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Travelers paid about 3,113, or about 20 percent less than average, when buying premium tickets to Asia or Europe 23 or 24 weeks ahead last year. ,A good time to take advantage of low business class rates is during peak vacation times like summer or the winter holidays. While coach class quickly fills up with leisure travelers, the cushy seats at the front of the plane can be empty. ,For travel to Europe in summer, for example, "it looks like all gateways and all destinations between the United States and Europe are on sale," he stated in a recent newsletter, with round trip business class prices as low as 2,327 from Newark to Brussels and 2,359 from New York to Frankfurt, if booked by May 31. But, he warned, "Fares seem to be higher in August than in July, and there are some days when prices soar above 4,000 round trip from the East Coast."Booker Talks Urgency for Common Sense Gun Control Laws ,Cory Booker joined NJTV News Anchor Mary Alice Williams from Washington. ,Williams: Thank you for being with us senator. Anytime there is a mass shooting, the political will seems to galvanize around how to prevent gun violence. This time the focus is the terrorist loophole ,Booker: Yes, exactly. Well, it actually a two part. It how do we shut down the access of terrorist, ISIS inspired terrorists, lone wolf terrorists How do we shut down their access to things like assault rifles and guns Right now we have these gaping loopholes that literally al Qaida and others have given instructions to American incited individuals have given instructions on how to exploit these loopholes to get these weapons to do such events like we saw in Orlando. ,Williams: Right and that through the internet. How do you close off the internet Can you shut these sites down ,Booker: No. Look, first of all, I don want to stop this, is not the attempt to stop the access of law abiding citizens to weapons. We just want to make sure that whatever portal you go to there a way of doing a background check to making sure that you not a criminal or a terrorist. ,Williams: The bill to prevent people on the watch list from buying a gun is scheduled for Tuesday because of the filibusterer. It similar to Feinstein bill introduced after 14 people died in San Bernardino in December. That was rejected by Republicans in a party line vote. What makes you think that it has a chance to pass this time ,Booker: Well, again there been a mood and the country is changing. A lot more people are angry, who are worried, who are concerned. Our hope is that more Republicans are beginning to understand they got to do something. Business as usual, not doing anything is unacceptable. So we Why does this issue not transcend partisan politics ,Booker: Well it does outside of Washington it does. You poll Republicans, you poll gun owners, you poll NRA members and 70 percent or more think for God sake let close these loopholes. But here in Washington it doesn And so what we got to do is start connecting people to the constituencies they represent and so they understand if they don do anything and we see another terrorist attack, perhaps in their state, in their district, in their schools, their churches, their ball parks that there going to be consequences for people who did nothing when they had the chance to do something. What other nation is there on the globe where your enemy that you at war with is saying, going to exploit these ways to get weapons In other words we creating or practically giving them weapons to do these things. ,Williams: You talked about consequences. There were no consequences after Sandy Hook when 26 little ones and their teachers were killed. ,Booker: Yeah, look, that was the eloquence of Chris Murphy last night talking about his maiden speech. He came here as a senator and talks of that issue. Nothing has changed and that why when he and I talked about doing this, sort of plotting, we said we had to shut down the Senate floor, had to find a way for it not to be business as usual. ,Williams: Congress allowed a ban on assault weapons to expire back in 2004. What been the impact of that ,Booker: Well we see the data now. It shows with the assault weapons ban in place you saw a dip in violent crime. We saw it in Newark. Talk to any cop and these weapons weren showing up in the hands of criminals so easily and they weren being used in the same way they were. There so much data now that when states have been able to put in place common sense gun safety legislation whether it domestic violence with weapons goes down, crime with weapons goes down, murders with these weapons as well. So, we know we need to have a way of keeping bad people from getting guns that doesn have to infringe on the ability forgood people to get guns. When I was mayor Now Sen. Is that enough ,Booker: No. I mean that the problem, that number one doesn put the FBI in a position where they can really challenge it effectively where they often going to have to signal to a terrorist that they are going to challenge it before hand. Which means the terrorist can say, I got caught. I not going to a brick and mortar store. I am just going to go to the internet so they don have to go through a background check. So, we want a comprehensive way to shut down access to terrorists while still for those very rare times where you seen this no fly list somebody gets on that list erroneously there a way to grievethat and get you due process back. ,Williams: What will it take to get common sense gun control reform ,Booker: Well I think it going to take people getting engaged and letting them know in New Jersey for example let their Congress people know that this is what you demand because we are vulnerable in our state to this kind of terrorist activity. We see around the globe what happening now is more and more is these lone wolves doing things like this and New Jersey and our nation are vulnerable as long as a person who can even get on a plane is blocked by the FBI and other agencies from flying are considered dangerous are able to go to the internet or to a gun show and buy a trunk load full of weapons and come after our families. ,Williams: Thank you very much Sen. Booker. ,Booker: Thank you and I keep fighting. Thank you. ,Major funding for NJTV News provided by Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, New Jersey Education Association, New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Group, PSE and RWJ Barnabas Health.Bookmark Managers ,Our contemporary lifestyle would be unimaginable without access to such a super abundant cornucopia of valuable information and web surfing has now become an everyday occupation for even the most diverse sections of society. ,This rapid expansion of web resources raises some new issues for all of us. How could you possibly remember; after a long search, the address of that crucial web page How will you be able to return to the page without repeating a tedious web search through hundreds and thousands of pages ,The answer is obvious, you need a program that will allow you to easily create and manage a database of