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make a fake id card possession of fake id iowa Hmm on Claycord Talk About PoliticsIs what President Trump is proposing different than what Monica's boyfriend signed 2016 The Failure of Welfare Reform How Bill Clinton's signature legislative achievement tore ,Shoulda Coulda on The Old Elephant Bar Building on Willow Pass Rd. It's hard to find a good Moloko Plus around here. ,lil Bodie on The Water Cooler Should Gratuity be Included on Your Bill at a RestaurantSilva, The reason most people cannot afford to eat out is because of the tip There is no law that says you have to tip. ,jjshawk on The Water Cooler Should Gratuity be Included on Your Bill at a RestaurantTipping should be a choice, not a requirement, and not an entitlement! 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It was at the ,Craig D on The Water Cooler Should Gratuity be Included on Your Bill at a RestaurantFood Preparation is part of the service. bad poorly prepared food means less/ no tip. It all starts in the kitchen. Good FRESH kitchen preparation ,Dr. Jellyfinger on The Old Elephant Bar Building on Willow Pass Rd. in Concord What Should Move InSonic Drive InVehicle registration plates of Poland ,This article includes a list of references, related reading or external links, but its sources remain unclear because it lacks inline citations. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. September 2014 Learn how and when to remove this template message ,Polish vehicle registration plates indicate the region of registration of the vehicle encoded in the number plate. ,According to Polish law, the registration plate is tied to the vehicle, not the owner. There is no possibility for the owner to keep the licence number for use on a different car, even if it's a custom number. The licence plates are issued by the powiat county of the vehicle owner's registered address of residence, in the case of a natural person. If it is owned by a legal person, the place of registration is determined by the address of its seat. Vehicles leased under operating leases and many de facto finance leases will be registered at the seat of the lessor. When a vehicle changes hands, the new owner must apply for new vehicle registration document bearing his or her name and registered address. The new owner may obtain a new licence plate although it is not necessary when new owner's residence address lies in the same area as the previous owner's. In such a situation the licence plates are usually carried over to the new owner, because the change carries an additional cost. Upon purchasing a vehicle from another person, if the vehicle has an EU plate, the new owner must replace it with a license for their address and area, and give the EU plate to their powiat plate mint to free up numbers in the future. If the car has a pre May 1, 2006 plate, the owner is free to do whatever they wish with it, as long as it's legal with the Polish law. The plaque cannot be replaced if destroyed. The change of the whole set is required. ,The change in system shown below in 2001 is related to the reduction in the previous year of the number of voivodeships in Poland from 49 to 16, based on the country's historic regions. The pre 2001 licence plates white letters on black background can be used indefinitely, but since they are obsolete they have to be replaced in case of change of vehicle's ownership. ,In the pre 2001 model, there were not sufficient letters in the Polish alphabet for each of the old voivodeships to have a single letter. Only the standard latin alphabet were used outside Q, the specific Polish characters with diacritics were excluded in order to make the plates fully internationally readable. Therefore, two letters had to be used to indicate the vehicle's origin the middle administrative level of powiat was not introduced until 1999. Since the change, the first letter denotes the new voivodeship. One additional letter is used in cities with rights of powiat this applies to 47 of 49 capitals of the old voivodeships, the exceptions being Ciechanw and Sieradz, and numerous major cities. Two additional letters are used in any other powiat. ,It is not necessary for EU citizens to re register the vehicles they have brought with them, which are duly registered and taxed elsewhere in the EU, when living in Poland. This emerges from European law, although local regulations have to date not been changed to reflect the law, leading to officials locally sometimes giving incorrect advice on this point. If the vehicle uses only one licence plate the excessive sticker must be attached to the registration papers. ,Licence plate types and combinationsedit] ,Each powiat uses a unique two or three letter code, with the first letter denoting the powiat's voivodeship. The number pools listed below are not used in any particular order, although one pool is usually depleted before the next one is used. A visible gap exists between the area code and series, but there is no possibility of confusion if the number is written down without it, unlike in the German system. ,XYZ 123JK ,The number of available unique numbers with these mentioned formats is 1,100,000 for each two letter