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canadian fake id reddit fake id lyrics ratboy The public health model is taking down the sign. It is the mindset that you can pull individuals out of the water all day long fake id band lucky cover fake Arkansas driver's license make fake cia id card superbad fake id how do you get a fake id uk,The public health approach is about treating the environment rather than the individual," Landess said. "The other thing it does is says the accountability needs to be educational rather than punitive. ,The Campus and Community Coalition was organized to bring together all of the stakeholders of addiction the campus ,The 22 initiatives put together by The Coalition solidifies firm policy on how to address alcohol infractions in Chapel Hill. They cover everything from fake IDs next day fake id fake cnadain id what is the penalty for a fake id One thing that we know can mitigate problems is consistent and swift enforcement," Landess said. "Word gets out, and students pay attention. ,The new policy focuses on education

fake id templates worth it fake ucla student id fake id from spain fake caller id com In some regards, we have a perfect storm," Allison said. ,Allison said that there are between 50 and 75 students on the main campus who are seeking some form of help with recovery in the collegiate recovery program. Some of these students are first years who are starting to question their substance use. Others, like Bart Arconti, have been in recovery for years. Arconti, a 25 year old junior from Maryland, said his sobriety from drugs and alcohol took him years to achieve and being on a college campus can be challenging. ,"It is definitely harder to connect with people on campus who are pursuing alcohol and drugs when the main social aspects of their lives revolve around alcohol, weed and stuff like that," Arconti said. ,Arconti said his substance addiction started when he was 13 to help numb a feeling of depression and feeling out of place in his own skin. ,"There was never a time in my life where I didn't escape in some means," he said. "When I discovered those social lubricants like alcohol and drugs, they worked instantly. fake id 2016 texasid order fake military id real looking fake ids best fake id 2016 Arconti said his path to substance abuse began with alcohol and marijuana because those were the easiest to come by at such a young age. He later progressed to oxycodone ,I think alcohol is one of the worst drugs out, I really do," he said. "It is almost as bad as those other chemicals because it is sold legally, and it is socially OK to do it, and it impairs your senses. Like heroin and oxycodone to a certain degree in certain ways, but alcohol makes you sloppy. fake id for prom Sacramento-Yolo fake id best fake id reddit idgod As his dependency grew ,There were points in my use where I was spending 90 a day to keep my habit," Arconti said. ,Although he knew he was hurting himself, getting well was not easy. He was in and out of treatment centers, rehabs, and even jail for years. He said the symptoms of withdrawal were so painful it was nearly impossible to withstand. He attempted to explain exactly what it is like to go through withdrawals from substances like oxycodone and heroin. ,"It is the most uncomfortable feeling in the entire world," Arconti said. "You want to not move, but you have this sensation in every joint in your body that there is something that you have to move. It feels like bugs crawling in your body, in your joints, in your hands, in your knees, in your feet, and it makes you have to move. ,"At the same time, your bowels are just emptying. You're hot. Your nose runs a lot, and the sun will make you sneeze. You just sneeze all day long. And, you are just in pain everywhere because you have been numbing the pain for so long that you had that it comes back in full force. ,He said that alcohol symptoms could be different ,I had to go cold turkey, and I didn't sleep for 11 days," he said speaking of one of his time in rehab. "I can still vividly remember that. It was one of the worst experiences of my life. fake license maker free fake id shot book page how much does a ny state id cost

