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make your own fake id a fake apple id and password ArticlesFormer Vigo Sheriff Deputy Frank Shahadey pleads guiltyLorick fake call id apk how to pass with a fake id fake ny id template tn fake id reddit great fake id reviews,This story was written by Breehan Yohe Mellor ,Lynch ,Although growing and selling marijuana for medical reasons is allowed in some cases under California law printable fake military id how to make a fake school id card movie prop id cards The federal government has sent letters to property owners explaining that if their property is being used as a medical marijuana dispensary, it can be seized under federal law," Morro Bay City Attorney Rob Schultz said. ,"There are hundreds of them in San Francisco and in Oakland and why they picked on Morro Bay is anybody's guess. There's the theory that Sheriff Pat Hedges is completely against them and did what he could topursue closing this one down and prosecuting Lynch. ,It has nothing to do with whether I like it or not; they're still illegal," Hedges said in response. ,He said it is illegal under federal law to have a retail store selling marijuana, and Lynch "would have had to create a co op type of situation where there are members and they covered costs and expenses" to avoid prosecution. "You cannot do it for a profit and he was doing it for a profit," he said. ,Those who are sick and get a recommendation from a doctor can grow and/or possess marijuana but stores can't sell it for retail, Hedges said. ,Lynch, who was a member of Morro Bay's Chamber of Commerce, opened Central Coast Compassionate Caregivers with the blessing of Schultz and Morro Bay Mayor Janice Peters in 2006, both of whom were subpoenaed to testify at Lynch's trial. ,"It's just unfortunate that we have this discrepancy between the state and federal laws," Peters said. "Unfortunately, Charlie is kind of the victim of that discrepancyIf the federal courts are going to give the states the right to make their own decisions on these issues, then they have to give us that right to continue with that.

fake email id for facebook wisconsin id template where can i get a fake id from drivers license oxford ms In March 2007 fake id to buy how to make a fake Arizona driver's license creating fake id fake id line fake id ohio maker The sheriff's department basically paid money to people who are criminals to go in and pretend they had an illness and buy marijuana," said John Littrell, one of Lynch's attorneys. ,"They couldn't really get anything on us until they decided to take the sheriff and get a fake ID and after that we were raided," Armstrong said. "They just came in like robbers and told us to get on the ground with their guns on us and all the San Luis Obispo County sheriffs had masks on just like it was a robbery. ,Armstrong claimed that one of te narcotics officers harassed the store employees the day after Lynch was arrested. fake italian id how to tell if a fake id scans fake email id He left a note on my desk that said 'All hippies die,'" Armstrong alleged. "He came in his plain clothes the next day driving around the dispensary, while we were picking up the pieces, laughing at us and pointing. ,Rob Bryn ,I'm not going to give credence to any remarks of that kind," Bryn said of Armstrong's allegations. District Judge George Wu asked all involved to refrain from using the words "medical marijuana" because federal law does not accept the term. ,Wu also struck 17 year old witness Owen Beck's testimony from the record. Beck, a high school football and soccer player who lost his leg to bone cancer, went to Lynch's dispensary for medical marijuana when a Stanford oncologist recommended he try medical marijuana to lessen his pain after other medications affected him poorly. ,"The government actually made a motion to preclude us from bringing witnesses to court that looked ill," Littrell said. "Their theory was that it would prejudice the jury. The fact that Lynch had permission from the city and the fact that he was helping sick people, that was all irrelevant. ,The essence of Lynch's defense was entrapment by estoppel fake id crime uk create fake id in fb fake id charges

fake id maker california Charles contactedthe DEA and they told him they were going to leave it up to the city and state to decide this issue," Schultz said. "So his theory is that it was entrapment because he relied on information supplied by government agents and that's why he opened up the dispensary. ,The prosecuting attorneys rejected the defense Lynch is currently out on bail but remains under house arrest until his sentencing. His attorneys have said they will seek an appeal once he is sentenced.COMPELLING EVIDENCE THAT DINOSAURS AND HUMANS COEXISTED ,In 1945 Waldemar Julsrud The authenticity of the Julsrud find was challenged because the huge collection included dinosaurs. Many archeologists believe dinosaurs have been extinct for the past 65 million years and man's knowledge of them has been limited to the past 200 years. If this is true ,During the years 1945 to 1946, In 1954 the Mexican government sent four well known archeologists to investigate. A different but nearby site was selected and a meticulous excavation was begun. Six feet down they found numerous examples of similar figurines and concluded that Julsrud find was authentic. However ,In 1955 Charles Hapgood authentic fake id cards syracuse china fake id fake european id cards fake id laws florida

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