have a few key differences, such as the fact that they can be bought and sold throughout the day similar to stocks, and are designed to track a market index. Some ETFs focus on Chinese corporations entirely or in large part, so these can be a way of investing in the Chinese market.18]19]How to Buy Used iPhone Without Getting Conned ,Unlike brands like Samsung, Nokia and HTC, Apple has resisted the urge to manufacture really cheap iPhones for markets in Asia, Africa and South America. Usually, iPhones come pricy during release and only become affordable a year later, when new versions hit the shelves. ,Having gone through nine iPhone iterations in the last nine years, the original iPhone through to iPhone 5 are available really cheaply anywhere. ,But buyers in developing markets also have to contend with trickeries that come with purchasing used products. First of all, these iPhones come devoid of warranty even if official warranty still stands when considering distance related complications and secondly, conmen get the cue to affect havoc. ,No wonder, stories in the media continue to be told of brick packages, non deliveries, stolen iPhones and fake Chinese iPhones. Ultimately, purchasing used iPhones is not the straightforward business many expect it to be. ,If you choose to purchase these iPhones however, below are a few guidelines which should keep you safe from conmen and ensure you get the true feeling of the iPhone. ,1:Watch Out for Activation LockBeware not to purchase an iPhone locked to an Apple ID whose email address and password is still active and unknown to you. Apple warns that an iPhone locked to unknown Apple ID will not be accessed whatsoever. ,Up until today no hack exploit is available to help disassociate an Apple ID from an iPhone. ,As a rule of thumb, make sure the iPhone you buy online, from a dealer or friend has the Apple ID attached to it removed. This way, you can enter your own Apple ID upon purchasing it. ,Just a reminder that without the password to the Apple ID in the iPhone, you will ,not be able to re activate it following IOS or other restore ,be unable to turn off Find my iPhone ,not be able to erase your device for security related reasons ,2: Watch Out for iPhone Carrier LockWhile watching out for Activation lock in the iPhone, also find out its carrier lock state. This is important if the iPhone is to be used in a country other than where it was purchased. ,Suffice to say, most used iPhones shipped from the western to developing counties are locked to select carrier networks and have to be unlocked before use. ,Thus, if your intention is to purchase a cheap iPhone, the one locked to a distant carrier network will become expensive in the long run. Unlocking iPhones in developing countries is costly by any means. ,3:Assess the Condition of the iPhoneThe drawback with buying used iPhones online means receiving what you have not verified physically. An iPhone advertised in good condition may arrive at your doorstep looking bad and probably without recourse and money back guarantee. ,It is advised to purchase an iPhone from trusted and reputable retailer and if possible, directly from a known person. That way, the possibility of being conned is minimized. ,Remember that iPhone models bought in good condition will maintain their resale value even with a few additional years and you may want to sell it to the next buyer as you upgrade to the next used iPhone! ,Scratches vis vis glass protector ,Bad battery more on battery below ,A good battery even in a used iPhone should last an average of 10 hours if used moderately. It is unlikely therefore you will come across a battery that underperforms, unless it was used badly. ,Used in harsh conditions: iPhone batteries charged and used in hot weather conditions degrade fast ,Stored badly: iPhone batteries stored out of use for many months will also degrade fast ,Too many charge/discharge cycles: iPhones that have too many charge/discharge cycles will have really bad battery! ,Before forking out cash for that beautiful iPhone, make sure to assess its battery life, lest you get stuck with a battery that lasts measly two hours or thereabouts. ,4:Beware of Fake iPhonesSo many fake iPhones abound in the market. Whereas the difference between fakes and genuine iPhones is clear enough, many first time users get easily conned. ,What you need to know is that the finishing in Phone design, the screen resolution and touch experience are all excellent. On the contrary, fake iPhones manifest the opposite of these features at least if you choose to pay attention. ,When buying a used iPhone in a box, make sure to open the package and inspect the contents. ,5:Beware of Stolen iPhonesWhile shopping for used iPhones be aware that a good number of them are actually stolen! iPhones stolen in Europe, USA and developed Asia, somehow find their way in the markets of developing countries.How to calm a cat in heat ,Grab wailing, squirming cat and place it on your lap with its hind quarters readily accessible. Chances are the cat will freely offer them, if not the first time this procedure is followed, then certainly each time afterward.Insert the Q tip into the cat's vagina. It will be exposed and puffy. Do not insert the Q tip into the other orifice. Either way the cat will begin to scream, but there is a subtle and audible difference in the scream of satisfaction and the scream of rectal pain. 