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best Hawaii fake id kansas id card Villalona where to order fake id getting a fake id in vegas fake Kansas id card fake permit id fake id templates reddit,Villalona said he is not sure if he will return to the San Jose Giants or if he will be moved to a higher level. For now ,Since Villalona's departure ,Manager Bruce Bochy insisted that Villalona will not become a distraction. fake id that passes facebook fake cia id getting fake id taken He's coming in and I know it's been a long journey for him," Bochy said Friday. "But from what I gather, he's really rededicated himself. He's excited about getting another opportunity. We're getting ready for the season and he'll be part of it. ,Bochy said he did not feel the need pull Villalona aside for any sort of conversation outside of the normal back and forth during spring training.

best Delaware fake id fake ids com fake id Hartford fake ids from china news The Giants intend to treat Villalona like any other member of camp fake id fast shipping fake id dallas tx fake calling id app usa id systems fake fake drivers permit I'm thankful that they gave me a second opportunity," Villalona said. The article made a pretty good case that Villalona was set up. No one in his home town believed he was capable of any such thing he was a beloved figure who gave away money and baseball equipment to kids in the town, and even the prosecutor who brought the charges seemed sick about it. ,The kid 22 years old and hasn been convicted of anything or even tried. I think we should wish him well and get behind him. ,Speaking of Melky, he made some news today by speculating to a reporter at the Blue Jays camp that the Giants won give him a World Series ring. He thinks he deserves one because he everything to the team while he was here. ,I think he should and probably will get a ring, but everything is a bit much for me. He also betrayed the fans who had embraced him, let his teammates down, risked the season for everyone, and, in the eyes of some, tainted the World Series victory that the others fought so hard and valiantly for. ,I willing to put Melky in the rearview mirror, but I think he should STFU about the Giants now. ,I hope everyone going forward remembers Villalona was charged, but the charges were dropped. ,As CC points out, life in the DR is very different than what the vast majority of us are accustomed to. Judging the situation by what we are accustomed to doesn apply. ,But even by what we more accustomed to since charges were dropped likely both parties including the deceased in the bar fight were armed, so the incident may well have been armed mutual combat resulting in a death, or even what some would consider self defense. Or, he may have somehow been set up by someone looking to score some big bucks from the kid who got paid big bucks by the Giants. Just a few of the possibilities. ,We don know details, and likely never will. But if there was more clearly evidence of murder, the case presumably would have gone to trial. Instead the charges were dropped. So I see no logic in referring to Villalona as a murderer or perceiving him as one. ,I also suspect that dealing with the consequences of that bar fight has given Villalona a new and better perspective. want to get embroiled in anything like that situation again is a likely result, along with more clearly seeing success in pro baseball in the USA as a path to a better life. He likely hungrier for that better life now. If Villalona wasn working hard learning to improve his baseball and make it to MLB level before, I suspect he will be now. ,Villalona says he wants to move on and focus on baseball. I don have a problem with that. Give him the opportunity to show us what he can contribute to the game. ,Who was that guy DrB Gustavo Cabrera something or another Sounds talented and toolsy. Can recall if he an IF or an OF. Maybe he help the big club in 2020. ,I believe Melky that he everything He would have given everything for whatever club he was on. He really turned his career around in KC and I sure the PED helped. His willingness to go for it with the PED was a sign that he wanted to get all he can out of his body with a little boost and get away with it. Risk/Reward. The reward would have been very handsome. He would have received at least a 50 million dollar contract. Possibly as high as 70.Villanova grad to sell basketball remnants of the old Pavilion ,The inside, appearing to be a little longer than the length of a basketball court, first reveals the wooden cubicles that were part of the Wildcats locker room. Keep walking and one will find the wooden bleachers of the student section, chair back seats, scoreboard panels, two will call tables with the logo, locker room couches, retired jersey banners and wall panels and photos that hung in the corridors. ,The Pavilion, which hosted its last game on Feb. 25, is in the opening stages of a 16 month, 60 million renovation. Before that could begin, however, the facility had to be stripped of its contents, and that where Reidenbach, 46, a Wayne attorney and a 1993 graduate of Villanova, comes in. ,Shortly after the Wildcats 2016 17 season ended in the second round of the NCAA tournament, Reidenbach spoke with athletic department officials and made a proposal that was accepted, allowing his company, 1985 Pavilion LLC, to acquire entire contents that weren concrete in the building, he