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where to get good fake id connecticut fake id laws A Houston federal jury has convicted Michael N. Swetnam Jr. name on fake id in superbad using fake id miami buy novelty id buy fake id nyc fake id cscs card,Swetnam was charged with selling the hospital two fake insurance policies and two altered insurance policies that covered policy years 2006 2007 and 2007 2008 that resulted in approximately 3.8 million in payments from September 2006 September 2007. ,The evidence at trial showed that Swetnam was a licensed insurance agent for and with Smith Regan Insurance in the Brownsville ,The jury heard testimony that Swetnam traveled to Mexico with Valley Baptist representatives in August 2006 where the hospital was given a 936 fake id felony florida diskolab miami fake id fake id problems video Swetnam later decided to add a 1 million fee to a Zurich policy that was purchased for approximately 1.3 million. Swetnam and another individual flew to New York to negotiate this policy. Evidence at trial showed Zurich sent the original policy to Swetnam ,The jury also heard testimony that Swetnam sent a letter to the hospital in September 2006 advising the hospital that he was unable to procure insurance coverage

fake Mississippi id generator fake id lyrics footloose fake id la how to make a fake Utah driver's license In June 2007 how much is a california state id ultimate fake id guide 2017 drivers license template fake id punishment maryland florida fake id upside down Swetnam argued that he had the ability to change the Zurich policies because he was a managing general agent ,The jury found Swetnam guilty of three mail fraud counts pertaining to the check the hospital sent for the fraudulent Zurich policy buy fake id texas reddit fake id list i mean i got a fake id tho This case was investigated by the United States Postal Inspection Service with the assistance of the Texas Department of Insurance and was tried by Assistant United States Attorneys Ryan D. McConnell and Gregg Costa with the assistance of Assistant United States Attorney Kristine Rollinson in the Asset Forfeiture Section.Million Dollar Promotional Campaign for Canadian Original Productions ,30 ,Last year ,With so many eyes on a ratings powerhouse like the Super Bowl, it's the best opportunity of the broadcast year to showcase our original independent productions to Canadians," said Phil King, President CTV, Sports, and Entertainment Programming. "A mix of dynamic and creative promos, all produced in house, will engage viewers with an entertaining array of spots designed to increase audiences for these original series. fake id consequences Louisiana fake id taken away quick fake id

fake military id maker For the fourth time in five years ,Bell Media Original Canadian Productions Featured SUPER BOWL XLIX: click on program title to preview the spotMASTERCHEF CANADA Season 2 premiering Sunday night on CTVSAVING HOPE Season 3 currently airing on CTVMOTIVE Season 3 premiering March 8 on CTVAIRSHOW Season 1 currently airing on Discovery 19 2 Season 2 currently airing on Bravo BITTEN Season 2 premiering February 7 on SpaceORPHAN BLACK Season 2 currently streaming on CraveTVAll promotional spots were created in house by the award winning Bell Media Agency. Highlights include: The BITTEN spot for Space ,The 19 2 critics" spot, incorporating media reviews for the ongoing second season of the critically acclaimed series. ,The MASTERCHEF CANADA spot, which cooks up a tantalizing appetite for the post SUPER BOWL premiere of the second season of the hit culinary series. ,With impressive imagery using the latest camera technology, the AIRSHOW promo captures the essence of this all new Canadian Discovery series while underscoring the heroes of the most dangerous part time profession on earth. Already, the :30 promo has reached a social audience of more than 1 million users. ,Many of the Canadian spots will be used to promote catch up opportunities for Canadian series on CraveTV, including SAVING HOPE, MOTIVE prior to its Season 3 debut on CTV March 8, and ORPHAN BLACK returning to Space for Season 3 April 18. ,About Bell Media Independent ProductionBell Media has commissioned some of Canada's most watched and most acclaimed original programming, working with the best Canadian independent producers in the country. Hit CTV series include ratings success stories SAVING HOPE, MOTIVE, the record breaking THE AMAZING RACE CANADA, and MASTERCHEF CANADA. Among the scripted series on Bell Media pay and specialty channels are the three time Emmy hit DEGRASSI, the internationally acclaimed ORPHAN BLACK, the most watched original series in Space history BITTEN, Bravo's most watched new drama 19 2, TRANSPORTER THE