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A cat in heat will follow you around and howl at you in a bone chilling, hideous wail until you are ready just to toss it outside and let it get pounded by the local tom's. After a few days of this torture having to drown a few kittens sounds relaxing. This cat saving technique was first demonstrated to me by a terminally un squeemish roomate of years past.Cats in heat. The yowling. The spraying. The Yow ow owowowOWL ing. The sluttish writhing on the floor, or on your feet, or anywhere really. The freeze and thrust when you pat her. The yowling. The tom cats hanging round outside your door spraying everything in sight. And the yowling. There comes a time when you're seriously considering throwing the little sex fiend outside and yelling "Toms do your worst".Obviously, having your cat spayed is the responsible and caring thing to do. It's safer for the kitty, as an unspayed, unmated female cat is at risk of mammary cancer and poly cystic ovaries, both of which can be fatal. 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I havn't been able to get her fixed yet but plan on doing it when she is not in heat she seems to be constantly in heat!!!!Following the information above I figured I could buy myself at least one night of sleep with the darn cat. My boyfriend and I grab a Q tip and go to town. One of us pinning her down and the other going to town with the Q tip.The sounds that a cat makes in this situation is anything but describable. which is how we think this writeup may fall short. There's a confusing blend of hissing, screaming, loving, and biting that results from any of the above suggested stimuli. She'll hate you. She'll love you. This is the strangest, most confusing experience of our lives.How to Cash Money Orders ,Edit ArticlewikiHow to Cash Money Orders ,Two Methods:Choose Where to Cash the Money OrderCash the Money OrderCommunity Q orders are used in place of cash to make payments. Since money orders are prepaid, the payee is guaranteed to receive the full amount, rather than risking a bounced check or bad credit card number. To cash a money order, all you have to do is find the right place to either deposit it or exchange it for bills. Read on to find out everything you need to know to cash a money order. ,Determine where the money order is from. Money orders may be issued by the United States Postal Service USPS, banks, grocery stores, convenience stores, credit unions and cash advance stores. ,A money order's place of origin is usually indicated with a logo or stamp in one of the corners of the paper. Look for the USPS logo, a bank logo, or the name of another institution. ,If it's unclear where the money order came from, ask the person who gave it to you where he or she got it. ,If you can't figure out where the money order came from, that's OK. You won't be able to take it to the post office, but you can take it to your bank or another institution that cashes money orders. ,Find a place to cash it. Money orders can typically be cashed at the same locations where they were purchased. If you have a bank account, you may also choose to cash it there. These practices are followed internationally. ,Go to your bank. A bank in which you have a checking or savings account will cash a money order. Some banks will require you to have enough funds to cover the amount of the money order. You can also deposit a money order into your bank account. ,Go to the post office. The post office will cash money orders that were purchased from a post office. Larger post offices have more funds to cash larger money orders, so if your money order is for a huge amount, choose the bigger branch in your area. ,Go to a grocery or convenience store. Most grocery and convenience stores that sell money orders will also cash money orders. Their fees are usually low, and sometimes they cash checks for free. ,Go to the credit union that guaranteed the funds. For example, if the money order is from the L Federal Credit Union, any L Federal Credit Union branch will cash the money order in full. ,Go to a check cashing store. Use this as a last resort, since check cashing stores usually charge higher fees than grocery or convenience stores. ,If you have a money order from a foreign country, you may have to have it cashed in that country and then wired to you. Banks usually charge steep fees for this service, so if possible, make sure money orders are made out to you in the currency of the country in which you plan to cash it. ,Present the money order. Walk up to the teller, post office worker or cashier and tell him or her that you have a money order to cash. He or she may ask to see your money order and your ID. ,Before you hand over the money order, ask the person helping you what the fee will be. Even though you've already done research, it's important to make sure you're on the same page with the institution's representative so no miscommunications occur. ,Don't be afraid to turn around if you aren't comfortable cashing your money order with a certain institution. If the person helping you quotes a fee that's higher than what you had anticipated paying, try a different bank, grocery store, or convenience store. ,Receive your cash. After the person helping you processes your money order, you will receive the amount of the money order in cash. You can usually request to receive bills of a certain size. Count the money to make sure it's all there before leaving the institution. ,You