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2nd form of id fake fake id consequences Indiana We all look forward to it," space station Expedition 31 flight engineer Andre Kuipers of the European Space Agency said this morning. EDT 0843 GMT that took Dragon to a position 1.6 miles 2.5 km below and 25 miles 40 km behind theInternational Space Station, officially beginning its flyby. EDT 1125 GMT, Dragon made its closest approach, passing through the imaginary line called the R bar connecting the station and Earth. ,From this spot, cameras on the outpost searched for sightings of the approaching capsule. ,"Dragon may or may not be visible," NASA commentator Josh Byerly said. EDT 1100 GMT, station astronauts sent instructions to Dragon to turn on a strobe light as a test to make sure the craft can respond to commands sent by the astronauts. Though the light was invisible to the crew, the spacecraft's systems indicated that the command was received and responded to. ,"It's too far out and brightly illuminated to see the strobe light," Kuipers said. ,The space station is a 100 billion orbiting research lab built by a coalition of five international space agencies, including NASA, the Russian Federal Space Agency, the European Space Agency, the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency, and the Canadian Space Agency. ,During Thursday's flyby, Dragon tested its navigation and communications instruments, including a system called Relative GPS that uses the distance between the station and the capsule to determine Dragon's position in space. The vehicle will also tried out its "COTS Ultra high frequency Communication Unit" to send signals to the space station. ,As Dragon approached the station, the spacecraft was visible as a small bright dot in the distance. ,"Whatever views we get today will definitely pale in comparison to how things are going to look tomorrow," Byerly said. EDT 1157 GMT, Dragon fired its thrusters to depart the vicinity of the International Space Station, wrapping up its work for the day. ,The tests performed during this day were originally meant to be carried out on a dedicated mission called COTS 2, or C2, but SpaceX petitioned NASA to combine that mission with Dragon's first docking flight, and the request was granted. ,"Achieving the original C2 mission objectives today was a big confidence boost," Dragon Mission Director John Couluris said from SpaceX headquarters in Hawthore, Calif. "It's exciting to be an American and part of putting an American spacecraft into orbit and we're very proud. fake Connecticut can good michigan fake ids connecticut fake id review fake id offense nz fake id ticket in texas,Based on the outcome of today's tests ,This flight is the second ever flight for Dragon ,Musk freaks geeks fake id fake my caller id app iphone fake id detector facebook The President just called to say congrats. Caller ID was blocked, so at first I thought it was a telemarketer :" Musk wrote. ,Dragon, at 14.4 feet tall 4.4 meters and 12 feet wide 3.7 m, is packed full of food and clothing for the station crew, as well as supplies such as batteries and a laptop, and student designed science experiments. ,"Even though this is a test flight, Dragon is carrying up quite a bit of supplies; these are basically non essential supplies just because it is a test flight," Byerly said. ,Dragon is due to spend just under a week berthed at the space station. On Thursday May 31, the vehicle will be packed with completed science experiments and equipment ready to send back to Earth. The capsule is equipped with a heat shield to withstand its fiery re entry through Earth's atmosphere, and is due to be recovered by a team of ships in the Pacific Ocean.Spain crushes Italy 4 ,Certainly the best in the world and maybe the best ever. Definitely not boring. ,Spain opened a fresh debate on its place in world soccer history after sweeping to a majestic 4 0 victory over Italy in the European Championship final on Sunday. ,For the third consecutive major tournament, Spain's outstanding goalkeeper and captain Iker Casillas was there at the end to lift the trophy. After Euro 2008 in Vienna and the 2010 World Cup in Johannesburg, Casillas and Spain completed an unprecedented hat trick for a European nation. ,"To win three titles is almost impossible. Congratulations to the players," said Spain coach Vicente del Bosque, who followed Luis Aragones as coach after Euro 2008. ,And this was the same team that critics had called boring during Euro 2012 ,Spain emphatically shut down that discussion, providing the perfect response with the most one sided final in European Championship history. ,No team has ever won a World Cup final by four clear goals, either. Even Pele's Brazil only managed a three goal margin a couple of times. ,"It was more difficult when people didn't believe in us," Spain playmaker Xavi Hernandez said. "The bar was very high, but they are nice challenges. ,Pity poor Italy

sell me a fake id best washington fake id wa identification card fake id generator free Playing Spain with 11 players is tough enough. Trying it with 10 for much of the second half is almost impossible. fake id definition miami fake id Kentucky fake id for sale fake id card maker apk how to make ids With all three substitutes used ,This was a great European Championship for us," Italy coach Cesare Prandelli said. "Really the only regret is that we didn't have a few extra days to recuperate. ,"When we see the lights of the Kiev stadium from the airplane it will be painful, but tomorrow we'll have a new outlook. We have shown that you can lose with dignity. who used to make fake ids darknet fake id fake id austin Goals from David Silva and Jordi Alba in the first half gave Spain a convincing lead at the Olympic Stadium. Fernando Torres and fellow substitute Juan Mata scored in the last six minutes to turn victory into a rout. ,When the final whistle was blown ,There were more hugs later in the dressing room ,A regal presence was appropriate for a Spanish team whose four year reign over world soccer shows little sign of ending. spi fake id enforcement fake id templates fake call id changer mod apk

cost of fake id ticket Spain allowed Italy the majority of first half possession ,When called into action These years have been the best of my life," said Casillas, who recorded his 10th consecutive clean sheet in tournament knockout matches. "I hope it can be matched in the future but it will be hard. ,Critics of Spain's style said the world and European champions had become tedious keeping possession with endless back and forth passes to stifle games But Spain answered by playing its best and slickest soccer at Euro 2012 when most was at stake. ,Along with some sublime soccer, We won being true to our playing style, and by moving the ball the way we moved it we knew how to take charge of the match," Casillas said. "What we do is difficult but we make it look easy. ,Xavi's Italian counterpart how to get fake id reddit will my fake id scan scanny fake id fake id penalties australia

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