web resources. Of course, this database must be quick, intuitive and convenient to use. ,One way to resolve this problem is to use your web browser's bookmarks feature. Bookmarks are a popular term for the lists of web page links stored in web browsers, although they are called 'Favorites' in Internet Explorer. These web browser bookmark systems have some severe limitations. For example, each bookmark list will only be compatible with a specific web browser. If you use several different web browsers you will have to manage the bookmark system in each one. Web browser bookmark lists may become cumbersome to use when your bookmark list grows beyond a few items. Important features missing from web browser bookmark systems include: ,Detection and automatic deletion of duplicate bookmarks ,Checks for availability of bookmarked web pages. ,Specialist programs and web services that store and organize bookmarks are now available and they offer a comprehensive solution to these problems. They are called bookmark managers or bookmark organizers in this article both terms have the same meaning. The difference between online web based bookmark managers and standalone bookmark managers is in the location of the stored bookmark database and in the way that the database is accessed. Web services called 'online bookmark managers' store the user's bookmarks on their remote servers and their bookmarks may be accessed from any browser. A standalone bookmark organizer is simply a program which runs on your local computer. It stores the bookmark database on a hard disk and allows access through its own built in interface. ,Here are some examples of web based bookmark managers:Offline and online bookmark managers each have relative advantages and disadvantages due to their differing methods of database storage and access. ,An online bookmark manager does not depend on any particular computer. If you have an Internet connection you can access your bookmarks from any computer in the world. You don't need to synchronize the bookmarks on your home/work PC or notebook because they will all access the same bookmarks database. With an online bookmark manager you can access your bookmarks even when you are in an Internet cafe! Another advantage is that most of them are free. They will cost you time, though, because you access your bookmarks via an Internet connection. More importantly, most of the web interfaces are not as convenient as software based bookmark managers and don't have so many useful features. For example, they can't search for and delete duplicate database items. Here are some of the other potential disadvantages of using online bookmark managers: ,1 You risk losing all your bookmarks if, for some reason, the web service closes down. ,The advantages and disadvantages of offline bookmark managers are almost exactly opposite to those of online bookmark managers and will be discussed next. ,Any offline bookmark manager is tied to the computer on which it is installed. It stores your bookmarks in a database which usually has its own proprietary format that is located on one of the hard drives. To use your bookmarks on several computers you will need to install the program on each computer and find a way to synchronize the bookmark databases. Most of the currently available bookmark organizers do have a database synchronization feature. flash drives that can store an independent bookmark database and allow it to be shared between several computers. ,Another disadvantage of bookmark manager software is the price. There are some free programs out there, but they don't have a great number of features and technical support is often weak or unavailable. The programs that require payment are inexpensive, though, usually costing from 20 to 40. The user licenses of such programs will normally allow you to install the programs on all of your computers. ,In my opinion, the disadvantages of standalone bookmark managers are minimal compared to their advantages. The location of both the program and database on the same computer guarantees you fast access to your bookmarks and high security from hacker attacks. The convenience of the program interface and the number of useful features are limited only by the power of the computer and the skills of developers. ,So, how should you organize your bookmarks Should you use an online or offline bookmark manager I don't think there is a definite answer. It all depends on your preferences and working habits. If mobility is your priority, if you travel often and wish to access your bookmarks no matter where you are and from any computer, then you should consider an online bookmark manager. If speed, ease of use, security and functionality is most important to you then an offline bookmark manager might be a better choice.Boost in flavoured alcoholic beverages market in West Europe ,FAB. These are mixtures of low alcohol spirit. Vodka and rum are often considered under this category. ,However they may also be made with neutral alcohol. Sometimes they are also called alcopops. These are fruit based drinks, pre mixed versions of classic cocktails, wine coolers, Japanese Chu Hi products and alcoholic ginger beer. ,Over the years, FAB has emerged as one of the most popular and highly demanded drink in the world. The rise of FABs has been mostly concentrated in regions with traditional choice of beer which includes Western Europe, apart from the United States and Australia. ,In the face of challenges presented by non alcoholic drinks in Western Europe, FAB are providing some solace by driving volume growth in the alcoholic drinks market, through its increased sales on account of its low alcohol content and its trendy nature that is appealing the consumers, especially the young ones, helped by the strategic marketing techniques for its sales. ,Presently, in the light of its special features, the market for FAB is posting positive growth rates mainly on account of positive volume compound annual growth rate CAGR during 2010 2015, when majority of the alcoholic drinks are posting negative growth rates due to declines in sales volume. ,Looking at the competitive landscape, the market is characterised by fierce competition due to the presence of various international and domestic producers, with increasing influx of international brands. ,However, domestic brands are dominating the market in most of the cases. Also, off trade sales channels have been performing better than on trade channel. Hypermarkets, supermarkets and grocery retailers are dominating the distribution channels. ,Key factors driving growth in West European FAB market ,Changing consumer tastes and preferences along with supplier side business activities, is shaping the growth path of the FAB market in West Europe and the persistence of these trends in the coming future is expected to play a key role in the future growth of the market. ,Health awareness among consumers has shifted the preference of drinkers towards low alcohol content beverages, which has decreased the demand for high alcohol content drinks shifting the consumer base towards FAB. ,The demand for