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domestic fake id Alaska fake id template The late Gov. Reubin Askew double cardstock fake ids bangkok fake id fake caller id app reviews make ids victoria id,The implicit veto threat is something that Scott also wields as he heads into lame duck status with just two legislative sessions left in his tenure. ,Gov. Scott is right and correct to threaten to veto the budget if he doesn't get his priorities funded," lobbyist Jim Eaton, another former Graham aide, said. ,Scott hasn't done that so far, but with the battle lines drawn with the House, the possibility remains more potent than ever. ,"Governors need to know how to use the power that they've been given within the constitutional scheme. The Legislature, obviously, has a role to play too. But the governor needs to learn how to get what he wants done and what he thinks is a priority of the state and maybe occasionally accede to the wishes of the speaker or the Senate president or the other members," Eaton said. Senate. Senate next year as he prepares to finish his second term in the governor's office. ,Senate President Joe Negron's 2.4 billion plan to build a 60,000 acre reservoir south of Lake Okeechobee to protect waterways in his East Coast district and on the state's West Coast will create more than 39,000 jobs and result in 20 billion in economic benefits. ,Or it will cost 4,000 jobs and negatively impact the state's economy to the tune of 700 million above the costs to buy the land and create the reservoir, which is opposed by farmers in the Everglades Agricultural Area, along with many residents and politicians south of the lake. ,Dueling studies are the latest strategies in a contentious debate over Negron's proposal for the legislative session that starts Tuesday. ,The Everglades Foundation a key backer of Negron's proposal SB 10 and HB 761 introduced a study this week overseen by Clemson University professor emeritus Michael Maloney. ,The study estimated that 60,000 acres of cultivated land in the Everglades Agricultural Area account for 90 farming jobs, while each 1 million spent on construction would lead to about 20 jobs. It found that the "South Reservoir is clearly a project with benefits vastly outweighing costs. ,The study pointed to increased real estate values along the St. Lucie and Caloosahatchee estuaries order fake id online us fake id memphis fake Tennessee license Meanwhile ,About a week earlier

fake facebook image id get texas id fake id macklemore clean schwifty fake id The institute rolled out a study Feb. 23 arguing the reservoir would drain the region of jobs fake email id charlottesville fake id bust united kingdom fake id facebook fake id photos fake id los angeles 2015 The current land purchase proposal would have significant, ongoing and negative impacts on surrounding towns such as Belle Glade, South Bay, Clewiston and Pahokee," said institute senior fellow Dr. J. Antonio Villamil, founder and principal of the Washington Economics Group, which conducted that study. "All of these towns will experience significant loss of employment opportunities and shuttered businesses within and around the proposed purchase."CAPS OUTRAGE ,In 1988, I covered a protest in front of the federal government offices in Kelowna by a group of people insisting that the Quebecois were trying to take over Canada under the guise of bilingualism and multiculturalism. ,An organizer came up to me to ask for my name and which media outlet I was with. I spelled out Godbout for her, an old school Quebecois name, the name of a town in Quebec and the last name of Quebec's premier during the Second World War. ,"Good German name," she announced, saying the common GOD bowt that I get all the time, rather than the correct French pronunciation of god BOO. ,Years later, when I was the editor of a newspaper in Salmon Arm, someone did recognize my last name and sent in a letter so hateful that my publisher insisted I turn it over to the police. ,The hate lives on, only the names have been updated. ,Saturday's protest was by the Canadian Coalition for Concerned Citizens, just the latest version of organizations like the Canadian Association for Free Expression, the Canadian Freedom Resource Centre and the Canada First Immigration Reform Committee, groups with earnest sounding names and repugnant viewpoints about the invaders at the gates. ,It's the Muslims. This motion before the House of Commons regarding Islamophobia is Canada's first step towards Sharia law, just like bilingualism was the first step towards Quebec taking over Canada was all those years ago. It's the First Nations. Why can't we call them Indians like we used to and