how to relaminate a fake id In April 2013 ,To just take the drugs away," he said, "the drugs or the alcohol that someone is using to feel normal. The problem lies deeper than that. It is not the drugs and alcohol. It is some fundamental issue with, I hate to use the word spirit, but the psyche of the individual. And ,I bet if you polled 100 students, five of them would know we have a collegiate recovery program," Allison said. "We are probably one of the best kept secrets on campus."Bay Area Gas Prices Down ,Average gas prices edged downward by one penny per gallon over the last month in the Bay Area but are 67 cents higher than the national average, AAA officials said. ,The Bay Area gas prices are averaging 3 per gallon while national prices are averaging 2.33 and California prices overall average 2.97, according to a monthly report released Wednesday by AAA. ,West Coast is the only region in the country where the demand is meeting the current abundance of gasoline, AAA Northern California spokesman John Moreno said in a statement. ,the summer travel season right around the corner, increased demand will likely cause gas prices to rise, Moreno said. ,Gas prices in California are scheduled to go up 12 cents per gallon in November under a new 52.4 billion, 10 year gas tax and new annual vehicle fee intended to pay for fixing the state roads and making other ,The infrastructure will never have enough money to be fixed. Mainly because our politicians and connections, are using it to fund special interests. Tens of millions of non citizens are getting funded through schools, healthcare, housing, special pricing for college, loans. Legal Funds. ,This is what is meant by deep state corruption. Tax money filters through the hands of the well connected. The very well paid connected. Very little reaches the intended target such as schools, infrastructures, care of elderly and veterans. ,The tax increases will grease a few hands. Just not the middle class. ,I worked at a gas station in WC in the 70 and when gas went over 1.00 our pumps didnt go that high so we had to set pump counter at half the price of the gas and charge people double whatever the pump actually read. ,Talk about confusion even tho big signs on the pump stating people would demand to only pay what pump read, then we began paying before you pump and shut em off manually unlike today its all computerized to shut pump off for pay ahead. The 9/10th of a cent has always been the psychological value effect as people would rather see that then rounded up. That will never change. ,Oh the gas lines back in the 70 we always had plenty of gas, there was no shortage at all. Bunch of hogwash but I made a lot of extra money having the rich folk come back later at night and Id let them fill up their big 25 gal tanks at a small markup into my pocket since I had to come back and open back up just for them, no odd or even plate crap. ,RECENT COMMENTS:WhoDat on The Old Elephant Bar Building on Willow Pass Rd. in Concord What Should Move InWhy would any restaurant want to move into a site that's already had several failures Bulldoze it and make it a park. ,Old Concord Guy on The Old Elephant Bar Building on Willow Pass Rd. in Concord What Should Move InJolly Burgers! ,Anon on TRASHED: Grayson Creek and Surrounding Area Near DVC Plaza Filled with GarbageMy neighbor saw two guys who were moving out dump a sofa on the corner about four houses away from theirs. He had a decription. ,Duchess of Martinez on The Old Elephant Bar Building on Willow Pass Rd. in Concord What Should Move InRed Lobster ,oakhurstclaytongal on The Old Elephant Bar Building on Willow Pass Rd. in Concord What Should Move InOREGANO's!!! They have a few in AZ and food, ambience, and prices are great. It would be perfect! ,Pit bull Mom on The Old Elephant Bar Building on Willow Pass Rd. in Concord What Should Move InPut a thrift store in there!! ,Shoulda Coulda on The Old Elephant Bar Building on Willow Pass Rd. in Concord What Should Move InCattlemens Steak House. Can't afford Ruth's Chris. Sizzler was affordable but it's gone. Does anyone know a good place to get a steak in our ,Duchess of Martinez on Claycord Talk About WhateverMartinez residents are now getting call in surveys about local government The points I noted were around the Shell Refinery and housing development Two areas ,Pit bull Mom on UPDATE: Police Identify Suspect In Fatal Shooting That Led To Pit Bull AttackThis situation is a lose lose situation. My condolences are extended to the family of the victim. As for the young man who allegedly murdered this ,Pacman on The Claycord Online Museum BSA Camp WolfeboroWolfeboro was truly a special place growing up. I spent every summer there for all of middle school and high school. I was Vice President ,nytemuvr on Claycord Online Museum A 1992 Channel Guide from Concord TV Cable Only 39 ChannelsI remember Pat McCormick from The Charley and Humphrey Show. ,Kirkwood on The Water Cooler Should Gratuity be Included on Your Bill at a RestaurantWhen I was in The Czech Republic about a decade ago, tips were expected only from Americans. Service everywhere was slow and indifferent by American ,Me1966 on BART Stations in Claycord