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how to make a fake Arizona driver's license how to get a texas id Despite these efforts fake caller id free trial fake id book characters how to buy a fake id online get fake id fast buy a fake credit card,Some surplus funds that aren't returned to the owner are sent to the state's general fund ,Over each of the past four fiscal years ,There are no limits placed on how much or how little the value of each unclaimed asset holding must be international fake id maker mclovin fake id t shirt deblasio fake ids Maryland law currently requires banks and holders of assets to declare property as unclaimed after a period of three years. That timeframe was accelerated following the 2001 recession ,To increase the money flowing into the general fund

fake id book trailer fake ids in pennsylvania fake Pennsylvania id fake id carribbean In 2003 is a fake id a felony make a new id buy fake id reviews texas ids fake id in chinatown nyc Prior to the change ,Whereas cutting funds to a program with wide constituent support could alienate voters Utah id fake ph premium ghana madi fake id When Program Open Space lost funding, environmentalists were very upset," Juppe said. "Abandoned property, though, seems pretty innocuous. I can't believe anyone would be too upset over that. ,Maryland isn't the only state to rely on revenue from unclaimed property. An Associated Press report found that in total ,A database search for the word university" turns up at least 45 entries, including the address 22 South Greene St., spelled and abbreviated in a variety of ways. That address corresponds with the University of Maryland Medical Center. Box 17017, also affiliated with the University of Maryland Medical Center. ,Kopp said the holding was from her first home with her husband, dating to the late 1960s, and told Capital News Service that she intended to claim it. ,According to the comptroller's office, unclaimed property list items are run against state databases in an effort to match recipients by Social Security number and addresses filed with state taxes. Additionally, the agency employs third party companies to provide information and previous addresses. ,Individuals with unclaimed property listings are run through an automated matching process, the Comptroller's Office said. When a match is made, a letter is sent to the owner along with the payment. ,But, those property owners including state officials might not be successfully matched and informed of the holdings if Social Security numbers are not attached to the name in the database, the Comptroller's Office said. ,"There are no exclusions, so if the State Treasurer was a match, the claim would be paid," a spokeswoman wrote in an email. ,Even Kirk Bloodsworth, the first American to be exonerated from Death Row by DNA evidence, has two listings in the unclaimed property database, one of which was tied to an address where he told Capital News Service he hadn't lived in "22 years," or 1993 the year he was released from a Maryland prison.Unclassified Summary of Evidence for Administrative Review Board in the case of Labed ,The detainee admitted going door to door with the Jama'at Tablighi JT for three days in Hamburg attempting to discuss Islam with people. ,The Talbighi Jama'at is an Islamic missionary organization founded to spread Islam and recruit followers. Islamic extremists have been known to exploit the organization to enhance their ability to fight the perceived enemies of Islam. ,A member of JT traveled to Afghanistan while the detainee was there and asked the detainee to return to Germany with him in October 2001, but the detainee refused. ,Around March 2001, an acquaintance at the al Nur Mosque gave the detainee two videotapes of the mujahidin in Afghanistan and Chechnya. After watching the videotapes, the detainee contacted this facilitator and made arrangements for his travels to Afghanistan. ,Originally, the detainee stated he traveled to Affghanistan to fight jihad to make amends for the wrongs he committed. ,Later, the detainee stated that prior to viewing the videotapes, he had begun thinking of a scheme to travel to Afghanistan to purchase drugs and then smuggle them back to Germany to sell. He said he made plans to travel to Afghanistan under the guise of training for jihad. ,In June 2001, the detainee purchased a fraudulent Belgian passport, while his facilitator purchased round trip plane tickets for the detainee to travel from Germany to Afghanistan. ,On 3 September 2001, the detainee and Bahaji traveled from Hamburg via Istanbul, Turkey, to Karachi, Pakistan. They remained for three days before glying to Quetta, Pakistan. In Quetta, the Taliban provided a driver to take them to a Taliban safe house in Kandahar, Afghanistan. ,The detainee