FAB has also been boosted by its sudden popularity among young population desiring for new, light and trendy beverages. Aging population has also been shifting from high alcohol to low alcohol content drinks as per their old age needs. ,From supply side, manufacturing companies are also responding in line with the increased consumer demands so as to reap maximum benefits from it. They are focusing on innovation in the FAB segment as well as paying attention to their marketing strategies, especially targeting the young population seeing their craze for FAB. ,The positive economic outlook for the European countries also attracts various domestic and international companies to invest in the FAB market. This, however, has caused intense competition among market players affecting their profit margins negatively. Thus, fierce competition may pose threats to future growth of the market. ,Also the government regulations targeted to curb the underage drinking through high taxation schemes may limit the long run growth of the FAB, posing another serious threat to the FAB market in future as revenues from taxation also incentivises the government to introduce higher taxes. ,West European FAB market prospects ,In the review period 2010 2015, due to high taxes, market maturity and health awareness, the market for alcoholic drinks have seen negative growth rates, especially on account of decline in sales volume. ,Despite this, the market for FAB has seen an increase in sales volume, hence positive volume CAGR, reasons being increased demand for FABs on account of drinkers' inclination towards drinks with low alcohol content, health awareness among consumers decreasing demand for high alcohol content drinks, sudden popularity among young population because of it being light and trendy. ,Manufacturers also focus on strategic advertising targeting the young ones, along with efficient competitive pricing. ,Over the forecast period 2016 2021, the West European FAB market is expected to show positive sales volume growth rates and drive the market growth of the alcoholic drinks facing falling consumption demands. The factors leading to the increased demand for FAB are anticipated to continue in coming years as well. ,However, the long run success of the FAB market may be put to limit due to increasing government intervention in the market in future to curb underage drinking through heavy taxation, which also raises heavy revenue for the government. Thus, government regulations may pose a serious threat to the growth of the FAB market in the future.Boosting clinical trial research in London ,This is the fourth facility we opened and the new site has been used for this type of work for more than 30 years. It in an ideal location embedded in the University and teaching hospital campus.The location means we can access key opinion leaders and academic research staff. Also, we have the additional comfort of being nearby a hospital in case we need them for advice.As this is our fourth unit, we have put a lot of thought and experience into it, and I believe it our best. We completely removed the old facilities in the building and designed all the floors from scratch.Left to right Sarah Haywood , Dr Jorg Taubel, Cllr Kath Whittam, Professor John Camm and MP Neil Coyle in attendance at Richmond Pharmacology London Bridge Opening EventHow important is the central London locationThe central locations is very important to us, there are two aspects which drove us to this site.Firstly, we run a lot of clinical trials with patients, and these trials tend to run over a long period of time, ranging from six months to two years. During this time, the patients will have to make frequent visits to our facilities, therefore a location that is central with railway stations nearby is very important.The second aspect is that even in today digital age, I am a great believer of meeting face to face. Being surrounded by world leading academics here in central London, many of whom we collaborate with our clinical trials, I can easily arrange for face to face meetings. It can be done in a much more informal way than in the past, when we had to travel relatively far.With all of this, I think we should see quite an improvement in the way that we work.Dr Jorg Taubel and Baroness Walmsley discuss Richmond Pharmacology future plans.What collaborations do Richmond Pharmacology hope to develop with teaching hospitalsThe company was founded out of St. George University in Tooting. As a public private partnership, this allowed us to generate income for the university to fund academic research, research fellows and so forth.We pursue the same business model today, allowing us to generate income, which is largely coming from the pharmaceutical industry by carrying out clinical trials for them, whilst still being able to carry out a lot of academic research.Now, with more opportunity to engage with academics around us, here in central London, I hope to build on this model.An example of a successful collaboration that Richmond Pharmacology was a part of is the ENDEAVOUR clinical trial in 2014. This was a clinical trial in a rare disease, transthyretin mediated amyloidosis ATTR, where we worked with an American sponsor, Alnylam. We also worked with a national amyloidosis centre, based at the Royal Free Hospital, in the UK.It is typical for key opinion leaders to have far more patients than capacity to run the clinical trial. This meant in the partnership they would recruit the patients for the study and support us with expert advice in conducting the trial whilst we provided first rate clinical trial facilities and had sufficient capacity to become the largest center worldwide and the first center to recruit patients globally for this disease.Related StoriesClinical study to evaluate potential use of PEMF device for osteoarthritis of the kneeMettler Toledo GWP verification helps pharmaceutical company decide on weighing equipmentStudy finds vaccine to lower cholesterol levels could also immunize against heart diseaseWe made up 10% of this trial, which ran internationally in the United States, across Europe, etc. This is an of example of the type of collaborations we seek and are a part of.Which areas will the new facility be specializing inThe new facility will be a phase I specialist, and specialize in the running of clinical trials. In terms of branching out into therapeutic areas, we first find a key opinion leader or clinician who would be willing to participate and we then get the best possible team together. We have a key opinion leader with expert medical knowledge and we provide the clinical trial facility.The new unit has been operational since 25th March with on going patient feedback excellent.What impact do you think the London base will have on patient recruitmentI think it will have a positive impact, as we often recruit nationwide, often patients like to come to London and therefore being central is a distinct advantage. For example, being in a location which has ample hotels, plenty of tourist attractions, makes it a pleasant experience for patients visiting, and that adds