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il id card fake identification card Our nation has slept through the recognition of our national biological nightmare," he says. "This country doesn't do a good job of looking in the mirror."Education and Children's Services ,I joined the staff at Chester in September 2009 but have had a long association with the University. I came here as an undergraduate in 1993 and have contributed to postgraduate work at various times since. I hold Masters degrees from Chester Military Studies and Birmingham RE. I gained my Doctorate in theology in 2011 from the University of Liverpool. My thesis constructed a theology of religions. Arising out of this I established a paradigm of inter faith engagement which would justify and frame any interactions between religions ,Prior to my appointment I worked as a secondary RE teacher in Manchester for 12 years. During this time I was a Head of department; Head of Faculty and an Advanced Skills teacher. I love teaching, and teaching RE in particular, joining Chester has extended this role to hopefully train and inspire future RE teachers. During those twelve years I also worked for QCA as a Regional Subject Adviser, different examination boards examining GCSE and A Level, and a national training company delivering training in various aspects of RE. I am currently Principal Examiner for a Buddhism GCSE offered by one of the major awarding bodies, and also the International GCSE covering aspects of the six major religions. I have written textbooks on GCSE Buddhism, and one to support the study of an International GCSE with specific reference to Islam and Christianity. I have designed interactive materials for use in the teaching of GCSE published by Pearson and Boardworks. I also try and find time for my family and indulges my passion for the Dallas Cowboys, Macclesfield Town FC, fantasy literature and serving in my local Church. I also lecture and research extensively on Mormonism, currently serving on the editorial board of the International Journal of Mormon Studies. ,Most importantly I have been married to Ruth since 1995 and am the proud daddy to to 4 gorgeous children. In my spare time I enjoy reading, and following sports especially American Dallas Cowboys and English Macclesfield Town football; the remainder I spend serving in my local Church. ,I am responsible for the leadership of RE in the Faculty which includes the running of the Secondary PGCE course and involvement in all aspects of Primary and Early Years work. I also contribute to the MA and am involved in dissertation supervision. ,PR7781 Pedagogy and Practice Learning, Teaching and Assessment in Secondary Schools ,PR7782 Pedagogy and Practice Learning and Teaching Within Religious Education ,PR7783 Learning from Teaching Reflective Practice and the Development of a Personal Philosophy of Education ,PR7722 Curriculum Design and Innovation in Primary Education ,PR7711 Curriculum Design and Innovation in Early Years Education ,CD 7042 Religious Education and the Arts ,CD7043 Spirituality and the Classroom ,Undergraduate Faculty of Education ,PR4722 Religious Education in the Primary School ,PR5724 Developing practice in PE and RE in the Primary School ,PR5726 Contemporary Issues in the Foundation Subjects and Religious Education ,CPD Module: Religious Education and the Secondary School ,CPD Module: Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development across the school ,All RE modules include exploration of pedagogy, assessment, age specific material and approaches, examination demands, and elements of subject knowledge in the areas of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism, Philosophy of religion, Ethics, and New Religious Movements. TH6020 Theology and Religious Studies Dissertation ,There are three main strands to my research: ,1. Systematic theology mainly focussing on Mormon theology and inter faith dialogue. My PhD thesis developed a utilised Christian theology to construct a systematic theology of various elements of Mormon theology: Christology, Pneumatology and Eschatology. These three areas remain a focus of research and have been extended to include other aspects of Mormon doctrine and theology. Papers and articles in this research area have included setting ground rules for inter faith dialogue; the place of the Holy Ghost in LDS theology, and the interface between Mormon faith and scholarship. Towards a Latter day Saint Theology of Religions is to be published this year by Greg Kofford Books. ,2. Religion and the arts. However, a relatively undeveloped area of research centres on the interface between the reader and literature. As such I am exploring how a reader's beliefs can be developed and enhanced through an engagement with fantasy literature. I have presented papers surrounding Tolkien's religious beliefs, religion in the writings of Orson Scott Card and participated in panel discussions about the same topics. I am currently writing a book entitled Mormons and Middle Earth which has had a proposal accepted. ,3. Religion and Education. The current emphasis of this strand focuses around the interface between a person's beliefs and their practice as a teacher. A research project to investigate teachers' views and how recognition of the value of an individual's beliefs can enhance classroom practice is in the early stages of development. This is an unexplored area and uses the desirability of an ethos of school to construct the desirability of a teacher's ethos. Papers and articles in this area of research discuss the place of New Religious Movements in RE; the role of a teacher's beliefs in their classroom practice and numerous book reviews. ,I have supervised to completion MA Research students specialising in: ,Church School Leadership and Governance passed with High Distinction ,I currently supervise research students in the Master's in Education Dissertation Module in the areas of:Education and democracy ,Since Election Day we in New England have been asking ourselves over and over, how could this have happened We are still stunned. We ask ourselves, how could someone