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bouncers spot fake ids fake Hawaii id card It's mandatory for all Australian residents and visitors to fill out the Census on August 9 failing to do so could result in large fines up to 180 a day fake id in miami fl how to get a texas id card how to make fake id card online gopuff fake id fake id detection software,Very few people get prosecuted. We're very lucky in Australia that very few people don't complete the Census. Last time the census covered 98.3% of the Australian population so our first task is always to ask people to complete and to send people to remind them and provide any assistance that people need to complete the Census. ,After August 9 ,Census staff are always very clearly identified with a photographic ID card around their neck from the Australian Bureau of Statistics identifying them. They'll also carry a yellow satchel which is very distinctive and stands out so it's very important when someone come to your door for you to make sure you can see their identification and to make sure they are a census collector before you open your door or provide them with any information."How to Complete Your DBS Application ,The primary role of the Disclosure and Barring Service DBS is to help employers make safer recruitment decisions and prevent unsuitable people from working with vulnerable groups including children. The Disclosure service allows organisations to make safer recruitment decisions by offering a means to check the background of applicants to ensure that they do not have a history that would make them unsuitable for posts they are trying to fill. Disclosures will provide details of a person's criminal record including convictions, cautions, reprimands and warnings held on the Police National Computer PNC. . ,If you are applying for a position that involves working with the vulnerable, the Disclosure will also contain details from lists held by the the Disclosure and Barring Service of those considered unsuitable for this type of work. You will need to apply for an Enhanced Disclosure, when requested to do so by the University, as the course you will undertake involves a degree of contact with children or vulnerable adults. This includes a check on local police records, where additional information relevant to your course may be released by the Chief Police Officer for inclusion within the Enhanced Disclosure. ,Enter your username and password as shown in either the letter or email informing you of the need for a DBS check. ,Ensure that you have your National Insurance Number, details of all your addresses for the last five years including term time addresses and at least 3 ID documents for verification a list is provided below to hand. ,Carefully read the introduction screen. ,Select 'New Application' from the links on the right. ,You should answer the questions regarding whether you hold a valid UK Driving Licence and/Passport. If you answer 'Yes' you MUST use these as your ID documents. ,Now click 'Full document List'; select your third document from the list. At least one document, including your driving licence, must show your current address. The system will advise you when you have enough documents. You need to use and provide original documentation no photocopies to apply for the Disclosure; you must bring these documents with you to the DBS signing session for checking. Please check the list below for acceptable documents. ,Once you have selected the appropriate documents you should click the 'Proceed to Application' button. ,Begin to enter your details. Note that the fields marked with an asterisk are compulsory and must be completed ,You must provide details of any other Forenames or Surnames that you have used including the dates. The application screen will help you do this. ,Choose the relevant position or job title from the pull down menu. This title should be the Programme of Study that you have applied for at the University of Chester. ,In answer to the question "Working at Home Address" you MUST select NO. ,Continue to enter your details on the form. ,You must enter your NI number, whether you were born in the UK, your place of birth and nationality. ,When entering your address you should first enter your current address. The DBS will send your Disclosure to this address. Please make sure that will be able to access any mail sent to this address. The University is unable to provide you with a copy of your DBS check. ,By entering your postcode you should be able to enter your address automatically from the pop up screen. If you do not know your postcode you will be able to search for it by entering your address. Remember, your DBS Disclosure will be sent to this address ,You must provide the month year in which you moved to the given address. If you have lived at this address for less than 5 Years you will be requested to provide further addresses. You will not be able to continue with your application unless a full and continuous 5 year address has been supplied. You will be advised when you have supplied adequate address details. ,You must provide a complete 5 year address history including any term time or temporary addresses. Please note that if you have lived overseas during this period you will also be required to provide a certificate of good conduct from your host country. ,Enter both telephone and email contact details so that we can contact you if necessary. ,Answer the question regarding convictions. You should also complete the Self Declaration Form that was sent to you by the University. ,Carefully input your ID document details. Remember you must bring these documents with you to the DBS signing session for checking. ,Read the Service Agreement. To view all the terms of the agreement use the scroll bar. If you agree to the terms then press the 'I Agree' button; if not press 'Cancel'. If you select 'Cancel' your application will not be processed. Now press the 'Next' button again to submit your application.How to Completely Disappear and Never Be Found ,The first thing to do upon deciding to carry out this transformation is to determine where you plan to go. Your city of previous personal preference may not be the best choice if you have spoken to others about your love for it. Your destination should be outside of your current province/state. Do some research on it, figure out what you will do when you get there. Most importantly, decide on it and stick with this decision. ,Once you have chosen a destination, you are ready to proceed with your disappearance. The