said. ,Reidenbach hired a subcontractor to dismantle the inside and remove the items, a process that was completed by the end of May. The inventory and cataloging of the items are now taking place. ,Reidenbach, whose law firm is Reidenbach Associates, describes having an spirit as one of his motivations for the project. But another is his devotion to his alma mater. He is a booster of the basketball program. He has given a life skills lecture for the last 12 years to the university incoming student athletes on matters such as the legal ramifications of actions that include underage drinking and fake ID cards. ,has been such a key part of my life since I was 18 years old, he said. came to Villanova in the fall of and I really never left. I met my wife at Villanova. We got married at Villanova. I played baseball at Villanova. All my best friends are from Villanova. I thought what a great way to meld together my love for Villanova, my love for basketball and my entrepreneurial spirit. ,Athletic director Mark Jackson said he discovered from incoming e mails that there is a lot of interest in the items pulled from the Pavilion, and he wanted to accommodate Villanova alumni, boosters and students. ,hoping that if somebody wants to take home a memory, they going to have the opportunity to do it, and do it in a classy way, Jackson said. that our intention. From our perspective, the bottom line on what kind of revenue we drive from this isn a deciding factor. This is really just for us to hopefully give everybody the opportunity to take away something. ,Jackson said others had approached his department with plans for the basketball court or some other portion of the Pavilion contents before Reidenbach presented a more complete and comprehensive proposal. ,is a loyal Villanovan who has been around the Pavilion for a long time, he said, we felt a level of comfort that we could have a partnership doing this the right way. ,From Reidenbach perspective, could sense that Villanova wanted to have some level of input, whether it be with the creation of the products or with the quality or the priority of sales to the fan base. That was exactly aligned with our vision for the company, he said. ,Neither side would discuss financial terms of the agreement, and Reidenbach would not say what the project is costing him. ,Reidenbach company researched what others did with materials from demolitions at Veterans Stadium and Shea Stadium, and with the old bleachers at Wrigley Field. He said the massive portable student section at one end of the Pavilion and the upper level benches presented him with a lot of wood. ,That wood, he said, will be used to produce executive pens, I Phone cases, golf bag tags, coasters, bottle openers, picture frames and diploma frames. There will be some products such as lockers, leather couches and rest room signs, and items such as trophies and awards that go as far back as the 1950s with coach Al Severance. ,A number of seats also will be put up for sale. Reidenbach said more than 1,300 will be available, and interested buyers can fill in a request form on the website plugging in their section, row number and seat number. ,And, he added with a laugh, sales will not include the cell phones, glasses, keys and 32 years worth of bubble gum that were found under and underneath the seats. ,As for the basketball court, which is being housed in a separate undisclosed location, pieces of it will serve as an inlay for cuff links that are expected to be a hot item, plus things with pieces of the court that are still being planned, according to associate athletic director Josh Heird, who is part of the Pavilion renovation project. ,Heird said Villanova will keep some of the items, such as the national championship banners, retired numbers and that obviously you can put a price on. with the hundreds of items that will be manufactured for sale, the question remains: Will it all sell Reidenbach is confident that it will. ,only conceived this project in early to mid March, he said. already have a list of people that want products. We getting e mails daily from season ticket holders that are asking, I find my seats Can I get a piece of the court So we already have a waiting list. We very confident we can sell everything out. all > ,Thanks for your continued support. ,We recently asked you to support our journalism. The response, in a word, is heartening. You have encouraged us in our mission to provide quality news and watchdog journalism. Some of you have even followed through with subscriptions, which is especially gratifying. Our role as an independent, fact based news organization has never been clearer. And our promise to you is that we will always strive to provide indispensable journalism to our community. Subscriptions are available for home delivery of the print edition and for a digital replica viewable on your mobile device or computer. Subscriptions start as low as 25 per day.Villanova reclaims No ,Over the first few months of Jenkins senior season, he was greeted with some aggressive closeouts on the perimeter natural result of the reputation he gained from hitting in the biggest dagger in NCAA tournament history. He responded with more shot fake and drive moves than usual, such as this clutch bucket against Notre Dame: ,Now that Jenkins is in Big East games, defenses seem to be respecting the shot fake more, and that resulted in him taking mostly threes being an example from