who repeatedly spouted so many lies and so many ignorantly formulated ideas have received so many votes Granted, he did not receive the majority of the popular vote and he was elected by a fluke of the Electoral College, but Trump did receive a lot of votes. ,Who voted for him What do we know According to Edison Research, which studied this question for CNN, ABC, CBS and AP, the breakdown of the Trump voters was as follows: 53 percent of male voters, 42 percent of female voters, 58 percent of white voters, 29 percent of Hispanic voters, and 8 percent of African American voters. The Chronicle of Higher Education cited that 67 percent of white voters without a college education voted for Trump, and college educated white voters were split roughly 50 to 50 percent. ,From these studies we learn two important things: 1 the largest voting bloc, by far, for Trump was composed of white voters without college education, 67 percent. But 2 Trump also managed to get about 50 percent of the college educated voters. The first point is not surprising, but the second point at least to us Yankees seems surprising. Do these two points present a paradox If Trump's largest group of supporters was non college educated, this would lead one to expect that his support among the higher educated would be far from a 50 50 split. ,Unless the sort of education our citizens are getting doesn't have much impact on their understanding of government, history and civics. And bingo! that is exactly what any number of studies have been showing us for the last 20 years. The amount of time spent on social studies, civics and history is now down to about 7.5 percent of high school students' time, according to a recent study cited in The Atlantic "Bring Back Social Studies," Sept. 23, 2013. All the way back in 1999, the American Bar Association published a paper, titled "Civic Education," presented by Charles N. It has gotten a lot worse since 1999, especially thanks to the ever increasing focus on the magic pill of "STEM education" that is, science, technology, engineering and math. ,If the history of the 20th century has taught us anything at all, it ought to have taught us that countries with citizens highly proficient in science, technology, engineering and math can also be the countries with the absolutely worst records for human well being and human rights: the recent pasts of Germany, Russia and China come to mind. ,In order to progress in science and technology, no country needs to educate nearly every student to become the next Albert Einstein or Steve Jobs. In fact, neither of those two did very well in school or college. A very small number of people who are truly gifted in science, math and engineering can have a gigantic impact on those fields that will propel millions and millions of people upward toward a massive improvement in their lives. ,However, if those millions and millions of people are almost totally ignorant of history and civics, they can, quite easily and quickly, dig a massive hole for themselves by blithely and ignorantly lending their support to governments and policies that destroy their best interests both at home and in misguided foreign wars abroad. History has shown this again and again. ,Nothing is more important to the well being of a democratic society than an educated citizenry. In fact, this is origin of the term "liberal arts education." The term has nothing to do with modern liberal politics or liberalism a common misunderstanding. "Liberal arts" comes from the Latin "artes liberales," meaning knowledge "artes" that is fitting and needed for a free person "liber/liberalis" who has the right to vote. The term was used in the Roman republic and was brought back into use in Renaissance Europe, with the rediscovery of hundreds of Latin and Greek texts. ,Our high schools and even our colleges are failing to provide the education that is most critical for our society: namely, an education that means every graduate that is, every voter understands our system of government, our history and our civic duties as responsible, informed citizens. Only nine states require passing a civics test to graduate high school. According to a 2012 study on this issue in colleges, undertaken by the American Council of Trustees and Alumni, civics education in only 21 colleges scored an A. Of the Ivy League, Columbia, Dartmouth and Cornell scored a B, Princeton and Penn scored a C, Harvard and Yale got D, and Brown got an F. ,It is long overdue that we stop thinking of education as primarily a way to try to get everybody on the way to becoming a scientist, engineer or mathematician. It is time to face facts: We don't need millions and millions of STEM whiz kids, but we need very much millions and millions of citizens who understand where we have come from, where we can choose to go, and how we can get there as a country composed of a wide diversity of citizens working for the common good and the welfare of the world. ,Perhaps the most important lesson of the 2016 election is that it's time to bring civics and history back front and center in our country's education systems. And most importantly, we need to teach the new skill of information literacy, so our citizens will recognize fake news and propaganda so we are not led down the garden path, accepting a manufactured consent to things that are not at all in our best interests. ,John Nassivera is a former professor who retains an affiliation with Columbia University's Society of Fellows in the Humanities. He lives in Vermont and part time in Mexico. ,The electoral college is not a fluke. The founders knew that if the president were to be elected solely by a popular vote then the cities like Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore would elect the president. That would still be the case today. States like Massachusetts, Texas, California, New York, New Jersey etc. would determine every president. States like Vermont, New Hampshire, the Dakota Wyoming or Alaska would have no say because they have very low populations. The founders were remarkable smart. The electoral college worked then and it works today. Some state