The Best The WorstConcord is pretty awful. I commute everyday from there to SF. The mornings are fine because it's busy with commuters. But in the evenings, that's ,Oh. Hey! Just what that area needed . on Public Hearings to Discuss the Proposed Carmax Auto Superstore in Pleasant Hill. yet another car lot! It's not as if we don't have a couple miles of those just across the intersection. Christ. Put in anything ,Coggins Square on The Old Elephant Bar Building on Willow Pass Rd. in Concord What Should Move InBarney's HamburgersBay Area Muslims on Edge After Bombings at the Boston Marathon ,Bay Area Muslims today condemned the Boston Marathon bombings and braced for possible retaliatory attacks following the identification of the suspects as Chechen Muslims, according to civil rights and advocacy groups. ,The Northern California Islamic Council today issued a statement expressing and disbelief over the bombings that killed three people and injured many others near the finish line of the race on Monday. ,are outraged at the dreadful and senseless attacks, said NCIC chairman Hatem Bazian. acts of violence and terror have no place in Islam, which condemns such acts in strongest possible terms that takes lives of innocent people or causes pain and suffering, Bazian said. ,The identification of the bombing suspects as Muslims has left many Muslims fearing violence, similar to what occurred in the wake of incidents like the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, according to Zahra Billoo, executive director for the Council on American Islamic Relations San Francisco Bay Area chapter. ,There have already been some attacks against Muslims in other parts of the country, Billoo said. Locally, there have been two reports of hate speech incidents where residents were shouted at and threatened, but there have been no reports of violence, she said. ,people in the Bay Area are reporting that they feel really on edge and nervous about being out in public, Billoo said. just takes one incident and the trickle down effect on our community is immediate. said that, based on past experiences, she is advising members of the Muslim community to take precautions, such as checking security measures and avoiding walking alone at night. ,is never right to paint one community broadly based on the actions of a few, Billoo said. Muslims, what we really want to do is to mourn with our fellow Americans. It unfortunate that this is taking attention away from the victims of this attack. ,CAIR national executive director Nihad Awad urged Americans to stay united in the face of the tragedy. today are united in condemning terrorism and in the conviction that those responsible for the terrorist attacks in Boston must face justice, Awad said. ,will not turn on each other in the acts of false vengeance we have witnessed after other tragedies in the past, he said. ,2013 by Bay City News, Inc. Republication, Rebroadcast or any other Reuse without the express written consent of Bay City News, Inc. is prohibited. ,I appreciate you taking the time to post this mayor. Many people paint a broad brush over Muslims and the religion of Islam as hateful and violent. It just so happens that religion is a prime gateway for brainwashing people into being extremists, and committing terrorist acts. Making things worse many Muslim countries have been taken advantage of by the US, and have had needless wars imposed upon their people. Over a million people have died in Iraq/Afghanistan since the start of these wars. These people have family like anyone else, and a majority who die are civilians. These attacks are clearly not the solution, but people need to realize these attacks are not happening for no reason. Americans need to wake up and push their government to focus on education rather than world policing. ,There are about 1.6 Billion Muslims in the world, but the majority are not the radicals that want to kill us, that is only about 5 10% of the Muslim population. So, we only have to worry about .08 .16 Billion radical Muslims that want to kill us. ,Hate speech get over it folks. If the IRA were blowing up NYC, DC, and Boston, Irish people would be feeling the pressure. Hate speech is ignorant, and also a part of free speech in America. Let hate speakers make public fools of themselves. As they say, and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me ,Peace to my fellow Americans who are in the Muslim and/or Middle Eastern community. ,With that said, domestic Muslim communities can only benefit themselves and their fellow citizens by having no tolerance for those among them who harbor militant views or sympathies to militants. Let daylight shine into the corners where the