SERIES, dramedy SENSITIVE SKIN, and the upcoming KILLJOYS. Bell Media specialty channels are also home to hit factual series HIGHWAY THRU HELL, COLD WATER COWBOYS, and CANADA'S WORST DRIVER, among others. ,About Bell MediaWith passion and an unrelenting commitment to excellence, Bell Media creates content and builds brands that entertain, inform, engage, and inspire audiences through the platforms of their choice. Bell Media is Canada's premier multimedia company with leading assets in television, radio, out of home advertising, and digital media. Bell Media owns 30 local television stations led by CTV, Canada's 1 television network; 35 specialty channels, including TSN and RDS, Canada's most watched specialty channels in English and French; and four pay TV services, including The Movie Network and Super Bell Media is also Canada's largest radio broadcaster, with 106 licensed radio stations in 54 markets across Canada. Bell Media owns Astral Out of Home, one of Canada's most dynamic and innovative out of home advertising companies with a network of more than 9,500 advertising faces in Qu Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia. Bell Media also operates more than 200 websites; delivers TV Everywhere with premium subscription on demand streaming service CraveTVTM, as well as its innovative GO video streaming services including CTV GO, TMN GO, and TSN GO; holds an equity stake in digital startup Hubub; is partners in Cirque du Soleil Media, a joint venture with Cirque du Soleil; and owns Dome Productions Inc., a multi platform production company. Bell Media is part of BCE Inc. TSX, NYSE: BCE, Canada's largest communications company. Source: Numeris BBM Canada, Sept 23, 2013 May 25, 2014 vs. Audiences prior to August 31, 2009 based on BBM Nielsen Media Research Mark II meters.Million from Oakmont Memorial Park After Theft of Ashes ,The family of Thomas Gonzales, who passed away at the young age of 35 from cancer, was and still is offering a 10,000 reward for the return of their dead son remains, which were stolen on January 16, 2011. ,The family is now demanding the cemetery purchase the 3.2 million mausoleum from the living relatives due to a security breach which they say led to the theft. ,Thieves walked off with the remains only days after an initial break in attempt went unreported by the cemetery to police. ,Now the 3.2 million marble mausoleum in the Lafayette cemetery stands empty with only broken glass on the floor relatives say it's a cold reminder of their son's tragic and untimely loss. Gonzales died on Dec. 5, 2001 at the age of 35, after an eight month battle with gastric cancer. ,The Gonzales family poured four years and multi millions into the design and custom build of a white marble mausoleum befitting their son's memory. ,"Now, the mausoleum has no value to my family," said Gonzales' father, Tom Gonzales, Sr. "The sight of it causes my family so much pain and suffering we think it's only right for Oakmont to be held accountable. The family sued StoneMor California ,Days prior to the January 16, Three days later ,The sheer lack of regard for the Gonzales family and the unconscionable negligence of the StoneMor operators has led to this tragic theft," said the Gonzales family attorney Harvey Stein of Oakland. ,"No monetary value will be enough to compensate the family for the pain caused by this tragedy. The sadness of Thomas's early death is only compounded by the desecration of his tomb," Stein added. ,Gonzales and his father co founded Commerce One Inc., a pioneering Internet company that became one of the fastest growing firms in Nasdaq history. ,Tagged as:It not a It a mausoleum. A place where the family is buried; not scattered about one by one in different locations in different cemeteries in different cities. ,My father is buried in the same Garden as the Gonzales mausoleum. My mother, one Garden over; my son, one Garden in between. ,Whether anyone approves or disapproves of how my family is buried, I really could not care less. Where I place my family members is not contingent upon the satisfaction of bloggers. ,Agreed. I understand the agony the Gonzales are going through. I also understand why they are ticked off. Though the Gardens are nicely maintained, the security sucks. And I have informed Oakmont repeatedly of loiterers in the area. ,People have the right to spend their money as they see fit. IMO, funerals, for the most part, are a big waste of money. I think a seaside or mountaintop funeral, cremation and scattering of ashes, is just as beautiful as a 3.2 mausoleum, but to each his own, I suppose. ,If the family was paying for a certain level of security, and Oakmont didn fulfill their obligation, they Oakmont is liable at least some %. I don think