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fake id OklahomaCity hologram id cards He said he was handcuffed behind his back and twice searched by two different officers fake android gsf id how to take fake id photo fake student id card online make a fake student id card fidl fake id,He one of the officers] volunteered that he was doing this because marijuana is still illegal and that's why they were there," Goldstein said. ,Meanwhile, Whiter was upstairs enjoying the party, which was attended by a couple of hundred people throughout the night, he said. ,Whiter was chatting with someone when he saw people rush through the doors. ,"Immediately, I knew what was happening," he said. "The SWAT team came busting in and told everybody to 'get their f ing hands on the wall' until they realized there was not enough wall space, so they had us sit down and put our hands on our head. ,Whiter said he believes six undercover officers attended the party ,I was a little suspicious of him. Stoners don't always have well manicured beards. This guy was really clean cut and his beard was perfectly manicured," Whiter said. "I was like 'Dude, you don't fit in.' He went out of his way to say hi to me three times. novelty identification fake id concerts chicago fake id laws Whiter said he and others at the party watched for about an hour as police conducted their investigations around them. They took photos and confiscated cannabis ,According to Whiter

angola high school fake id proof of age card south australia fake Alaska id generator victoria proof of age card According to Whiter and Goldstein paypal fake photo id fake id app free download fake id punishment texas fake caller id for computer chinese fake id website A police supervisor at the protest said four people from the raid were still in custody at headquarters Sunday evening. ,Whiter said as stupid as it sounds," the raid hurt his feelings because of the amount of work he, Goldstein, and Poe have done for decriminalization of marijuana in Philadelphia. ,"Saturday] night was a good example of a big waste of police resources. Just the fact that they have gone to the depths they have when there are people dying every day from heroin overdoses in Kensington," Whiter said Sunday. "It's an easy bust. That's what it was for them easy. fake id maker michigan fake id redd do any fake ids scan About 13 people attended the protest outside of Police Headquarters at the corner of Eighth and Race Streets in Center City on Sunday ,I'm a patient; it's about the only thing that's worked for me, and I think this was an unfair attack," she said of the raid.POLICE CALLS ,Burglary: To a home in the 10 block of South Davis Street through a side door. Roughly 90 worth of jewelry was stolen. ,Trespassing: Two employees with a West Main Street business said a man returned despite his having been asked to leave and not come back. ,Arrest: Police on St. Clair Avenue picked up Dakota S. McMillan, 21, of 81 Crumlin Ave., Girard, who was wanted on a warrant from the Trumbull County 911 center. ,Stolen property: A traffic stop near Trumbull Avenue resulted in charges of receiving stolen property against 23 year old Jose A. Medina, 2806 Dearborn St., Youngstown, and a 16 year old boy when, police said, they received information that a red Honda four wheel vehicle in Medina's truck had been stolen in Lordstown. ,Fraud: A Stambaugh Street man who applied for a job online told police he received a FedEx package with two 985 money orders, along with an email instructing him to deposit the orders, then withdraw 300 and send it to an address in Manila, The Philippines, before learning the money orders were fake. ,Aggravated menacing: A Girard man alleged his brother threatened to shoot him in the head and kill him. ,Identity fraud: A Morris Avenue man noticed on his credit report information pertaining to a loan he had never applied for. ,Criminal mischief: Someone on South Elruth Street used a key to damage a vehicle's finish and a marker to write on the car. ,Arrest: A traffic stop on East Liberty Street resulted in 47 year old Tammy M. Kornegay's arrest. Kornegay, of 443 E. Liberty, Girard, was wanted on a warrant. ,Criminal mischief: A former tenant without permission drilled roofing screws into and sealed and damaged a rear sliding glass door to a townhouse in the 900 block of North Highland Avenue. ,Theft: A Hadley Avenue man accused his daughter of taking but failing to return various tools and a bicycle. ,Assault: A worker for a discount store in the Liberty Plaza reported a 40 year old