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reliable fake id uk trusted fake id sites Licensed shops say taxes are so onerous that they can't compete. georgia state id card quality fake id how to make fake id card online best fake id order fake id seller,Colorado ,And the number of patients on Colorado's medical marijuana registry went up ,Officials in both states say they must do more to drive customers into the recreational stores. They're looking at reining in their medical systems and fixing the big tax differential between medical and recreational weed without harming patients. how to get a proof of age card vic how to spot fake id bets fake id we And in some cases ,How can you have two parallel systems, one that's regulated, paying taxes, playing by the rules, and the other that's not doing any of those things" said Rick Garza of the Washington Liquor Control Board, which oversees recreational pot. ,The difficulty of reconciling medical marijuana with taxed recreational pot offers a cautionary tale for states that might join Washington and Colorado in regulating the adult use of the drug. ,While legalization campaigns have focused on the myriad ills of prohibition, including racial discrepancies in who gets busted for weed, the promise of additional tax revenues in tight budget times was in no small part of the appeal. ,Weed sales have so far brought in some revenue, though less than officials might have hoped. ,Colorado brought in more than 60 million in taxes, licenses and fees for recreational and medical marijuana combined through October of this year, and more than half of pot sold was of the lesser taxed medical variety. ,In Washington, where supply problems and slow licensing hampered the industry after sales began in July, the state collected about 15 million in taxes this year. ,The latest states to legalize marijuana Oregon and Alaska have different concerns, but officials there are nevertheless paying attention to Colorado and Washington as they work on rules for their own industry. ,Alaska doesn't have commercial medical dispensaries, so licensed stores there won't face direct competition. And in Oregon, taxes on recreational pot are set at just 35 an ounce, which officials hope will minimize competition from the medical side. ,In Seattle, however, six licensed recreational stores face competition from medical pot shops that are believed to number in the hundreds. ,"Am I afraid about medical marijuana dispensaries taking my business They have all the business. They are the industry," said James Lathrop, the owner of Seattle's first licensed pot shop, Cannabis City. ,He said the dominance of medical marijuana and the black market is obvious in his clientele: It's mostly tourists and professionals who use pot occasionally and don't mind spending a little extra at a legal store. ,Regular pot users have stuck with their old dealers or continue masquerading as patients, he said. ,Reining in medical marijuana will be a top priority when the legislative session begins in Olympia next month. ,The question, lawmakers say, is how to direct people into the regulated system maximizing state revenues without hurting legitimately sick people who use marijuana. ,Ideas under discussion include reducing pot taxes to make recreational stores more competitive and eliminating medical dispensaries, which have been largely tolerated by law enforcement even though they aren't allowed under state law. ,The state could lift its cap on the number of recreational stores and license dispensaries to sell pot for any purpose. ,Seattle officials have signaled that they intend to start busting delivery services that flout the law and recently sent letters to 330 marijuana businesses warning them that they'll eventually need to obtain state licenses or be shut down. ,Tacoma has also announced plans to close dozens of unregulated pot shops. ,Officials have less leeway to alter the medical marijuana system in Colorado, where it was enshrined in the state constitution in 2000. But lawmakers are nevertheless set to review how it is regulated next year because the state's 2010 scheme is expiring. ,Taxes will be a large part of the discussion. Medical pot is now subject only to the statewide 2.9 percent sales tax, one tenth of the taxes levied on recreational pot. ,Colorado's medical marijuana registry has grown from 107,000 people in late 2012 to about 116,000 this year, though marijuana patient advocates dispute that the growth is tax driven.Legal pot stores open to joyous shoppers ,Deb Greene was looking forward to some blissful shut eye after buying the first pot Tuesday from Cannabis City in Sodo. ,She hadn slept Monday night as she waited in line outside. ,Greene, 65, a retiree, said she doesn smoke pot often. But now she could enjoy it legally at her Ballard home, maybe with of Thrones on TV. incredibly liberating, she said. the dream of every retiree, sleep in and smoke a bowl. erupted from the crowd outside Cannabis City when Greene emerged and held her two paper bags aloft. She was the opening act in a low key celebration that also featured City Attorney Pete Holmes buying two packages of OG Pearl, one for posterity and one, he said, for enjoyment. ,While Tuesday was all about people joyously marking history, only five stores in the state opened. Operators of several others that had hoped to open said they couldn secure scarce supply, as most licensed growers haven yet harvested crops. are going to be bumps on the road as we veer away from the failed drug war, Holmes said. ,Not much can be concluded from the first weeks of legal sales in Washington, said former state pot consultant Mark Kleiman. you want to see what this is going to look like in real life, you have to wait until after the harvest, said Kleiman, a UCLA professor and drug policy expert. ,Because the