volunteered to fight for the Taliban against the Northern Alliance around Bagram under the command of Abdul Wakhil. ,In December 2001, the detainee retreated with the Taliban to Zormut, Afghanistan. They remained in Zormut during the month of Ramadan and then traveled to Banuu, Pakistan. ,The detainee met a senior al Qaida Lieutenant in December 2001 who was smuggling mujahidin into Pakistan. ,Durign Ramadan 2001, a senior al Qaida lieutenant convinced 20 of approximately 100 mujahidin to leave Afghanistan at the request of local Afghan leaders. About one week later, the group of 20 proceeded to Banuu, Pakistan. The 20 men were told al Qaida would contact them to continue their jihad as soon as the situation in Afghanistan had improved. ,Sometime in February 2002, al Qaida sent the group to Lahore, Pakistan, and then to Faisalabad, Pakistan. Traveling with this group was Jose Padilla aka Abdallah al Muhajir and Fouad Zouaoui aka Aalha al Kini. ,Abdallah al Muhajir and Talha al Kini were planning to build a bomb using conventional explosive and radiological materials and then detonating it in the United States. ,The detainee remained in Lahore for approximately three and a half months, moving between several homes. He was then taken to Abu Zubaydah's safe house in Faisalabad, Pakistan. ,According to a senior al Qaida lieutenant, the Lashkar e Tayyiba as a Foreign Terrorist Organization . ,The Secretary of State has designated Lashkar e Tayyiba as a Terrorist Organization. ,Pakistanis moved the detainee to Faisalabad, Pakistan, but they mistakenly placed him in Abu Zubaydah's house. Since the detainee did not have any connection of relationship to Abu Zubaydah, he should have been placed in the Yemeni house. ,The detainee and others at Abu Zubaydah's house had a 15 minute period between the time they realized the Pakistani police had surrounded the house and the time entry was made to hide their fake passports and concoct stories to tell the police. ,The detainee served in the Algerian Army as a conscript for four years starting in January 1979. He served primarily as a physical training teacher and weapons guard, receiving training on the AK 47, Seminov and Dictaroff a single shot rifle. ,In September 2001, the detainee attended the al Farouq Training Camp and the surrounding mountain training area for approximately thirteen days. While in the mountains, he received training on the Kalashnikov rile, Rocket Propelled Grenade and physical training. ,The detainee also attended Camp Nine outside Kabul for approximately 25 days, receiving training in camouflage techniques, weapons, and physical fitness. ,During Ramadan 2000, the detainee met Sa'id Bahaji at the al Trak mosque in Hamburg. Bahaji is a known al Qaida operative connected to the 11 September 2001 attacks. ,Bahaji allegedly facilitated the false identification papers, cash, visa and transportation for the hijackers of the 11 September 2001 attacks. He also networked with other al Qaida cells around the world to fine tune the attacks on 11 September 2001. ,An admitted al Qaida member identified the detainee as a friend of an explosives trainer. ,Betwee 1973 and 1982, the detainee was arrested at least seven times in Algeria for stealing, robbery, receiving sentences varying from one week to two years. In 1985, he was found guilty of statutory rape after he married a 17 year old without her father's permission. ,From 1990 to 1994, the detainee lived in Rome, Italy, where he dealt illegal drugs. He was arrested for stealing at least six times while in Italy. ,From 1994 to 2001, the detainee lived in Hamburg, Germany, where he was involved in numerous illegal activities and spent over two years total in prison. His crimes included possession of a shotgun; pick pocketing, credit card fraud, prison escape and possession of fraudullent identification. He continued to deal in illegal drugs while in Germany.Uncle Tetsu Japanese Cheesecake ,The second guessing began a full 40 minutes before Uncle Tetsu had even opened. "Are they any good" asked a blond woman in sweats who was number 11 in the fast growing lineup. No one offered an opinion. ,"Is it as good as T T Supermarket's" asked another of the sweet toothed supplicants. "I read on Yelp that T T's is better." A few in the crowd offered theories, but nobody seemed to know for sure. ,"I'm going to get two!" said number 13, before the rest of the crowd on the sidewalk at Bay and Dundas sternly corrected her Uncle Tetsu allows just one Japanese cheesecake purchase per customer. ,Another of the queuers had come the night before but all the shop had left were madeleines. "This guy outside offered me 80 if I'd sell them," she continued, proudly. "For four madeleines! ,I told him no way! fake id laws hawaii fake Massachusetts license fake id edinburgh

