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nebraska identification card fake photo id maker Later florida fake id vs real best DistrictofColumbia fake id fake ids in las vegas nv ph premium photo id maker online,I called him immediately afterwards to provide a play by play description of the moving ceremony at which IOC president Dr. Jacques Rogge paid particular tribute to Jack's immense contribution. Jack was extremely moved by the day and truly felt he had come as close to being there as possible. I am so grateful I was able to share that with him and truly believe that Jack was then ready to say goodbye and passed away at the close of that same day. ,Campbell also spoke of thinking about Poole and his wife Darlene in the moments when the flame was lit. ,I was sitting there and I closed my eyes and thought to myself about Jack and Darlene and I looked up and whoosh, there it was in the cauldron. It was very emotional for me. It was a very poetic moment for me," Campbell said. ,Poole, born at the tail end of the Great Depression in Mortlach, Sask., was the son of a Massey Harris farm equipment dealer. As a young man he aspired to be a hockey player but that career cut short as a result of a car accident in which he was severely injured and a friend was killed. He founded the company Daon Developments, which grew into North America's second largest real estate and development company. ,In the late 1980s, he formed VLC Properties, a development company with several business partners and two dozen union pension funds. ,But it was perhaps in his role as the chairman first of the Vancouver bid committee and later as the chairman of Vanoc that Poole is best remembered. ,Using a quiet, measured yet forceful diplomacy, Poole guided the committee through its formative years, steering it away from the kind of political interference that has afflicted previous organizing committees. ,He chose Furlong for the top position in both jobs, despite some criticism that Furlong might not be up to the job. Poole's choice proved wise, and in an interview once he said he would go into business with Furlong without hesitation. The two men enjoyed a strong bond of friendship, to the point that when Furlong said recently he walked into Poole's house, made himself a glass of orange juice and said "Right, what are you doing in bed Get dressed. ,In a closed door ceremony in February, 2008, the Four Host First Nations bestowed upon Poole the honorific "Pool Warrior best fake id reddit 2017 sweet fake id names fake id caller download Jacques Rogge ,It is with great sadness that I learned today that my dear friend and colleague Jack Poole had passed away. Jack was a truly exceptional human being and a great ambassador for the Olympic Movement," Rogge said. ,"His belief in the good that the Olympic Games would bring to Vancouver, British Columbia and Canada was second to none. It was his exceptional spirit and wise leadership that saw Vancouver win the Games and that has put the Vancouver 2010 Organising Committee in such a strong position today. At the Opening Ceremony of the Games next February, we will all have a thought for Jack, as the Games that he dreamt about and built finally become a reality.Vancouver Canucks snapshots ,The buzz for the Edmonton heading into Sunday game against the Vancouver Canucks was the breakout performance by Connor David against the Calgary Flames deservingly so. ,Yet, Taylor Hall also had a breakout game, scoring a goal and collecting a pair of assists in the 5 2 win over the Flames. ,sure, there were a lot of good things, Hall said prior to the contest. had some positives in games before, but Saturday night there was a combination of a lot of things and Sunday was a good test for us in how we respond to a win and a good effort and see if we can replicate that. on, it appeared Hall and McDavid would be running mates, playing on the same line in training camp and early into the regular season. ,However, the two were split up and now give the Oilers a solid two pronged attack, which was effective against the Flames. All four lines seemed to feed off each other in the win. ,sure, we have to have a four line team, use everyone and make sure everyone