first three steps should be accomplished simultaneously over the course of four months. ,Cut personal ties with everyone who knows you. Drop out of every group, organization, social circle, bingo table and car pool that you are a part of. The most important thing to remember here is to accomplish this slowly: pull out too abruptly and your friends and associates will become immediately suspicious. Carrying out this step should require several months of missed meetings and unreturned phone calls. Build your absence up gradually until you no longer do anything with the people who knew you. ,Liquidate all your assets. Divest yourself of all stocks, property and possessions, except for a week's worth of clothes and other necessities please note: a desktop computer is NOT a necessity. Sell your house if you are single and own one. Your house should be the last thing to be sold. Please note that if you are married, do not attempt to sell anything that is your spouse's or is jointly owned. This may mean that you won't be able to sell the house, but this can't be helped. Selling things that aren't totally yours brings all sorts of nasty consequences that will dog your disappearance, such as law enforcement and private investigators. They should be avoided at all costs. Get cash for everything you sell, and withdraw everything from your bank account, waiting as long as possible before actually closing it. Be very critical when deciding what to keep: everything has to fit into a suitcase or two at the very most by the time you leave, so keep only what is absolutely necessary. All these sales should close within as small a timeframe as possible; having them all close on the same day would be perfect but unlikely. Finally, do not sell your car, as you will need it for the early stages of your physical disappearance. ,Acquire false identification. While this isn't listed until step three, this really should be the first thing you do. Do not leave this until late in the process, as it will require a substantial length of time to acquire GOOD forgeries. These will be fairly expensive, but the cost and resulting quality is absolutely essential. A twenty dollar driver's license bought downtown is just not going to cut it. You will need a driver's license, a valid social security number, and a birth certificate. In some countries, you may need other pieces of identification, such as health cards. You will need two sets, two separate identities. By the time you have completed the two steps above, you should have your two new identities, the first of which should reside in a neighbouring city county to your present home. ,In the week before your departure, you should make a point of seeing each of your good friends once. When asked about where you've been, answer vaguely but reassuringly. This should be sufficient to keep them from becoming overly concerned about your absence for at least a couple of weeks. Once the last sale of your previous property has closed, destroy all your current identification. This means thoroughly burning it. Place in your wallet the identification that you registered your car with, along with one hundred dollars of your cash. Place the rest of your cash in a briefcase or other suitable container. Load your remaining belongings into your car. Now back out of your garage and DRIVE. ,Sell your car in a different state/province, using the identification under which you registered it. Choosing a near opposite path to the one you will eventually take to your chosen destination will help throw off anyone who decides to attempt to follow your footsteps. Now get rid of this set of identification once again, fire will do the trick. Place your second set of identification in your wallet. There is now nothing to tie you to your old life. Get on a bus and ride it to your destination. Do not fly there directly, as airlines keep much more thorough records than bus lines. If flying is essential your eventual destination happens to be a Carribean island then take a bus somewhere else first. Carry your briefcase of money with you at all times. Do not put it in a luggage compartment or leave it unattended anywhere. This is your future life. Have this stolen, and you'll have disappeared, sure, but you'll be begging on the street instead of living it up in your new condo.How to Conduct Active Reconnaissance and DOS Attacks with Nmap ,Hack Like a Pro: How to Conduct Active Reconnaissance and DOS Attacks with Nmap ,Welcome back, my nascent Hackers! ,In my last blog, we looked at a passive way to gather information necessary for a hack. The advantage of using passive recon is that it's totally undetectable, meaning that the target never knows you're scouting them and you leave no tracks. The disadvantage, of course, is that it's limited to only some websites and not entirely reliable. ,In this tutorial, we'll look at active reconnaissance of a target with one of the best network scanning tools, nmap. ,The risk with active scanning is that you will be detected and the security hardware or security admin will block any further attempts by you to pwn the site, or worse report you to law enforcement. Nmap has multiple modes of scanning a potential target and many ways of evading detection. ,Step 1: Open NmapLet's go to our hacking platform, BackTrack, and open up nmap. To find it, go the BackTrack button at the bottom left of the screen to open up the initial menu options. Then, select BackTrack > Information Gathering > Network Analysis > Network Scanners, and click on nmap. ,Note that it opens a Linux terminal with the help screen for nmap. Whenever you want to see the help screen, you can simply type at the command prompt: ,bt > nmap h You can also get the manual for nmap by typing: ,bt > man nmap Nmap is a delightful tool for gathering information on a network or site. Note that the output shows us the ports that this web server has open. With this information, we can then reasonably conclude that the default services for these ports are running on this system. In this case, this server has port 25 open SMTP, port 80 open HTTP, port 135 open msrpc, port 139 open net bios, and port 445 msds. ,This is important information to have when selecting a hack/exploit as each hack is specific to technologies/services. ,Step 3: Operating System DetectionNmap is also capable of detecting and making a guess as to what the operating system is. ,Step 4: Stealth ScanThe above scan by nmap is highly reliable, but its drawback is that it's also easily detectable. Nearly every system