where can i buy fake id uk It started to drizzle. I had arrived around 10:15 that morning and was glad about it. I was eighth in line. There was a rush not long after I'd got there. Thirty minutes to go!" said the woman in the sweatpants. A passerby asked what everyone was waiting for. He considered for a minute and then took a spot at the back a good two hours, at least, before he'd get a taste. The first dozen customers filed in to pay their money 8.88 for a six inch cake; 2.22 for a madeleine, but nobody really comes here for the madeleines. The first batch of 12 cheesecakes, still warm from the oven, had been hot stamped with the caricature of the Japan based cheesecake empire's founder and namesake, Tetsushi Mizokami, and carefully wrapped and placed in takeaway boxes. The little shop has just three ovens; it produces 12 cakes every 10 to 15 minutes, give or take. The company has said it underestimated the demand that would greet its Toronto location. I wouldn't be so sure. ,By the time I left with my prize, around 11:15, the line was what you'd call stupid long. It broke at an alleyway, where pylons had been set up bearing signs that read, "Do Not Block." Past the alleyway, the line picked up again. ,Was it worth the wait I walked to where I'd parked my bike and pulled a fork and knife from my bag and cut a wedge from the cake, which was balanced on the seat. The cake was light golden on top, palest yellow on its sides. It weighed almost nothing on my fork. The steam smelled subtly like sugar and eggs. I looked back across Bay Street just as I was about to take a bite. In the two minutes since I'd left, the line had grown by another 10 people. ,The first Uncle Tetsu opened 25 years ago in Hakata, Japan. The company's cheesecakes have become an international phenomenon in the years since; those two hour lineups aren't an only in Toronto exception, but the rule. Outside Japan, the brand has more than 70 shops across China, as well as in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and Cambodia. Some of those are franchises. Toronto is the company's first opening outside Asia; it has been mobbed since its first day of business last month. ,Hype breeds hype: A lot of the people in the line both times I've been were in the lineup because of the lineup. They wanted to know what all the fuss was about. Mr. Colangelo posts pictures of the lineup. ,"People are tweeting at me, 'What's the lineup now' " he said. weekdays, but often far earlier on weekends. ,Mr. Colangelo has never tried Uncle Tetsu's cheesecake. "I'm not a big carb eater," he confessed. ,I liked it a lot. Everything about that cheesecake was understated; it is from another order entirely than the usual North American type. There is no crust, and the cakes are baked in a water bath, so apart from the top, their outsides don't particularly harden or brown. Their texture is somewhere between spongecake and souffl like souffls, these get most of their volume from whipped egg whites. ,The flavour, especially when the cakes are hot, is subtly sweet and eggy far more than all out cream cheese. ,And 10 all in for a large, fresh, handmade souffl cake, pulled straight from the oven, is a good deal. The madeleines, by contrast, are only alright. They're more like short, buttery cupcakes than proper madeleines. If I could easily pick up a cheesecake on the way home from work, I'd do that often. Only I can't get one easily, and neither can you. ,Mr. Mizokami, the founder, was in the shop when I visited last week. He said he plans to expand Uncle Tetsu in the city. ,I would welcome that. Hype passes, especially absent scarcity. Hello, Krispy Kreme! Those cakes are worth 10 and a five minute wait, definitely. But 10 and an hour or two on the sidewalk, feeling like a suckerUncommon tech support scheme tricked woman out of ,JACKSONVILLE, Fla. A rare type of scam tricked a First Coast woman out of more than 4,000, and the Better Business Bureau says they haven seen anything quite like it. ,The con artists used a tool many legitimate tech support companies use as well, screen sharing software that gives someone access to a computer miles away. ,A Jacksonville grandmother, who did not want to be identified, says she was trying to do the right thing, when the wrong person took control of her computer. ,She doesn know who is behind a plot that may have started a year ago. She says a salesperson contacted her in 2016 to sell her a tech support program costing 150. Recently, she believes the same people called again. ,"They said the program had expired and they wanted to refund my money," she explained. "I remembered] paying them so if they wanted to refund me] that was fine. ,The representative told her to log into her computer using a screen sharing program called