Girard man pushed and threatened him after the accuser denied the purchase of alcohol when the man was unable to provide proper identification. ,Theft: A catalytic converter was stolen from a vehicle in the 4200 block of Logangate Road. ,Theft: Ten compact discs were removed from a car in the 200 block of Mansell Drive. ,Burglary: To a home in the 100 block of East Montrose Street after someone kicked in a side door. Numerous pieces of jewelry were stolen, for a 9,115 loss. ,Harassment: A Lakeview Drive boy told police a man made a suspicious call to the teen's cellphone. ,Drugs: Police answered a dispute call near Craig and Lynn drives before taking into custody 31 year old Jillian Riggenbach of Bellville, Ohio, on charges of possession of drug abuse instruments, drug paraphernalia and dangerous drugs. Riggenbach had an assortment of hypodermic needles and a spoon with suspected drug residue, a report showed. ,Fraud: A man learned his elderly mother, of Church Hill Road, wired 970 to a man in Orlando, Fla., who had claimed she was to pay a fee for supposed lottery winnings. ,Possible employee theft: An official with the MetroPlex Conference Center, 1620 Motor Inn Drive, discovered a cash box came up about 183 short. ,Theft: Someone removed a catalytic converter from a car in the 600 block of Church Hill Hubbard Road. ,Arrest: Police on Belmont Avenue pulled over and arrested 24 year old James T. ,Domestic violence: Police charged Leon Taylor Sr., 56, of 2995 Belmar Ave., Liberty, with the crime after Taylor's wife alleged he had slapped her head and choked her during an argument. Taylor also faced a charge of operating a vehicle impaired. ,Arrest: Aaron S. Cousin, 44, of 14 Holly Drive, Girard, was charged with driving under suspension and operating a vehicle impaired during a traffic stop on Belmont Avenue. ,Arrest: Traffic stop near state Route 11 led to 30 year old Michael Shonce's arrest. Shonce, of 451 Illinois Ave., Youngstown, faced charges of having no operator's license and operating a vehicle impaired. ,Theft/criminal damaging: Police in the 100 block of Mansell Drive noticed a vehicle's broken window, then found a purse in a nearby yard that had been reported stolen. ,Breaking and entering: Someone broke into a garage in the 200 block of Euclid Boulevard, damaged two vehicles and removed a 150 iPod device from one of the cars. ,Arrest: Police near Interstate 80 stopped 37 year old Frank D. Fields' car and charged the Beaver Falls, Pa., man with operating a vehicle impaired. ,Criminal damaging: A Goldie Road man discovered his vehicle's passenger side window had been broken. Damage came to 500. ,Burglary: Took place in the 400 block of Mansell Drive through a side door. Coins and jewelry were taken.Police cannot make traffic arrests outside their jurisdictions ,ATLANTA, Georgia 41NBC/WMGT The Georgia Supreme Court has ruled police officers across the state are no longer allowed to make traffic arrests outside their department jurisdiction. ,The high court made the unanimous decision in favor of a Kennesaw State University student. Justices say it was illegal for a campus police officer to stop him in 2013 and charge him with driving under the influence 500 yards off school property. ,With an opinion today by the Georgia Supreme Court, police officers around the state may no longer make traffic arrests outside their department's jurisdiction. In today's unanimous decision, written by Justice Robert Benham, the high court has reversed a Georgia Court of Appeals decision and ruled in favor of a man who argued that his arrest by a university police officer for Driving Under the Influence DUI was invalid because it occurred more than 500 yards off campus. ,According to the facts of the case, in the early morning hours of May 5, 2013, Bajrodin Zilke was stopped and arrested on Powder Springs Road in Marietta by Officer Decari Mason, a "POST certified" Peace Officer Standards and Training Council police officer employed by Kennesaw State University. It was dark and raining, and Mason was on his way back to the university after delivering another arrestee to the Cobb County jail when he noticed Zilke "severely failing to maintain lane" and driving without his lights on. After stopping and approaching Zilke, Mason observed that Zilke smelled of alcohol, had bloodshot and watery eyes, and was unsteady on his feet. Zilke told him he had drunk two beers. At Mason's request, Zilke blew into an Alco sensor, which registered positive for alcohol, at which time Mason arrested him. Zilke then submitted to a state