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hawaii fake id movie fake id illegal ontario california fake id laws create online fake photo id Reid is struggling in his re election campaign with joblessness sky high in Nevada and a sitting president's party typically poised to lose congressional seats during midterm elections. best quality fake ids fake nyu student id fake novelty id confiscating fake id nys id card generator Earlier Thursday Obama delivered much the same message of Democrats' progress vs. Republicans' retreat at fundraisers in Missouri for Democratic Senate hopeful Robin Carnahan. Carnahan ,For both Democrats drivers licence qld fake id address generator fast fake id uk For instance ,Pretty straightforward," he said. ,Using a populist themed refrain, he offer this description of the GOP approach: "You don't have health insurance Tough luck, you're on your own. Can't afford to send your kids to college Tough luck, on your own. ,His jabs grew sharper as his remarks closed ,As for Democrats real maryland drivers license best site for fake id uk fake provisional licence

fake id templates free uk Obama has been trying to get voters to buy a message he himself acknowledges is a tough sell that things would be a lot worse if last year's 862 billion stimulus bill hadn't been passed. Before the events for Carnahan ,Such pairing of official presidential events with campaign appearances has another benefit Angle told a Las Vegas radio station this week that BP's 20 billion victims' compensation program a commitment secured by the White House is a slush fund." As Democrats pounced on her Thursday, Angle quickly issued a statement to clarify the comment. "I shouldn't have used the term 'slush fund'; that was incorrect," she said. ,Obama poked fun at that retraction: "I'm sure she meant 'slush fund' in the nicest possible way," he said. ,Obama was also appearing at a private fundraiser for Reid and the events were expected to take in about 800,000. His appearances for Carnahan were expected to raise more than 500,000.Choice Hotels plans for growth ,ROCKVILLE, Maryland is constantly on the mind of Steve P. Joyce, president and CEO of Choice Hotels International. For Joyce and the 11 brand hotel company, growth centers on its fledgling Cambria Suites and Ascend Hotel Collection brands, as well as its mostly conversion legacy flags. ,But in an interview recently in Phoenix during the 19th annual Lodging Conference, Joyce said the company is also looking to expand through the acquisition of one or more hotel companies, launching a new brand or expanding into areas related to its core businesses. ,strong preference has been to find something in the full service space that would fit in our company; something value based, not a luxury brand, he said. been relatively unsuccessful, and the likelihood of finding something that fits that bill is probably not great. As a result, he said, the company is looking more at international opportunities. wouldn be surprised if one of our first transactions turns out to be a smaller chain that based in Europe, he said. ,Like lot of other people, Joyce said the company may look at an opportunity to buy La Quinta Inns Suites, which owner Blackstone Group LP said it plans to sell or spin off in an initial public offering. ,Upscale extended stay is a segment in which Joyce would consider launching a new brand or purchasing an existing one. ,Inn was the best brand I ever worked with, so I have a real desire for that space, he said. the most likely scenario you could see us move toward, not anytime soon, but over time. Opportunities not in the hotel industry mainstream, such as vacation ownership, also intrigue Joyce. Earlier this year, Choice made a deal with timeshare operator Bluegreen Vacations and Bluegreen Resorts Management in which 21 of its properties became part of Choice Ascend Collection. ,like the vacation business, and that why we started our relationship with Bluegreen, Joyce said. deal was an opportunity for us to get into the timeshare piece and get our feet wet. You could see us looking at some of those avenues but within the asset light model, probably more on the distribution and electronic side than necessarily managing. And finally, Joyce said, the company is working aggressively to expand SkyTouch Technology, a company it launched earlier this year to market its cloud based property management system to hotels outside the Choice family. Joyce said there are of hotels interested in the system, and is also the opportunity to look for other cloud based tools that could help hotels in a low cost environment. Internal growth ,While acquisitions or brand start ups are on the mind of Joyce, he especially focused on growing the company two upscale brands, Cambria Suites and Ascend. ,The timing of the recession dealt a blow to growth of Cambria. The brand launched in 2005, and Joyce said in July 2008 it signed a deal with a developer that was going to build 40 hotels. ,by October 2008, we were underwriting zero Cambrias, he said. ,Since the end of the economic downturn, the brand has been growing slowly but steadily, with 18 hotels open. Joyce said 30 will be open or under construction by the end of the year. ,During The Lodging Conference, O Hospitality Management LLC held a groundbreaking ceremony for its second Cambria Suites, a 121 room property in Phoenix Desert Ridge neighborhood. O also has a Cambria under construction in the Dallas suburb of Plano, Texas. ,After initially opening properties in secondary markets such as Appleton and Green Bay, Wisconsin; Boise, Idaho; and Akron, Ohio, the chain growth is focused on gateway and first tier markets. ,brand is really starting to take off for us, Joyce said. have three under development in New York, one in Washington. Miami opens soon, and White Plains New York opens toward the end of the year. We have one in Los Angeles we going to announce soon. Based on reservations requests Choice can fill in some major markets, Joyce is very optimistic about the performance potential of the new Cambrias that will open in gateway cities. ,pretty confident in these urban markets we doing these projects going to fill up quickly and will be pretty profitable, he said. Washington, we have 1.3 million non price reservation turndowns, so when we open up