to everything else we always had.Do you think the facility will help the UK efforts to grow as a global hub for life sciencesDefinitely. The Medicines of Healthcare Regulatory Agency or MHRA is scientifically driven and offer sponsors from all over the world, scientific advice meeting in advance of formal applications, and this is greatly appreciated by the pharmaceutical industry worldwide. Our consultancy work often introduces companies from abroad to this opportunity.Bootsy Collins are ready to groove ,After 15 Alejandro Escovedo shows, all at least good, I only saw the Texas rocker lead the same band twice by catching him with his Sensitive Boys within a few weeks last year at the Calvin Theater in Northampton, Mass., and at The Egg in Albany. The Sensitive Boys were unusually stable for Escovedo, who is restless and all about context and has led bands ranging from cozy duos to raucous big bands with strings. ,On Friday at The Egg, he'll lead some new Sensitive Boys with only bassist Bobby Daniel from last year's tour, plus new guitarist Billy White ex Watchtower and Dokken and new drummer Chris Searles Joe Ely, Shawn Colvin, David Garza, Eliza Gilkyson, many more, replacing longtime stalwarts David Pulkingham and Hector Munoz, respectively. ,The new Sensitive Boys debut on Escovedo's new album "Big Station," his 11th and maybe most stylistically diverse. Escovedo came up through punk rock but never completely lost track of his folkloric, bilingual Texas borderland roots, while wandering through British Invasion pop, various country and blues flavors through stints with the True Believers, Rank and File, Buick McKane and his own Orchestra. ,It's all in "Big Station" except the real grandeur of the Orchestra, and it's blended with typical confidence, conviction and force. It's also united by a consistent songwriting vision Escovedo with Chuck Prophet and sound by producer Tony Visconti. This Austin duo of drummer Jonny Wolf and guitarist Carley Wolf has the same sparse format as the White Stripes or Black Keys, and a similar bluesy fierceness on their debut release "In Ya Neck." Tickets are 29.50. ,It Bootsy, baby! ,If saxophone colossus Sonny Rollins looks more like a jazz musician than anybody, Bootsy Collins looks more like a funk master of the bass than anybody. ,Check Bootsy out at Alive at Five today and you'll see everything about him is star shaped: his bass, his sunglasses, his ego, his talent for the groove. And that's all good. He's entitled: He's one of 16 members of Parliament Funkadelic inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997. When Bootsy branches out, he branches way out: His collaborators include Jerry Harrison of Talking Heads, Deee Lite, Buddy Miles, Buckethead, many rappers, Victor Wooten even bluegrassers Del McCoury, Doc Watson and Mac Wiseman. He has released 23 albums as a leader since 1976; his most recent, "The Funk Capital of the World," hit last year. ,Garland Nelson's muscular, locally based Soul Session opens for Bootsy Collins today at Alive at Five, playing in Albany's Riverfront Amphitheater in the Corning Preserve, or the Quackenbush Square parking lot behind the Albany Visitors Center on Broadway if it's wet. Alive at Five shows are free. ,Honoring Levon Helm ,Rob Beaulieu leads his Stone Revival Band featuring moe. drummer Vinnie Amico and an all star really! crew of top local performers in "Across the Great Divide: A Tribute to Levon Helm and The Band on Friday at Valentine's 17 New Scotland Ave., Albany. ,"Across the Great Divide" also features Brian Mangini Ominous Seapods and Raisinhead, another of Beaulieu's bands, Chris Fisher Conehead Buddha, Joe Daly Super 400, Gene Sennes the Decadent Royals, Jeff Nania and Phil Chow of the Chronicles, MotherJudge, Kim Buckley, Dan Johnson Dan Johnson the Expert Sidemen, Michael Eck, Eric Margan and too many more to list here. Admission is 10 and proceeds will benefit the American Cancer Society. Those fun facts shouldn't distract anyone from what he's really about. Let me put it this way: His performance on "Austin City Limits" is the only one in the show's history that was not broadcast because the content was so inflammatory. ,Let's see what happens will he make it onto the air when he plays WAMC's The Linda 339 Central Ave., Albany on Monday. ,Kinky called his 1970s band the Texas Jewboys, wrote and sang such out of the box songs as "They Ain't Makin' Jews Like Jesus Anymore," "Get Your Biscuits in the Oven and Your Buns in the Bed," "We Reserve the Right to Refuse Service to You," "Sold American" and others that branded the Kinkster an equal opportunity offender. Tickets are 25. Phone 465 5233 ext. ,New Orleans update ,If you thought I was done writing about Jazz Fest and New Orleans, so did I. But we were wrong. Remember that guy dressed like Satan outside Buffa's Lounge If you thought I was making it up, check the photo. David Roe, who leads the Royal Rounders, saw my story and emailed the photo. He said the car was a Pontiac, not an Olds, and the photo with my story on bars and sousaphones showed a prior version of his band. ,Meanwhile, a former Rotterdam resident emailed me that the violinist in that photo is her son Thomas Neundel, who grew up in Schenectady and now makes his living playing street music in New Orleans.Booze on boats and other water follies ,And while there is universal I hope agreement that laws prohibiting operating a boat while intoxicated are a good and necessary thing , a whole lot of Texans would howl at any proposal to make it illegal to drink alcohol, or even have an open container of alcohol, on a boat on public water. ,After all, having a cold beer on a hot day on the lake or bay is considered as much a right as a rite. And what's it hurting if a boat passenger gets a little buzzed, or if the boat operator has a beer or two but isn't legally intoxicated ,It was perfectly legal to have open containers of alcohol in a motor vehicle traveling public roads. As long as a driver wasn't intoxicated, no law was broken. And when people began to question the wisdom and the public health and safety implications of allowing such behavior, the blowback was considerable. In Texas, nursing a cold beer on the drive home after a day of work was just something a lot of people did. And the idea of prohibiting passengers from drinking in a motor vehicle banning open containers of alcohol in vehicles was considered just plain crazy talk from a bunch of teetotaling religious zealots out to impose their moral values on others. ,But guess what The once unthinkable happened. In Texas, having an open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle became illegal 10 years ago this September. ,Those who think there's no way public pressure could convince OK, force Texas lawmakers to consider restricting alcohol use on boats should look at the history of alcohol and motor vehicles. ,If empirical evidence that the behavior is a serious public safety issue piles up and public pressure invariably generated by advocacy groups keying on a few high profile tragedies becomes overwhelming, lawmakers will, eventually, act. ,Such