I want a 3.2M empty mausoleum after my child ashes were ripped off, either. ,Whenever we spend money, no matter how much it is, we entitled to get what we pay for. ,I wonder why thieves would take the remains and then not ransom them. And as the thieves have not been caught, what happened to the remains. ,Every family can decide for themselves how they wish to honor their dead. Those of you who chastise the family, in my opinion, contribute little to the conversation, other than perhaps show your off your values. ,I hope the Gonzales family receives the purchase price of the mausoleum. It is useless to the family now. How tragic that family members have been stolen and lost. Its like reliving the death all over again. ,Is Oakmont at fault From what is reported here, obviously. Oakmont is supposed to keep the area secure, it did not. ,Wow. I am deeply sorry for the loss of this family son. My initial reaction to this post was, what I god awful waste of money!Millionaire avoids jail after destroying Trump's star ,Millionaire avoids jail after destroying President Trump's star on Hollywood Walk of Fame but must complete 20 days of community service and pay 4,400 fine ,James Otis avoided a three year jail sentence and 10,000 in fines after destroying President Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of fameHe pleaded no contest to a felony vandalism charge in LA County Superior Court on Tuesday in exchangefor a small fine and three years probationOtis, who is the millionaire heir to the Otis Elevator Companyfortune, will also have to spend20 days cleaning the freeway for CalTransHe attempted to remove the star with a pickax and sledgehammer on the morning of October 26 but could only manage to smash it to rubbleOtis later said he wanted to sell the tribute and give the money to the 11 women who had accused President Trump of groping themBy ,The California man who was caught on video trying to remove President Donald Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has managed to avoid jail time. ,James Otis, 52, was ordered to pay a 4,400 fine for damages and attorney fees and complete 20 days of community service for CalTrans after he pleaded no contest to a felony charge of vandalism inLos Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday. ,He will also be on probation for three years as a result of his actions according to his attorney Mieke ter Poorten. ,Scroll down for video ,Aborted mission:He attempted to remove the star with a pickax and sledgehammer on the morning of October 26 but could only manage to smash it to rubble above ,Otis had been trying to remove the star to protest President Trump, who at that point had yet to be elected, when he arrived at the site of his star in the pre dawn hours of October 26. ,The millionaire heir to theOtis Elevator Company fortune wore construction gear while going about his task, and used a sledgehammer and pickax to try and remove the tribute from the ground. ,He later stated that he had hoped to sell it off and give the money he received to the 11 women who had come forward and publicly accused President Trump of groping them in the past. ,Otis failed to free to star however and instead just smashed it to rubble, later saying that he did not realize how hard the task would be and the hours it would take to complete. ,He turned himself into police the following day and was released on 20,000 bond. ,The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, who presented President Trump with his star in 2007 for his work on the popular reality show The Apprentice, responded to Otis' actions in an angry statement at the time. ,'When people are unhappy with one of our honorees, we would hope that they would project their anger in more positive ways than to vandalize a California State landmark,' said Leron Gubler, the head of the group. ,'Our democracy is based on respect for the law. People can make a difference by voting and not destroying public property.' ,Gubler also urged the court to punish Otis to the 'full extent of the law' while the Chamber of Commerce set about repairing the damage star at a cost of approximately 2,500. ,Pay day:Otis later said he wanted to sell the tribute and give the money to the 11 women who had accused President Trump of groping them Trump receiving his star in 2007 above ,Otis said after turning himself in that he was prepared to accept any consequences he might face for his actions. ,He then apologized for what he had done the following month after his first hearing before the judge, telling reporters out side the courtroom: 'Upon reflection after my arrest, I had said I was proud and felt very good about destroying Mr. Trump's star. However, now I realize I was wrong, that I shouldn't have done