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fake id japan fake id us reddit CHANG: But brinksmanship is the way things operate on Capitol Hill get fake id all dean's fake ids is buying a fake id illegal fake id mn scannable california fake id,REPRESENTATIVE JOHN BOEHNER: Now ,CHANG: So what's this so called fake fight all about Well ,SENATOR ANDREW LAMAR ALEXANDER: We don't see much wrong with the president's idea. It's the Senate Democrats. id book fake id review fake id name superbad do fake id scanners work CHANG: That's Republican Lamar Alexander of Tennessee ,SENATOR HARRY REID: Republicans want deficit reduction. We don't think there should be deficit reduction based on the backs of these young men and women who are trying to go to college.

fake ny id Seed Keywordsbest fake id fake id to fool facebook superbad fake id CHANG: But Senate Republicans say their plan reduces the deficit by only a few hundred more million dollars than the plan many Senate Democrats want. And in the federal budget world north texas fake ids how to get a id in california fake ids chicago bars fake id bar charges legit fake id sites 2016 SENATOR THOMAS COBURN: So our cap is really a more effective cap than anything else because it's going to force them to consolidate. And remember ,CHANG: And while this feud over caps grinds on Montana fake id for sale fake ids in los angeles ca fake id site reviews 2014 Voting on that proposal won't happen until July 10th ,NPR transcripts are created on a rush deadline by Verb8tm ,Senate took the first step Tuesday toward potentially extending federal unemployment insurance benefits by approving a procedural vote by a 60 37 margin. ,The next vote could take place as early as tonight. There were six GOP senators who voted for the bill my fake id is too shiny fake id picture example typical sentence for fake id

free fake id maker software The bill would extend federal UI benefits through March 31 ,Some GOP senators About 1.3 million Americans have been affected by the benefits expiration on Dec. 28. An additional 1.9 million are projected to lose those benefits during the first half of 2014. ,Hagan has been at the forefront of trying to re establish North Carolina's eligibility for the benefits Even though our state's unemployment rate continues to decrease down to 7.4 percent in November, the long term unemployment crisis and the North Carolinians who cannot find work should not be ignored," Hagan said. ,Burr's office released a statement in which he reiterated the stance that he would again support "a responsible extension of benefits that were paid for and did not add to the deficit." Burr chose to vote no after Sen. Harry Reid, D Nev., did not allow senators to offer their own amendments and alternatives to pay for the unemployment benefit extension. House, where the potential for advancement is less clear. Rep. Labor Secretary Thomas Perez said the extended benefits serve as a lifeline "to workers have been unable to find jobs through no fault of their own and despite their most diligent efforts. ,Extended unemployment benefits, even as the economy continues to rebound, is a proud bipartisan tradition. Commerce officials would have to enter into a new federal extended UI benefits agreement with Perez. Commerce Secretary Sharon Decker said she was "not prepared to talk about that today, but we are watching with great interest" what is going on in Congress. ,The benefit extension is playing out as yet another political hot potato. ,Within an hour of the procedural vote, a right wing advocacy group, Americans for Limited Government, went on the offensive against the six GOP senators who voted yes while "condemning" the overall vote. The targeted GOP senators are Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire; Lisa Murkowski of Alaska; Susan Collins of Maine; Bob Portman of Ohio; Dean Heller of Nevada; and Dan Coats of Indiana. ,"These six Senate Republicans that voted with Democrats to extend unemployment benefits are doing nothing to lift the economy out of its continued doldrums, and are only feeding the Obama administration's class warfare agenda," said Nathan Mehrens, the group's president. ,"It has been six years since the financial crisis and the recession that followed, and yet here we are still acting as if it is 2008. In total, unemployment benefits have been extended 11 times since 2008. ,"Meanwhile, the government has done nothing to get out of the way of the economy and let it grow., The national jobless rate ,On July 1 nebraska id id layout maker buying fake ids online fake computer id

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