militant cowards gather. ,The rest of us will do ourselves and our fellow citizens well by having no tolerance for people who target good members of the community who have no apparent ties to militants. ,many Muslim countries have been taken advantage of by the US, and have had needless wars imposed upon their people yet Islam has been in continuous wars of aggression and expansion since the 7th century. ,and yet Muslim rules against violence apply only to Muslims; violence against non muslims is encouraged. is only achieved when the Earth is rid of non believers non muslims. ,and yet women in Islam have the same legal status as pets and a woman cannot be seen by a male doctor, and female doctors are forbidden, so woman supporting Sharia Law is like a chicken supporting Col. Sanders. ,Islam primary objective is world domination and conquest, these jihadists are committed, suicidal in many cases zealots that really believe their calling from Allah is to destroy Western democracy, kill infidels, and establish a caliphate that will ultimately usher in the reign of the Mahdi. You are not going to defeat an organization like that by killing them all. They just continue to reproduce because this is based on a theology, not holding a piece of ground or a particular objective. We talking about a war of ideas here, and that idea is not going to go away. We will continue to chase our tails in a circle until we accept what we are dealing with.Bay Area preps for showdown ,cities don't pass a tax on sugary drinks, will the idea finally fizzle out ,Sugary drinks have been under fire for years, with many blaming them for rising rates of obesity and chronic diseases. Yet efforts to curb consumption by imposing taxes and other measures have failed, in part because the beverage industry has spent millions to defeat the efforts. ,Now, the question of whether a bottle of Dr Pepper with 64 grams of sugar should be treated like a pack of cigarettes is being considered in San Francisco and Berkeley, with the two California cities aiming to become the country's first to pass per ounce taxes on sugary drinks. ,The stakes are high, especially given the Bay Area's reputation for liberal politics. If approved, Coca Cola, PepsiCo and other companies fear it could galvanize health advocates elsewhere. If defeated, the idea of a soda tax could be dead. ,"The industry is really motivated to beat us here. If they can beat us in San Francisco and Berkeley, nobody is going to take them on," said Larry Tramutola, the political consultant handling the campaign in support of the tax in Berkeley. ,The odds aren't in favor of taxes. Since 2009, about 30 special taxes on sugary drinks have been introduced around the country. Few have gained traction and none have prevailed. Chris Gindlesperger, a spokesman for the American Beverage Association, the lobbying group for Coke and Pepsi, says the failures show people don't support the idea. ,Others say the industry uses unfair tactics to defeat measures, such as setting up groups with names like "Citizens Against Beverage Taxes," which sound like they are community driven but aren't. They are nevertheless influential in shaping people's attitudes. ,In San Francisco and Berkeley, supporters of the tax say they're better organized to battle such tactics. They're hitting the streets to educate voters and plan to run TV ads, work phone banks and mail fliers. ,"In other places, bless their hearts, but they were ill prepared for what was coming at them" said Maggie Muir, a consultant who was hired by San Francisco lawmakers to lead the political committee in support of the soda tax. ,The San Francisco proposal is for a two cent per ounce tax on sugary drinks and would not apply to milk or natural fruit juices without any added sugars. It needs a two thirds vote to pass in the November election. ,The tax in Berkeley is for a penny per ounce and needs a simple majority of the vote. ,It's a high bar either way. Just two years ago, similar measures were soundly defeated in other California cities. Part of the reason is that even some who think drinking sugary drinks can be harmful don't believe taxing is the solution. ,Barbara Cassidy, 50, fears a soda tax could lead to similar taxes on other foods. ,"It's a slippery slope," said Cassidy, a lifelong San Francisco resident. ,Overall, Americans have been cutting back on soda for years, with sales volume down about 13 percent over the past decade, according to the industry tracker Beverage Digest. But other sugary beverages with healthier images have climbed; sports drinks, for instance, are up about 35 percent. ,Taxing a product to discourage use has proven effective with cigarettes. According to the