powiat code, and 872,400 for each three letter powiat code. Note that the combinations "XYZ 1234" and "XYZ 123J" are not used, because they would lead to creation of numbers identical to these in the old system. Only cars older than 25 years, out of production for 15 years and containing at least 75% of original parts are eligible to be registered as classic cars, with an exception of prototypes that were never produced, cars of considerable historical value or "being an example of original or important technological solutions". These plates are issued on a case by case rules. ,Temporary and export platesedit] ,These plates use standard black letters on a white background. Each custom number starts with the letter denoting voivodeship and a single digit, followed by the gap. This digit and next characters can be picked by the owner. Outside the availability the following constrains are used:Vehicle sales reach all ,Last year's new vehicle sales reached the lowest annual sales level since 2004, reports the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa Naamsa.The assocation reports that last year was a tumultuous year for the global automotive industry. The domestic auto motive industry was confronted by profitability and viability crises throughout its value chain. Sales of new vehicles not reported in detail through Naamsa added 44 376 units to the 2008 figures, bringing the total 2008 aggregate South African domestic new vehicle market to 533 327 vehicles. This represented a decline of 21,1% compared with total industry sales of 676 098 units in 2007, putting pressure on automotive dealers and dis tributors and resulting in a number of closures.Sales of new heavy and extra heavy commercial vehicles registered gains of 2,9% as a result of continued strong investment in infrastructural development projects. Some 22 521 units were sold in 2008 compared with 21 895 units in 2007. Corporate fleet replacement showed signs of weakening as businesses were confronted by a slowing economy. The medium commercial vehicle segment registered a 19,9% decline year on year.Declining sales were attri buted to volatile financial market conditions and lower levels of consumer sentiment and business confidence. Despite a 0,5% interest rate cut and falling fuel prices, household debt remained high and financial institutions continued to exercise caution in extending credit to consumers.Importers and manufacturers implemented price increases to recover cost increases in materials and automotive inputs and to compensate for the weaker rand. In most instances, price adjustments were below the domestic inflation rate; however, pricing increases undermined affordability for the consumer, further depressing demand. The used vehicle market showed signs of some momentum as it offered value and provided some relief to the automotive retail and distributive trade.Domestic production of new vehicles received support from higher vehicle exports. Industry export sales in 2008 were 284 213 units compared with 171 237 units in 2007. Export sales did exceptionally well, exceeding expectations and providing much needed support for South African vehicle and component producers. Overall industry vehicle exports reached record levels in 2008. Combined 2008 component and vehicle export revenue was estimated to have reached R95 billion, contributing to a better performance in the industry's overall trade balance for the year. Exporting to over 80 countries globally helped to diversify the risk during the turbulent year.Naamsa reports that domestic market signs indicate that the inflation and interest rate cycle in South Africa has peaked and is likely to abate, which could see an improvement in the financial position of consumers and stronger economic activity levels, giving rise to optimism of a recovery in demand for new motor vehicles. Naamsa fruther adds that short to medium term predictions are that the inflation rate is set to decline signifi cantly, as a result of the sub stantial reductions in the price of fuel in the last quarter of 2008, which could open the way for further interest rate reductions.Naamsa expects new vehi cle sales to continue to expe rience pressure during the first half of 2009. Naamsa projects an improved domestic sales environment during the second half of 2009; however, it believes that sales will in aggregate terms record a decline of about 7% year on year. Sales of medium and heavy trucks and buses are expected to remain relatively stable.Naamsa points out that although South Africa has weathered the global economic crisis relatively well, sharp slowdowns in the developed markets would have a negative effect on exports of South African manufactured vehicles. Naamsa predicts a decline of between 10% and 15% on the 2008 figure. Indications are that the number of vehicles exported in 2009 to the Euro Zone, Japan and the US could fall by as much as 27,5%. Exports into the African market, which accounted for export sales of about 70 000 units last year, could show modest growth.Domestic production of motor vehicles during 2009 is expected to decline from 580 000 units produced in 2008 to about 480 000 units in 2009. The impact of the economic slowdown will