admin will know that you're scanning their network as it creates a full TCP connection, and this is logged with your IP address in the log files. ,A more stealthy scan can be conducted using the sS switch in nmap. This scan uses SYN flagged packets that do NOT create a connection on the target machine and therefore are not logged. This type of scan is slightly less reliable, but is much more stealthy. ,Step 5: Evading Intrusion Detection SystemsMost commercial servers and websites have intrusion detection systems IDS protecting them. These systems look for telltale signs of malicious activity, then alert the security administrator. Scans such as ours are easily detected by these systems and can set off an alert. ,However, there are numerous ways to evade these IDSs, and we'll look at one here. ,IDSs usually have a threshold setting. This means that if it sees numerous packets that appear to be scans, then it will alert the admin. To avoid detection, we can simply slow down our scan below this threshold. Nmap has numerous speed settings. Here we'll use the "sneaky" speed setting. This scan will likely take longer, but it is much more likely to go undetected by the IDS. ,One Final NoteNmap can also be an excellent denial of service DOS tool. If several individuals all send packets from nmap at a target simultaneously at high speed nmap "insane" speed or T5, they're likely to overwhelm the target and it will be unable to process new website requests effectively, rendering it useless. ,We'll continue with more reconnaissance techniques in future tutorials, so keep coming back! Until then, feel free to ask questions on this topic below, or head the Null Byte forum for any questions off topic. ,Cover image courtesy of 20th Century Fox ,How do I log in as root It says "Password for root:" and then it gives me the same error. It then asks for username. Not entirely sure where to go about acquiring that. Sorry for the noob questions. On a different note, is there any chance you'll be giving us tutorials on how to use Kali or BTR3 to get into more modern systems like Windows 7 To install meterpreter. I've been having trouble getting it on a computer, because I have no physical access to the machine I want to get into, and the methods you outlined in your previous tutorials use old methods MW2010, IE8, Adobe Reader 9.How to Conduct Passive OS Fingerprinting with p0f ,Hack Like a Pro: How to Conduct Passive OS Fingerprinting with p0f ,Welcome back, my novice hackers! ,I have tried to emphasize throughout this "Hack Like a Pro" series that good reconnaissance is critical to effective hacking. As you have seen in many of these hacks, the techniques that we use are VERY specific to the: ,Operating system, Service pack, Installed applications, Open ports, Running services, and Even language. I have shown you how to use a few of the best reconnaissance tools, hping, nmap, and xprobe, but each of these has a weakness they are active. In other words, you have to send packets at the potential victim to get a read on their attributes. This, of course, risks detection and whenever you send packets to a target, your IP address is attached unless you spoof your IP address, but then you wouldn't get a response from the target. ,Using p0f for Passive ReconIn the interest of remaining as stealthy as possible, you want to be able to determine the operating system of a potential target without touching it. That's the beauty of p0f, which uses attributes of the packets on the wire to determine the operating system that sent the packet. ,As you probably know, each operating system implements the TCP/IP stack in slightly different ways, and as a result, the TCP packets sent via that OS have slightly different attributes. If we can grab a packet off the wire, examine it, and look for these attributes, we can compare them to a database of attributes and determine with a relatively high degree of accuracy what operating system sent the packet. ,It's important note, though, that the reliability of passive recon is lower than active recon. ,Taking a Look at Our TCP/IP PacketThe image below is of a TCP/IP header. The IP header is shaded in yellow and the TCP header is in white. I have circled four fields of that header that are critical in determining the operating system that generated the packet. ,Minimize Delay Maximize Throughput Maximize Reliability Minimize Monetary Cost ,Second: Flags DF of the IP HeaderDon't confuse this with the SYN, FIN,RST, ACK, URG, and PSH flags in the TCP header. This is the Fragment or Don't fragment flag. This flag is meant to indicate to the receiving system whether the packet has been fragmented. ,Third: The Time to Live TTLThis indicates the default setting for the TTL of the packet. Each operating system sets the TTL to maximum number of hops that packet can traverse before it times out. Generally, Windows systems have this set at 32 while Linux systems have the TTL set to 64. ,Fourth: The Windows FieldThis is probably most important. The Window field sets the size of the buffer of the sending system. This is the way that TCP maintains flow control. This field alone varies the most among operating systems. If you can find this value, you have about 70 80% chance of determining the operating system that sent the packet. ,Now that have an idea of how p0f works, let's put it to work. ,Step 1: Open p0fLet's start by firing up BackTrack and then opening p0f. We can do that by going to BackTrack > Information Gathering > Network Analysis > OS Fingerprinting, and finally, p0f. ,Step 2: Start p0fThere is a lot of information in that help screen, much of which we can leave for another tutorial. To get p0f running, we simply need to type the command p0f then i for interface, the name of the interface we want to listen on eth0 here and then the v and t options. ,bt > p0f i eth0 vt ,When we do so, p0f will begin to listen on that interface as shown above for any traffic. ,Step 3: Send TrafficNow, let's send some traffic from a Windows XP system. I simply used netcat to connect to port 80 on our BackTrack system. ,As you can see above, p0f identified it accurately as Windows XP SP1. Also note that it identified the type of connection I was using, in this case "ethernet/modem". ,Step 4: Send Windows 7 TrafficNow, let's send some Windows 7 traffic. Once again, I simply used netcat to connect to port 80. This time, p0f is baffled. It gives us the signature of the packet, but then identifies it as Windows, but doesn't know what version. ,It was able to identify the connection