evidence is being built, and the relatively small and fairly low profile advocates for restricting alcohol use by boaters are collecting it. ,They cite things such as a Highway Safety Research Center and Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health study that boat operators and passengers who drink even a little while on board considerably increase their risk of having a fatal boating related accident. The study indicated a boat operator or passenger with a blood alcohol content of only 0.01 percent well under the 0.08 percent level used as the standard for intoxication have a 30 percent higher risk of dying in a boating accident usually by drowning than boaters with no alcohol in their system. ,A California study indicates more than half 60 percent of people killed in fatal boating accidents involving alcohol were intoxicated passengers. ,Don't get me wrong, here; I'm not advocating a statutory banning of booze on boats. ,I'm just saying that the same arguments that lead to the banning of alcohol use by people in motor vehicles can and will be used to argue for restricting alcohol use in recreational boats. ,And advocates for such restrictions constantly gain ammunition through the actions of some boaters, as evidenced by incidents in this week's edition of recent cases worked by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department game wardens. ,This week's selection of poor judgment, bad luck, instant karma, weirdness and just plain criminal behavior afield: ,Montgomery County Warden Brannon Meinkowsky and Walker County Warden Anthony Corcoran were patrolling Lake Conroe on May 22 when they stopped a boat for a water safety inspection. ,During the stop, wardens saw evidence leading them to suspect the operator might be intoxicated. ,After failing field sobriety tests, the suspect was arrested for boating while intoxicated. ,A criminal history check indicated the suspect had four prior DWI arrests. ,A mandatory blood sample was obtained from the suspect and he was placed in the Montgomery County Jail. ,TPWD wardens Cynde Aguilar, Tom Green County, and Lee Morrison, Kimble County, were patrolling Lake Nasworthy on May 22 when they came across a group of people on a highway bridge near a high boat traffic area, and noticed a man jump from the bridge into the lake. ,Wardens made contact with the boat picking up the bridge jumpers, and, after an investigation, arrested the operator for boating while intoxicated. ,Just before dawn on May 17, Bandera County Game Warden Jeff Carter responded to a call from the Sheriff's office dispatcher concerning a reported boat accident at Medina Lake. ,Apparently, sometime before sunrise, a Ski Nautique Boat with two male occupants collided with the shoreline, ejecting both occupants. ,One of the occupants was pinned beneath the boat until local fire department staff could remove him. ,Both victims were flown to University Hospital in San Antonio. ,On May 10, Grayson County Game Warden Dale Moses testified in a jury trial in JP court in a case where he issued a citation to a boat operator for violating the regulation mandating children younger than 13 years of age must wear a personal flotation device life jacket when the boat they are in is under way. ,The defendant, who challenged the court's jurisdiction to hear the case, was found guilty in less than 10 minutes, and given the maximum fine of 500 plus court costs.Border forces need more support ,For too long in Washington, the issue of border security has fallen off the radar. In communities along the 1,200 mile border that Texas shares with Mexico, however, the effects of a porous border are constantly evident. The violence associated with narco terrorism, drug and arms trafficking, and human smuggling threatens the safety of local communities in Texas and other border states, and it undermines our national security. ,Preventing and responding to these challenges is stretching our border forces and law enforcement officials thin. is long overdue, and I am working with my colleagues to make border security an urgent national priority. ,I joined with other border state Senators to offer a series of amendments to heighten border security to an emergency spending bill that the Senate recently passed. Our goal was to provide resources and support to our border enforcement officials because they are facing a real crisis in Texas, as well as in New Mexico,Arizona, and California. Altogether, we focused on two key components that must be a part of an effective strategy to secure the southwest boundary with Mexico: the strength and readiness of border forces and the high tech tools necessary to effectively monitor the border. ,I have pushed to expand the presence of unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, to help protect the southwest border. Expanding the availability of UAV resources allows border enforcement officials to more efficiently and consistently monitor the border and respond to illicit activity. ,These are critical tools because portions of the Southwest border that are ineffectively or intermittently monitored become open portals for drug cartels, arms dealers, human traffickers, and even terrorists. ,As well as modernizing our surveillance tools, we must bolster border forces so there is adequate manpower to protect the border and respond to illegal activity. The Department of Homeland Security has 17,000 personnel assigned to the southwest border. Well under half the agents about 7,700 are currently assigned to Texas, even though 63 percent of the border runs through our state. Arizona only has 4,000 agents. Every border state needs more support. This would raise our National Guard presence to Operation Jumpstart levels. Under the amendment, the National Guard would help CBP get operational control of the Southwest border, and it would augment our security forces until we are able to hire and train more dedicated Border Patrol agents. ,Shortly after my colleagues and I introduced our amendments, the President announced a proposal for increased border funding. After deemphasizing border security and even proposing to cut forces on the southwest border, this was a welcome shift in policy. Border Senators and Congressmen have repeatedly called on the President to focus on this challenge. ,I am disappointed, however, that the President has only called for an additional 1,200 National Guard to be sent to the southwest border. I believe this falls considerably short of meeting our dire need for more forces. Texas alone has requested 1,000 National Guard spreading 1,200 National Guard over four states is an insufficient response. Adequate National Guard support is critical to helping control potential spillover violence and addressing all our security challenges until we have more CBP agents ready to handle threats on our border. The 6,000 agents that would be deployed under our proposal is a much more aggressive and appropriate response. ,Unfortunately, our border security amendments failed in the Senate bill. But we will continue working to provide the tools, manpower, and resources needed