Team Viewer. Then they asked her to check her online bank account to see the refund. She said her screen kept going black. They said you see the refund] she said. "I said, I see a nice amount. saw two deposits in her account log of over 2,000 each. Both appeared to have been made by the tech support company. The representative told her this was a mistake and that the money belonged to another customer. ,Not wanting to keep money that was not hers, the 80 year old woman agreed to go to her bank, withdraw the money and deposit it into another account they provided to her. The scammers even offered to let her keep 300 for the trouble. ,She later learned, all of the money was her own. ,She believes the fraudulent company put up a fake screenshot to look like her online bank account. However, during the times her screen went black, that when she believes they were transferring thousands from her own savings and sub accounts into her checking account. The result was extra money in her checking account when she went to the bank for the ordered withdrawal. ,"I never had anything like this happen to me and I hope to heaven I never have it again," she said. "I don want it to happen to anyone else, I don want anyone to go through this. ,Tom Stephens If it the same organization from 2016, they set this thing up in advance," said Stephens. "Then to come a year later and pull the trigger is an amazing thing for a scam organization. Anybody can fall victim to something like this. ,Stephens says it could be the same company or two fraudulent companies sharing client contact information., The fact that they working a year ahead is just phenomenal because that means they already set up people for next year, the year after that and the year after that," Stephens said. ,Stephens identified three red flags that could keep consumers from falling prey. ,Typically, legitimate technology companies will not call a customer directly about a computer issue. ,Do not give anyone access to your computer with a screen sharing program unless you initiated the service call or have a previous relationship with the company. ,Never give out bank account numbers or routing numbers over the phone, unless you initiated the call. Most banks will ask for debit card numbers or pin numbers for verification. ,Other tips on how to avoid support ,About Us Contact Us Reporters Index Help Connect With Us FCC Online Public Inspection File EEO Public File Report ,Home National Politics Weather 7 Day Forecast Radars Hurricane Central Conditions Beach Cam More. Weather Alerts Weather Apps Health Detail Mosquito Report Location Search Local Florida News Georgia News On Your Side Strange News Military News Health News More. Verify Education News Jax Business Journal News Hurricane Central YouFirst News Tips Buddy Check 12 On Point Business News Good Morning Jacksonville Zika Charlie Foxtrot Side Effects Year in Review If My Parents Only Knew First Coast Brews Nation Nowsection/global/nation now oldsection/global/nation now Traffic Gas Prices Traffic Map Travel Sports Georgia Florida High School Football FSU Seminoles High School Sports College Football Athlete of the Week More. Gators First From You Jaguars Golf News 2016 Olympics The Players RSM Classic NASCAR Taxslayer Bowl NCAA Basketball Tournament Super Bowl Features Entertainment Community The Chat First Coast Living Student of the Week Life In Balance More. Jakes CIL Chat Vote Magnify Money Thankful Santa Tracker Holiday Lights NORAD Santa Tracker Grammys Eclipse About Meet The Team ABC 25 Schedule NBC 12 Schedule Jobs at FCN Contact Us Advertise with Us More. Appearance Requests Closed Captioning Appearance Request Weather FAQ ABC Player Justice Network Privacy Terms Community Rules Ad Choices RSS Connect With Us Newsletters Text Alerts FCC Public Inspection File Conversation Guidelines Crossword The Chat Player USA Today Social Player Weather Apps FCN Connects First Coast Living Player Whats On NBC USA Today Social Player Survey Cobrand Header Cobrand Footer Onlyuncover NYPD spying ,On June 2, 2009, a building superintendent at the complex just off the Rutgers University campus called 911 after stumbling one of the NYPD's biggest secrets a safe house, a place where undercover officers working well outside the department's jurisdiction could lay low and coordinate surveillance. The Associated Press has obtained a copy of the 911 call that exposed the NYPD safe house. In 2011, the AP requested a copy of the 911 tape. The New Brunswick Police refused. After the AP sued, the city turned over the tape and emails this week that described the NYPD's efforts to keep the recording a secret. AP He saw something. He said something. And he inadvertently uncovered a secret spying operation that the New York Police Department was running