from an ethernet/modem connection. ,The problem with the Windows 7 identification, and for that matter anything beyond Windows Vista, is that the developer of p0f stopped updating the signatures in 2006. Any new signatures for new operating systems aren't included in this p0f 1.8 on BackTrack. Let's take a look at that file. ,In the screenshot above, you can see the Windows operating systems signatures. You could simply add the signature from your Windows 7 operating system to this file and it would then recognize it the next time a Windows 7 system packet was seen on the wire by p0f. ,Good News!The good news is that the developer of p0f, Michael Zalewski, has recently released p0f version 3 that has up to date signatures and new features! ,Now that you understand how p0f works, we will download, extract, and compile the new version of p0f in a future tutorial, so keep coming back my novice hacker!How to connect to the Internet ,Roku 3 and Apple TV offer some of the simplest options to access the Web. AP Photo Mark Lennihan ,It's not enough these days to wonder what to watch on your TV; a growing question for many is how to watch. ,Just like any device in your life, TVs can now connect to the Internet. This lets you grab shows from the Internet and watch content whenever you want. Most new TVs come with the ability to connect to the Internet, but there are a number of ways to easily turn an existing TV into a so called smart TV. Here's a primer. ,The simplest way to do so is to connect a TV to a laptop or computer using either a VGA or HDMI cable. In most cases, this will give users either a second screen for their computer or it will mirror what they see on their machines. From there they can play digital content they own or they can visit websites with video such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and HBO GO. Of course, using a computer as a TV involves a lot of work by the user, who has to move the mouse and type out each website they want to go to. This is why digital media receivers exist. ,PHOTOS: Tech we want to see in 2013 ,The two most popular right now are the Roku 3 and the Apple TV both for 99. Users can easily connect these small devices to their TVs using HDMI cables, and they can connect to the Internet either through Wi Fi or by using ethernet cables. Once users have their device set up, they can log into all their accounts and begin streaming content. Both Roku and Apple TV have access to a variety of similar channels, including Netflix, Hulu and the NBA, NHL and MLB. However, there are pros and cons to each device. ,For Apple one big advantage is that it has a YouTube channel, which Roku does not. Apple fans can also use AirPlay, a feature that lets them easily send content from their Apple devices and computers to Apple TV. Using this feature, users can quickly find content on their phone and send it to their TV or they can give a presentation on their iPad that is then shown on a TV's big screen. Apple users also have access to the company's large catalog of content available from iTunes. ,For Roku there are a variety of advantages, including that it has hundreds of more channels than Apple does. The most important among those channels are Amazon Instant Video and HBO GO. Apple users can use AirPlay for HBO GO, but they cannot access it through a channel the way Roku users can. Apple users also don't have any access to Amazon, which has a large collection of watchable content that can be purchased or rented. ,ON LOCATION: Where the cameras roll ,The Roku 3 also has a motion sensor control that can be used for some games, notably Angry Birds. And for users who don't want to buy the Roku 3, they can also get cheaper versions of the device that come with some limitations. ,For both the Roku and Apple TV, people can use the remotes that come with the digital receivers or they can use their smartphones as the controls. To do this, both the receiver and the smartphone must be connected to the same Wi Fi network. Other companies sell digital receivers, including those that have built devices that use Google's software, but Roku and Apple are the most popular by far. ,However, many users can turn their TVs into "smart TVs" by using the game consoles that they might already own. Besides playing games the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 can both be used to stream digital content from the Internet by connecting to Wi Fi or with an ethernet cable. Once that's done, users can watch content from Netflix, Hulu and other channels. Although using an Xbox or PS3 may not be as simple or seamless as using a device like the Apple TV or Roku, it's an alternative and for many people, especially those with teenagers, it's a way to do so without having to buy another product. ,VIDEO: Fall 2013 TV trailers ,For those who want a true smart TV, most new TVs come with some sort of smart TV setup. These features typically allow apps to run on TVs, ranging from obvious services like Netflix, Hulu and Pandora to others such as Facebook and Twitter. Sports fans might also enjoy fantasy sports apps, so they can watch games while they track how their fantasy teams are doing. ,But for now, and this may soon change, many TVs with smart features don't run quickly enough and are frustrating to use. That's because smart TV apps typically load slowly and there is usually a delay between the time a button is hit on the remote and when the TV reacts to the command on the screen. ,I recommend the Apple TV or Roku 3 for those who want to turn their TVs into Internet connected machines and want the best experience with quick loading, in depth TV menus and a smooth interface. But viewers will need to pay for a few subscriptions: For Netflix and Hulu, it's 7.99 per month for each service. The good thing is the subscription allows access to the content from all of their devices. They can also pay for other devices or pay to rent movies. ,Rodriguez covers technology for The Times' Business section. ,PHOTOS, VIDEOS MORE: Real places, fake characters: TV's bars and eateries CRITICS' PICKS: What to watch, where to go, what to eat PHOTOS: Violence in TV showsHow to convert Westell 7500 into a router ,I have a left over Verizon provided Westell 7500 DSL modem router A90 750015 07. And it also let my home devices wired and wireless see each other. For example, my different PCs would appear in "My Network Places" and they could "share" designated folders. And all my home PCs could print to my home wireless printer. Let's assume it's a typical RJ 45 ethernet