might want to ask for a receipt, just in case you miscounted the money and later realized the place still owes you cash. ,If you deposited the money order at your bank, you can ask for part of the money order to be given to you in cash. ,Shop around to find the least expensive service fees. ,You can transfer a money order to another person by signing the back of the money order, having the new payee sign under the original payee's signature, and bringing both people with their IDs to the selected cashing location. ,In small cities and towns, if you do not have a bank account and there are no check cashing services in your community, you may have to travel some distances to find an office of the issuing firm for example, US Post Office that does enough business to collect the required funds in cash in one business day. 400 or more may well pose problems in most cases, unless late in the day and at a busy office. ,Don't lose the money order before you cash it. Some institutions will issue a new money order if one is lost, but not all do, and the process can be complicated. Keep your money order in a safe place before it's time to take it to be cashed. ,When purchased, money orders have a receipt portion attached to them. In the event you should lose the money order, the issuing institution will require this "stub" in order to trace the money order. In the unfortunate event that the money order is lost, go back to the person who issued it to you and request the receipt portion of the money order.How to catch a liar at the office ,The chief executive of Royce Leather, a New York based maker of upscale travel accessories, was all set to launch a new product with a major department store in 2014. Just a week or so before the debut, Bauer double checked that everything was ready to go. Had the goods been ordered The company operations manager said yes. ,Two weeks later, Bauer got a call from the department store asking when the product would arrive. That when Bauer discovered the order had never been placed. ,was disappointing, he said. it ended up hurting our relationship with the store]. was most surprising to Bauer, though, was that the operations manager, someone with 30 years in the business, had lied to him. ,While Bauer said his employees are generally honest, people do lie all the time. During a 10 minute conversation, 60% of adults will lie at least once, according to a 2002 University of Massachusetts. Most of those are lies the little white lies that we all tell, but some are bigger and have serious consequences, said Michael Floyd, co founder of QVerity, a behavioural analysis firm that helps people and companies detect lying. Corporations are worried about fraud, hacking and star employees taking company secrets with them to a new job and more, Floyd said. Employees want to know when their boss is lying too. ,The main reason we fib is to avoid unpleasant consequences, said Floyd. In everyday life, people say fine when asked are you to duck an uncomfortable conversation about the terrible day they are having. In the business world, people do all sorts of unsavoury things and lie about them because, naturally, they don want to face repercussions. ,For example, in 2006 Sanjay Kumar, the former chief executive officer of Computer Associates, was convicted for his role in 2.2bn accounting scandal in which he was accused of falsely reporting software licence revenues and lying to investors. Kumar was sentenced to 12 years in prison. ,Everyone lies differently, he explained, and we also tend to think everyone is being truthful. ,all have a truth bias, Wright said. we didn assume people were being honest with us, then the whole communication process would break down. can beat those odds by looking for certain behaviours, Wright said. Surprisingly, they not the behaviours that people expect. ,Most people believe liars avoid eye contact or think they switch their gaze rapidly left and right when they being untruthful, but there no evidence to suggest that this is the case, said Leanne ten Brinke, a professor of psychology at the University of California, Berkeley. ,In fact, liars often have no trouble looking people in the eye, because they know that if they looked elsewhere, people would be less likely to believe them. ,Instead, people should pay attention to facial expressions. Feelings don lie, she said. When people are making something up, they often try to replicate emotions, but the muscles in our faces won react unless those emotions are real. ,A smile is a good example, she said. A genuine smile activates muscles that create crow feet around the eye. With a fake smile, you turn your mouth upward, but eye muscles won move. It not easy to tell, but it not impossible either. smile] looks incomplete and disingenuous, ten Brinke said. ,Lying also takes great mental effort. You need a coherent and plausible story that doesn give too many details, but also doesn leave too much out. Liars tend to give out less information than truth tellers and they may pause more or hesitate often, especially if they haven rehearsed their lie in advance, she said. ,The CIA way ,You can also tell if someone is lying by how they react to questions. ,After years of interrogations and interviews, Floyd and his CIA colleagues developed a lie detection method that analyses how people respond to questions. They came up with five signals. ,First, non verbal hints are particularly important. People who