administered chemical breath test on the Intoxilyzer 5000, which revealed a blood alcohol level of 0.08 percent. In Georgia, the definition of legally intoxicated is a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 percent or higher for those who are at least 21 and driving a regular passenger vehicle. Zilke was charged with two counts of DUI, failing to maintain lane, and operating a vehicle without headlights. ,Zilke's attorney filed a motion to suppress the breath test when the case goes to trial, arguing that the officer had lacked jurisdiction to make the arrest, as the offense had not occurred on, or even near, the university's property. The trial court granted Zilke's motion, based on Georgia Code 20 3 72, which states: "The campus policemen and other security personnel of the university system who are regular employees of the system shall have the power to make arrests for offenses committed upon any property under the jurisdiction of the Board of Regents and for offenses committed upon any public or private property within 500 yards or any property under the jurisdiction of ,However, on appeal, the Court of Appeals reversed the decision suppressing the evidence, citing another statute in the Georgia Code, 17 4 23 a, which states that a "law enforcement officer may arrest a person accused of violating any law or ordinance governing the operation motor vehicles by the issuance of a citation, provided that the offense is committed in his presence arresting officer shall issue to such person a citation which shall enumerate the specific charges against the person and the date upon which the person is to appear and answer the charges." The Court of Appeals ruled that this statute applied in Zilke's case, as the traffic violation occurred in the presence of the arresting officer. Relying on its 1984 decision in Glazner v. Zilke then appealed the Court of Appeals ruling to the state Supreme Court. However, the Court notes that "suppression of evidence is an extreme sanction that is used only sparingly as a remedy for unlawful government conduct." When there is a violation of a statute, the suppression of evidence is an appropriate sanction "only where the statute specifically provides for suppression as a remedy or the statutory violation implicates underlying constitutional rights such as the right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure," the opinion says. However, on appeal, the State did not challenge the court's suppression of evidence as error, nor did the trial court identify the legal ground on which it was excluding the evidence as a result of Mason violating 20 3 72. Therefore, that aspect of the trial court's order is not before the Supreme Court for review. Chief Asst. Solicitor General, and Mimi Scaljon, Asst. Solicitor GeneralPolice captain Kevin Quick murdered ,UPDATED: Suspects in Kevin Quick slaying will not face deathpenalty ,CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. WTVR The people who carjacked, kidnapped and killedWaynesboro reserve police captainwere members of the Bloods street gang who robbed stores and sold drugs in the weeks and months leading up to the murder, according to a 39 page indictment unsealed Friday. ,The suspects killed Quick "for the purpose of gaining entrance to and maintaining and increasing position in the enterprise, an enterprise engaged in racketeering activity," the indictments indicated. ,"On or about January 31, 2014, Daniel Mathis, Shantai Shelton, Mersadies Shelton and Travis Bell carjacked a vehicle belonging to Kevin Quick and kidnapped him," the indictment read. "The suspects] drove around to various banks in Virginia, in Quick's vehicle, and made, or attempted to make, withdrawls from Kevin Quick's bank accounts. During some of these attempts, Quick was still in the vehicle being held against his will. ,The indictment went on to say the suspects murdered Quick and left his body in Goochland County woods. Attorney Timothy J. Heaphy said. ,Other suspected gangs members are accused of obstructing justice by altering, destroying and concealing documents and property belonging to Quick in order to prevent their discovery." They are also accused of destroying or concealing a .40 caliber firearm so police would not be able to find it. ,The suspects were members of the "99 Goon Syndikat," a central Virginia street gang started in November 2009 linked to the notorious Bloods from Los Angeles. ,Federal officials said the gang members, with nicknames such as "K Gunns," "Big Homie," "Black Wolf" and Lady Guns," had been terrorizing