socket. The internet speed might actually be pretty good maybe 30Mbs down and very fast up. But I'll be bringing at least two computers and a small printer/scanner. Both computers will need to share the internet access, and both computers and the printer/scanner will need to "see" each other. Just like at home.So, if I plug the Westell 7500 into the network wall socket and then my PCs and printer into the Westell, I should get what I need here, yes How do I do this exactly, step by stepI have experimented at home and have maybe 10% success. At home, I don't have an ethernet socket in the wall, but I do have my newer modem router, and it has an unused LAN socket, which I am pretending is the office's ethernet socket. I connected a test computer to the Westell 7500 and logged onto the Westell 7500's embedded server, changed its VersaPort from "LAN ethernet port" to "WAN uplink port fake id canada ontario fake id canada buy oregon fake id allennnn: Thanks for the link and your fast response. I'd seen your excellent pinned post ,Thanks for very fast response and ideas. Please correct me if I'm wrong:I think you mean that I must change the gateway" IP of my Westell 7500 to be outside the DHCP range of the Actiontec, rightI think you also mean that if I continue to try to make the Westell 7500 act like a router, its own DHCP range should also be outside of the DHCP range of the Actiontec, rightThe Actiontec gateway IP and DHCP range all start with 192.168.1. So I should change the Westell 7500 so that its gateway IP and DHCP range all start with 192.168.0, yes ,YES IT SEEMS TO BE WORKING. However, I happen to know that the Actiontec's own DNS is set to OpenDNS and as "Static DNS Addresses". The temp office company's master router will probably NOT have this. When you have the routers IP the PC will ask the router who will proxy it on the PC behalf. ,Bill I'm beginning to understand your comment a little bit. Right now, I am NOT in the fake mini network I set up above, just normal my PC is connected only to my Verizon DSL modem router the Actiontek. If I go to cmd and ask ipconfigall, I get lots of info, and it includes this:Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection: Connection specific DNS Suffix . . . . . . . . . . . : fec0:0:0:ffff::1%1 fec0:0:0:ffff::2%1 fec0:0:0:ffff::3%1I think you are suggesting that I change the DNS Servers to something else, like maybe OpenDNS's or I have never done that because I thought that the Actiontek itself would no longer give DNS info about my internal home network to each device if I did that and so home networking would fail. If I'm wrong about that, would there be any advantage to changing the DNS Servers to OpenDNS's or And how would I change this ipconfig line in the Actiontek or the Westell 7500 anywayThanks!!!HOW TO COUNT TO TEN ON ONE HAND in Chinese ,Whereas in the West we would probably start using our other hand right about now, here in China we simply start using different permutations of hand signals on just one hand. ,Step 3: COUNTING BEYOND TEN ,In the West once we have reached TEN then that is it. ,Wow! I actually had NO IDEA you could do that, I guess I go to China, and when they ask my age I going to it, only. How do you say 11 in Chinese With a hand ,Different places in China, North and South, sometimes the opposite order of seven and eight, to be honest, I sometimes have seven and eight, regardless of the ,The Seven and Eight is wrong, they should be reverse ,no this is correct. as someone explained to me, the 8 is supposed to look similar to the character 8 as written in chinese ,haha, this is very fun to see you this article and pictures. The Eight, 8, in spoken Chinese, pronounced , like the sound of gun fire, so make this hand gesture is like a gun to present Eight. ,Besides, the thumb present number Five in chinese. So, a thumb and a little finger is Six, a thumb and forefinger and middle finger present Seven. ,Or, you could learn to count to ten or any other number in ASL, which all can be done on one hand ,i will now take a moment to thank advil for suppling the drug that took away the headache i go t from tryihng to fiure out the biinary system in the first place. I thought that i was doing well by using the knuckles and tips of my fingers to count to 16 on one hand and use both hands to count to 256. theni remembeed that i could hold a piece of paper and pen/pencil with both hands and not get a headache while trying to remember what right ring second knuckle was. cool info though. It 176 BTW ,the muscle on your ring finger is connected to your pinky, its impossible to lift the ring finger without lifting the pinky or middle finger aswell, unless you hold it with your thumb, which is also up ,i can do that trick and keep my finger up though. im doing it properly and i can still do it, thus not impossible :P ,I can do it. Just need a camera to show it to you. And btw brendenconnel, it is 11010 ,This instructable isn right. North east Asians count 1, 2, etc., by folding their fingers into their palm starting with their thumbs. Therefore, 2 looks like "3" to us with the index finger folded over the thumb which touches the palm. In addition, 8 should point down it mimics the actual chinese character for eight, which "opens down" and 10 is also, or generally forgot which shown by crossing the index and middle fingers over to make an elongated "x" which also mimics the chinese character for 10. 9 is also a hand gesture which mimics the curve of the traditional character for the number 9. I forgotten the gesture for 7, but the one shown here may be right. perhaps there are regional differences regarding how to count to 10 with the fingers within China, but I never seen the fingers pointed out as a rule in northeastern Asia. ,I believe what we have here illustrated as 4 is actually 1, and 5 looks like a fist, just with the thumb under all the fingers. In this approach, sometimes 6 is the same as 4 and 7 the same as 3 and 8 and 2, 9 and 1, when context allows for understanding. The fingers are just opened back up the way they were closed down during the counting from 1 to 5. During bargaining this "shorthand" :p is not used as it is potentially confusing. ,Thank you for you comments. Wanting to check out whether my instructable was indeed correct, I went out onto the streets of Hangzhou near Shanghai to recheck the numbers. ,You are indeed right about TEN being a cross, but that uses TWO hands, and the point was to only use ONE. ,You are similarly right about the EIGHT poiting downwards, but