to protect the border. I have invited the President to join me on a tour of the border communities that are being impacted by this crisis, and that offer still stands. I would welcome the opportunity to show him firsthand the security challenges our border officials and local law enforcement are facing in Texas. Across the nation, the effects of illegal activity are seeping into American communities. This is why securing our borders cannot just be a Texas priority. It must be a national priority, and I call on my colleagues and the administration to urgently address this challenge. ,ArticlesGilbert suspended for one year for again violating NFL's substance abuse policySHSU students respond to tuition feesLocal competitive shooter showing age doesn't matterLocal family seeking help from communitySuspected drunk driver threatens HPD officerTwo killed in weekend traffic accidentBearkat women's rodeo team wins national championship; Bearkat men finish secondSign me up for another four or five years at SHSULongtime Huntsville businessman 'Mr. B' passesSuccess Stories from Huntsville High School Career and Technical EducationBorder Patrol arrests 4 men at medical camp run ,government has vowed a crackdown along the border with Mexico. ,As a helicopter circled overhead, 15 trucks and about 30 agents, some armed with long rifles, swarmed into the camp run by No More Deaths/No Mas Muertes, the organization said. The group provides refuge and water for migrants, said Catherine Gaffney, a longtime volunteer who was present during the arrests. ,type of operation they are doing, for me, is unprecedented and there nothing routine about what they did. It wasn part of their day to day operation. It was a staged military siege on our camp, Gaffney said. ,Gaffney said a camp doctor asked the agency late Thursday morning for more time to treat the men, who had suffered from heat related illnesses and needed an additional 24 hours of supervised care. ,Most Read StoriesRoad rage in Kent: Subaru strikes Jeep three timesUW professor got it right on Trump. So why is he being ignored Danny WestneatLatest study: Seattle's wage law lifted restaurant pay without shrinking jobs90 degrees! Heat wave expected in Seattle this weekendSeattle police transcript of fatal shooting of Charleena Lyles: 'I don't have a Taser' WATCHUnlimited Digital Access. 1 for 4 weeks. ,The Border Patrol said talks between agents and camp representatives on gaining access to question the men about their citizenship and legal status failed. The agency said in a news release Friday evening that it had no recourse but to obtain a search warrant. Agents then stationed themselves outside, where they remained for the next two days, Gaffney said. ,The enforcement action comes as President Donald Trump has made securing the border a top priority of his administration, including a signature campaign promise to build a wall along the border with Mexico. ,Gaffney said volunteers were escorted to a different part of the camp as a helicopter circled overhead and the agents arrested the four men, all Mexican nationals. Gaffney said the men were between the ages of 19 and 40. ,didn need 30 agents to apprehend four sick people, Gaffney said, adding that the agency public relations team filmed the encounter. ,The Border Patrol says agents assessed the men on scene and found they were in good health but took them to a local hospital as a precautionary measure. It says one of the men, identified as Lucindo Diaz Hernandez, was a convicted drug felon and had previously been deported. ,The agency Tucson Sector, which covers most of Arizona, says it has launched a campaign to warn migrants about the dangers of crossing the border in the summer. The sector has 34 strategically placed rescue beacons that migrants can activate for rescue. Over 200 agents in the Tucson Sector are emergency medical technicians and about 25 are paramedics, the agency said. ,Agents in that area conducted over 1,400 rescues and reported 84 deaths last fiscal year, according to agency statistics. So far this year through April, agents in the Tucson Sector have rescued 160 people and reported 14 deaths. ,primary mission is to conduct law enforcement operations along the border and in the course of our duties we often the first responders to emergency situations, Border Patrol spokesman Vicente Paco said. are one the largest agencies that have resources in the desert where we respond. ,Alicia Dinsmore, a No More Deaths spokeswoman, said the aid camp is composed of medically trained volunteers who have first responder certification and provide care, food and water. The group has been providing aid for 13 years and has a verbal agreement with the Border Patrol Tucson Sector to operate there. The camp is open most of the year. ,Seven volunteers were at the camp Thursday when agents arrested the four people. ,incident was a targeted attack on humanitarian aid, Dinsmore said. ,She said agents have arrested migrants who received aid several times in the past but that the large scale operation on Thursday was unprecedented. The group was most troubled by the fact that agents apparently had tracked the migrants for 18 or so miles 29 or so kilometers but waited until they were at the camp to make arrests, Dinsmore said. ,The Border Patrol said a similar incident occurred a month ago and that negotiations resulted in the surrender of eight people who were taken into custody. Those included two individuals with significant criminal records in the United States and two needing medical care at a hospital, the agency said. ,do believe in saving lives and we have multiple resources such as the rescue beacon towers, Paco said. of their immigration status, we render aid. said the group has noticed more surveillance from agents since the new administration took over.Border Patrol casts agent recruiting net at fairs ,FLORENCE, Ariz. AP The beer was flowing and music was blaring in the middle of the Arizona desert when Ric Kindle approached a group of Border Patrol agents and customs officers out to recruit new hires. ,This was no average job fair. Customs and Border Protection set up a booth in front of a pop up casino and near the merchandise tent as part of an effort to recruit thousands of new agents and officers. ,Customs and Border Protection, the parent agency of the Border Patrol and the office that oversees customs officers, has been hiring for several years and now may need to fill an additional 5,000 positions within the Border Patrol that President Donald Trump ordered under his plan to bolster border security. Both the Border Patrol and customs officers were at the festival. ,Kindle, 24, said he'd be applying to the Border Patrol as soon as he got home at the end of the four day festival. He said he's wanted to get into law enforcement ever since a local police officer took him on a ride along when he was a teenager who skipped school and lacked motivation. ,"I don't care what form of force it is, I just kind of want to make a difference," said Kindle, a Phoenix area resident who works as a fast food cook. He was volunteering for a