why do the local natives have to call themselves that name I can't spell or say and why do they need that park where their cemetery is named after them ,It's the LGBTQ community. Why do they need that crosswalk and that parade Where's my crosswalk Where's my parade ,I'm not bigoted/prejudiced/intolerant/homophobic but I am entitled to my free speech and I have a right to share my ALL CAPS OUTRAGE!!!!! at all of this nonsense. ,So when The Citizen runs a story on Saturday about the rally planned in front of city hall against the federal motion about Islamophobia and labels the group as "racist" in the headline, out come out the "mainstream media lies," "fake news," "alternative facts" and "I'm not racist but." apologists all over social media, pounding the caps lock button on their keyboards before starting their rants. ,They're angry that now they're in the minority. ,They're angry that the negative slurs are now directed at them and their beliefs. ,They're angry about the rise of cultural and social identities why can't gays and Indians be just like everybody else ,They're angry about the rise of political correctness because they think their free speech badmouthing the natives and the gays and the Muslims and everybody else not like them is harmless. ,They're angry because the history they learned in school was racist in its whitewashing of other cultures and people YOU CAN'T REWRITE HISTORY! ,They're angry that the politicians and the media and the teachers don't "tell it like it is" anymore. ,They're angry that the people who didn't get to tell it like it is before because no one was listening are now being heard. ,They're angry about being made to feel guilty for past injustices that they don't feel guilty about. ,They're angry about being made to feel they should care about the refugees and the transgender kids and the PTSD sufferers and the residential school survivors and the drug addicts and the poor and the disabled and everybody else that they don't want to care about. ,They're angry that everyone isn't angry with them and that the people that disagree with them dismiss them as paranoid crazies. ,I'M ANGRY BECAUSE I CARE ABOUT MY FAMILY AND MY COMMUNITY AND MY COUNTRY! I'M A GOOD PERSON! ,By and large, those last two statements are true, which is a fact too few people proud of their tolerance and liberal views are willing to accept. It's far easier to demonize these people with epithets than it is to consider the possibility that decent, moral and generous people are angry and scared about societal and cultural change and how quickly it's happening. ,The University of California Berkeley sociologist Arlie Russell Hochschild spent five years in rural Louisiana, getting to know angry Americans, who backed the Tea Party and voted for Donald Trump. Her book, Strangers In Their Own Land, is a brave and insightful attempt to get to know these people and to hear their concerns. ,More about what she found tomorrow. ,Managing editor Neil Godbout ,NOTE: To post a comment you must have an account with at least one of the following services: Disqus, Facebook, Twitter, Google You may then login using your account credentials for that service. If you do not already have an account you may register a new profile with Disqus by first clicking the "Post as" button and then the link: "Don't have one Register a new profile". ,The Prince George Citizen welcomes your opinions and comments. We do not allow personal attacks, offensive language or unsubstantiated allegations. We reserve the right to edit comments for length, style, legality and taste and reproduce them in print, electronic or otherwise. Comments that contain external links will not be permitted.Captured Insurgent In Iraq ,military and its Iraqi allies. ,The story _ recounted to The Associated Press in a rare interview with a captured foreign fighter _ is not one of extraordinary daring or singular cunning. It's about one of the anonymous trigger pullers in alleys or roadsides _ in this case, an ordinary history major who became a rank and file gunslinger for insurgent commanders. ,The journey of Mohammed Abdullah al Obeid offers a window into how extremist networks manage to replenish their ranks by combing campuses, markets and mosques for those willing to take up arms in Iraq _ and now increasingly in Afghanistan. ,Iraq's prime minister, Nouri al Maliki, has opened a feud with Syria over claims that it is harboring plotters connected to twin bombings in August at the foreign and finance ministries that killed nearly 100 people. Maliki also says Syria has failed to clamp down on insurgent pathways over the border. ,Some former members of Saddam Hussein's regime and other Sunni