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state of hawaii id card mass id online In the weeks since the November 8 election fake id Jacksonville vegas vacation fake id scene fake id binding of isaac fake student ids fake SouthDakota id generator,According to the Post ,It should be obvious that the Post report is itself an example of the state sponsored pseudo news that is increasingly dispensed by the corporate controlled media to promote the geopolitical and military aims of American imperialism. Sanger and posted on the Times web site on November 25 under the headline US Officials Defend Integrity of Vote, Despite Hacking Fears. ,Sanger false ids best way to get fake id uk fake id the escapist The readers of this and virtually all other articles on the topic of Russia's role in fake news" will search in vain for a single piece of evidence to substantiate the claims made. Instead, the views and opinions of "experts," usually unnamed, are cited and treated as indisputable fact much in the manner of Joe McCarthy and similar witch hunters. ,These same media outlets further discredited themselves by overtly slanting their "news" coverage of the election campaign in favor of their preferred candidate, Hillary Clinton, and predicting that she would secure a decisive victory. Blindsided by the support for Trump among disaffected and angry lower income people and taken unawares by the electoral collapse of the Democrats, the corporate media are responding to the growth of popular distrust by seeking to discredit alternative news sources. ,This is not to deny the spread of false information and propaganda masquerading as news on the Internet. Fabricated news stories and hoaxes have been circulating online since the World Wide Web began in the 1990s, but there was a significant increase in "fake" political sites and content during the US elections. Stories that stretched the truth or were entirely made up typically started on mock news web sites and were then amplified by social media sharing. Other false reports originated on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and spread rapidly with the "like," "share" and "comment" features of social media. ,An analysis published by Buzzfeed on November 16 showed that false political news stories in the final three months of the election campaign, such as a report that the Pope had endorsed Trump for president, generated more engagement on Facebook than the combined top stories of nineteen major US news organizations. The Buzzfeed study noted the "hyperpartisan right wing" nature of the top fabricated news items, as well as the spike in the number of visitors to these sites during the final election months. ,Another key aspect of online "fake news" has been the growth of its scope internationally. The Guardian reported in August, for example, that a group of teenagers and college students from Veles, Macedonia set up dozens of political web site faades to both influence and cash in on the Trump candidacy. The Guardian report also pointed out that, although the pro Trump sham news sites were more popular, both offshore and domestic web sites became very popular and generated income for their publishers whether they were peddling phony "conservative" or "liberal" misinformation. ,That being said, the campaign in the corporate media against "fake news" on the Internet, including calls for social media outlets such as Google and Facebook to vet the material that appears on their sites, is a reactionary attack on freedom of the press. It has already elicited positive responses from major Internet sites. Both Google and Facebook have published statements acknowledging that they are working on systems that will use third party "fact checking" of news content published on their services. In the case of Facebook, this initiative reminiscent of Orwell's Thought Police will be reinforced by barring accounts identified as "fake news" sources from using online advertising tools. ,Pressure to shut down or muzzle "fake news" sites and social media accounts are emanating from the offices of corporate media organizations concerned about the loss of their influence over the public. Any moves to censor Internet content must be opposed as an attack on democratic rights. The measures being prepared today against "fake news" web sites and social media publishers will be perfected and used tomorrow against the working class and the socialist media the World Socialist Web Site that articulates and fights for its independent interests.FUROR OVER SUSPECT ,1995 06 15 04:00:00 PDT SAN FRANCISCO Mayor Jordan has ordered the Police Department to review its use of pepper spray in subduing suspects and to determine whether officers are well screened before joining the force, as public pressure mounts to find out what happened to a man who died in custody. ,"This incident suggests the need to review the Police Department's current policies to ensure that those policies best protect officer safety and public safety," Jordan said in a letter read aloud at Wednesday's Police Commission meeting by panel President . ,About 60 demonstrators chanting anti police slogans converged on the meeting at and were met by nearly two dozen officers, some in riot gear with billy clubs drawn. Police arrested two people on a misdemeanor charge of disrupting a public meeting even before the commissioners entered the room. ,The demonstrators demanded justice in the death of , a 35 year old burglary suspect who died after a violent struggle with police in front of his