Villanova win over Xavier: ,The evidence of this goes beyond anecdotal video. Last season, Jenkins three point rate ratio of threes to overall field goal attempts slightly from nonconference play when it was 68.4% to Big East play 64.0%. One footnote to that piece, which includes a section headed though the ridiculous YouTube rap track Mason which the primary line is I Frank Mason a big Internet deal in 2015, and has turned into a hashtag that surfaces every time Mason makes a big play, and gets written on the inside of Mason Kansas gear, Jayhawks coach Bill Self told me he had yet to listen to the song. He was, however, moderately interested in hearing it once, and so I can report that I played it for him on my iPhone while reporting the story. We did not make it all the way through to hear each of the 28 recitations of BIFM, but Self was amused enough to offer a one sentence review. think, he said, could learn all the words to that pretty quickly. up: 1/14 vs. Oklahoma State, 1/16 at Iowa StateUCLA offense is eminently watchable both for its overall quality and its nonsensical quirks. One being that freshman point guard Lonzo Ball is completely unfazed by numerical disadvantages on fastbreaks, and often succeeds in creating buckets out of situations where most teams would put on the brakes. Leaf will occasionally grab a rebound and choose to lead the break himself. Sometimes this radical modernism works, and sometimes it doesn . . . ,Next up: 1/12 at Colorado, 1/14 at UtahWhile I have you on the subject of offensive quirks, here one of Baylor When the Bears have their starting 3 4 5 trio of Ish Wainright, Johnathan Motley and Jo Lual Acuil on the floor, they run a set or twice per game, as far as I can tell they hope results in a non traditional post feed. They get the ball to Wainright, their best passer, on the left wing, keep their point guard up high, and run their two guard to the left corner. They then overload the ballside fully clear out the weakside running Lual Acuil diagonally toward Wainright, as if to set a ballscreen. It at this point that Motley post pins his man watch this edit to see what happens next: ,Next up: 1/14 at Kansas State, 1/17 vs. TexasThe Wildcats went into a brief style lull in the season after beloved trendsetter Willie Cauley Stein left town, but they re emerged in 2016 with a backcourt that is among the highest profile in the shorter shorts movement. Sophomore Isaiah Briscoe left has gone shorter to show off his thigh tats, which while unusual, are more tasteful than calf tats. And freshman De Fox right has been generating major airtime for thigh armor spandex, which apparently do not slow you down in transition. ,As you expect, a majority of the turnovers 19 of 28 occurred during the transition chaos that West Virginia creates. What might be a bit surprising is that even though the Mountaineers apply extreme pressure in the backcourt, a majority of the Bears turnovers 17 of 28 happened in the frontcourt, after the initial press was broken. , The official box score says 29 turnovers, but upon film review it should be 28, as one was a tapped out of bounds loose ball where Baylor never had possession. ,Next up: 1/14 at Texas, 1/18 vs. Oklahoma ,Elsewhere on the turnover front. . . . ,It a testament to Creighton shot selection that, against Butler on Wednesday, the Bluejays could turn the ball over on 26.2% of their possessions highest TO% of the season, and one that typically does not result a victory still score 1.16 PPP and win the game. ,Next up: 1/14 vs. Truman State, 1/16 at XavierChris Boucher scored 29 points in the Ducks rout of Washington State on Saturday, but my favorite play of his came on defense. Can any other big men in college hoops pull off what he did in this ballscreen D situation Cougars point guard Malachi Flynn came into this game shooting 48.1% from long range, and Boucher, a 6 10 power forward, switches onto him as he drives left off the pick. Boucher goes into what looks like full sag mode, dropping into the paint, inviting Flynn to attempt a pull up three. Flynn obliges . . . and Boucher closes the gap and blocks the shot. ,Next up: 1/14 vs. Oregon State, 1/19 vs. CaliforniaIn Leonard Hamilton long career at FSU prior to this season, he had produced six defenses and one offense that ranked in the top 25 in adjusted efficiency. But 2016 is the first time Hamilton has had a team rank in the top 25 in offensive they 20th and defensive 24th efficiency at the same time, which means it not a stretch to call this his strongest team ever in Tallahassee. And Tuesday against Duke, the Seminoles showed they could survive an off night from their star, Dwayne Bacon, against a high quality opponent and still win. He scored just 13 points and committed seven turnovers, while Xavier Rathan Mayes an efficient 21 points picked up the slack. ,Next up: 1/14 at North Carolina, 1/18 vs. Notre DameThe Bulldogs minor penalty for losing by double digits, at Creighton, after I ranked them ahead of Creighton last week, is that their blurb gets hijacked for the season first VISUAL TRIVIA.Villanova still dealing with problems caused ,LOWER MERION Township Commissioner Scott Zelov said he was surprised to learn that 60 percent of all nuisance citations handed out by police were issued to students from Villanova University. ,The 60 percent provides great information to the extent of the problem, Zelov said in a recent interview. ,In his analyses of