allies fled to Syria after the 2003 invasion _ eventually setting up insurgent networks that were tolerated by Syria as a way to keep pressure on American forces and Iraq's Shiite leadership. ,The number and roles of foreign jihadists in Iraq over the years is still unclear. There is no disagreement that Iraqis comprised the vast majority of the Sunni insurgency, but certainly thousands _ and perhaps more _ Arabs and others have crossed the long, unguarded tracts over the Syrian border. ,This is how al Obeid says he entered Iraq _ walking without a map and looking for the border town of al Qaim on the desert horizon. ,"I had no idea where I was or even when I crossed the border," the 27 year old said in an interview arranged by Iraqi security officials in Baghdad's protected Green Zone. "I just knew that we would be soon, God willing, fighting Americans. ,Al Obeid was led into the interview in handcuffs and blindfolded. He wore a blue prison jumpsuit and plastic sandals. Security officers in street clothes were present for portions of the hour long interview fake caller id texting mississippi id card good vs bad fake id pictures I may be a prisoner, but I am also on a mission," said al Obeid, who is clean shaven with close cropped hair. military and others on the recruitment and movement of foreign fighters into Iraq. ,Al Obeid said he was first approached about joining the Iraq insurgency during his second year at the Imam Mohammad ibn Saud Islamic University in Riyadh. A fellow student began giving him literature and DVDs about al Qaida and the battles in Iraq, he said. ,Within weeks, al Obeid was attending meetings with others who claimed they were ready to join other Arab fighters in Iraq. They were then told that it was now or never, al Obeid said. He never returned to class. ,Al Obeid _ the eldest of four brothers and three sisters _ said he went home and told his family he was planning to visit the holy city of Mecca. His parents gave him their blessings and some traveling money. Al Obeid left with a small bag and about 5,000 Saudi rials, or about 1,300. ,br>"I didn't look back. They thought I was going to Mecca, but I took a bus to Bahrain," he said. "A plane ticket was waiting for me there. ,Al Obeid claims that insurgent recruiters in Saudi Arabia paid for the next leg of his trip: flight to Syria via Dubai. He also carried a phone number to call in Damascus. ,The guy who answered identified himself by only his jihadi name, Abu Qa'qa," said al Obeid. "He told me to get ready to travel the next morning. ,His next stop: the Syrian city of Aleppo on the Mediterranean coast. Al Obeid said he joined a group of about 20 Arab fighters from across the region: Tunisians buying fake id illegal fake Pennsylvania id fake id caught in mail

fake SouthDakota can Again ,Al Obeid said he was given a fake Iraqi ID with the name Mohammad Abdullah Al Obeid's group was divided into two groups. One was prepared for suicide attacks and the other was trained on AK 47s and machine guns. ,I did not choose martyrdom. Instead, I wanted to learn to fire guns and fight in the field," he said. ,About a month later, they were in driven to a villa in Baghdad. Al Obeid said he doesn't remember the area, but he described it as a well tended street with greenery and flowers. It was only a short breather. ,The group was then hidden in a minivan and moved to Diyala province, whose capital Baqouba was then the self declared capital of the Islamic State of Iraq, an al Qaida front organization, and a nerve center of the Sunni insurgency. airstrike killed Abu Musab al Zarqawi, the founder of al Qaida in Iraq. ,"It was a time of big battles with Americans," he said. "I was planting IEDs roadside bombs and was part of three big firefights. My bomb making instructor was Afghani. I killed people. I don't know how many, but I definitely killed American soldiers. The insurgent networks provided him food and clothes and a monthly stipend of 50 ,The brothers arranged for us to marry. I had no objection," said al Obied. "But we decided we should not have children because my wife wanted to become a martyr suicide bomber. Many women were starting to do it then. She wanted to follow. Even her parents encouraged her to do it. So we began making plans for her martyrdom. I was proud of her., But Nesbah became pregnant early last year ,I had started to pull out onto a somewhat busy street it was one of those merger lanes where you're not required to stop if traffic is clear but then I saw a car coming that I hadn't seen before. I stopped state of ohio identification card fake coach bag id fake french id fake id in Iowa

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