is involved, Hall said. think Saturday everyone brought something to the table and on the road and in a building like that, you need that. ,Peas in a pod ,The Oilers have high hopes for the defensive pairing of Justin Schultz and Oscar Klefbom. ,Early into the season, the two seem to be developing a good rapport together and are displaying good chemistry. ,familiar with each other. They been together on the team for a while, said Oilers head coach Todd McLellan. have some mobility and can get to pucks. I think both are in the learning phase and they growing together, which is a good thing. is in his first full year with the Oilers, having started last season in the AHL with the Oklahoma City Barons. He was called up 20 games into the year and had a strong final three quarters of the season. Schultz is in his fourth year with the Oilers. ,played with each other for a while now, and after a while, you know where each other is going to be, Klefbom said. Schultz is a tremendous skater and he has very good offence to his game. We a can read off each other very well, I think. When I go up, he stays back and it the same for him. We just have to keep improving our games together and be as good a pair as we can. the Oilers would like to see the two develop into a top pairing, capable of shutting down the top forwards in the league. ,fun playing with Oscar, he such a good skater and he can close on guys so quick, Schultz said. makes it easy on me. He got good vision and a good shot and you just have to give him the puck in the offensive zone and let him shoot it. ,Warrior down ,It must have hurt if Matt Hendricks was unable to go Sunday against the Canucks. ,The Oilers forward, who had been promoted to the top line, was forced out of the lineup with an injury after blocking a shot late in the win over the Flames. ,brought a lot to our team, said McLellan. you see on the ice, he perhaps been one of our top players as far as the details and the grunt work goes. That means a lot to our group. He stirred the drink for our whole team and we going to miss him Sunday because he not playing. Hendrick place in the lineup alongside Ryan Nugent Hopkins and Taylor Hall was Anton Slepyshev, who was a healthy scratch in Calgary. ,Slepyshev was held off the score sheet in the first four games of the year after a strong preseason. ,He did not last long on the line, replaced by Rob Klinkhammer. ,Connor McDavid continues to impress as he seems to be getting the hang of the NHL game. ,On Sunday, the Oilers rookie centre, set up Nail Yakupov for the first goal of the game, splitting Luca Sbisa and Jannik Hansen by banking the puck off the boards to himself, then spotting Yakupov for a one timer in the slot. ,McDavid went into the game off a two goal, three point performance Saturday against the Flames. ,a special player and he played great for us Saturday, said Hall. was huge to see him show confidence, I think that really gave our team a boost to have their line going like they did. You watch him in practice sometimes and you shake your head at things he does, it really fun to watch. ,The buzz for the Edmonton heading into Sunday game against the Vancouver Canucks was the breakout performance by Connor David against the Calgary Flames deservingly so. ,Yet, Taylor Hall also had a breakout game, scoring a goal and collecting a pair of assists in the 5 2 win over the Flames. ,sure, there were a lot of good things, Hall said prior to the contest. had some positives in games before, but Saturday night there was a combination of a lot of things and Sunday was a good test for us in how we respond to a win and a good effort and see if we can replicate that. on, it appeared Hall and McDavid would be running mates, playing on the same line in training camp and early into the regular season.Vancouver eateries try their hand at vegan junk food ,It's Saturday afternoon at MeeT in Gastown and the popular purveyor of vegan junk food is packed. The woman at the next table devours the last bite of a Double Bacon Double Cheez Burger and wipes a dribble of chipotle mock mayonnaise from her chin. ,"That just changed my life," she says, sighing dreamily. Her dining companion nods as if to say, "I told you so.