still seem to have and edge but no where near what it would be like if the POTUS were elected by popular vote.Education chief makes nicer on opt ,Gov. Andrew Cuomo will be in New York City and Onondaga County today, where he's scheduled to make an announcement this morning at the state fair.State Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia is downplaying fears prompted by her recent comments about this year's surge in standardized testing opt outs. "This is not a threat I'm just trying to get information out there so people understand it," she said. "Parents have a right to have their child test or not." TU, WAMCAlbany County and a coalition of environmental and citizens' groups are suing the owners of an oil terminal at the Port of Albany, asserting the company failed to reveal to the state that increased shipments would be potentially explosive and volatile Bakken crude. TUThe Federal Energy Regulatory Commissionwill take more time to consider public reaction to a proposed natural gas pipeline that would pass through the Capital Region to connect the gas fracking fields of Pennsylvania with metropolitan Boston. TUAmid the hoopla leading up to Travers Day, a cat and mouse game played out between New York Racing Association officials and scalpers who thought they had hit a different kind of winner: dining room reservations. TUAn attorney for William Scarborough has asked a federal judge to sentence the former Queens assemblyman to at least a year in jail so that he will not face up to four years in state prison on a related criminal case being prosecuted by AG Eric Schneiderman's office. TUOn his whirlwind trip to Puerto Rico Sept. 7 8, Cuomo will "meet with local officials and discuss the Puerto Rican governments' ongoing healthcare crisis and economic challenges," his office says. Tagging along will be a host of dignitaries, including AG Eric Schneiderman, Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie and state Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker. Among those not going: state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli. CapConState Sen. Ruth Hassell Thompson, D Mount Vernon, has suggested "the temporary deployment of state troopers from low crime areas to high crime areas" to combat inner city gun violence. TUSenate Democratic Conference Leader Andrea Stewart Cousins: "If we're going to have a Women's Equality Party, I think it's good that women are involved." CapConGuess who's on Team Trump Carl Paladino. Politico NYCuomo says he has made the upstate economy a top priority. Nonetheless, skeptics say, what's he's done isn't nearly enough. Politico NYTwo coal burning power plants in WNY could stay online if they're deemed necessary to keep the electrical grid reliable. Politico NYHere's a question you may never have considered before: What's ex Assemblyman Vito Lopez's "dying wish" According to the New York Post's sources, it's to put the mother of his former 14 year old intern on the Brooklyn Supreme Court. And now you know.Whatever your Labor Day weekend plans may be, better make sure they don't include underage drinking or using a fake ID. CapConIf your Albany parking tickets have been piling up, this amnesty proposal could be your chance to get square and do a little good at the same time. TUCan't make it to the state fair to overindulge on deep fried whatever You can still feast your eyes. SYRAnd Chris Churchill writes that Frank Serpico has returned to fighting corruption by running for a seat on the Stuyvesant Town Board. TUInteresting how the comment system doesn allow me to reply to a reply, hense my reply to my original comment.Sammy, unless you talking Nuclear, energy is actually more polluting and produces far less output than fossil fuels. Especially when slack production uptake is taken into account, unless blackouts are to be standard operating procedure. The four cleanest and most viable power sources are nuclear, gas, coal and hydro. But the environmentalists have convinced themselves that Carbon Dioxide, one of the compounds vital to life, is somehow a bad thing. For optimal plant growth, we actually need something like six to eight times the current CO2 concentrations. Not to mention the utter failure of any climate model that puts a high significance on CO2 for temperature variation to reflect reality. Only the solar model matches the data, but the sun can be regulated into submission.Also, the lack of viable electric automobiles puts a crimp in your position. Their absense is a fault of the technology not being up to snuf. None of them can compete on a level market with gas powered because it takes so long to charge and a charge runs down so fast. To top it off, they rolling hazardous waste dumps from the batteries needed.As for the ownership of politicians, you realize that all big companies contribute on both sides of the aisle to hedge their bets on the elections, rightnotable and quotable: NY Sun via the WSJsome day a Republican president will restore to John Fitzgerald Kennedy International Airport the name of Idlewild, which is the name us native New Yorkers use for the airport Idlewild is still a permitted reference for the airport in the "Reporters Handbook and Manual of Style of the New York Sun". We could see the logic of it in an age of hyper sensitivity to local sentiments. But we would object were a president to simply rename the airport after Congress had been asked and decided not to act. comment >Environmental extremists are endangering jobs in trucking and railroads and refining because of their Luddite attitudes. Shipping oil by rail to safe, not perfect, but safe. Hundreds of oil trains safely use our system daily without incident. The Quebec disaster was caused by a lack of a 24/7 crew, and failure to deploy braking systems. It was a railroad run by a hedge fund you get the picture, safety be d for an added profit.In the case of the Port of Albany, many good paying union jobs are hanging the in balance, just as in the case of the coal fired power plants in Western New York.Again ultra liberal elements attempting to destroy state industrial jobs.N PC: That it, blame