nonprofit that raises money for families of first responders who are hurt or killed on the job. ,The presence of border agents and customs officers at the country festival is part of an aggressive recruitment effort to seek out prospective employees. Customs and Border Protection has been showing up at bull riding competitions, Big 10 and Big 12 sports tournaments, job fairs and country music fests like the one last month in Florence, southeast of Phoenix. ,"We do recruiting at pretty much anywhere we have an opportunity to show up. It could be something as small as a community event at a local park," said Border Patrol spokesman Vicente Paco, who handed out brochures to festivalgoers. ,The recruiting comes as the agency is having a difficult time finding enough agents. They also must get through a comprehensive vetting process that involves passing a lie detector test in which applicants are asked about things like drug use and past criminal activity. ,Customs and Border Protection also has had a hard time filling positions within its Office of Field Operations, which manages ports of entries and international arrivals at airports. ,The Associated Press reported in January that about two thirds of Customs and Border Protection applicants fail the required polygraph exam, more than double the average rate of applicants at eight law enforcement agencies that provided data to the AP. Customs and Border Protection officials have since pegged the failure rate at about 75 percent. ,The agency has struggled to find enough customs officers since announcing an expansion effort in 2014. It said it was allocating 170 new jobs in Arizona, most of which would be assigned in Nogales, the state's busiest area for border crossings. As of April 1, the agency has filled 72 percent of those positions in the state. ,The Border Patrol, meanwhile, has slightly fewer than 20,000 agents nationwide, a vastly larger number than it had in the 1990s but still smaller than a couple of years ago. The agency has lost agents to attrition and has a hiring rate of less than 1 percent. ,Trump's plan calls for bringing on 5,000 new Border Patrol positions. Congress still hasn't finalized funding for next year, and it's unclear whether the agency will get more money for hiring. Agent salaries start at about 40,000 annually. ,In April, then Border Patrol Chief Ron Vitiello told The Associated Press the agency is working to improve the hiring process. It needs congressional approval to waive the polygraph in some instances. ,The agency also will face competition from within the Homeland Security Department as Immigration and Customs Enforcement looks to hire about 10,000 agents. ICE says it's not undertaking any large scale recruitment efforts at the moment. ,"We just have to be a little bit faster than them," said Vitiello, who was promoted to a new job in the agency. ,Not everyone agrees that the agency should expand and do so rapidly. ,The nonpartisan American Immigration Council released a report in April questioning the expansion and noting that problems abounded when the Border Patrol grew from a little over 4,000 agents in 1994 to nearly 20,000 in 2016. ,"The last time the Border Patrol received a large infusion of money to hire thousands of new agents, cases of corruption and misconduct spiked in the agency. ,To attract new agents, Border Patrol recruiters fan out to places like the annual Country Thunder event, which draws 30,000 people a day. ,Agents and officers touted the perks of joining as concertgoers in boots and cowboy hats stopped by. Most of the people who spoke with the agents were middle aged and thanked them for the work they do, shaking their hands and some asking to take a photo with them. ,Others inquired about the job. ,Colten Demers, 22, said he's wanted to get into law enforcement for as long as he can remember. The son of a former police officer, Demers works two jobs as a security officer in Scottsdale, although he's applied to work at several police forces.Border Patrol Sweeps of Trains and Buses Get Mixed Reception ,Todd Heisler/The New York Times Border Patrol officials next to an Amtrak train at the Buffalo train station. Citizenship checks began on a small scale in 2006 at the train stations and bus depots in western New York and are now a little publicized but regular feature of domestic travel. ,Nina Bernstein has an article on the front page today about American Border Patrol agents who board trains running completely within the United States looking for undocumented immigrants. Here is her first person experience on such a train in upstate New York. If you had an encounter with the Border Patrol, let us know in the comment box below. citizen ,My plan was to politely decline to answer ,After all how can you make fake ids fake id website reviews uk ids america The Border Patrol said it had jurisdiction to enforce immigration laws within 100 miles of the border. But it also said that its agents' questions were a part of consensual, nonintrusive conversation." In theory, that means that people are free to refuse to answer and walk away. One goal of my reporting trip was to see for myself, and for readers of The New York Times, how such conversations played out in practice. ,Thousands of passengers have been taken to detention because they answered that they were not United States citizens, and then could not show immigration documents that satisfied the agents. Other passengers simply declared American citizenship and stayed in their seats. The inland transportation checks have increased as the number of agents deployed in the region has grown sixfold since 9/11. ,Joanne Macri, director of the Criminal Defense Immigration Project of the New York State Defenders Association, who frequently travels by bus or train between Albany and Buffalo, told me she had never seen anyone refuse to answer in the many encounters she had witnessed. ,Once, Ms. Macri said, an agent prevented her from handing her organization's card to two Latino men he was taking from the train, and asked her if she knew what obstruction of justice was. on a Trailways bus in Rochester, a young man who showed agents a driver's license was questioned about what hospital he had been born in, and then taken off the bus for further inquiries before eventually being allowed to reboard and travel on to Buffalo. ,Ms. Macri has always answered the agents, "even though I know everybody has a right to remain silent," she said. by the time my train limped in to the Buffalo Depew station, more than four hours late too late for the Border Patrol, it appeared. ,An agent with a shaved head and sunglasses stopped beside me. citizen" he asked. ,"I don't want to answer that question," I replied. ,"Fine," he said, and promptly turned to the family two children, their parents and grandmother. ,Unlike me, a white woman in jeans who had spoken American English with no accent, they looked and sounded like immigrants. If they said they were citizens, would they be asked for identification If they refused to answer, as I had, would the agent just move on Or, as upstate immigration lawyers maintained, would the agent take their silence as a justification for further inquiry ,I would never know, because the father readily replied that they were all legal permanent residents of the United States from India. He handed over all their Indian passports as soon as the agent asked for them. ,A minute or two later, on the Rochester bound train, I caught up with the same agent just as Ruth Fernandez, a naturalized citizen born in Ecuador, was giving him her United States passport. These days she feels obliged to carry it whenever she visits her sister in Ohio, she told me later. ,"Checking people, I see every time," she added in imperfect English, as her grandchild slept beside her. "I don't like it. Not supposed to." In Spanish, she added: "He said it was because of terrorism that they do this. I think it's for the immigrants. ,Overhearing her complaint