online fake id checker fake michigan id for sale real ids vs. fake ids best ohio fake id 2017 Pardon me," I interrupt, "did you just say that burger changed your life" I am gobsmacked. How could a burger nay, a fake burger made from indeterminate plant proteins and wheat gluten the chef won't reveal the source of his patties possibly be so transformative ,"Are you a full time vegan" I ask. ,"I try," she says sheepishly. ,It must be incredibly difficult to live as a vegan. I can't even imagine what it would be like to give up the greasy juiciness of sizzling browned beef, the gooey strings of softly melted cheese, the mouth coating silkiness of high fat ice cream. Luckily for those who have gone or are trying to stick to the dreary side of the dining table, there are an increasing number of restaurants that alleviate a modicum of martyrdom by specializing in guilty plant based indulgences. ,MeeT in Gastown, on offshoot of the original MeeT on Main, is a glass and concrete industrial space that doesn't look anything like a typical crunchy granola hippie hangout. Nor do the customers, most of whom resemble runway models. The men have chiselled cheek bones, stubble beards and homburg hats. The women are long and lean, wrapped in bold head scarves and Barbie pink fake fur coats. When did it become so cool to eat green ,Well, there isn't actually much fresh greenery on this menu. It's mostly all greasy facsimiles of diner style mac 'n' cheese, chicken cauliflower wings, burgers and fries six types of fries. This "veggie friendly comfort food" the word vegan doesn't appear in any of the restaurant's promotional materials isn't necessarily healthy. But can it ever taste as good as the real thing ,In the brave new world of lab derived meat, there is now a veggie burger that actually oozes red blood. It's not beet juice, but rather a type of synthesized cow blood using heme, a molecule found in animals and some plants. New York chef David Chang was so "blown away" by the authentic beef like flavour of the Silicon Valley backed Impossible Burger, he launched it at Nishi. ,The MeeT burger is not one of those. Not by a long shot. ,The Double Bacon Double Cheez arrives at the table with a serrated knife plunged through the heart of its soft white Kaiser bun. The burger is a tall, multilayered affair that looks impressive a round slice of ripe hot house tomato and bright green frond of leaf lettuce poking out the sides until you begin dissecting the faux components. ,The spongy, house smoked patty has a lightly browned exterior and pink centre. It kind of looks like meat. But it has the clammy, wet, rubber band elasticity of lightly stewed tripe. Lacking in natural fat, the plant fibres get caught in the molars and dry out like gauze. The initial smokiness fades quickly, leaving you with a long lingering note of freshly tilled garden soil. ,Mind you, the patty isn't supposed to be eaten in isolation. The burger is piled high with more layers of fake foods: a pressed red and white strip of coconut and crispy seitan bacon noxiously smoky and gummy, chao cheese a pale yellow version of a cold American slice with a whisper of fermented tofu funk and queso a flavourless white cheese that would probably lend the burger some much needed creaminess were it melted instead of just flaccidly warmed. after a bender at the bar. ,"I'm sorry," I say, turning to my evangelized neighbour. "This doesn't do anything for me." I don't understand. Why this desire for mock meat I've had much better tasting veggie burgers made from beans and shredded carrots. ,The mac 'n' cheese does a better job of faking it. The yellow cashew sauce is thick and melty, and the nutritional yeast sprinkled over top adds crumbly, gratin like texture. ,But honestly, the green side salad is the most satisfying part of the meal because it's real food. ,Unfulfilled and confused, I wander over to Virtuous Pie, Vancouver's newest plant based pizza joint in Chinatown. It's another modern industrial room with shiny marble counters and white washed brick. The communal tables are loud and tight, but the counter servers are quick, exceedingly friendly and impressively well versed in the ingredients. For disillusioned omnivores, there is also wine on tap. At times such as this, it's important to remember that many great things grow from the earth. ,Virtuous Pie has two types of crust: a regular wheat flour, three day dough that is moderately thin and sturdy; and a denser gluten free dough made from tapioca starch, psyllium husk, rice, millet and buckwheat flours. The problem with the latter is that it cooks slower than the regular dough and is often served uncooked and crumbly. The owner is aware of the problem and is working on it. ,But the cheese. It all comes down to the cheese. The