the victims. Cop lives have always, and will continue to, matter. By saying what you did, you try to delegitimize the real and documented unequal treatment of our fellow citizens. They suffer unduly from suspicion because of the bad apples that live amongst them. And, no, they can leave. It easy to live in a protected neighborhood or suburb and look around and say there no problem because everybody behaves. Think about it. Your remarks reflect the is guilty in the inner city and that the problem. That called my friend.Education is the family business in the Dunmore School District ,Education is a family business in the Dunmore School District. ,About one of every 10 school employees is related to the district's top officials, a Sunday Times investigation found. The newspaper analyzed employment documents for 153 district workers and excluded relatives hired before school officials took district leadership positions. The paper also examined job applications and resumes for 17 relatives of district leadership. The documents were obtained through Right to Know Law requests. ,The district has hired at least 17 relatives and in laws of top school officials currently serving in leadership positions. The figure represents more than 11 percent of district staff. ,Ten of the employees are related to six school directors on the nine member board. Board members approve the hiring of all employees, but solicitor Matthew Dempsey said directors abstained from votes when their relatives were hired. ,The relatives and in laws collectively earn 666,294 of the 7.13 million payroll for salaried employees, according to a review of recent payroll records. ,The district does not advertise most of its positions beyond posting openings on the Dunmore School District website. School officials argue advertising is usually unnecessary because the district receives numerous unsolicited applications. ,Three of the relatives who were hired to non teacher jobs did not submit resumes. said the district does not require applicants for support staff positions to submit resumes, but all candidates must fill out applications. ,The Dunmore School Board does not have a policy on nepotism, although the board does have a formal, written policy on hiring. The policy calls for hiring to "be accomplished in a manner that leads to the best qualified individual being employed. fake id houston fake id rizla paper do fake id sites work fake id's ca id world fake id,The newspaper spoke with several current and former school officials outside the district's leadership circle. While most said they consider nepotism a problem that has been ingrained with the district's decision makers for decades ,District leaders who did speak on the record insisted they always strive to hire the best possible candidates. ,We try to hire excellent teachers," Mr. McDonald said. "That's what it's all about. wisconsin id fake california id cost person who makes fake ids Good government and ethics advocates expressed concern over the number of relatives on the district payroll and the infrequency of fully advertising openings. ,If the district is not widely circulating its openings, I don't know how they can justify that they're hiring the best person for the job," said Barry Kauffman, executive director of Common Cause Pennsylvania. ,Among the 17 relatives and in laws hired in Dunmore School District, 11 were as teachers. Excluding an employee who was recently promoted to the administration, that accounts for more than 9 percent of the district's 109 teachers. ,The educators had a range of experience at the times they were hired, the newspaper's review of resumes found. ,Aspiring teachers typically get substitute teaching jobs to build experience until they can get a full time, long term position with a school district. ,Five of the 11 relatives who became teachers did not list any substitute teaching experience on their resumes, although they all had experience with tutoring, child care. running recreation activities and/or serving as drug treatment counselors. One of those candidates served as a teacher's aide for one semester in college, and another listed a one semester "junior internship" at an elementary school on her rsum. ,One applicant had substitute teaching experience, and five of the teachers came to the district with prior long term professional experience at another education institution. ,The applicants all had field experiences and/or student teaching, which are required to get an education degree. ,The Dunmore School District only advertises jobs that require hard to find advanced certifications, like physics or calculus teaching positions, or when school officials are not satisfied with the applications for an opening, Mr. McDonald said. ,Candidates continuously send resumes and applications to the district, which the superintendent said allows school officials to maintain a pool of qualified candidates. ,The school board's hiring policy instructs the administration to keep materials on file for a year, and applicants must notify the district if they want to be considered each year. ,Mr. McDonald said the district matches candidates from its pool with openings. A committee including a building principal, department head and teachers then interviews and scores the applicants. The administration recommends the highest scoring applicant to the school board. ,Mr. Dempsey argued it does not make sense to spend money to advertise every opening. ,"Why spend thousands of dollars on advertising when we already have qualified applicants" Mr. Dempsey asked. ,Considering cash strapped districts around the state have laid off many teachers and Northeast Pennsylvania leads the state in unemployment, Mr. Kauffman said Dunmore School District jobs would likely draw large numbers of applications. ,Choosing not to advertise positions likely denies the district numerous experienced candidates, and the district has an obligation to residents to "get the best bang for the tax dollar," Mr. Kauffman said. "Throughout their careers, teachers affect probably thousands of children and their career options for the rest of their lives.