state has licensed only about one quarter of the 2 million square feet it has allotted for farming, supply should remain short for a while and prices high. Inside Cannabis City Tuesday, pot was selling for 20 per gram, all taxes included. Pot averages about 10 to 12 per gram in Seattle medical marijuana dispensaries. Owner James Lathrop said prices likely would rise because he got a special deal for inaugural sales from the farmers at Bremerton Nine Point Growth Industries, and he didn want to gouge customers on the first day. ,Lathrop restocked Tuesday evening and didn expect to run out of pot until sometime after Wednesday; he said earlier he was working on a deal with a second supplier in hopes of having more this week. Stores that opened in Bellingham and in Prosser, Benton County, reported confidence in having supply on hand this week. She said she hoped the state Liquor Control Board LCB would accelerate its review of thousands of applications for business licenses to grow and process pot. ,Justin Nordhorn, enforcement chief for the LCB, stopped by Cannabis City before it opened. The state has imposed strict rules barring minors, limiting advertising and requiring testing for all products on the new industry. Nordhorn said he talked to store employees about recognizing fake IDs and what to expect from his plainclothes officers. ,No police were in sight near the Sodo shop, which hired its own burly security guards. Nor was the smell of weed prevalent in the orderly crowd. ,Damien Tillman, a customer from Tacoma, wanted to give Nordhorn a message outside the shop. sure you do this right, Tillman said. very important. With dozens of photographers and reporters watching his every move, Holdsworth scanned samples of the product, then decided on the OG Pearl strain. ,After making his purchase, he held up his pot triumphantly in a brown bag for all to see. ,is a great moment, he told the crowd. think it a great step forward. like the Neil Armstrong of legal marijuana purchasers in Washington, Holdsworth had became one of the first people to buy weed from a Washington retail shop. Lori Bradford and Ellen McCauley, a married couple from California, said they recently moved to the state, in part because of the new marijuana laws. McCauley said she came to the store Tuesday morning because she was running low on supply. Both women said they planned to buy an ounce. ,only recently became legal, so I never thought I see either of these things in our lifetime, said McCauley. ,Ramona Rodriguez, 65, who bought two grams in Bellingham, said she been smoking since she was 18. This was the first time she took part in a transaction that ended with the question: in the bag offer expertise ,Back inside Seattle Cannabis City, with its avocado and yellow walls, wood floors and glass display cases, sales clerks and twin brothers Adam and Andrew Powers advised the first customers, including Holmes, on what to expect from different strains. ,Clerks, or budtenders as they known, aren allowed to discuss medical properties of strains. But they can talk about how a strain might make you feel. strain has a different taste and smell, like coffee, Andrew Powers said. ,Holmes, 58, got carded by a cashier before he paid 80 for four grams of a potent strain with 21.5 percent THC, the main psychoactive chemical in pot. ,Holmes said he planned to keep half for historical reasons and enjoy the other half when meaning in the privacy of his home when he isn working in any legal capacity. been a long time, he said, college. warm wait, then the reward ,Before Tillman walked into Cannabis City to buy marijuana, he ripped off some of the police tape that hung from the door frame and asked a fellow pot buyer for a marker. ,piece of history right here, brother, he said. excited. Tillman later asked Cannabis City owner James Lathrop to sign the ceremonial caution tape that the store put up as a representation of prohibition past. ,Tillman, 36, had paid another prospective pot buyer, Michael Merithew, 200 for his place in line. That made him fifth or so, after the VIPs Cannabis City would let in first. Then he waited about three hours in the heat to get his hands on legal recreational pot. ,has something to do with what I love most in this world, he later explained. the thing I have the most passion for. bought 200 worth of pot but planned to smoke only one of his five two gram packages. He wants to keep the rest as a memento. ,About an hour later in his Tacoma home, Tillman loaded his bong with Copper Kush. ,A medical marijuana grower himself, Tillman gave a neutral report. grown better weed than that, I grown worse weed than that, he said. ,definitely hits you pretty good, he said after a couple bong hits, but noted some rot on some Copper Kush flowers. expect a little bit better bag appeal, he protections have a gap ,Gatorade honor for boys track and fieldopinionHeadlinesLetter: Don forget about me, Sen. HoevenLetter: Excuse me if I not doing cartwheels over the new Sanford hospitalLetter: Four protections are essential for quality, affordable health care coveragePort: The NRA needs to speak out on Philando CastilleTrygve Olson cartoon: Scandinavian folk artentertainmentHeadlinesSandy Hook families urge NBC to drop Megyn Kelly Alex Jones interview20 new and returning TV shows that you should check out this summer of lines: Everclear singer opens up about singing for his kids tuition and his own deadbeat dadFun in Fargo: Gardening advice, Dwight Yoakam, Kids Fest and heavy metal point home: Jonny Lang returns with new album ready for releaselifestylesHeadlinesThis weekend in F M: StreetsAlive!, vikings, Dolly! and moreFresh finds: 7 farmers markets to try this season An easy and delicious tropical meal: Luau inspired porkReaders pay homage to former local senatorPet food safety and dog seizuresbusinessHeadlinesFargo