depend on the duration and extent of the recession in the developed markets.Naamsa predicts that this year will be another challenging year with expected lower levels of production expected as a result of the reduced demands in the major export markets, lower domestic vehicle sales, intense competition among manufacturers and continued pressure on cost and profit margins and on the industry's profitability. Stakeholders will inevitably have to focus on improving efficiencies in terms of production costs, service delivery and customer satisfaction.Vehicles lifted in last 15 days still intact ,While nobody seems to be paying any attention to disclosures made by the carjacking don, Mohammad Hassan, he made more revelations while talking to 'The News' from the 'Kasuri Chaki' inside the Camp Jail, Lahore.According to Mohammad Hassan, carjacking gangs, in collaboration with police, have lifted at least 11 vehicles from different localities of during last 15 days and have already been driven to safe locations in Mardan.However, he claimed that these recently stolen vehicles are still intact and not tampered with, altered or dissembled as yet. He said that he could help the Police in recovering these vehicles.Talking to 'The News', the jailed carjacking don made specific disclosures, identifying the names of the carjackers as well as the number of vehicles, which have been stolen and taken away to Mardan as well as to whom these stolen vehicles have been delivered."Right now, it is Imran Goga, the son of notorious car lifter Kala Khan, and his accomplice, Anwar Zeb, who are active in . They are not targeting Islamabad as checking at police pickets and posts set up at entry and exit points of the federal capital is quite strict, making it all the more risky for them to take away stolen vehicle from the city," Mohammad Hassan said."He revealed that another carjacking gang, led by Nazim Shah and Sardar Khan, had lifted one vehicle, a white Suzuki Mehran car from Markaz G 9 in Islamabad late Monday night. Both Nazim Shah and Sardar Khan belong to Katlang area of Mardan. They have come to Islamabad and with the sole purpose of lifting vehicles," Hassan revealed while providing latest information about activities of carjacking gangs and cooperation being extended to them by police.He said that he is compelled to share this information with 'The News' because neither judiciary nor police anywhere in Pakistan seems interested in using information provided by him to nab vehicle lifters and recover stolen vehicles.Talking about the latest incident of car lifting from Islamabad on Monday night in which a white Suzuki Mehran car was lifted from Markaz G 9, he said that the vehicle has not yet reached Mardan and could still be inside the capital, stashed away at a secure location. "Soon after succeeding in their venture, they contacted Jawad in Mardan and settled the rate for the stolen vehicle. But they still have not been able to reach Mardan. They must be still busy in making a deal with the Islamabad Police to have a safe exit," Hassan told this scribe.About the incidents of car lifting in , Mohammad Hassan said that Imran Goga lives at Shah Dian Tahlian, located in the jurisdiction of the Waris Khan Police Station, while his under training young son is living in Mohallah Waris Khan. Anwar Zeb is a resident of Mardan and a visitor to .According to the fifteen day data provided by the carjacking don, 11 vehicles were lifted by this gang and handed over to Jawad and Mujeeb ur Rehman in Mardan.According to Hassan, these vehicles include cars bearing registration numbers ACS 264 and PT 005, lifted from the jurisdiction of Westridge Police Station, cars numbers GAE 4444 and IXB 3426 stolen from the area falling in the jurisdiction of RA Bazaar Police Station, cars RIZ 3043 from Gujar Khan, IDN 4271 from Pirwadhai, two cars bearing registration numbers AC 313 and IDK 923 from Cantonment Police Station areas, cars bearing registration number 5832 from the jurisdiction of City Police Station, V 9680 from Banni and IDL 8617 stolen from Civil Lines."All these vehicles lifted from different localities of have already been sold to the receivers, Jawad and Mujeeb ur Rehman, in Mardan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa KP. These 'receivers' have also got dozens of more vehicles from other districts of Punjab.Hassan alleged that at present, Imran Goga is enjoying complete protection and patronage from police and as such launched a reckless operation of lifting vehicles from the jurisdictions of the City Police Station, Waris Khan Police Station, Sadiqabad Police Station, New Town Police Station and the Ganjmandi Police Station.Hassan alleged that Imran Goga is doing business with Jawad and Kala Khan and his 30 year old son is engaged with Mujeeb ur Rehman, while Anwar Zeb is operating in the field on his own.Talking to this scribe, Hassan stressed the point that the vehicles lifted recently during last 15 days are still in their original condition and have not yet been taken to workshops where their engine and chassis numbers are tampered with before they approach the Excise and Taxation Offices of their choice to prepare fake documents for these vehicles and