on O Street, we run a 130% RevPAR premium. Same thing in New York. Joyce is equally enthusiastic about Ascend, Choice upscale quasi brand offering with 108 hotels. It recently signed two global properties, one in Ireland and one in Australia. ,was 18 hotels three years ago, and we were thinking if we could get to 50 or 75 that would be great, he said. I think we could easily get to 300. Legacy brands ,Joyce said the company is also committed to improving and growing its legacy brands, especially Comfort Inn and Comfort Suites. Earlier this year, the company announced a 40 million incentive package to help Comfort owners complete property improvement plans. Joyce said more than 800 franchisees have applied for the incentive. ,that and taking out underperforming hotels at the bottom end, we see a real difference with that brand, he said. two years, the brand will have a very different look and feel, which for a 1,900 hotel brand is about eight years quicker than most companies could do it. ,Comments that include blatant advertisements or links to products or company websites will be removed to avoid instances of spam. ,Also, comments that include profanity, lewdness, personal attacks, solicitations or advertising, or other similarly inappropriate or offensive comments or ,material will be removed from the site. You are fully responsible for the content you post. The opinions expressed in comments do not necessarily reflectchoice voting should be everyone ,TOPSHAM I represented Topsham in the Maine Legislature as a Republican from 2006 to 2012. I worked hard to earn a reputation as a lawmaker who was thoughtful and informed. ,When I first heard about ranked choice voting, I was skeptical: At first glance, it appeared to be an initiative that would give Democrats and unenrolled candidates a permanent advantage. Despite my initial doubts, I agreed to meet and talk with a friend and colleague about ranked choice voting to learn more about this issue. ,I am glad that I did, and that I gave this issue the same thoughtful consideration that I had given to bills in the Legislature. What I found was that ranked choice voting is a nonpartisan initiative with deep roots in Maine that has been proven to put more power in the hands of voters, to help forge consensus and to restore greater civility to politics. ,I will be voting in support of the citizen initiative for ranked choice voting this November. ,If my support of ranked choice voting surprises you, given my initial reaction to it, I don blame you. A year ago, I would have been surprised, too. In our highly polarized political environment, it would have been easy to dismiss this proposal based on my initial assumptions. ,Constitutional scholars from the University of Maine Law School have looked at this citizen initiative and determined that it is simply a different method of counting ballots that captures truer voter preferences to ensure that, as former state Sen. Peter Mills put it, get what they want. voting is simple for voters. You have the opportunity to rank as few or as many candidates as you like in order of your individual preference. ,If no candidate receives a majority of first choice rankings, then the candidate with fewest first choice rankings is eliminated, and voters who liked that candidate the best have their vote instantly counted for their second choice. This process repeats until the field of candidates is narrowed and the candidate with the broadest support wins. ,This process works just like actual runoff elections, without requiring voters to return to the polls to vote in another expensive, drawn out election. Your vote counts for the candidate you ranked second only if your first choice has been eliminated. ,What got me excited, though, wasn the simplicity of the ballot, or how inexpensive this process would be, but the opportunity to improve the political climate in Augusta. ,Decades of rancor and scorched earth politics have created an environment where it is difficult to get anything accomplished. Ranked choice voting encourages candidates to reach beyond their bases to earn first , second and, in crowded races, third choice rankings. ,Negative campaigning can backfire when voters have the power to express their opinions about more than one candidate. Candidates who continue to bash their opponents in hopes of victory through mudslinging will find it difficult to earn second and third choice rankings. ,Perhaps most importantly, candidates who can successfully build broader coalitions necessary to win ranked choice voting elections are more likely to be leaders who can build governing coalitions to better pass common sense legislation for the people of Maine. ,It far past time for Augusta to get back to doing the people business. Elections should have consequences, and the winners of elections should have the backing of broader coalitions of voters so that they can enact the people will. ,I invite Maine citizens to join the nonpartisan coalition of current and former elected officials, and business, labor, faith and civic leaders backing ranked choice voting, including Republicans like myself, state Sen. Roger Katz and former state Sen. Peter Mills; independents like former state Sen. Dick Woodbury and state Treasurer Terry Hayes; and Democrats like former House Speakers John Richardson, Hannah Pingree and Mike Saxl. ,This is something we can do now to improve the political process. Let make a change for the better this November and support ranked choice voting. ,Ranked choice voting is nearly a full guarantee that nobody gets what they want. The first loser has a great chance of being elected under ranked choice voting. The backlash against partisanship so visible thanks to the election of our current Governor and the failure of each major party to actually represent Maine voters the largest voting block in Maine is independent has driven this ranked choice initiative. ,Hopefully some of us will eventually figure out the fixing our dis satisfaction with elected officials is to promote better candidates. Of course this would involve a housecleaning of major political party organization leadership, and actually require that people seeking office have the integrity to represent the people of Maine rather than the wishes of their affiliated political organization. ,Ranked