truffle almond ricotta on the superfunghi is softly whipped, almost like a thick meringue, and does have good tang from probiotics introduced during the culture. It's passable when combined with all the pizza's other strong flavours meaty sauted oyster and criminis, herbed potato mash and a nicely peppery heap of arugula. ,The margherita, however, has nothing but a decently spare San Marzano tomato sauce and handful of torn basil leaves to hide behind. The white blobs of cashew mozzarella don't cut it. They are slightly melted, but with a hardened crust. They have no stretch or string or flavour. This cheese has no soul. ,I get it. It's not really cheese. And for some people, these processed reproductions are a godsend. But if you can't fake it, why even bother trying to make it There is so much better to found in its natural form.Vancouver festival to celebrate luthiers and their craft ,Linda Manzer remembers it like it was yesterday, even though it happened in 1996. She moved her spray gun slowly from side to side, passing a blue mist over the soundboard of the guitar with hypnotic precision, gradually layering colour on the instrument she had painstakingly built. Manzer, a master luthier, had already toiled more than 100 hours on the project. ,The blue guitar had been commissioned for a collector in the United States, Scott Chinery, who had engaged 22 luthiers to create custom guitars, all the exact same shade of blue. ,As one of the world top collectors, Chinery wanted to celebrate the guitar as a cultural icon, and planned to invite talents like jazz great Tal Farlow, rock roll legend Steve Howe, longtime Elvis guitarist Scotty Moore, and blues virtuoso Johnny Winter to meet the luthiers and play the guitars, which he would later loan to the Smithsonian Institution. ,But first they had to be finished. Chinery was exacting, and Manzer had already stripped the colour once after he blasted all the luthiers with a warning letter: the colour had to be perfect. ,was spraying, I had everything perfect, layers upon layers of the blue, said Manzer in an interview from her workshop in Toronto. The end was in sight. She was supposed to be on a flight the next day to celebrate her best friend birthday in Denmark. ,Then, as she moved through the final pass, the spray gun spat a large droplet of blue paint. ,saw that drop of blue flying through the air and it landed on the guitar right in an area where it wasn supposed to be. I knew I had to cancel the flight, and I missed my best friend party. had to sand the guitar down to the bare wood and start again, but ultimately she didn mind. She loves the process: shaping and sanding the raw timber, breathing in its dust, picking slivers from her fingers, feeling, tapping and dropping the wood so she can listen for its brightness, its buzz, developing a relationship with each piece of wood, and puzzling those pieces together like a jigsaw. ,Luthiery is a demanding craft. ,you get closer and closer to the end of building the jigsaw puzzle, the guitar, the stakes get higher and higher, she says. ,closer you get to it being done, the more dangerous it gets the wood doesn lie. You can talk it into sounding good. You can blame anyone else if it doesn celebrates craft ,Manzer is one of 70 luthiers from around the world who will be in Vancouver from June 23 to 25 for the first Vancouver International Guitar Festival. ,The luthiers will run workshops, give master classes and offer aficionados, players and collectors the opportunity to meet them, listen to music and play their instruments. ,The event is a natural fit for Vancouver, say producers Shaw Saltzberg and Meredith Coloma. Saltzberg, 63, is an amateur luthier. Coloma, at 26, has already spent nearly a decade obsessively honing her craft and building an international reputation. produces 80 per cent of the most sought after tone wood luthiers rely on to create the tops Sitka and engelmann spruce and western red cedar as well as the curly maple used in backs and sides. ,The VIGF will present its inaugural Industry Builder award to Montrealer Jean Larrivee, an internationally renowned maker known as a savant and peerless craftsman, who is widely credited with building Canada reputation for luthiery. ,Larrivee trainees known as pioneers ,Manzer, who has built custom guitars for artists like Pat Metheny, Carlos Santana, Paul Simon and Bruce Cockburn, is one of a of seven guitar makers mentored by Larrivee in the 1970s. ,The group, which recently commemorated their fraternity and artistry by designing a flight of guitars that honour Canada Group of Seven painters for an exhibition at Ontario McMichael gallery, includes Sergei de Jonge, Tony Duggan Smith, David Wren, George Gray, Grit Laskin, Manzer, and Larrivee. ,Manzer says Larrivee