Western Addition home June 4. ,Williams' family and some witnesses agree that he battled the officers. But they contend that police used excessive force and say officers may have contributed to Williams' death by spraying him at least twice in the face with pepper spray and failing to seek timely medical treatment. Four officers were injured in the melee. ,Williams, whose hands were cuffed and legs restrained, died in the parking lot of the Richmond District police station, where he was transported after his arrest. Officers called an ambulance after noticing his breathing was labored. ,The cause of his death has not been determined. Medical Examiner said Williams may have been high when he died. ,Jordan gave the Police Department and the commission 30 days to tackle the following issues: ,Whether police should use pepper spray. Critics say the chemical, approved for use by San Francisco police last year, can be part of a "lethal combination" of police force when used improperly. No deaths have been attributed to the spray. ,Whether the department's training policies in the use of pepper spray and the hazards of positional asphyxia are effective. The coroner has speculated that William died of positional asphyxia, a condition in which the victim's breathing is hindered. And Officer , who trains San Francisco police in the use of pepper spray, said last week that the chemical should not be used on a suspect more than once. ,Whether police policies are actually being communicated to officers. Police Chief said he would send out a notice to all officers, which must be signed by each, outlining the department's policy regarding the use of pepper spray and restraints, and when to call for medical attention. ,Whether the department has effective procedures for screening new recruits and transfers from other departments. ,One of the 12 officers on the scene of the Williams arrest, , had been the subject of numerous allegations of misconduct when he worked as an Oakland cop before transferring to San Francisco last year. Three other officers at the scene had been the subject of civil lawsuits. The department has cleared one of them of wrongdoing in the Williams case. ,Family sees coverup ,Williams' sympathizers are skeptical of the department's ability to investigate itself. ,"I think there's a coverup," said Williams' aunt, . "I am very, very upset with the system. ,Williams was buried by his family Wednesday in Holy Cross Cemetery in Colma after a two hour memorial service at the in the Western Addition

fake id software for pc fake caller id 614 66i 4514 fake drivers license australia buy Michigan fake id Minister of the of Berkeley characterized Williams' death as a murder real maryland drivers license fake id for toddler fake states id more trusted fake id penalty Wyoming where to get a fake id nyc In addition to the coroner's inquest ,null good fake id anems app to see if fake id scans best wisconsin fake id Ribera said he would meet next Tuesday with the FBI to discuss the case. ,Both President Low said that would be premature. ,If my homicide inspectors tell me there is probable cause that officers committed a crime, that would certainly be the course of action I would take," Ribera said of the request. ,Despite repeated assurances by Jordan, Ribera and Low that thorough investigations were under way, the Williams family was not appeased and warned that the public would not let the incident pass.FURY AS TORY GOVERNMENT OVERTURNS FRACKING DEMOCRACY ,Today, Sajid Javid, Secretary of State for Local Government and Communities, upheld an appeal by Cuadrilla for permission to frack Fylde, against the wishes of 100,000 objections and refusal of planning permission by Westby Parish Council, Fylde Borough Council and Lancashire County Council. ,"That is neither right, nor fair and not least, it is wholly undemocratic" said Pat Davies, Chair of Preston New Road Action Group, in response "The ramifications of overturning local planning decisions are huge and stretch way beyond the fracking argument. ,"Ordinary people are appalled that we are governed by people who say one thing and do another" she added "The callous disregard for local planning raises questions about whether local planning has any real purpose now. This Government has changed and introduced laws to facilitate the shale gas industry at every opportunity and yet it still hasn't gained acceptance from communities. ,"Dismantling the democratic process to facilitate a dirty fossil fuel industry when only months ago the UK committed to climate change targets in Paris is another example of governmental hypocrisy" she reflected "We repose trust in our government to do the right thing and listen to the people it governs: that is democracy in action. This is a sad day, as it is clear to all that this Government neither listens nor can it be trusted to do the right thing for local communities. Profit clearly comes before people. ,The Government ruling has huge implications for Salford and Greater Manchester crate a fake student id easiest fake ids fake DistrictofColumbia can