put those in the market for sale."But this is a matter of days for them. They can do it any time. If police are really serious in recovering these vehicles, they need to act fast," Hassan said. He further revealed that Jawad and Mujeeb ur Rehman have received five cars three Toyota Corolla cars stolen from Lahore and two from Faisalabad.About the situation in , he said that three police officials posted at the Waris Khan Police Station, including an assistant sub inspector ASI, are providing a 'blanket protection' to Imran Goga in his business of car lifting. The ASI has recently been transferred to the Banni Police Station.He bemoaned that police and judiciary are not making use of revelations that he has made. "Police are not taking advantage from my information, but using all their efforts to shut my mouth up just to hide names of officers, who are involved in the carjacking trade. On the other hand, judiciary is also not paying any attention to my pleadings and no relief is being provided to me against police torture that is meted out to me. But I will continue to expose police officials who are involved in protecting carjacking gangs being a part of the business," Hassan said.He complained about the worst kind of physical and psychological torture that he is being subjected to since he has been handed over to the Punjab Police by the police of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, where he was caught in a case which had nothing to do with carjacking.Vehicular Manslaughter After Double ,Concord Police have arrested the man they say is responsible for the double fatal collision that claimed the lives of a 1 year old baby and her mother on Willow Pass Rd. in Concord on Friday night. ,The unlicensed driver, who allegedly caused the collision was arrested for vehicular manslaughter, driving under the influence of alcohol causing injury, child endangerment and false impersonation of another. He has been identified as 24 year old Concord resident Gerardo Harquin. ,On 6 27 2014 at approximately 10:57pm, a Concord Police Officer on routine patrol located a major collision involving 2002 Ford Explorer and a 2006 Dodge Charger that was blocking the roadway on Willow Pass Rd directly on top of Kinne Bridge. ,The Ford Explorer was occupied by the driver, Gerardo Harquin, and three juvenile passengers. Harquin and the passengers were all transported to area hospitals for treatment for crash related injuries. The Dodge Charger was occupied by the driver, Lorena Dominguez, her daughter Khloe Duenas, and a 27 year old male passenger. Dominguez was pronounced dead at the scene by rescue personnel, Duenas was transported to an area hospital where she was pronounced deceased, and the 27 year old passenger was transported to an area hospital with major injuries. ,Preliminary investigation indicates the two vehicles were travelling in opposite directions and collided into each other in a head on manner. ,The driver of the Ford Explorer, Harquin, was arrested for vehicular manslaughter, driving under the influence of alcohol causing injury, child endangerment and false impersonation of another. ,Harquin has been transported to Contra Costa County Jail and is being held on 575,000 bail. ,As this incident is still under investigation, no further information is being released at this time. ,Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call Traffic Officer Ken Carlson at 925 603 5931. ,He was drunk, he here illegally, and has no license. Plus I heard that the drunk SOB was whining that all he wanted to do was go home and go to bed. So now what do we do I tired of people saying that DUI check points are unconstitutional, like Bill says. What about this poor husband who has now lost his wife and his baby If we send him back to Mexico, he just try to come back. And if we send him to prison we have to pay for his food and board. This is just heart breaking. My thoughts and prayers to the father of the deceased. I hope he can some how get the help he needs to deal with all of this. ,Also please remember that along with the drunk driver there were two almost adults in the car. At 16 and 17 they should have known better to get in the car with him in that condition. They were old enough to call for police to stop him, perhaps tried to take the keys and ditched them. Sorry that they were in that position, but even something small might have changed the outcome. Parents should always be alert and teaching their kids about drunk driving whether or not they are the driver. Where were the parents of the younger three passengers Why didn they know better than to even be in that car! ,No prayers for the drunk driver from me, unless it is for some suffering!! ,I find it absolutely sad and ridiculous how some of you attribute every single topic in the news down to the boarders as if Hispanic people are the only ones who drink and drive and shutting down the boarders will so somehow eliminate drinking and driving. It almost laughable the ignorance here. Let stick to the matter at hand, which is two innocent people are gone due to alcohol related trajedy. I read he was unlicensed, nowhere did I see he was also undocumented. People keep your bigoted comments to yourself. RIP