rhode island fake id vs real fake id spots in nyc professor takes fake id fake id guidelines Mr. McDonald estimated more than 70 percent of the district's staff is from Dunmore fake id credit card payment how to get an oregon id fake id cards houston how to make a fake Missouri driver's license creating fake id In a small community, this is bound to happen," school Director John Summa said. "This is a small town, a tight town."Education options ,"Since the 2010 elections, voucher bills have popped up in legislatures around the nation. From Pennsylvania to Indiana to Florida, state governments across the country have introduced bills that would take money from public schools and use it to send students to private and religious institutions. ,"Vouchers have always been a staple of the right wing agenda. Like previous efforts, this most recent push for vouchers is led by a network of conservative think tanks, PACs, Religious Right groups and wealthy conservative donors. But choice, as they euphemistically paint vouchers, is merely a means to an end. Their ultimate goal is the total elimination of our public education system. ,"By now, youve surely heard of the Koch brothers, whose behind the scenes financing of right wing causes has been widely documented in the past year. The DeVoses have remained largely under the radar, despite the fact that their stealth assault on Americas schools has the potential to do away with public education as we know it. ,But Americans dont want their schools dismantled. So privatization advocates have recognized that its not politically viable to openly push for full privatization and have resigned themselves to incrementally dismantling public school systems. The think tanks weapon of choice is school vouchers. fake WestVirginia driver's license underground reviews fake id colorado fake id track 1 Vouchers are funded with public school dollars but are used to pay for students to attend private and parochial religious affiliated schools. ,Except voucher schools don work. ,The longest running voucher program in the country is the 20 year old Milwaukee School Choice Program. Standardized testing shows that the voucher students in private schools perform below the level of Milwaukees public school students, and even when socioeconomic status is factored in, the voucher students still score at or below the level of the students who remain in Milwaukees public schools. Clevelands voucher program has produced similar results. Private schools in the voucher program range from excellent to very poor. In some, less than 20 percent of students reach basic proficiency levels in math and reading. ,"Most Americans do not want their tax dollars to fund private and sectarian schools. Since 1966, 24 of 25 voucher initiatives have been defeated by voters, most by huge margins. Nevertheless, the pro privatization battle continues, organized by an array of 527s, 501c3s, 501c4s, and political action committees. At the helm of this interconnected network is Betsy DeVos, the four star general of the pro voucher movement. ,Raw Story new north carolina fake id how to take a good fake id picture how to make fake ids

hercules ut fake id permalink suggest removal ,There are multiple reports that problems exist with the NO charter schools. As you read deeply into the various studies and the research DeVos does not understand education at all. She wrongly assumes that parents and legislators necessarily understand education. They often don They often are not educated enough or at least educated enough about education issues. There are too many religious private schools which are not good schools; yet people assume that they are good because they are private. Jake also is correct that many charters are of poor quality. The people who understand education are those who are running the best schools in the nation whether they are public , permalink suggest removal The opposition to DeVos is that she is not s Democrat beholding to the Teacher Union that has made our public schools nothing more than warehouses for children until they turn 18. If you have a degree go sign up to be a substitute and see for yourself how teachers talk about their jobs and their students in the teacher lounge , permalink suggest removal , This document may not be reprinted without the express written permission of Arkansas Democrat Gazette ,Saudi Arabia has been moving toward a knowledge based economy by bringing about a qualitative change in the teaching methods Minneapolis fake id fake id punishment illinois fake id new york address fake ids 6th street austin

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