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fake line id fake id order online uk The chief of Indiana's public education system and create a fake id online fake id reviews 2015 uk fake id ohio new york id template tasmania drivers licence,The chief calls what you teachers have dedicated your lives to ,Remake it as closely as possible in the image of a highly competitive ,That means that in one of the least monolithic arenas of our culture compare the needs of students in Hamilton County and Marion County fake id charge in new york making a fake id hologram fake apple id that works Can't meet the benchmarks du jour Then you and your student body don't deserve to stay in the game. ,Like stockbrokers or attorneys bent on making partner

fake id kanyeothe fake police id fake id company china fake DistrictofColumbia id Repeat all of it fake id lamar giles summary saloon nyc fake id generate fake id card online fake id nz law iowa identification card I doubt it will do much good because Americans prefer one line truths" to complicated explanations these days, but next Sunday, I'd like to provide some of the context the governor and superintendent never seem to include in their presentations. I'd like to try to balance their litany of failures with the very real successes of Indiana's public schools, and maybe offer some mitigating background information that requires more learning time than a pithy sound bite or a slick PowerPoint display. ,Not a teacher or administrator I know thinks this state's public education system doesn't have problems or that all the remedies require more money. What they do think is that they are not an oil spill and that likening them to one is an insult they don't deserve. ,ArticlesAccident shuts down eastbound I 70 in Illinois near Indiana state lineMan gets 20 years in robbery that led to a deathGovernor announces ISU appointmentsFood stamp cuts would hit Wabash Valley hardFidget spinners: necessity or nuisanceUPDATE: Five vehicle crash on I 70 causes injuries, stops traffic'Bash on the Bash' set for Aug.Basic info about a service you may take for granted ,Few of us expect to find ourselves riding in the back of an ambulance, yet in 2012 nearly 600,000 people in Los Angeles County were transported to hospital emergency rooms. And that's just in response to 911 calls.Every city and county in Southern California has a slightly different way of handling emergencies. But Cathy Chidester, director of the Los Angeles County Emergency Medical Services Agency, says most local areas operate under similar principles. Here are questions and answers from her about what to expect.What happens once someone makes a 911 callLos Angeles County contracts with a number of ambulance companies to provide services in most cities and county areas. Some fire departments handle their own transportation. When someone places a 911 call, the dispatcher contacts the ambulance company responsible for the zone in which the patient is located.How long does it take an ambulance to respond to a 911 callAmbulances are required to arrive at their destination no more than 8 minutes and 59 seconds from the time they are dispatched by 911.What medical personnel ride in the ambulance with the patientIn most cases, she says, a patient will travel with one paramedic and one emergency medical technician, or EMT, unless his or her condition is critical, in which case two paramedics will ride in the ambulance.Trained in basic life support techniques, such as first aid and CPR, EMTs are "mostly monitoring the patients," she says.Paramedics are able to perform a wider range of medical procedures, such as inserting an IV and administering treatments to open a person's airways. They can also administer a limited list of medications, such as those used to treat pain or a severe allergic reaction, or to save someone suffering a drug overdose.How do ambulance personnel decide which hospital to deliver the patient toAs with other counties nationwide, Los Angeles ambulances go to the closest hospital best geared for the treatment being sought. "Not each hospital is created equal for emergency care," she says. County approved to receive patients traveling by ambulance in response to a 911 call. These hospitals are categorized by Chidester's department based on where and whether they fit into one of four areas of clinical need.Accident victims are taken to hospitals best suited to treat trauma. Other patients go to designated hospitals that treat stroke victims, heart attacks and children. Cases that don't fall into any of these four areas are taken to the closest hospital with a licensed emergency room."These are all hospitals that have agreements with us and have committed that they would provide a certain level of care and education to their staff and have specific equipment available," she says.So, for example, if you're having chest pain, the paramedics will take