how to make a fake Florida driver's license The Preston New Road Action Group's assertion that the fracking ruling raises questions about whether local planning has any real purpose now" is also pertinent to Salford as green belt release becomes potentially another huge issue in the city, with both Greater Manchester and the Government looking to concrete over parts of it. ,In the meantime, the fracking decision in Fylde will have repercussions not just in Salford where IGas is eyeing up drill pads but throughout the country. Sadly my diary has been changed on advice while safety investigations are concluded. Looking back at the Jo Cox MP murder it makes me angry to find safe communities have become dangerous. This will not stop me fighting fracking and with my Training Business on offer to European training providers that need an anchor into the UK, it shows many businesses in the UK can benefit from post Brexit. The good side is my future free time will make me able to fight for justice, safety and equality in the UK. It will not be with the Tories. ,Oh yea Mr Felse, Brexit seems to be great for us, the striking has gone to shit, lower than in any recession and things are going to get a lot worse. ,By the way, the NHS is being privatised on a daily basis, which will lead to an end of the FREE NHS, something that UKIP are in favour of. ,Workers rights will be next, kiss goodbye to minimum wage as big businesses are lobbying for it to go, something which the Torys will support as many of them don't think we should have a minimum wage. ,Thank god im of Irish descent as I'm going to be applying for an Irish passport for when it really does all turn to shit. ,Felse, you will be fine with your huge pension as you have already boasted about on here, plus your salary from your training business, so it's no wonder you now support UKIP because you certainly don't represent the working person! ,My 40 years experience saw me help elect 16 Labour MPs and 37 Labour Councillors as agent or campaign secretary. They all were worthy winners. They listened to the people. I am shocked to hear the Tory PM tell us she will listen, then I read the facts to find them break the PMs promise within a week. Strategy would have me rejoin Labour to attack the fracking disgrace but sadly Labour have shit on too many residents in Salford. I think only UKIP is going to listen to the people. Brexit proves they do. ,Star date: 22nd June 2017 ,COMMUNITY PETITIONS AGAINST LOSS OF STAFF AT SALFORD COMMUNITY LEISURE ,Salford Community Leisure is proposing to axe reception staff from Ordsall Leisure Centre. A community petition from users of the centre has been launched, arguing "This will have a detrimental impact on the service we rely upon ,Meanwhile Star date: 21st June 2017 ,AS CLADDING TESTS CONTINUE Despite being assured of tenant safety" by housing providers for the city's 43 tower blocks, Salford and Eccles MP, Rebecca Long Bailey, has written to the Government demanding immediate "total assurance of safety on the materials used" for cladding. ,In a letter to residents, the MP also demands from the Government "funding to carry out any necessary works to remediate once the assessments are complete plus funding to support or re house residents whilst that is carried out." She also calls for the Government to pay for the retrofitting of sprinklers in the blocks. ,Star date: 21st June 2017 ,SALFORD COUNCIL TESTING OTHER MODELS FOR PLANNING AND HIGHWAYS COMPANY ,After a controversial decision last year to extend the contract of Urban Vision, Salford City Council is now tendering for companies to "engage in a Soft Market Testing exercise" to look at other options for the delivery of its planning, highways and building control services for which the Council spends 42million annually. ,Urban Vision is a joint venture profit making company in which the Council holds a 19.9% stake but until this year has never even got a dividend.Future Islands Singer Recalls When He Sang His Breakup Album to His Ex ,Some musicians' greatest fears are rooted in the sophomore slump, stolen gear, public ridicule, or an overarching sense of failure. Of all, one of the most challenging and frightening times for an artist is having to play their music for the muse that inspired it, especially if its connotations are less than positive. ,Samuel T. Herring knows this scenario well, having lived through it in the most exposing and voyeuristic of fashions in a small Philadelphia show in March of 2010. It happened just as his band, Future Islands, began to experience success with In Evening Air, a record he penned around a failed relationship that fractured due to constraints out of the couple's control. ,See also: 10 Classic Punk Records That Actually Kind of Suck ,"It's a small DIY venue, maybe 150 people smashed into this room, sold out, and she is directly in front of me just staring at me, crying while I'm singing to her, staring at her, crying for a hour, just the whole set," he says, his voice dropping low, a stark contrast from his typically talkative and upbeat demeanor. "It was so painful, because we already felt it fall apart, and then we felt it fall apart again, and now I'm singing her these songs and she knows that they're for her, and she's there and I'm there. It was the most intense feeling that I've ever felt onstage. ,Few bands, I think we all expected and hoped to grow last year, to kind of double what we were doing and by the end of the year step up a level, and by the end of the year we realized we had stepped up two levels," he explains. "At that point, it's all about adaptation, to a new way, a new understanding of not only how things work and how things are going to be from this point to whenever people stop giving a shit laughs], but how the idea of what you do changes. ,However the field may shift for Future Islands fake id book genre fake id pics gretchen wilson fake id where to get a fake texas id

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