buy minnesota fake id best fake ids for nyc fake id NewYork fake Nevada identification card Most passengers answered the agents readily. Others online photo id maker fake indiana id card north dakota id card fake id music video fake student card Some had been on the train overnight ,By then how to check if a fake id scans how to fake caller id fake id for america We've had Sheriff Arpaio doing this for a while," he said, referring to Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, who patrols metropolitan Phoenix and administers the jails, "just pulling people over and asking if they're citizens, and if they're not, just carting them away, I guess.Border Patrol to the rescue for Falls air base ,Customs and Border Protection to build a new border patrol facility at the Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station. Reps Louise Slaughter, Brian Higgins and Kathy Hocul announced that they have asked the nation's top homeland and border security officials to clear the way for a new border patrol operation to be built at the airbase to replace an existing facility on Lafayette Avenue in Niagara Falls. ,The move comes as elected officials and a citizens action group in Niagara County work to find ways to keep the base relevant amid plans to restructure and downsize the nation's military operations. ,"As Customs and Border Protection considers sites for a new border patrol station, Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station must be at the top of their list," Schumer said. "It is clear that the existing border patrol station can no longer accommodate the needs of its border agents, and a new station at NFARS would provide the resources, training facilities, and space necessary to ensure that our border patrol can continue doing top notch work protecting our northern border. Customs and Border Protection has been looking for alternative sites for its facility in Niagara Falls for years. In 2010, officials from the agency pursued plans to move the local operation to a site on Upper Mountain Road in the Town of Lewiston. The proposed facility, which was to include a new 24,994 square foot office building, a secure indoor garage, a bus sallyport, 60 outdoor parking spaces and a helipad, never got off the drawing board. Amid concerns raised by town residents who feared the facility would not be a good fit for the neighborhood, the town's zoning board rejected a request for a change in zoning that would have allowed the new station to be built. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner David Aguilar, members of the Western New York delegation argued that the community would be better served by building the border patrol facility at the airbase. The letter encourages Napolitano and Aguilar to find funds in their fiscal year 2012 budget to allow the proposed construction project to move forward. ,"Locating the new border patrol station at the Niagara Air Base is the smart thing to do, which is why I have been pressing DHS to do so for years," Slaughter said. "It is an efficient use of federal resources co locating facilities from two agencies and it takes advantage of the incredible workforce of Niagara County and Western New York. ,The request comes at a time when supporters of the local airbase are receiving mixed signals from the Pentagon as to the future direction of the facility. of plans to invest 28.1 million to develop a new cargo plane simulator at the Falls Air Reserve Station. The reaction was tempered by news that the Air Force may cut the Air Guard's ties to Niagara ,For the overall picture it's good," said NIMAC Chairman Merrell Lane, referring to Wednesday's announcement about possible plans for a new border patrol facility and the earlier news concerning the flight simulator project. "But, we are all very cautious about what's going to happen with the 107th. ,The airbase is home to both the 107th Airlift Wing of the New York Air National Guard and 914th Airlift Wing of the Air Force Reserve. With more than 3 fake us military id card fake id template download free fake id maker for india

fake scannable id uk Lane said the proposed flight simulator project could bring as many as 400 members of C 130 cargo crews from across the northeast to the Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station each year and would help to solidify the base as a military installation. He called the air reserve station a logical spot" for the new border patrol facility and said it too could help to preserve the future of the airbase. ,"Having the Congressional delegation push for it is a big plus," Lane said. ,The new border patrol station would provide accommodations for 50 border protection agents and could be modified to accommodate up to 75 agents as well as offering additional space for training, administration, vehicle maintenance and other activities to the airbase, federal lawmakers said. ,"Bringing a Customs and Border Patrol mission to Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station would enable the agency to leverage the major assets we have right on site, including the air field, firing range, and the medical clinic," said Gillibrand, who serves on the Senate's Armed Services Committee. "This is a highly cost effective method that would give Customs and Border Patrol access to these resources it wouldn't otherwise have and it's a step we should take to keep this economic engine for Western New York. ,ArticlesFormer Lewiston Village Pub owners working to open the Griffon HouseBOCES heading to former Falls school buildingGun shots fired into Falls home hit child's bedroom wallReview: Randy Bachman Anything to keep them out.When Janet Napolitano ,While Chilton has not decided who he will vote for in the presidential election I'm tired of having thousands of people coming through my ranch. I worry about running into a guy with an AK 47 and a bunch of druggers behind him," Chilton said. "The United States needs to secure its international boundary. ,Artist Kate Drew Wilkinson lives in Bisbee, With her shop so close to the border ,John Ladd is a cattle rancher whose roughly 15 fake maine id twenty one plus fake id funny ideas for fake id where to buy fake ids

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