make big gestures, put their hands to their face or clear their throat often could be lying, he said. ,Another sign: when someone avoids answering a question. Making persuasive statements saying convincing things to give off the impression that everything is fine is also a red flag. ,Being aggressive or attacking someone is an indication of lying, too. Then there manipulation, where people try and control the situation by repeating questions or by giving non answer statements, such as a good question needs to see at least two of these behaviours before he can say someone is being deceptive, and the more that show up the better. When he sees several of these kinds of responses, he said he is fairly certain that someone isn telling the truth. ,Context matters too, Wright said. If a company financials are suffering yet the boss says no jobs will be lost, you might want to think hard about whether that person is being truthful. Managers are well served by keeping a close eye on how disgruntled employees react to questions, and whether or not they showing some of those signs of lying. ,Still, it remains tough to tell if someone is being dishonest if you aren constantly looking for it. Most people aren monitoring for these verbal and visual cues on a daily basis. ,Although burned once by a lie, Royce Leather CEO Bauer doesn want to scrutinise every word his employees say, but he is trying to be cognisant of how his staff are talking to him. He hopes that by building trust and improving relationships with his workers, no one will need to be deceitful. ,eliminate dishonesty, he said. your company with integrity, openness and honesty yourself and people won have a reason to lie. comment on this story or anything else you have seen on BBC Capital, please head over to our Facebook page or message us on Twitter.How to Catch Salmon with Pictures ,Edit ArticlewikiHow to Catch Salmon ,Four Parts:Learning Salmon Fishing TechniquesPicking Your LureReadying Your EquipmentGoing Salmon FishingCommunity Q is a popular fish due to its versatile taste and nutritional value.1] And what could be better than eating such a healthy meal fresh from the stream Fishermen have long made use of the migratory habits, and the challenge of catching this fast, powerful fish is enjoyable in its own right. To give yourself the best opportunity to catch salmon, you'll need patience, the right gear, and knowledge of the habits of salmon. ,Try your hand at drift fishing. This method is frequently utilized by angler fishers, who will cast a line from a stationary spot and allow it to drift. As the line drifts, the angler slowly reels in his line to get ready to repeat the process. This kind of fishing is most commonly done in a river with a current upon which your bait can drift.2] ,Cast your line and bait at 30 45 upriver and allow your it to ride the current of the river. When your bait reaches an angle of approximately 30 45, you should reel in your line and prepare to cast again. ,You should weight your fishing setup so that it bounces along the bottom of the river touching at intervals of about a foot. ,Generally, you should equip yourself with an 8 9 foot rod. ,You should fish for Chinook salmon 20 25 lb line. ,Pink salmon can be effectively fished for with a 10 15 lb line.3] ,Practice the art of plunking. This style is comparable to drift fishing, with the exception that instead of casting your line over a wide swatch of river, you instead cast into a migratory path or area known to hold salmon. Once your gear is cast, you should wait for the fish to strike, or reel in your line to change your setup.4] ,Your mainline should be rated between 40 60 lbs and tied directly to your lure. ,Your leader will attach your weight to your setup. It should be tested for 15 lbs, and should be from 18" 30" long. You will likely need between 1 and 8 ounces of lead to attain the best depth.5] ,Rig your bobber setup for float fishing for salmon. This requires tying your bobber to your line and then fastening your bobber stop, which must be done according to the style of bobber stop you have purchased. Some use rubber bands, others can be knotted into the mainline, but after you have affixed your stop:7] ,Thread the bead that came with your stop, or any other bead that fits your line without slipping over your bobber stop or being large enough to get catch your bobber. ,Slide your bobber onto the mainline, tie a size 7 barrel swivel into your line, and add weight recommended for your lure to your leader line, a thinner, 18 24 in length of line beneath your swivel.8] ,Keep in mind that salmon prefer darker areas; you will likely want enough weight on your rig to place your lure at an appropriately dark depth. ,Float fishing is ideal for rivers small or medium in size, with moderate deepness and medium to medium fast current.9] ,Utilize a downrigger for trolling. A downrigger is a mechanical attachment that consists of a winch and weight. The weight carries your line and lure down to a specified depth, allowing you to more precisely target the optimal feeding zones of salmon. To set your downrigger: ,Reach trolling speed with your boat. Take your rod in hand and release the line to your desired depth and place your rod in the rod holder. ,Gather your line from beyond the tip of your rod in one hand and take your line release with your other hand. Take the weight of your downrigger also called a cannonball out of the water and attach