to the precious lives lost. ,From every angle this entire system is screwed up. We hand wet and reckless violations to innocent drivers all day long, ruining their record, and treating them like legit DUI offenders. On the flip side, actual DUI offenders are constantly being given loop holes and second chances to get back on the road. We set up DUI checkpoints, but come on. You people really believe it anything but a petty ticket generator and a PR stunt ,Skirting the entire system are people like this guy, who are completely off the grid. ,What would have potentially saved two lives that night isn something the system can handle. It would have taken someone with the balls to take this guy keys away when they saw he was drunk. Not your DUI checkpoints. Not your smart cars. Not your concrete barriers. Just someone who was willing to stop him from driving away and forced him to sober up before getting behind the wheel. ,The death of this baby is on every single person who knew this guy was wasted, but didn do jack sht to keep him from driving.Velvet ants bristle with weapons and are almost invincible ,In a dry, open field in New Mexico, US, a hungry lizard spots a brightly coloured, hairy insect scurrying across the sandy soil. Thinking it has found a meal, the lizard sprints to catch the insect. But once it has the insect in its mouth, it finds it is too hard to chew. ,The lizard then moves the insect around to find a softer chewing angle but gets nowhere. Meanwhile the insect starts to squeak and finally stings the luckless lizard in its mouth. Alarmed, the lizard spits it out. ,This sturdy insect is a female velvet ant. These females have an arsenal of defences unmatched by their male partners, or any other insect. The question is, what terrifying predator forced the females to evolve so many defences And if they are in such dire threat from predators, why are they brightly coloured ,View image of A thistledown velvet ant Dasymutilla gloriosa Credit: Visuals Unlimited/NPL ,Let's get the confusing bit out of the way first. Velvet ants are not really ants: they are wasps. They got their name because the females look like large ants, albeit ants clothed in dense velvety hairs of various hues: they can be yellow, orange, red, white or black. ,Female velvet ants have taken the idea of warning colouration to a whole new level ,In most species, males are rather plain looking. They are so unlike the bright and furry females, it can be hard to tell which male pairs with which female. ,When faced with a predator, the males have an obvious advantage. They have wings, so they can simply fly away. ,However, the females are both grounded and conspicuous. Their bright colours may seem like a dead giveaway, but they are actually a signal warning predators to stay away just like the bright colours of a wasp warn predators that it can sting. ,What's more, female velvet ants have taken the idea of warning colouration to a whole new level. ,View image of Velvet ants mimic their neighbours Credit: Joseph Wilson, Utah State University ,Different species of velvet ants have evolved to mimic each other. By resembling other velvet ant species from their neighbourhood, these solitary creatures have found strength in numbers. ,When a velvet ant becomes aware of a threat, it starts to squeak ,Na predators that try to tackle a velvet ant soon get the message, and steer clear of them in future. By all flashing the same signal, the velvet ants ensure that they all share in this protection. ,Among the velvet ants of North America, the colour mimicry is extremely widespread. In a study published in August 2015, researchers grouped over 300 species into just 8 mimicry clusters, based on similarities in colour, hair density and location. They range from silvery and downy velvet ants found in the hot deserts to the brownish red and bald species found east of the Rocky Mountains. ,But this colour signalling is just the start of the velvet ants' arsenal. They also use a combination of audio and chemical signalling to deter predators. ,View image of It cute, but this velvet ant is packing Credit: Joseph Wilson, Utah State University ,When a velvet ant becomes aware of a threat, it starts to squeak or "stridulate". ,Velvet ants can deter predators by releasing odours ,It does this by moving different sections of its abdomen in and out. This motion rubs a tooth like projection on the second section, the "scraper fake ids in san diego reddit bowery ballroom fake id fake id on bourbon street how much is a texas id buy fake id,Gerrish displays several of her own photographs of soaring eagles ,In Bridgeton ,Teri Bacon drove about three hours from Bourbonnais buying a fake id uk best state to buy fake id fake id punishment florida We have been coming every year since the 1980s," Bacon said. "I like the crafts, and it is a family tradition," she said, showing aframed wall hanging she bought at the festival containing the word "family" and a silhouette of tree. "I have a trunk full of goodies, treasures. I bought more stuff this year than I did last year. I guess I found more things I like, " Bacon said. ,Sonny Wilson, 72, of Lowell, and his friend, Ron Epley, 71, of Owensboro, Ky., sat in chairs near a few bales of hay not far from the former Bridgeton School.Venezuela and Nicaragua Offer Asylum to Edward Snowden ,Watts reports: "Venezuela and Nicaragua have offered asylum to Edward Snowden, the US whistleblower who is believed to have spent the past two weeks at a Moscow airport evading US attempts to extradite him. ,Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega left listens to Venezuelan President Victor Maduro