helped Canadian luthiers become some of the most sought after designers and builders in the world and not just his own apprentices but the generation that has followed them. ,Luthiers of the school are known as innovators, pioneering features that have become industry standards, like Laskin arm bevel, a bevel on the edge of the guitar so it won cut into a player arm; Manzer wedge, an ergonomic way of shaping the body of the guitar into a wedge to make it more comfortable; and Larrivee symmetrical X bracing, which created a more balanced sound. ,Manzer was inspired to seek out Larivee in Toronto in the 1970s after being captivated by a Joni Mitchell performance. Manzer styled herself after Mitchell, and set out to become a folk singer. ,played a dulcimer, and I just fell in love with it, she said. A music store clerk convinced Manzer to buy a make it yourself dulcimer kit and the then teenager dropped her performance aspirations and began to build guitars. ,After convincing Larrivee to take her on as an apprentice she spent years learning the intricacies of the trade alongside the other now legendary builders. as a centre for luthiery about 500 of Canada 1,000 or so professional builders are in this province. ,Like Manzer, Coloma found her path through an apprenticeship. After stumbling on the workshop of a luthier when she was a 16 year old student, Coloma says she became briefly attended Summit School of Guitar Building and Repair on Vancouver Island before reaching out to renowned electric guitar builder Roger Sadowsky Bruce Springsteen and Keith Richards play Sadowsky guitars in New York. ,emailed him and he said, you're ever in New York, come by my shop. I booked my flight, and I was there the next day, says Coloma. ,is possible in his shop, says Coloma. wouldn have a business without him. He made the crazy things in my mind, possible in my hands. is renowned for her artistic inlay work, Gypsy style mandolins, and asymmetrical guitars. She is also a teacher, so when Saltzberg, a woodworker and former senior vice president of The Feldman Agency the booking agent for many artists, including Michael Bubl, Diana Krall, Bryan Adams and McLachlan showed up at her workshop last year she agreed to take him on as a student.Vancouver Lake Half Marathon runners bask in sunny skies ,Jesse McChesney didn follow his plan for Sunday Vancouver Lake Half Marathon. But that didn keep the 26 year old from the result he was after. ,Despite running the first few miles significantly quicker than planned, the Vancouver resident reached the finish line on schedule, finishing in 1 hour, 9 minutes and 44 seconds to win the 13.1 mile race for a second time. McChesney and three of his training partners were the first four to cross the finish line at Vancouver Lake Park, but only McChesney broke the targeted 70 minute barrier. ,hit the time that I wanted, but I think if we had gone out a little more conservative, then I could have picked it up more on the second half, McChesney said. I still happy with it. were plenty of happy faces among the hundreds of runners and walkers. The flagship annual event staged by the Clark County Running Club to fund its scholarship program, the Vancouver Lake Half Marathon is a race with a reputation for testing participants resolve with wind, rain and sometimes snow. Sunday conditions for the 24th edition of the January race would have been welcomed by runners any time of year. ,The sunshine helped get Susie Scott to the race. ,was tired this morning waking up, but I thought have to do it. It so great outside,' Scott said. ,The 27 year old Portland woman got it done in 1:24:45 and was the first female to the finish line. ,Race organizer Russ Zornick predicted that McChesney and training partners Ahrlin Bauman and Oscar Bauman of Vancouver were prepared to run fast. They started faster than planned. ,Their plan was cover each mile in 5 minutes and 20 seconds. But, with Ahrlin Bauman setting the pace, the leaders covered the first mile in 5:06. The second, third and fourth miles were also faster than 5:20. ,didn look at my watch and we went out a bit hot, Ahrlin Bauman said. I thought oh, we going to pay for that latter. pulled away with about two miles to go. But Ahrlin Bauman hung in for second place, just missing his 70 minute target with his time of 1:10:08. Cody Barton of Stevenson, who trains with McChesney and the Bauman brothers, finished third in 1:11:34. Oscar Bauman was fourth in 1:12:48. ,I was hoping to be competitive, which I was for about eight miles, Oscar Bauman said. don really like half marathons, but they good training runs for other things next challenge for the Bauman brothers, both age 41, is the USA Cross Country Championships on Feb. 15 in Boulder, Colo. Ahrlin Bauman is the defending