for the most part traders recognised the number. ,Everyone in the market that I visited seemed to recognise that ONE finger held up meant ONE as I previously stated, and given that I learned this counting system in North Eastern China Changchun, and I frequently use it without problem then I guess that it is pretty standard. ,However, I do not want to dismiss your views, as China is a very big place with many regional differences. My guess is we have also to account for the Chinese capacity for stripping away unnecessary things and getting down to brass tacks. Perhaps for the same reason all manner of variations are understood. Context must clearly play a strong role the person you bargaining with knows what amount the discussion started out with and so is generally well aware of which number is meant by the potential purchaser. ,I remember being I still am quite fascinated by the idea of displaying all numbers on one hand. Some of the oldest human counting systems are in base 16 and I seem to recall also base64 goes back to the dawn of history Sumer, Ur, etc.. Base 16 is counted by using the thumb to indicate the tip of the finger, the first crease where the first knuckle is, the 2nd crease, and then the 3rd crease where the finger meets the palm. It continues with the next finger and we have 16 44 countable units there. Though I find it somewhat hard to believe seems unwieldy, I remember reading that base 64 was used too, because of a different counting system merging with the base 16 one that was only base 5. Then you can use the fingers on one hand to indicate the second place with the thumb/knuckle crease method on the other hand indicating the "digits" place yay! Another hand counting pun!. Human ingenuity is pretty amazing. ,My instinct is still that the fingers are to be folded into the palm in the Chinese approach as if the number of fingers folded onto the palm is where the counting occurs at least for numbers 5 and below. But the market is very adaptive! ,I did not think that my stupid binary joke was going to lead to this interresting information, about which i would like thank you ; How to Create a Fire in Your Hand ,Edit ArticlewikiHow to Create a Fire in Your Hand ,Two Methods:Using a Butane LighterUsing Flammable Hand SanitizerCommunity Q extreme caution and adult supervision are always required when handling flammable liquids, a few spectacular fire tricks can be down with household supplies and simple techniques. You can impress your friends with circus worthy tricks, or fool them into thinking you're an Avatar level fire bender. See Step 1 for more information. ,Take safety precautions. If you're going to do this trick, you need to take steps to ensure that you won't set the house on fire and burn yourself. Go outside to do this trick, and find a clear area, without any brush around or anything else that's a fire risk. You need to have a bucket of water handy, in case you need to extinguish flames quickly, and you need to have adult supervision. ,If you use gloves, use an old leather glove or lined garden glove that's tight fitting with a hard palm surface. While wearing bulky flame retardant gloves is an excellent safety precaution to protect yourself from being burned, cloth gloves in general mostly keep the trick from working at all, and can actually make the trick more dangerous. Bulky flame resistant gloves will often extinguish the flame before it lights, while a regular glove can absorb the lighter fluid, increasing the possibility that you may light the glove on fire and burn yourself. ,Ball up one hand, leaving a gap between your pinkie and your palm. Make a fist, but leave enough space to insert the end of the lighter into it comfortably. Your fingers need to be relatively tight, so the butane won't escape when you release it into your palm. Use your thumb to cover up the gap on the top of your fist, where you index finger meets your palm. ,Try to imagine you were holding water in your palm and keeping as much of it as possible from escaping. The trick basically involves filling your fist with butane, then lighting it as you open your hand. ,Hold the button down for about 5 seconds. To start the trick, hold down the red button on the lighter, releasing the gas. Do not strike the flint by rolling the thumb roller, but instead just depress the red button. ,Different performers of this trick will hold down the button for longer, or shorter, depending on the gas flow of the lighter, and the size of fireball you want to make. To be on the safe side, it's better to hold it down for around five seconds long enough to get enough light able gas, but short enough for the resulting fireball to be relatively brief. ,If you get more comfortable handling the lighter, you could then Try to create a bigger one if you want, holding it down for 10 seconds, or slightly longer. But when you're first starting out, go small. This is a dangerous trick, and you don't want to get in over your head. ,Bring the flame toward the opening in your fist at your pinkie and open your fist. Quickly bring the lit lighter toward your fist, while simultaneously opening your palm, one finger at a time, starting with the pinkie. Do it quickly. The butane will ignite, burning up quickly, and you'll be able to "control" the fireball by quickly opening your hand to display it. ,The timing takes some practice. You want to "fan" your fingers away from the lighter, raising your pinkie first, then your ring finger, and so on to open your fist. If you open all your fingers at once, the butane may not ignite, while if you don't open your fist at all, you risk burning yourself. Under no circumstances should you leave your fist closed. ,Buy a flammable variety of hand sanitizer. This version of the trick involves lighting some hand sanitizer and rubbing your hand through it very quickly, then putting it out immediately. To do this trick, you'll need to make sure you get the right kind of alcohol based sanitizer: look on the label for "ethyl" or "isopropyl" alcohol. ,There will likely be lots of ingredients in some sanitizers, and only one or two in others, but the presence of one or the other of these varieties of alcohol will make the sanitizer flammable, whatever else is included. Increasingly, hand sanitizers are alcohol free, though, meaning that they won't work for this trick. Make sure you read the label on the hand sanitizer, or the trick might not work. ,Take the proper safety precautions. The idea of the trick is to spread a small patch of sanitizer on the surface and