buying fake ids online is it safe texas fake id hologram ultimate fake ids fake id buying weed enezuela and Nicaragua have offered asylum to Edward Snowden using fake id to work buy brazilian fake id what do you need to make a fake id fake pass id fake id central michigan The Venezuelan president ,The invitations came as Snowden sent out new requests for asylum to six countries fake id scannable fake id boston reddit north carolina fake id law Most of the countries have refused or given technical reasons why an application is not valid ,As head of state of the Bolivarian republic of Venezuela, I have decided to offer humanitarian asylum to the young Snowden . to protect this young man from persecution by the empire," said Maduro who, along with his predecessor Hugo Chvez, often refers to the US as "the empire". ,The previous day, Maduro told the Telesur TV channel that Venezuela had received an extradition request from the US, which he had already rejected. ,A copy of the request, seen by the Guardian, notes that Snowden "unlawfully released classified information and documents to international media outlets" and names the Guardian and the Washington Post. Dated 3 July and sent in English and Spanish, it says: "The United States seeks Snowden's provisional arrest should Snowden seek to travel to or transit through Venezuela. Each of these three charges carries a maximum penalty of 10 years imprisonment and a fine of 250,000. ,Describing Snowden as "a fugitive who is currently in Russia ,Maduro said he did not accept the grounds for the charges. ,He has told the truth, in the spirit of rebellion, about the US spying on the whole world," Maduro said in his latest speech. "Who is the guilty one A young man . who denounces war plans, or the US government which launches bombs and arms the terrorist Syrian opposition against the people and legitimate president, Bashar al Assad fake id review template how much is a good fake id fake id for free maker

having a fake id in illinois The Bolivian government ,Ortega said Nicaragua had received an asylum request from Snowden and the president gave a guarded acceptance. We are an open country, respectful of the right of asylum, and it's clear that if circumstances permit, we would gladly receive Snowden and give him asylum in Nicaragua," Ortega told a gathering in Managua. ,So far, the countries that have been most vocal in offering support are close allies of Venezuela. Ecuador has also expressed support for Snowden, though the government there has yet to decide whether it would grant aslyum. It is already providing refuge for the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who has been in the Ecuadorean embassy in London for about a year. ,Many in Latin America were furious when the Bolivian president's flight from Russia was denied airspace by European countries, forcing it to land in Vienna, where Morales had to spend more than half a day waiting to get clearance to continue his journey. ,Morales said the Spanish ambassador to Austria arrived at the airport with two embassy personnel and asked to search the plane. He said he refused. ,The Spanish foreign minister, Jos Manuel Garca Margallo, acknowledged on Friday that the decision to block Morales plane was based on a tip that Snowden was on board. ,"They told us that the information was clear, that he was inside," he told Spanish TV, without clarifying who the tip was from. ,It is assumed the US was behind the diversion, though US officials have said only that they were in contact with the countries on the plane's route. ,France has apologised to Bolivia. ,Morales said when he finally arrived in La Paz: "It is an open provocation to the continent, not only to the president; they use the agent of North American imperialism to scare us and intimidate us. ,At a hastily called meeting of the Unasur regional bloc CNN The decision to come to the United States wasn an easy one. Carolina ,Holding back tears, The hardest moments happened on the last days," Carolina said. Carolina is not her real name. She has asked to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation against her family in Venezuela. ,Sitting in a metro Atlanta shopping area, she talks of an entire life left behind. The boutique she owned with her husband. The social events she organized. She remembers her family her uncle who currently recovering from a stroke and her grandmother, in her 80 who has no one to care for her. ,"One day I called her and she told me all she had to eat was rice and butter. ,Venezuela has been plagued by food shortages and soaring prices. Inflation levels are in the triple digits. In 2016 really good fakes fake id photo generator using fake id at casino fake identity cards

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