you to the nearest hospital with the equipment, expertise and facilities to treat heart attack patients, even if there's another hospital closer by. This policy improves the patient's odds of survival and leads to better results, she says.But what if I want to go to a different hospitalYou do have the right to request a particular hospital. If it won't jeopardize your condition, the paramedics can honor your request to be taken to the hospital of your choice as long as it does not take them too far out of their service area.However, if the paramedics believe it will put you in danger, they will stand firm. Patients can still insist, at which point they'll need to sign a waiver stating they demand to be taken to a particular hospital against medical advice. But Chidester says: "I wouldn't advise that."What is the average cost of an ambulance rideIn Los Angeles, basic emergency ambulance transport is about 1,000 to 1,100. The cost is more like 1,200 to 1,300 for a transport that requires advanced life support. Included is the cost for paramedics and the ambulance ride itself. However, companies can charge extra for mileage, supplies and equipment.Both Medicare and private insurance generally cover the cost of ambulance rides as long as they are deemed medically necessary. Medicare pays 80% of an approved amount and patients pay the remaining 20%. Private health plans must cover emergency care, which includes ambulance transportation. But exactly how much is covered differs among policies.Is there anything I can do ahead of timeChidester says that although we can't anticipate emergencies, we can prepare for them. It's not a bad idea, she says, to know in advance which area hospitals participate with your insurance plan so that you can direct the ambulance to an in network facility, if you're in the state of mind to do so.In addition, she suggested that people consider ways to keep handy their medical information. For instance, she mentioned smartphone apps, such as the ICEBlueButton. It allows you to create an emergency record containing your medical information and emergency contacts. The app will generate a code that paramedics can scan to quickly learn about your health conditions, allergies, what medications you take, as well as who your doctor is and what insurance you have."I would like to see people have their basic information available for the paramedics," she says. "That would go a long way toward helping them save lives.".Basic stands up to Silverado ,With 16 seconds to play and Silverado 7 yards from a game tying score, Basic coach Jeff Cahill told senior linebacker Marty Christensen he could win the game. ,needed a big play, and Marty Christensen is one of our captains, Cahill said. told him you get a sack the game is over, and he got the sack. raced into the backfield and dragged down Skyhawks quarterback Kyle Simmons. Silverado, which had no timeouts left, could not get off another play before time expired, and the seventh ranked Wolves escaped with a 7 0 road victory Friday. ,said we needed a sack and I needed to beat the tackle off the edge, Christensen said. guess I did. I got the sack. play capped a superb effort by the Basic defense, which held 10th ranked Silverado 5 3,1 3 Southeast to 127 yards of offense. The Wolves 7 1, 4 1 had limited the Skyhawks to 66 offensive yards and had not let Silverado cross the 50 yard line until the final drive. ,Silverado Teran Madu Jules, who came in averaging more than 8 yards a carry, was held to 3.3 yards per rush, finishing with 56 yards on 17 attempts. ,a credit to Basic being good on defense. They put the clamps on us, Silverado coach Andy Ostolaza said. just never could get anything going. ,I thought we had a chance there on the final drive. We were one play away but just came up a little short. that drive, the Skyhawks took the ball at their 15 with 3:21 left and moved to the 7, behind 50 yards of passing from Simmons and three pass interference penalties. ,started passing, and it scared me a little bit, said Christensen, whose interception on the drive was wiped out by a penalty. moved the ball, and we kept getting stupid penalties. But we stuck it out in the end and got the win. offense which had problems of its own for most of the game scored on the opening drive of the second half. Quarterback Tyler Dobbins threw a 25 yard touchdown pass to Kelly Armistead with 7:02 left in the third quarter. ,told Kelly if that kid bites up, I gonna pump fake and you go long, and he executed perfectly, said Dobbins, who connected on 8 of 15 passes for 84 yards. Silverado defense did a great job. But my line did a great job, and I think I got hit once tonight. Skyhawks forced two fumbles and partially blocked a field goal. They kept the Wolves from scoring on five drives into Silverado territory. ,Palo Verde 76, Faith Lutheran 21 At Palo Verde, the Panthers pulled away from Faith Lutheran after a wild