the Charlottesville area committing murder, armed robberies and trafficking drugs since the Goonz was formed in 2009. ,Law enforcement says this case reinforces that gangs are not just a big city concern. ,The trial date is set for July 23, but Heaphy said the trial date may be pushed back due to the case's complexities. ,Don be sorry, it absolutely repulsive that people like these are treated so well for doing such horrible things. I pray your situation gets better and hopefully there is releif in sight for you. It is absolutely heart breaking to know that murderers/child molesters/ecetera are taken care of so nicely when we have people such as your self who can afford to feed themselves much less afford cable/internet. Not to mention all of the homeless population that are suffering as well. Granted, SOME of the homeless have created their own problems from their demons, but not all of them are that way. Some are just people who are down on their luck. I truly hope things get better for you, keep your head up! ,With all the hype about diversity being touted we should be ARMPIT deep in UTOPIA by now, but empty promises from elitists about multiculturalism have left our schools, cities, and society in ruins. ,The media has created an illusion that African Americans are the ones who will return your lost dog, hand you your wallet when you drop it, and are so cool compared to nerdy White people. It is on about every commercial now in case you have not noticed. ,As important as not playing with fire or looking both ways to cross the street; parents should be teaching their children to ALWAYS stay away from African Americans. ,Keeping your kids alive is far more important than being told you're a racist, bigot or not Christian for avoiding multicultural enrichment. ,Innocent, unsuspecting, and hopelessly naive Whites are mugged, raped and murdered each day. The African Americans are becoming much more violent each year. Law Enforcement seems to insure the criminals rights are upheld far more than arresting obvious criminals. Think about your loved ones; Death is a high price to pay for an incorrect assessment of Black Crime. ,In conclusion; the tsunami of violent crime, squalor, and bankruptcy in our cities, schools, and society gives tremendous credibility to those who first opposed integration. ,To Canadians you often boast how your country has surpassed us in quality of life indices. True, and you deserve it not that you haven benefiited by residing next to the largest economy in the world, and it being a democracy You don have this large underclass of shiftless, aimless, pompous people of a heritage that feels its entitled, above and beyond the law, and with little regard to hard work, educational advancement, and honest living. So kudos to you. Otherwise, WE would be much better off and more the envy of the world. ,I think both of our countries have different pros and cons. Something are better in USA and some things are better in Canada. For example, medications are cheaper in Canada and prison sentences are better in USA I think. I do not like how sentences are concurrent in Canada and how we don have the death penalty. I prefer consecutive sentencing but I on the fence with the death penalty. Only in overwhelming evidence to the point the killer committed the crime do I support the death penalty. Only because many innocent civilians get convicted for crimes they didn commit. I also on the fence pertaining to gun rights. In Canada, it a much stricter process to legally obtain a firearm. However, I find the American process too lax. I wish Canadians who legitimately meet the requirements would be allowed to obtain restricted firearms. For example, if a victim was being stalked and there a real danger and likely hood that their Stalker had the intent on killing the victim. I believe that victim should be allowed to possess a restricted firearm after meeting the requirements including a firearms course, which is already in place under current Canadian Law. ,RIP, I hope these offenders are given the maximum sentence. ,If these dirt bags wives/old ladies/girl friends/family is on Public Assistance Cut Them Off immediately ,This goes for anyone in the meaning if little Johnny is out gang banging or whatever and committing crimes then the Family loses the PA. Maybe then they will start to hold their kids accountable and act like real parents. ,Family: Does not mean they have to be married since many of folks these days don get married but shack up together and pump out kids. So if your man/old lady is a