light it, creating a small layer of blue flame, which you can very quickly run your finger through, putting it out immediately. Using gloves for this trick is best, and it's also important to have a bucket of water on hand, in case you need to put out fire. ,Find a suitable flameproof surface on which to work. You need to go outside to do this trick, preferably on a patch of concrete far away from anything flammable. The flatter, the better. Clear the space of anything flammable small twigs, sod, bits of paper. You need to be very careful that nothing will catch on fire but the sanitizer. ,Spread a thin layer of alcohol based sanitizer on the concrete and ignite it. Squirt a small amount of sanitizer on the concrete and thin it out, evenly, using your finger. Wipe the sanitizer off your finger, to make sure that there's no chance your fingers will light prematurely. Before the alcohol evaporates, use a lighter and ignite the goo. It should glow with a gentle blue flame that might be somewhat difficult to see. ,It's best to do this trick at night, so that you can see the glow better. Make sure you can still see well enough that you what you're doing though. Maybe try it in the evening, when there's soft light and the glow of the flame will be visible. ,Under no circumstances should you cover your hands with sanitizer and then light it. The trick only works because of the speed at which you do it, not because the hand sanitizer is safe. This will burn you severely and would be extremely dangerous. Don't do this. ,Run one finger quickly through the sanitizer. If you do it quickly, you can scoop up a bit of the sanitizer that's on fire, and it will look momentarily like your fingers are a flame. As soon as you do this, though, you don't have much time to admire it, because you'll burn yourself if you leave it on for more than a second or two. ,You should feel some heat, or a strange sensation, like hot and cold. Hand sanitizer usually has a cooling feeling, which may trick you into thinking it's hot. Either way, you won't have enough time to really feel anything, because you will only swipe your finger through, look at it for a second, and put the flame out.How to Create a New Credit File at Companies ,wikiHow to Create a New Credit File at CompaniesThree Parts:Creating a Business Credit File That is Separate From Your Personal FileEstablishing Business CreditMaintaining a Healthy Credit FileCommunity Q credit file is the raw data that credit reporting agencies collect and use to generate an individual or a business's credit report. Your credit report contains identifying information such as your name and contact information and a detailed list of your debts. If you have poor personal credit, there is no legal way for you to create a new personal credit file for yourself. However, if you are planning to start your own business, your can generate a business credit file that is separate from your personal credit file. This requires that you start a business, choose a corporate structure, comply with IRS requirements and eventually establish a business credit line. If you maintain a healthy business credit line, your business will be able to borrow money and establish lines of credit.Start a business. If you were contemplating starting a business but feared that your personal credit history would make it impossible, there are ways to structure your business so that your business credit file and personal credit file are treated separately.By creating a business credit file, an individual can legally create an alternate credit file.By having a separate business credit file, you can minimize the effect that your personal credit file has on your ability to conduct business. For example, if you establish a healthy credit report for your business, the business will be able to take out loans, buy goods and services on credit, and establish a separate bank account and credit card.1]Acquire a DUNS Number. In addition to obtaining an EIN, your business must also acquire a DUNS Number. A DUNS number is a nine digit business identifying number. By registering for a DUNS number, you establish a business credit file and your business will be listed in Dun Bradstreet's business information directory.5] You can register for a DUNS number online.6]When registering for your number, you will have to provide the following information: your legal name; the name and address of your business headquarters; any other organization names used by your business; the mailing address if different from the physical or business address; and a business telephone number, contact name and title. You may also need to provide the number of employees at your organization.7]Open a business bank account. Once you have created your business entity and filed all necessary paperwork with the state, you should open a checking account in the legal name of the business. Once the account is open and you have deposited funds for the start up costs of your business, you should use this bank account for any financial transactions related to the business. This includes paying the balance of your business credit card discussed below. By establishing a business credit account, you have begun creating transactions that can be tracked by a credit reporting agency.9]Obtain a business credit card. Once you have established a separate legal entity, set up a checking account and a phone line, you should apply for a business credit card. By establishing a line of credit, you are creating another entry on your business credit file. Additionally, by paying your bills in a timely manner, you are creating a positive credit report.When selecting a business credit card, make sure to ask the credit card company whether they report to the credit reporting agencies. If they do not, choose a credit card company that does.10]Establish a line of credit with vendors or suppliers. Once your business is underway, you want to try and establish a line of credit with your vendors or suppliers. Many suppliers extend lines of credit in order to give businesses the opportunity to finance purchases in order to preserve the company's cash flow. You can obtain items such as office supplies, computers or even marketing materials that are financed over a period of 30 to 60 days.11]You should try to establish lines of credit with at least five vendors.When asking a supplier to extend you a line of credit, you should also ask the supplier to report your payment history to the credit reporting agencies.12]Grow your business. By paying your bills on time, showing your company's ability to successfully work with a number of vendors, and manage its credit lines, your business is building a healthy credit file. Your credit report is one of the most important ways to grow your business as it tells other companies and customers that your business is financially stable and fiscally responsible. By continuing to expand your business, where feasible, and successfully managing your credit, your newly created credit file will allow your business to access new lenders, better insurance rates, and additional customers. 