masters winner 40 and older of that national championship race. Oscar Bauman finished fifth in the masters championship in 2013. ,Racing 13 miles is great preparation for the 8 kilometer national cross country championship, Ahrlin Bauman said. ,The top women also saw Sunday race as an ideal training exercise. Scott, who ran in college at Grand Valley State in Michigan, is preparing to run the Boston Marathon for the first time. She qualified for Boston by finishing the Eugene Marathon, her first full marathon, in just over three hours. ,wanted to run at a 6:30 6:40 per mile pace. That my goal pace for Boston, Scott said. found a really great group and they were going a little bit faster, but it felt really good so we just went with it. ,Sarrah Hadiji, a Virginia native who moved to Portland last year to be around fellow runners, was part of that group. She was the second woman to finish. Her time was 1:25:28. ,a beautiful day and I was going to do a long run anyway, so I figured I might as well get a little race action in and hang out with the community, said Hadiji, who competed in college for William and Mary in track and cross country. always fun to be around runners in a racing environment. Lees of Washougal shared that sentiment. She has been a member of the Clark County Running Club for a decade, but this was her first half marathon. ,figured I come get some speed work and come meet some new faces, and see the community of runners, Lees said. ,Lees completed her first full marathon in September at Silverton, Ore. On Sunday, the 34 year old was the third woman to finish, and pleased with her time of 1:29:59. ,Unofficial top finishers ,Top 10 men ,1, Jesse McChesney, 26, Vancouver, 1:09:44. 2, Ahrlin Bauman, 41, Vancouver, 1:10:08. 3, Cody Barton, 24, Stevenson, 1:11:34. 4, Oscar Bauman, 41, Vancouver, 1:12:23. 5, Johnson Lee, 27, 1:12:48. 6, Matt Palmer, 25, 1:18:35. 7, David Caldwell, 39, 1:18:45. 8, Filip Schmole, 37, 1:21:53. 9, Mike Grimshaw, 48, 1:22:50. 10, Sean Coster, 38, 1:24:05. ,1, Susie Scott, 27, Portland, 1:24:45 12th overall. 2, Sarrah Hadiji, Portland, 1:25:28. 3, Teresa Lees, 34, Washougal, 1:29:59. 4, Kelly Chang, 40, 1:30:18. 5, Jennifer Teppo, 55, Vancouver, 1:31:40. 6, Megan Lacey, 30, 1:32:34. 7, Kristine Archer, 34, 1:33;11. 8, Leeann Rice, 42, 1:33:58. 9, Whitney Dawson, 23, 1:35:12. 10, Amy Ellingson, 39, 1:35:25.Vancouver police think Malli killers were laying in wait ,Vancouver police believe that Tejinder Tee Malli's killers were laying in wait near the spot in Coal Harbour where the gangster was shot to death in a car Monday night. murder. ,"We think they were hunkered down in a car around there somewhere and we're hoping that somebody out there did see something," Sgt. Randy Fincham said Thursday. "They roll up on our victims, now sitting in the car parked on Cordova Street. More than one shooter fires off a number of rounds into the car. Then they get back into this car and they take off. best online fake id sites fake id maryland penalty texas fake id maker buy jiazhao fake id review brass monkey dc fake id He said the killers may have been idling in an alleyway or behaving suspiciously for an hour or two before Malli and associate Saman Ghabcheloo ,Malli died in hospital; Ghabcheloo fake id scanner app line dance fake id how much do fake ids cost I don't know how cooperative our remaining victim is," Fincham said. ,The Vancouver Sun has learned that a third man named Fariborz Saffari, 28, was in the targeted vehicle, but fled the scene when his friends were shot. ,Fincham said police are still reviewing surveillance seized from around the busy downtown location where the attack occurred. ,"We do think there is a possibility there might be more footage out there that we need to obtain," he said. ,Fincham said police have had great cooperation from witnesses in the area, but are now poring over statements to try to get a consistent description of possible suspects. ,"We have a number of different suspect descriptions. We have got very good witnesses that have come forward. What happens in a situation like this is they hear the shots and then they look," he explained. ,That means that the people they saw running away may have been either the shooters or people from the victims' car. ,"It is pretty dark in that area. Under stress, people remember things in different ways," he said. ,Fincham said the shooting is yet another case of targeting someone deeply immersed in Metro Vancouver's gang world. "If you avoid gang life, your chances of not being killed like this are very good," he said. ,Malli, 29, had a long list of enemies. ,The Sun has learned that he was very close to Saffari's elder brother Milad and was present outside a Coquitlam gym when the elder Saffari was shot to