it.' ,Otis went on to say that 'non violence id the way to protest Trump' and what he would do moving forward before adding: 'By destroying that star, it was wrong and I apologize for that, and I hope no one else will affect and hurt the Hollywood Walk of Fame stars.' ,Just a few days after that appearance, the Chamber of Commerce debuted President Trump's repaired star on the Walk of Fame. ,Most watched News videos New luxury flats in Kensington for families of Grenfell Tower Horrified parents watch toddler being in restaurant Big cat spotted by stunned taxi driver at woods in St Albans Road rage dispute leads to multi car pileup on California freeway Beachgoer films the huge waves caused by a cliff fall in Eastbourne River mysteriously baffles the internet Photographer captures epic battle between a giant octopus and seal have come back May confirms cladding was combustible Shocking video of motorcyclist driving through die in protest Shocking brawl breaks out between women at Sheffield mall British van driver calls cyclist racist after knocking mirror off Animal lover trains pet sugar gliders to jump on command ,Mutton dressed as man: Superstitious villagers living in. Canadian special forces sniper kills an ISIS fighter from. French fitness blogger, 33, is killed by exploding. Outrage as 'selfish' wealthy homeowners criticise move to. The Great Evacuation: Thousands may need to move out of. Is a THIRD chunk of iconic Seven Sisters coastline about. Schoolboys turn up for class dressed in SKIRTS in protest. Has Banksy FINALLY been unmasked Drum and bass DJ. Is this the mystery big cat of St Albans Driver films. DJ, 22, bravely reveals how he 'wanted to jump off a. The bad apple: Fascinating photographs show the. 'He was always there for you': Otto Warmbier's younger. When road rage backfires: Driver tries to RAM a biker who. Michael Bloomberg rules New York, Mark Zuckerberg is king. The scorcher of 1976: How yesterday's 94F sizzler. Shocking moment a motorcyclist DELIBERATELY rides through. Helicopter riding Florida TV reporter finds missing. EXCLUSIVE James Comey visits The New York Times. MOST READ NEWS Previous.Millionaires march on in the PIAA playoffs ,SELINSGROVE As Williamsport players embraced, a sea of red clad Millionaire fans above them roared. Listen closely throughout Pennsylvania, though, and one could hear silence. ,No matter what Williamsport did the first 12 weeks as it romped to a District 2 4 Class AAAAAA championship, doubters remained and questioned its legitimacy. Now they have no material left. Williamsport has become one of the state best eight teams. You better believe, the Millionaires have made a statewide splash now. ,Isaiah Hankins accounted for four touchdowns, Elliott Walker caught three touchdowns and the defense made a series of key stops Friday at Selinsgrove as Williamsport edged perennial power State College, 35 28 in the state tournament opening round. The Millionaires 12 1 won their sixth straight game and their first state tournament game since 1995 while never buckling on a wild night that saw more momentum shifts than a blockbuster movie. ,game people always say we not this, we not that. We don play anybody and stuff like that, Hankins said after breaking Ron Powlus Wyoming Valley Conference record for career touchdowns 64. game we make a statement in Pennsylvania that we back and that we ready to come out against anybody. we get the job done we can just look at them and go, are you done Are you done sleeping on us' should be now. ,Williamsport built two 21 point second quarter leads before holding off a determined State College comeback that twice pulled it within seven in the second half. The Millionaires overcame two onside kick recoveries, two successful fake punts and some calls that took away big plays and made their biggest statement yet. Williamsport is going where only one other Millionaire team ever has and plays two time defending state champion Pittsburgh Central Catholic in the state quarterfinals next weekend at a site to be determined. ,means a lot. This is the first time we ever experienced a season like this and got to go to the playoffs and it been a great run, said defensive end Keough Johnson who made a crucial, drive stopping fourth quarter sack. have no words. caught 4 catches, 136 yards caught three first half touchdowns and, following a Treyson Potts 1 yard touchdown run, his 31 and 18 yard scores put Williamsport up 21 0. He capped his first half explosion with an 80 yard touchdown catch, outrunning the defense over the final 50 yards, giving Williamsport a 28 7 lead. State College twice pulled within seven in the second half, but Walker was part of a defense that let it pull no closer and his interception and 31 yard return