the nuisance crime categories, Zelov identified what are often called non traffic citations that are issued for four types of offenses. Those offenses included disorderly conduct, public urination, underage drinking and public intoxication. Those figures include all non traffic citations written throughout Lower Merion Township and not just those areas in Rosemont, Bryn Mawr and Ardmore where Villanova students tend to congregate. ,The figures were collected from the time students began coming back to school last August and ran through September and October of 2012. Through late December and early January 2013, the university was off for its break and, as a result, incidents were down in Lower Merion. An indication, according to Zelov, of the overall problem that he would like to see addressed. ,Proof of the enormous impact Villanova students have on our community. It s a big problem which cannot continue, Zelov said when asked what he thought about the statistic that he first raised publicly at a board of commissioners meeting. ,Villanova officials say they recognize the issue and that they are working with students to improve the situation. ,The Rev. John Stack, vice president for student life at Villanova University, said the college has taken a number of steps to combat the problem. ,Among those steps are that all incoming students get information on the school s policy on alcohol as well as information on what the state laws are. He says they also get information on respecting the neighbors and the neighborhoods. All incoming freshman are also required to take an alcohol program online. ,Once a Villanova student gets in trouble, Lower Merion and Radnor police inform the university about the incident. Stack went on to say that besides any repercussions in the legal system, the university also might act based on the specific circumstances of a particular case and any previous incidents that a student might have been involved in. ,In addition to whatever happens in the township, they are also involved in our judicial system here and sanctions are going to vary by whatever they have done and whether it was a first offense, Stack said. ,According to Stack, repeat offenders include only about one or two percent of all the student infractions. Stack went on to say that he realizes that that only involves students who are caught. ,He also said that if there is an incident at a student house off campus, Villanova officials will go to that house and speak with the students involved. ,We are concerned about it. We have been concerned about it for years, Stack said. One of the difficulties is that each year we have a new crop of people. ,According to Zelov, if one were to look back over a longer time horizon the situation with students is better today than it was 20 or 30 years ago. But in the last few years the problems have been increasing and he doesn t want it to get back to the levels it once was. ,More recently the problem and the impact of the students has gotten worse, Zelov said. ,One of the things he cited as contributing to the problem is more of a concentration of students off campus in certain areas. ,Neighbors continue to be upset about the noise, the litter and trash and the public urination caused by students and they don t want to take it anymore. And they shouldn t have to, Zelov said. ,Stack said a plan to build more dorms on the main campus could help. . If it gets approved, it will bring 1,100 more students back to campus, Stack said of the project that is expected to cost about 200 million. He added that it would bring the campus population from about 4,400 today to about 5,500. That would leave about 700 students living off campus. ,When asked whether there were any plans to increase the number of students attending Villanova, Stack said the university wants to keep the numbers about the same. ,But Stack also questioned the numbers presented by Zelov after having gone back and reviewing the incidents. ,According to Stack, Villanova got a total listing of 110 student citations. Ten of those, he said, were duplicates and another 10 were people that they couldn t find in their system. He has asked Lower Merion to give the university the information again to find out if they are Villanova students. ,The majority of the citations that were for students were for underage drinking. Stack said he believes the bar owners could shoulder some of the responsibility by ensuring they are only serving people over 21. I think that the next step would be for Scott and I to meet with the bar owners because we re not . giving the students fake ID cards, Stack said. ,Lower Merion officials say the costs for policing are also costing the township money in the need for police services. ,When a statistic comes out that says 60 percent of the nuisance offenses are from Villanova students, that is a statistic that shows the extent of the problem. And it shows that the police department is responding and, to me, it shows that it is time for Villanova to do more, Zelov said. ,But what can Villanova do ,Zelov said when he met with Villanova officials late last year there were several ideas presented to university officials in regards to the issue. They included a shuttle bus service that might run from Ardmore to Villanova or the apartment complexes that have a large number of students. ,Shuttle services like this are used by many colleges in many places because town gown conflicts are