death in June 2010. ,Malli was a suspect himself in more than one murder at the time of his death. ,Transit police Const. Doug Spencer, who does anti gang work with the Odd Squad, had known Malli for years. ,"He is one of the original Red Scorpions way back," Spencer said. land and personal property registries, Malli had no listed assets. He still lived at his family's Richmond home. ,"He's been involved in gangs and criminal life for at least a decade, since his teens," said Sgt. Lindsey Houghton of the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit. "He rose to a position where he was operating his own little crime group or cell. He had some modicum of respect from some. ,But he had also received numerous warnings from police about rivals' plots to kill him. He had both friends and enemies in a number of different gangs. ,Some of his friends ,Said Houghton: This is yet another example of a gang member not making it to 30. fake ids that scan for sale uv overlay on fake id cookierun fake id 2017

best fake caller id cydia You are dreaming buddy. They turn over enough cash ,I admit they dress and act and think they make a 100 Your totally missing the point here. I not saying this guy was anything other than a chump goof. I was throwing 100k a month out there as just a rough estimate. To make a point. No amount of money is worth dying over. But when you are trapped you are trapped ,People use race as a scapegoat because they want to lay blame somewhere. The violence may have been predominately within the Indo Canadian community over a decade ago So ,Update March 30: Mexico topped Canada 2 0 Tuesday at Estadio Azteca in Mexico City. With 12 points through four games, Despite the Canadian loss it was an entertaining event ,Idiots aside fake id brisbane fake id ohio maker Hawaii id fake louisiana dl

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But not all are such blatant miscreants, charlatans come in variety of shapes and forms. Some vendors will deliver your Novelty ID, but it would be just that, a souvenir card with your picture on it. Forget about getting into a bar or club with it, you will be turned away right from the door. High quality fake IDs that scan are virtually indiscernible from the real ones, but these are rare and hard to get.

Due to the numerous difficlulties and potential hazards involved in the buying process, like picking trusted vendor and best fake ID, many young people are never able to get a fake ID online. After being scammed or supplied with sub-standard product, they are left only with frustration and disappointment. Watching with envy how their peers living to the full and being excluded from social life feels dispiriting and humiliating.

We offer you to obtain a fake identity with complete safety and confidentiality. At the same time, we offer clear and transparent scheme of work. In addition, we provide all visitors of KingOfFakes site with an opportunity to view the samples of our products and to verify our production capabilities and the quality of the documents we make, which again confirms that we are actually selling the documents, and are not engaged in any scams. In the end, we offer you convenient and anonymous payment options and discreet shipping.

Be suspicious about the offers that look too good to be true - most likely, they are!

There is a certain cost involved in the production and shipping of quality fake. Products offered for cheap would be of a cheap look and feel too, and could only pass for a real identification document in some dimly lit bar with a tired bartender at the end of the night. They will not scan, your fake identification card will be exposed as such upon closer inspection, and you will be escorted out of the drinking premises.

Premium fakes require a superb degree of skill, professionalism and experience to produce, and such excellence is not easily achieved. Without disclosing the trade secrets, let us hint at a few points: quality source materials, industrial level top-of-the-line equipment and attention to detail. The subtle differences and tiny details are what constitute a high quality fake. It is impossible to reproduce them on a random home or office printer, and this is exactly what many people tried to do - and failed spectacularly. Only skillful application of cutting edge card printing technology can guarantee a quality fake that has latest security features and passes all authenticity tests.

Imagine all the shame of being dressed up for the occasion and expecting great night out with friends and sparkling bubbly, only to be turned away by unwavering bouncer, laughing at your souvenir novelty ID card. They have seen so many of them, and can tell one apart at a glance.

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