choice voting is a softball attempt to fix a situation while minimizing actual work. The ultimate result of ranked choice voting is to put in office people who are incapable of actually winning an election based upon their own efforts. Ranked choice voting characterizes the sad sate of local, state, and national politics by providing the option of creating a new problem masquerading as a fix. ,How many runoff elections has/does Maine have ,to improve the political climate in Augusta. You have hit the NAIL Right on the Head! However it is not the voters causing this issue but the LEGISLATORS and The GOVERNOR;PLUS DEMOCRATIC AND REPUBLICAN PARTIES not the VOTER!!! ,This has nothing to do with a candidate building a broader coalition of voters but a numbering based 1st,2nd,maybe a 3rd ranking of who is this candidate ,difficult to get anything accomplished. This is not a voters problem but a system problem, which we are ignoring. ,who can successfully build broader coalitions necessary to win ranked choice voting if a candidate would do this in the first place,ie the people first, the broader coalition would be evident, and chances are good that candidate would win the election with a majority of the voters who have chosen to vote in that current election with out a ranking of votes. ,It is far past time for Augusta to get back doing the peoples business. is the real issue here, not that we only get elected by a small majority of the voters who took the time to vote at a given election.ChoicePoint and Data Security ,The Alpharetta, Ga., company disclosed that criminals posing as legitimate business operators had acquired 145,000 consumer records in October 2004. This announcement was followed by a report that the company experienced a similar breach in 2000. Securities and Exchange Commission has launched an investigation into stock sales made just before news of the October breach came out, and the Federal Trade Commission is looking into the firm's credentialing of data buyers. ,The scandal together with the revelation yesterday that criminals stole private information on as many as 32,000 Americans from a database owned by Reed Elsevier may prompt changes in the way data is guarded. "The ChoicePoint sale of information to criminals is going to highlight the need not only to verify the legitimacy of data users but also the need to ensure that personal information is being used for certain, legitimate purposes," said Chris Hoofnagle, legislative counsel of the Electronic Privacy Information Center. ,Currently no single law or government body regulates the collection and sale of the type of data ChoicePoint hawks, such as driver's license numbers, fingerprints, names, addresses, Social Security numbers and credit card account numbers. ,Many observers expect tougher laws to emerge from this scandal. The attorney general of Rhode Island has called for greater consumer protection in that state, and the governor and attorney general of Illinois have taken similar steps. Eleven states are considering legislation that would allow consumers to freeze their credit reports, preventing access to them. ,Jonathan Penn, analyst at Forrester Research, predicted that three consumer privacy bills introduced in January by Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein of California have taken on a higher priority since the ChoicePoint scandal. There will be special attention paid to her proposed legislation that would extend nationwide California's requirement that data vendors notify consumers whose records have been infiltrated. ,"The issue here is one of accountability," Penn said. "I have yet to see any effective self regulation in any industry, so there's absolutely going to be broader data privacy legislation. That train has been leaving for a while now, and it's been leaving from California for all points East. ,While not required by law to notify affected citizens who live outside of California Specific regulation of data brokers is a hot issue, and it's going to be jumped on just like we got Sarbanes Oxley after Enron," Penn said. "Congress tends to wait for a huge public cry before they act," and they just heard it. ,Legislation, however, will not solve the problem ChoicePoint experienced. In fact, analysts say, had it taken more responsibility in checking out the credentials of its customers and watching their activity, legislation and consumer notification and governmental inquiries would not be necessary. ,"Security is one of those things where people will exploit the weakest link," Penn told CRM Buyer. In the October fraud, the criminals set up accounts as legitimate ChoicePoint customers. "They didn't crack a password or anything. They just set up accounts as customers," he said. "The problem should have been caught. ChoicePoint] missed out on some serious stuff," probably because they never paid proper attention to profiling their buyers or monitoring their activity. ,And the data vendor had plenty of warning to improve security. At least 7,000 and perhaps as many as 10,000 consumer records were fraudulently obtained in 2000. Two people had set up ChoicePoint accounts with fake identification and used the data they obtained to commit at least 1 million in fraud. ,"Public policy approaches should limit collection and use of personal information, so we need to get beyond legitimate and illegitimate businesses," Hoofnagle commented. "Even legitimate businesses can abuse data. We need to focus on the uses for which data are employed. ,The beauty of the situation is that the California security breach notice law has caused a great awareness of how personal information can be employed for illegal and harmful purposes," Hoofnagle said. ,"The incident has caused a great leap forward in the understanding of the problems involved with commercial data brokers," he continued. "We're no longer talking about solutions that just involve privacy notices. Legislative approaches are going to go to the heart of the matter: Is it appropriate for obscure companies to sell individuals' private bits without a framework of privacy protection following fair information practices, According to Penn ,In the more recent case best state to get a fake id ontario fake id wvu id card fake nyu student id

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