to midfield helped Williamsport start put the finishing touches on a big win. ,Hankins completed passes to Marcus Simmons and Walker before Marty Clark gained some tough yards behind a surging line as Williamsport drove to the 10 yard line. Angelo Girardi missed a game clinching field goal by inches with 61 seconds remaining but Williamsport forced State College to use its final two timeouts and the defense then delivered the knockout blow. ,Williamsport pass rush was superb all night and continued coming after Tyler Snyder on the last series as he completed only 3 of 10 passes. He was hurried again on fourth and 10 with five seconds remaining and his receivers did not have enough time to get downfield against a defense playing deep. The pass sailed incomplete and Williamsport celebrated its biggest win since 1995. ,been overcoming the same obstacles all year, Williamsport coach Chuck Crews said. to the point where the kids are immune to it. They just keep playing. They don know anything else but playing hard and we just had so many contributions from so many different players. the offense topped 30 points for a 13th straight game, the defense again flexed its collective muscle and made a huge impact. Cameron Dickey recorded his second straight two sack game, Ross Stebbins appeared unblockable at times up front and Jalen Jackson had a team high nine tackles. Walker provided lock down coverage in the secondary while Hankins, Potts and Simmons also made crucial plays. ,Snyder threw for 246 yards but completed only 16 of 46 passes and Williamsport forced State College to become one dimensional, stifling a running game that gouged Erie McDowell in the District 6 9 10 championship. Still, the Lions kept battling back and threatened to tie the game, driving to the Millionaire 37 yard line with five minutes remaining. That was when Johnson made one of the game biggest plays, blowing past the line and sacking Snyder for a 10 yard loss and bringing up a 4th and 20. State College again tried a fake punt, but Walker intercepted it and the Lions never seriously threatened that lead again. ,was close the whole game and the whole team was pretty nervous, so when I got that sack that was a big turn and the momentum went our way and we kept going from there, Johnson said. I got that sack I just knew I had to get there. We needed a big play. I knew it would mean a lot to my team. The whole game we were on him and was big to get him down there. College held Potts to a season low 55 yards rushing, but Hankins continued his sensational senior season and played one of his best games. The senior quarterback repeatedly made big third down throws and runs that extended scoring drives and totaled 319 yards. ,Hankins 238 passing yards, 81 rushing made his best play on the third quarter final play, running for a 23 yard touchdown that will be near the top of Williamsport season highlight reel. State College forced Hankins out of the pocket and he was nearly sacked, but managed to roll right and then made a superb cut, back up field. Hankins split the defense and finished off the run by shaking off a defender while giving Williamsport a 35 21 lead. ,have so many weapons so it real easy. My line gives me time and I get the ball to our playmakers and they do the rest, Hankins said. a real team effort. I love my guys and we deserved this win. Williamsport built its 21 0 second quarter lead, the defense dominated and held State College to one first down in the game first 20 minutes. And every time it appeared State College was seizing momentum in this heavyweight fight, that defense fought off the ropes and ultimately delivered a knockout blow. ,Spread the news, Williamsport is not just an offensive fireworks display. It is an excellent team, period. ,is on the schedule we play, Crews said. the critics say what they want about who we play, how we play, when we play still playing. That all that matters.Millionaires Peter Higgins and John Marshall trade barbs in polo feud ,Lawyers at 10paces, elaborate public relations campaigns, Facebook cat fights, million dollar war chests . neighbourhood stoushesare on an entirely different level when it involves two of Sydney's wealthiest men. ,The feud between millionairebusinessmen Peter Higgins, founder of Mortgage Choice and former Dragon's Denjudge, who is also the owner of the Sydney Polo Club at Richmond, and John Marshall, whosebusiness interests run deep across the rag trade with labels including Sportscraftunder his belt, is truly epic. ,But Marshall says his neighbour's original plans for his property were "monstrous how to spot a fake arizona id what is a novelty id real fake drivers license can i use a fake id in state

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