16]How to create a secure password for your emails ,Today's crimes are virtual and intangible. Certainly, you could be burgled or someone might pluck your bag from under the table in the pub. But this year a report by the National Crime Agency certified that the balance had tipped from offline crime towards online. Computer misuse and cyber enabled fraud now account for 53 per cent of all UK crime. ,It's also an inevitable consequence of the smartphone's centrality to our lives. We shop and bank on apps; we pay by brushing devices against readers. We share home and email addresses complacently and we surf for dates by synching Tinder with our social media profiles. ,At the centre of all these activities are passwords. They are the multipurpose key but you struggle or can't be bothered to come up with anything more inventive or secure than Mum's name and birthday, which you use for everything because you know you'll probably remember it. ,This is no longer enough. Experts have called for us to up our game, while sites such as Instagram and Mastercard online banking are updating their password protocols, replacing secret phrases with selfies. So what else can you do to stay safe ,This week researchers reported that typing a password on your phone while connected to a public network can imprint signals onto radio waves that can in turn be read by hackers, and some criminals might create fake wi fi hotspots to lure users. Loafing in a coffee shop using the wi fi You're endangering your data. ,Facebook is trying to help. At a conference this month the social network revealed that criminals are using dark web marketplaces to sell passwords leaked during data breaches. Facebook is also buying them, in order, it says, to protect its users though critics argue that this practice could help fund cyber terrorism. The caution is timely: yesterday, it was found that Deliveroo customers had been the victims of a hack, using passwords that had been stolen in previous privacy breaches a phenomenon experts call the "domino effect". ,The first thing you can do is change your passwords. "We're asking people to have a number of passwords for everything that matters," says Dr Bob Nowill, chairman of Cyber Security Challenge, an educational initiative for online safety. Controversially, he advocates writing them somewhere: "in a way that is protected whether that's by storing them in a safe or using password management software". ,You'll need to generate something secure first. Nowill explains that passwords using combinations of words are "a known construct so pretty much every one can be broken with brute force". The key is to have passwords that are "distinct and complex" and crucially not words. Instead, use a combination of random letters, symbols and numbers. ,If you need inspiration use a password generator site. Nowill says that security agency GCHQ and some software manufacturers recommend sites for password generation and management. For example, the Norton anti virus software company has a site that will help you devise passwords that are difficult to break. ,The industry is innovating too. On Instagram, selfies are the last word in basic, but as passwords they're actually pretty sophisticated. Last month Mastercard announced the launch of Identity Check Mobile, which invites users to verify their identity using a selfie before using their credit card online. ,To increase your budget limit on Revolut a global money app that provides a pre paid debit card for fee free international payments you must take a selfie, which the app compares to your passport photo. ,Selfies are part of a wider biometrics trend. The new iPhone 7 has a very receptive touch sensor on its home key leading to more accidental calls because you don't realise you're touching it. Luckily, it only works with the owner's thumb. Apple has incorporated a touch bar and touch ID on its latest MacBook Pro models too. ,Nowill is wary of biometrics "overhyped" but says that something like a thumbprint could be used as the second factor in two factor authentification which he champions. "Good sites send an authentification code to your mobile phone," he says. "The chance of the hacker having access to both of those is limited." Gmail does this if you want to change your password, and WhatsApp and the Halifax banking app send a code when you download their apps to new devices. ,Other experts have advised those companies creating payment systems to reduce security risks by changing the keypad layout for every transaction, so that hackers will struggle to work out which keys have been pressed in which order. And emoji passwords have obviously been touted. It's twee but pretty safe the possible combinations of emoji are far, far larger than the possible unique combinations of numbers. ,On Adblock click "Don't run on pages on this domain". ,If you are Private Browsing in Firefox, "Tracking Protection" may cause the adblock notice to show. It can be temporarily disabled by clicking the "shield" icon in the address bar.How to Create Strong ,How to Create Strong, Safe Passwords ,Movies like to show hackers breaking passwords with fancy software and ludicrous gadgets. The reality of busting passwords open is much more mundane. Simple as it may sound, most passwords are broken purely by guesswork. Check out this infographic from ZoneAlarm, as well as this list from the Wall Street Journal of the fifty most common passwords gleaned from the 2010 Gawker hack. If your password is on one of those lists, you need to change it. Right now. ,Even if you're savvy enough to be using something other than "password," you need to scrap any passwords based in personal info. Lots of people like to use names of kids, significant others or pets. Birthdays and anniversaries are commonly used as well. That might not seem like such a big deal. You might be thinking, "That's not an issue. How would a stranger know any of that about me

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