effectively dealt with, Zelov said, . It s time to deal with them here. ,When asked about the use of a shuttle service, Stack said Villanova once had such a program but they discontinued it after complaints from residents. ,According to Stack, the problem neighbors had was that the students would end up going to parties that were being held in student houses in residential neighborhoods.Villanova stunned by Wisconsin in NCAA Tournament ,BUFFALO No. 1 and done. ,Top seeded Villanova was bounced from the NCAA Tournament by eighth seeded Wisconsin, which overcame foul trouble for two of its stars in the second half Saturday to upset the defending champions 65 62 in the East region. ,Nigel Hayes scored 19 points, dropping a layup in traffic with 11.4 seconds left to put Wisconsin ahead 64 62, and Bronson Koenig added 17 for the tournament toughened Badgers 27 9, who are going back to the Sweet 16 for the fourth straight year. They'll play next week at New York's Madison Square Garden after knocking off Villanova 32 4, which never found its traction in snowy Buffalo. ,Josh Hart scored 19 to lead the Wildcats, but the senior guard was stripped by Wisconsin center Ethan Happ on a drive in the final seconds. Wisconsin's Vitto Brown then split a pair of free throws with four seconds left, but Villanova couldn't get off a final shot. ,When the horn sounded, Wisconsin's red clad fans erupted in celebration and the Badgers stormed the floor after taking down a No. 1 seed for the third time in four years. Wisconsin beat Arizona in 2014, Kentucky in 2015 and now can add Villanova to its list. ,Flushed with pride, Wisconsin coach Greg Gard hugged his wife and children as the Badgers' pep band played their hearts out. ,For Villanova, it's a bitter end to a great season by the Big East champions, who came into the tournament expected to at least escape the East's bracket but had their hopes busted and will have to relish those moments from last year when they won their first title since 1985. ,Wildcats coach Jay Wright was concerned about Wisconsin, calling them a "great number eight" seed. As it turned out, the Badgers were more than that, as savvy seniors Koenig and Hayes made several key plays in the closing minutes. ,Super sub freshman Donte DiVincenzo scored 15 and Jalen Brunson added 11 for Villanova, which had looked so vulnerable in a first round win over No. 16 seeded Mount St. Mary's. ,The sloppy performance foreshadowed trouble for the Wildcats and it hurt that Kris Jenkins, the hero of last year's title game when he drained a 3 pointer to beat North Carolina, couldn't shake a prolonged shooting slump. Jenkins went just 2 of 9 against Wisconsin and finished 4 of 22 in two games in KeyBank Center. ,Jenkins and fellow seniors Hart and Darryl Reynolds finish their career 129 17 in four years, but the sting of their last loss might linger. ,Koenig spent much of the second half nervously watching his teammates from the bench after picking up his fourth foul. He returned with 5:43 and the Badgers trailing 54 49. ,The senior went right to work and scored on a layup before draining a 3 pointer from the right corner to tie it at 57 all. Koenig then committed what could have been a killer turnover with 36.4 seconds left when his pass out of a trap to Hayes was stolen by DiVincenzo, who was fouled by Hayes. However, Villanova's redshirt freshman split a pair of free throws with 36.4 seconds left, giving the ball back to Wisconsin and Gard called time. ,Hayes, who has scored 166 points in the tournament in his career, then made the two biggest as he drove baseline and dropped his reverse layup on the left side to give the Badgers a 64 62 lead with 11.4 seconds left. ,"They've been crowding me so I knew I would have the baseline," Hayes said. "I drove baseline and if you guys are familiar with the Michael Jordan highlight the fake spin back I did my fake spin back, got to my left hand and fortunately it went in. ,Happ then made the game's defining defensive play great fake id reviews maryland fake id template how to make a fake photo id Maybe not fair ,You're a one seed, you're supposed to get to the Final Four, get out of your bracket," he said. "That's probably what we have to be to be a success. And as you know, we accept that, we'll take it. We're not going to define ourselves that way, but we do get it. ,BIG PICTURE ,Villanova: There would be no magic this March for the Wildcats fake id spain buying fake id online safe how to tell if a fake id scans

new york state id online Wisconsin: All that's left for the Badgers seniors Koenig ,Boston: PG Markelle Fultz For the avid wine drinker who's desiring a new taste ,We have a lot of faculty; they are probably our single largest contingent," Horst said. "Students are too, but see, three fourths of them aren't 21 yet. The students and faculty are the reason we are here, and they account for a large percent of our sales. Sam Riley ,It's the best place," Riley said. "We are lucky to have it., When asked what are good suggestions for the newly turned 21 year olds who are trying out finer wines and beers that are not the local Bud ,Fridays we do free beer tastings, and we have 850 types of beer, so most people don't realize there's that many types," Horst said. "You can come and taste those and figure out what you like. fake ids indiana buy drivers license fake ohio id from china cheap fake ids

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