the line to the line release. ,Return the weight to the water and take the downrigger reel handle firmly in hand. Loosen the clutch usually found on the right side of the downrigger to release the locking mechanism on your weight. ,Monitor the line counter usually recorded in feet and set it to your desired depth, tightening the clutch when you've reached your depth. ,Apply your drag clicker and reel in your line until there is a slight bowing in your rod. If you feel a fish on the line, you should take you rod from the holder and lift to activate the line release. ,Once you've reeled your catch, retrieve your weight by loosing the clutch and reeling up your downrigger crank until it surfaces.13] ,Select spinners for success. Spinners are a kind of lure that have metal blades that spin while the lure is moving through the water. This causes the lure to catch the light, creating a flash similar to the scales of a real fish in addition to giving more realistic movement to your lure. Spinners have four basic designs:14] ,Standard inline, where the blades of your spinner will revolve around a straight wire. ,Spinnerbaits, which have a design closer to that of an open safety pin and will come with lead molded to the lower arm and the spinning part attached to an upper arm. ,Buzzbaits have a special propeller shaped spinner to raise your bait to the surface. This is likely not an ideal lure for salmon fishing. ,Live bait spinners position the spinner in front of hooks intended for live bait, like night crawlers or minnows.15] ,Employ Kiwi fish or Flatfish lures. These are a specific brand of lure, currently very popular among Chinook salmon fishers for sizes ranging from K14 K16.19]20] Many anglers wrap Kwikfish lures with a sardine to increase effectiveness.How to Change Your Appearance ,Practice good hygiene. It won't really matter what you look like if people can smell you because you haven't washed, or if bits of that onion bagel are still stuck between your teeth. Good hygiene means brushing, flossing, and washing regularly. ,Make sure that you brush your teeth at least twice a day. Remember to get your tongue to fight halitosis bad breath. Floss nightly. ,Wash and condition your hair every other day. Your body makes good oils for your hair, so you don't want to wash them away every day. But you also don't want them to build up. If you have very oily skin or hair, six out of seven days per week. ,Wash your face in the morning and at night. If you're starting to develop or already have pimples, use a light topical cream at night. ,Apply a face mask once a week. If you can't afford one, there's no need to skip this step. Half of a mashed up banana with some tea tree oil is great for budget savers. ,Apply hand cream whenever possible and stay well moisturized. Moisturize whenever you wash your face or after each shower. ,Keep your nails painted and nicely filed all the time. Get them done at a salon if you're anxious about how they might turn out. ,Get a new haircut. This is your first real step to a noticeably different you. Don't be afraid! Before you go to the salon, spend some time looking through magazines and figure out what you like. If possible, it's best to bring the hairstylist a picture so you are close to guaranteed to get it the way you like it. ,Highlights, layers, beveled ends, shorter styles or side bangs are really beautiful. Contrary to popular belief, one length is NOT drab; but it certainly does not look good on everyone. ,If you are going for more of an emo/punk look, think about cutting your hair short, layering it, getting bangs, and dying a portion of it a color like pink or purple. ,If you are going for more of a California/surfer girl look, think long, slightly wavy hair with lighter highlights. ,If you're trying to go classic/preppy, think side swept bangs and straight, long hair that you can eventually put up into a bun, or chignon. ,Keep your new hairstyle looking great. Now that you've got a beautiful haircut, show it off! Make sure you do your hair every morning. Pay attention to what product you put in it and how often you crimp or straighten it. Messing with your hair too often can result in damaged hair, split ends, or hair loss. ,If you shower in the morning, use a tad bit of product and let your hair go natural. Natural looking hair will keep your look pretty and soft, even more approachable in some ways. ,Headbands are in right now. Black, brown, or white headbands will go with almost any outfit. There are tons of wire and jewelry like headbands available as well. ,In a rush Put it up. This can be beautiful, too. Ponytails and messy buns are great, and braids are back in style. ,Try new makeup. Makeup is not a must, but you may want to use it. A little bit of lip gloss over a color or on its own will fill out your lips. Unless you're absolutely not allowed to, you should keep a little concealer, too, to cover up major blemishes. If you can't wear makeup, make sure you take really good care of your skin. This way, you won't have as many blemishes. ,Keep your makeup in a cute carrying case and keep any essentials with you all the time in your school bag or in your purse, depending on where you're going. ,Think about getting a natural blush. The right kind of blush will make you look like you're naturally blushing, not actually wearing blush. ,Get an eyelash curler if you can. Curling your eyelashes is a great alternative to mascara; curling opens your