American Cancer Society, there's a 4 percent decline in overall smoking rates for every 10 percent hike in cost. Still, at least one study has questioned how effective a tax on sugary drinks could be since people might just spend their money on other high calorie foods. ,France and other countries have imposed taxes on sugary drinks in the meantime. Mexico, which has one of the highest obesity and soda consumption rates in the world, passed a tax on sugary drinks last year. California lawmakers considered a measure that would have slapped a warning label on sodas before it was ultimately defeated last month. ,In New York City, former mayor Michael Bloomberg pushed to cap the size of sugary drinks sold in restaurants and other venues at 16 ounces. ,The beverage industry also waged a heavy marketing campaign to win over the public. Some ads featured the Statue of Liberty holding up a giant soda instead of a torch. ,"Overall, we lost the PR war," said Thomas Farley, the city's health commissioner at the time. ,If given another chance, Farley said he would frame the cap as government giving customers the option to get a drink in a more reasonable size. Right now, a small drink in many places is 16 ounces. At McDonald's, that translates to 39 grams of sugar and 140 calories. ,In San Francisco, a small group dressed in red t shirts that say "Coalition for an Affordable City" has been posting signs in opposition to the tax on sugary drinks. ,The coalition was created by a public affairs firm hired by the American Beverage Association. It bears close resemblance to groups the industry's lobbying association has set up to fight soda measures in other cities. Gindlesperger, the spokesman for the ABA, said the name isn't intended to mislead people about the group's origin. ,"We've had to build coalitions in places with our partners like retailers and restaurants and grocers and others to voice our opposition," he said. ,Scott Wiener, one of the city supervisors who introduced the tax in San Francisco, thinks otherwise. ,"They come in with this fake organization, trying to convince our residents that this coalition is really looking out for their best interests," he said. ,Before introducing the tax, Wiener worked with his political consultants, Erwin Muir, which established a group called "Choose Health SF" and enlisted the support of organizations including the California Nurses Association and parent groups. ,Like the beverage industry, Choose Health SF is already in campaign mode, hitting farmers markets and neighborhood festivals to recruit supporters. It also set up a website and created a satirical account on Twitter called "Big Soda Crybaby" to mock the industry's talking points.Bay Area Russian immigrants speak out ,The relationship between Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin has been steeped in intrigue. ,The first month of the Trump presidency was marked by eyebrow raisingallegations that Russian hackers tried to swing November's election to Donald Trump. But ask almost any Russian immigrant in the Bay Area and they're bound to tell you the same thing: America's hand wringing over the issue is largely overblown. ,It's not that they don't believe what they read, hear and see in the American media. intelligence reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin personally ordered the hacks of Democratic National Committee servers are exaggerated and often devoid of necessary context and nuance. presidential campaign," said Ismail Agayev, a retired UC Berkeley professorwho emigrated from the formerSoviet Union and has taught courses on Russian history and culture at the school. "Electing Trump does not help Russia because he is influenced by Republicans who want to punish the country. When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991 ,The Cold War hasn't really ended," said Elizaveta Sabsovich, a Concord resident who is from the Ukraine but is ethnically Russian. "Even when we thought things were getting better, the tensions never ended. I think we just don't understand each other. Americans think all we do is drink vodka and hunt bears, while many Russians consider Americans uneducated and uncultured., The Bay Area has one of the largest Russian immigrant communities in the United States. An estimated 75 ,And while opinions differ among younger and older Russians and Jews and non Jews a common theme prevails: What Americans view as the forceful takeover of Crimea was to many ethnic Russians a rightful taking back of what has always belonged to the Russian Empire. fake id template how to fake your caller id virginia fake id idgod fake school id template

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