Pawn America store to close Wearable technology could save lives and dollars in construction industryTech startups founded by women have twice the number of female employeesMexican street food comes to new south Fargo restaurantUPS to charge extra during peak holiday shipping periods ,I could be fired for writing this column. I could find myself evicted and homeless without warning. Worst of all, I'd have no way of doing anything about it. ,Why I am gay, and while this one aspect doesn't unilaterally define me, it makes me an easy target for discrimination discrimination that is perfectly legal in North Dakota. ,I also am lucky enough to work for a company that won't fire me because I'm gay, and I rent from a landlord who won't kick me out because my partner and I live together. ,What's important about this issue, beyond not having legal protections from discrimination, is the message this lack of support sends to me and the other gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people who call North Dakota home. ,It's a simple message, even if it goes unspoken: If you're an LGBT person and you think you're entitled to basic protections from blatant discrimination, you should move to another state. It's a message I hear time and again. ,But why should I be forced to move from the state where I was born and raised, where I went to college and started my career Why can't I stay here and have the same access to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" that everyone else has, and know my success won't be limited by the gender of the person I love ,And how does granting me equal legal protections harm anyone else, heterosexual or not ,North Dakota isn't alone. The Human Rights Campaign says North Dakota is one of 29 states that doesn't prohibit employment discrimination based on sexual orientation and one of 34 states that doesn't outlaw losing a job on the basis of gender identity. The federal government doesn't offer these protections, either. ,But we have a chance to address the problem. Legislators are considering bipartisan sponsored Senate Bill 2252, which would amend the state's discrimination laws and make it illegal to be fired or evicted because of sexual orientation or gender identity. ,A similar bill passed the state Senate in 2009 but was killed in the House by a 54 34 vote. The Forum quoted Rep. Robin Weisz, R Hurdsfield, as explaining that his opposition came down to the "big difference between a behavior and a lifestyle and something you don't have a choice in.

fake id next day delivery uk fake drivers licence template what do u need to get a texas id fake Arkansas id generator That's ironic logic considering that people here already are protected from discrimination because of things they chose. It's illegal to be evicted or fired based on your religion or marital status fake identification uk is using a fake id a felony lyrics to fake id fake id ny state fake Wyoming license And I have no problem with that. It just makes sense to protect people from having their lives disrupted or ruined because they have a kid ,It also makes sense to prevent discrimination for things we can't control. We don't get to choose the color of our skin best Alabama fake id provide old id to minor fake do all fake ids scan All I ask is legislators consider one thing: Whether or not this bill passes ,Grand Forks Mayor Frank Konrad told council it must ultimately abide by federal law in every decision ,In the wake of a special report on the local government role in the regulation of marijuana ,Mayor Frank Konrad told council during its committee of the whole meeting on Monday the city would not be enacting legislation for a substance that is still considered illegal fake id online creator funny fake id names fake sms id apk

best fake id states He said although the city sets its own municipal governance standards it must ultimately abide by federal law in every decision ,He said when the federal government delivers its ruling on the subject likely July 1 Until then, if other municipalities wish to take that risk they can . we don't need to take examples of something that is still black and white illegal," he said after consultant Dave Smith delivered hisSpecial Report on the Local Government Role in the Regulation of Marijuana Cannabis, to council on Monday. ,"As soon as we get a green light to act, we will act. But until such a time we have a green light and we don't even have a yellow light we have a red light because at this point in time the actual discovery of the reasoning and what was behind it has not yet been established. ,In his report summary He also said that any measures put into effect prior to the date of legalization may ,Smith warned the city against drawing up legislation on cannabis., Putting in bylaws which may be legally risky may also create expensive enforcement processes and may result in legal costs to the city of challenged," he said. ,"Is there still reluctance of a lot of municipalities to go down that path because of the legal challenges" Konrad asked Smith. ,He replied municipalities that did go down that path were very measured in what they did because of the risk, and received legal advice. ,Coun. Julia Butler thought the special report would be legal advice but did not see any such communication in the report's reference. ,"So this just comes back clear as mud. Yes it's illegal, but councils are still making bylaws on it," she said. "It's not a grey area, it's just not being enforced. ,She asked what Grand Forks RCMP had said about the issue. If the city made a bylaw and the RCMP would just come along and shut a medical cannabis operation down it would be a waste of time scannable fake id legit where to buy a good fake id 21now fake id reddit Kansas id fake

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