eyes up and makes them appear brighter and bigger. ,Wear different makeup depending on your style. Again, the type of makeup that you use will depend on what kind of style that you're going for. Here are a few suggestions. ,For an emo or punk look, think dark eyeliner and dark mascara, plus a little bit of red gloss to your lips for a pop. Don't opt for pale foundation! The pasty face is a misconception. Just because you're emo doesn't mean you have to look lifeless! ,For a California or surfer look, think natural tones and minimal makeup. A bit of bronzer, light mascara, and a small application of dark eyeliner. You want to look sun kissed and beach bodied, remember ,For a classic or preppy look, think either red or nude lips, mascara and a white pencil liner around the inner corners of the eye, along with a three color eyeshadow that's perfectly blended. What a classic look! ,Practice, practice! Practice these looks with your girlfriends. Take pictures to study what looks good and what doesn't. Remember, a little goes a long way with some makeup. ,Shake up your wardrobe. You're probably going to need to go shopping in order to give your appearance a makeover. But don't fret. Think about versatility when shopping: If you can make an article of clothing fit with several different items, you've done your job. You don't necessarily need a ton of new clothes to change your look; you just need to try to wear them differently. ,Make sure you've got a couple of well fitted, cool pairs of jeans. Avoid flares, as they're currently not in style. Try jeggings, too, as these offer comfort plus a little bit of style. ,For emo/punk looks, opt for darker pairs of jeans. You can also try ripping or distressing your old jeans. ,For surfer looks, go for lighter jeans or also jeans that are distressed. Think linen pants and capris as well!How to Change Your Name in Connecticut ,Prepare your documents. Before you can apply to change your name, you need to have two forms of identification to present to the Probate Court. One form of identification should have a clear photograph of you.1] ,You will also need 225 in cash, check, credit card or by money order to pay the fee for changing your name. Make checks payable to "Treasurer, State of Connecticut". ,Applicants who are unable to pay the application fee for legal reasons may be eligible for a waiver. The waiver application, Probate Court form PC 184, is available online here. ,Don't worry about a fee to change your maiden name if you are a Connecticut resident. There is no fee for changing your name due to marriage in Connecticut as long as you live in the state. However, you will need to provide proof that you are married in the form of a certified marriage license. ,Connecticut law does not require you change your name when you get married. You can also decide how you are going to combine or adjust your name with your spouse's name. For example: Barney Rubble and Velma Rubble, or Barney Rubble and Velma Lee, or Barney Rubble Lee and Velma Rubble Lee. ,Women who would like to take their husband's last name after marriage can do so without going through the Probate Court.6] ,Follow the basic procedure for changing your name. If you are not a woman who is taking her husband's name, and you need to change your name due to marriage, you will follow the standard application procedure. ,Have two forms of identification to present to the Probate Court. One form of identification should have a clear photograph of you.7] You should also bring a certified copy of your marriage certificate. ,You will also need 225 in cash, check, credit card or by money order to pay the fee for changing your name. Make checks payable to "Treasurer, State of Connecticut". Applicants who are unable to pay the application fee for legal reasons may be eligible for a waiver. The waiver application, Probate Court form PC 184, is available online here. ,Fill out the application form and affidavit. You can print off both documents online here.8] ,Minors applying for a name change will need to fill out the Probate Court form PC 900 and the Probate Court form PC 910A. ,Adults applying for a name change will need to fill out the Probate Court form PC 901 and the Probate Court form PC 910. ,Contact other government agencies to adjust your name on important documents. If you decide to change your maiden name, you will need to inform the Social Security Administration, the DMV, and the Passport office so these documents reflect your new name. ,File for a name change online, via the Social Security Administration system, located here. The SSA will issue a new social security card reflecting your new name and will automatically notify the Internal Revenue Service IRS of your new name. ,Go to your nearest DMV full service branch office to update the information on your driver's license and your vehicle registration, if necessary. A listing of local DMV offices in Connecticut can be found here. You will need to bring your current driver's license or ID card, an original or certified copy of a document proving your name change marriage certificate, divorce decree, or court order, your updated SSA card, and payment for the 1.15 fee. ,Go to your nearest Passport office with a certified copy of your marriage certificate and your old passport. A listing of Passport offices can be found here. Updating your passport information can take some time, so try to do this adjustment in advance of any