first quarter, scoring 55 consecutive points to win their first game since the death of defensive coordinator Dave Castro. ,After allowing the Crusaders 1 7, 1 6 Northwest all 21 of their points in the opening quarter, Palo Verde 8 1, 6 1 clamped down on defense and wore out Faith Lutheran with its running attack. The Panthers ran up 529 yards on the ground, led by 201 on 16 carries by Brandon Wright and 167 on 13 carries by Chappell Thomas. Both had three touchdowns. ,Tyrone Blake passed, rushed and returned a punt for touchdowns. He also snagged one of Palo Verde two interceptions of Crusaders quarterback Joe Portaro. ,Portaro completed 18 of 44 passes for 305 yards with three touchdowns. Don Pearson caught nine passes for 161 yards and two touchdowns. ,Foothill 21, Green Valley 10 At Foothill, Parker Riggin threw for 225 yards and two touchdowns as the Falcons beat the Gators. ,Riggin threw a 31 yard scoring pass to Darius Gates in the first quarter and a 13 yard strike to Kyle Keplinger in the third period. Funtila intercepted a pass and returned it 33 yards for a two touchdown lead. ,Green Valley 3 5, 1 3 Southeast trimmed the margin to 11 on a 31 yard field goal by Nolan Kohorst at the 7:53 mark of the second quarter. ,Riggin second scoring pass early in the third pushed the lead to 21 3. ,Green Valley Rakeem Griffith finished the scoring with a 7 yard run with about two minutes left in the third. ,Foothill Connor Afoa carried 21 times for 144 yards, 117 in the second half. ,Griffith led the Gators with 106 on 20 carries. ,Cheyenne 27, Mojave 0 At Cheyenne, the Desert Shields 5 4, 5 3 Northwest clinched a playoff berth with a win over the Rattlers 2 6, 1 6. ,Duhjuan Miller blocked a punt, and Emone James recovered the ball in the end zone to break a scoreless tie midway through the second quarter. ,Cheyenne forced a Mojave turnover on the first drive of the second half and capitalized with a 10 play, 83 yard drive capped by Jordan Butler 10 yard touchdown reception from Kody Stahl. ,Xavian Johnson and Tyler Spight added fourth quarter touchdown runs of 4 and 29 yards, respectively, to seal the victory. ,Durango 63, Western 6 At Western, Julio Mora rushed for 163 yards and four touchdowns on 19 carries to lead the Trailblazers 7 2, 6 1 Southwest over the Warriors 1 7, 1 6. ,Mora had TD runs of 1 yard, 10 yards and 15 yards in the second quarter to give Durango a commanding 42 6 lead at the half. ,Chase Roberts threw three touchdown passes, and Durango Michael Mehling had a 14 yard touchdown run and a 12 yard TD reception. ,Brian Mikol had a 94 yard kickoff return in the second quarter for Western only score. ,Canyon Springs 20, Valley 12 At Valley, Paul Woodward intercepted a pass near the goal line as time expired, and the ninth ranked Pioneers 5 2, 4 1 Northeast held off the Vikings 2 6, 2 3.Basic Through the Viewfinder Photography ,What is TtV Photography ,TtV or Through the Viewfinder photography is a technique for making images in which pictures are shot with one camera through the viewfinder of a second camera. Usually, the camera being shot through the "bottom camera" is a vintage TLR twin lens reflex, though any camera with a large viewfinder can be used. Cameras with a waist level viewfinder, whether single or twin lens, are the most popular bottom cameras for TtV. ,The camera being shot with the "top camera ,Why Would Anyone Shoot Through the Viewfinder make a fake photo id id me fake id reddit maine fake id Shooting TtV has a similar appeal to shooting with toy cameras it's fun ,This will be the first Bass Pro Shops store to open in New Jersey. Currently ,The privately held company declined to disclose any proprietary information about the Atlantic City store ,Atlantic City officials have repeatedly stressed that the Bass Pro Shops store is emblematic of efforts to broaden the city's appeal beyond casino gambling by adding new retail fake id australia maker photo id victoria la tropicana fake id

unturned fake id The store's prominent location off the main entryway into town means that Bass Pro Shops will implement a parking fee. Clements explained that the store does not want to use the lot as a revenue producer ,Bass Pro Shop customers who spend 50 or more in the store will be able to park for free. Those buying at least 25 of merchandise will be charged a 3 parking fee. Shoppers who are under the 25 threshold will be charged market rates for parking Bass Pro Shops is said to be the first retailer in Atlantic City to sell firearms ,Firearms being carried through the store en route to the pistol range will have to be equipped with trigger locks. Only people who possess a New Jersey firearms permit will be able to use the pistol range NICE ,Hundreds, It was here ,Amongst the dead typical sentence for fake id fake id idgod scan fake id boston tremont st make a fake photo id online

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