outside its jurisdiction. ,In June 2009, a building superintendent at an apartment complex near the Rutgers University campus opened the door to unit 1076 to conduct an inspection. Tenants had been notified of the inspection weeks ago and the notice was still stuck to the door. ,He turned his key, walked in and immediately knew something was wrong. A colleague called 911. ,"What's suspicious" a New Brunswick police dispatcher asked. ,"Suspicious in the sense that the apartment has about has no furniture except two beds, has no clothing, has New York City Police Department radios," he replied. ,"Really" the dispatcher asked, her voice rising with surprise. ,The caller, Salil Sheth, and his colleagues had stumbled upon one of the NYPD's biggest secrets: a safe house, a place where undercover officers working well outside the department's jurisdiction could lie low and coordinate surveillance. ,Since the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the NYPD, with training and guidance from the CIA, has monitored the activities of Muslims in New York and far beyond. Detectives infiltrated mosques, eavesdropped in cafes and kept tabs on Muslim student groups, including at Rutgers. ,The NYPD kept files on sermons, recorded the names of political organizers in police documents, and built databases of where Muslims lived and shopped, even where they were likely to gather to watch sports. Out of state operations, like the one in New Brunswick, were one aspect of this larger intelligence gathering effort. ,The Associated Press previously described the discovery of the NYPD inside the New Jersey apartment but, after a yearlong fight, New Brunswick police released the tape of the 911 call and other materials this week. ,"There's computer hardware, software, you know, just laying around," Sheth continued. "There's pictures of terrorists. There's pictures of our neighboring building that they have. ,In New Brunswick" the dispatcher asked, sounding as confused as the caller. In its "Eight Signs of Terrorism," people are encouraged to call the police if they see evidence of surveillance, information gathering, suspicious activities or anything that looks out of place. The Homeland Security Department has long encouraged citizens to be vigilant under its "See Something, Say Something" campaign. ,The call from the building superintendent sent New Brunswick police and the FBI rushing to the apartment complex. Officers and agents were surprised at what they found. None had been told that the NYPD was in town. ,At the NYPD, the bungled operation was an embarrassment. It made the department look amateurish and forced it to ask the FBI to return the department's materials. ,The emails highlight the sometimes convoluted arguments the NYPD has used to justify its out of state activities, which have been criticized by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and some members of Congress. The NYPD has infiltrated and photographed Muslim businesses and mosques in New Jersey, monitored the Internet postings of Muslim college students across the Northeast and traveled as far away as New Orleans to infiltrate and build files on liberal advocacy groups. ,In February, NYPD's deputy commissioner for legal matters, Andrew Schaffer, told reporters that detectives can operate outside New York because they aren't conducting official police duties. ,"They're not acting as police officers in other jurisdictions," Schaffer said. ,In urging New Brunswick not to release the tape, however, the NYPD made no mention of the fact that its officers were not acting as police. In fact, Lt. Cmdr. William McGroarty and Assistant Chief Thomas Galati argued that releasing the recording would jeopardize investigations and endanger people and buildings. ,Further, the apartment, No. 1076, was rented by an undercover NYPD officer using a fake name that he was still using, New Brunswick attorneys told the AP. ,"Such identification will place the safety of any officers identified, as well as the undercover operatives with whom they work, at risk," Galati wrote in a letter to New Brunswick. ,The city deleted that name from the copy of the tape that it released. ,Reached by phone Tuesday, McGroarty declined to discuss the New Brunswick operation. But the recording offers a glimpse inside the safe house: a small apartment with two computers, dozens of black plastic boxes and no furniture or clothes except one suit. ,"And pictures of our neighboring buildings" the dispatcher asked. ,"Yes, the Matrix building," Sheth replied, referring to a local developer. "There's pictures of terrorists. There's literature on the Muslim religion. virginia fake id god florida felony for fake id where to get a fake id online buy fake id legit

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