planned international travel. ,Restore your maiden name after a divorce. If you got divorced in Connecticut, you can ask the court to restore your birth name or your prior maiden name. To do this, you will need to follow this process:10] ,Obtain a copy of your divorce judgement or decree, if you don't already have one. You can get a copy from the clerk's office in the courthouse where you were divorced. ,Fill out the Appearance JD CL 12 form and file it at the court clerk's office. You can get this form from the clerk's office or online here. Ask the clerk for help when filling it out. The form tells the court you are representing yourself and filing it lets the court know how to contact you about your case. ,Fill out a Motion for Modification JD FM 174 form. You can also get this from the clerk's office or online here. To complete this form, you will need: the docket number of your divorce upper left corner of your divorce judgement, the Judicial District where you were divorced right of the heading of the divorce judgement, the date of your divorce hearing right side of the heading and whether you were the plaintiff or the defendant. You should make three copies of the completed Motion for Modification form. Give two copies to the court clerk and keep one copy for yourself. ,Pay the 125 fee for the processing of the Modification request. You may also need to pay a 40 60 marshal fee if you have to "serve" your partner with the Modification. If you can't afford these fees, you can fill out a waiver request form, available online here. ,Check with the court clerk about giving a copy of the Modification form to your ex spouse or their attorney. Different courts have different rules. Make sure the court clerk also has the following forms to process your request: the Appearance form, the Motion for Modification form, and the Return of Service form, if applicable.How to Change Your Name in Missouri with Pictures ,wikiHow to Change Your Name in MissouriThree Parts:Preparing to Change Your NameChanging Your Name LegallyChanging Your Name at Private and Public InstitutionsCommunity Q can change your name according to State Statute 527 270, which permits residents to change their name after marriage, after divorce, or for other personal, religious or social reasons. The procedure is relatively simple and involves filing a formal Petition for Change of Name to the circuit court in the county in which you reside.Be aware that the legal name change is simple in cases of marriage or divorce. Changing your name in the case of marriage or divorce is possible when you obtain a marriage license or divorce decree that clearly indicates the old and new names on the form. Nothing else is required to legally change your name, and the certified marriage license or divorce decree can be used to notify other parties and agencies of your name change. If this applies to you, you may skip to Part 3.1]Name changes due to marriages and divorce make up the majority of name changes in the United States. These will be needed to notify other public and private institutions of your name change.2]Meet the requirements for a legal name change. Note that for an official name change to be granted by the circuit court in your county, the court must find the reason for the change satisfactory, or in 'good faith', and also consider it consistent with public interest. The most common reasons for name changes include marriage or divorce.3]In general, however, any lawful reason that does not violate any state laws or infringe upon the rights of anyone else typically satisfies most courts, whether that reason be for religious, personal or social reasons.4]There are cases in which name changes are not allowed, such as individuals with criminal records or who have cases pending against them and those who seek to avoid paying debts. More generally, name changes are not allowed for the purposes of defrauding others.Note that you need to be a resident of the county in which you seek to change your name.5]Be aware of requirement differences for minors. When a minor, someone defined as under the age of 18, wants to change his name, there are additional requirements, though in general the procedure of legally changing a name is the same. 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fake id consequences DistrictofColumbia fake id in Kansas best id card where to get fake id made You have no successfully spoofed your first MAC address and now you can look like what ever device you please. I hope this has helped you and if you have any questions feel free to comment below. Thanks. bend test for fake ids delaware id fake mailer id are fake ids legal fake id maker online uk Well about this theme is very cool to bring it on. Do you know that Mac Spoofing is not illegal. Well yes give a check out. ,In places that I want to see if the Wireless is secure I connect with and use the software aircrack to obtain info of the Access Point on the Place. And then I copy one of this mac address to my wifi card and connect it to the Network. And I gain access in no time. state of hawaii id card tipsy moose fake id top fake id websites The only way to avoid this is using MAC Filtering if the router has the capability activated. ,Hello ,What would i have to change in order for them not to find out its me ,If its and IP ban youll need a VPN fake fake com fake ohio id how to make a fake hawaii id

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