criminal you lose the PA. You chose them and the life style so you get to suffer the consequences of your actions. ,Also after 2 kids you get No More PA. If you could not afford the first 2 then you will not be rewarded for having more. Major problem in Detroit.Police charge NY native in death ,A New York man is behind bars after police said he shot a man to death inside an Altoona night spot. Thursday, words were exchanged inside Choices Nightclub, a bottle club that opened this spring at 130 Sixth Ave., the former site of Thee Mirage. The deadly scene unfolded in front of at least a dozen witnesses, as well as the seven surveillance cameras that watch over the club, police said. ,According to Altoona police, Jacob Dormevil Jr., 20, of 1826 Sixth Ave., approached a table where Hugo Baez, 20, a native of New York City living at 305 N. Fifth Ave., sat with Choices bouncer Brandon Midder, 24, of 317 Sixth Ave., and two women. Dormevil apparently said something that upset Baez, police said, prompting Dormevil to head for the door with Baez close behind. Police said Dormevil started to take off his shirt as he left the club, while his brother, Willie Shakeit Solomon, 22, of Altoona began following Baez. ,Solomon grabbed Baez before he could walk outside, police said, and in turn, Baez pulled out a revolver and squeezed off up to five rounds. Midder ran to the aid of Baez, also producing a handgun that police said he pointed at Dormevil, who was trying to get back inside the club to help Solomon. ,Patrons ran out the back door as Solomon lie wounded in the entranceway of the club. ,Witnesses at the bar were able to tell investigators the shooter name was Juice, but since no one knew his real name, police were forced to watch several homes while other officers looked for Midder car. Altoona police Cpl. Chris Moser and another officer spotted Midder vehicle in Tyrone and followed it as it headed toward Huntingdon. State police ultimately pulled over Midder car near Water Street after Midder allegedly failed to use his turn signal, police said. ,Inside the vehicle was Midder and a man who claimed to be James Santos, but police said he had no identification and fit the description of the suspect known then only as Juice. ,Armed with still photos gleaned from the surveillance footage at the club, police identified Santos as Juice, and a subsequent fingerprint match showed his identity as Hugo Baez of Manhattan. ,Altoona police Lt. Jeffrey Pratt said Baez has been in the Altoona area for a period of time and was under investigation by the Blair County Drug Task Force when he was arrested. ,Pratt said police were still investigating the motive for the shooting and said it was unclear as to whether Baez and Solomon knew one another. ,can say with absolute certainty, Pratt said, adding that from the surveillance footage, it was clear that words were exchanged between the two groups of men, but because the system lacks audio capabilities, investigators didn know Friday what was said. ,Baez said little as he sat before Magisterial District Judge Jeffrey Auker for his arraignment on criminal homicide, aggravated assault, carrying a concealed weapon and related charges in Blair County on Friday afternoon, a repeat of an arraignment Baez chose to go through in front of a Huntingdon County magisterial district judge earlier in the day. ,The image of a skull peeked out from the front of the T shirt Baez wore beneath a hooded sweatshirt, his hands obscured by two large manila envelopes meant to protect possible gunpowder residue evidence, while leg shackles secured his ankles just above a pristine pair of gold and black Nike Air Max Griffey sneakers. ,Auker denied bail for Baez, and after a tearful phone call to his mother in Spanish, Baez was taken to Blair County Prison to await his preliminary hearing, scheduled for Wednesday before Auker. ,Altoona Detective Sgt. Ashley Day said Friday that police had sought search warrants for Midder vehicle and the local address Baez gave police. As of Friday, police had not recovered either the gun used in the shooting or Midder gun, Day said. ,An autopsy was performed late Friday afternoon in State College, and police said the murder weapon was likely a 9 mm or .38 caliber handgun. ,Pratt said the surveillance footage shows several people shuffling guns between themselves, and investigators were sorting out who was armed in the altercation. According to court records, the footage did capture Midder pulling a black semi automatic handgun from the right pocket of his jacket and pointing it at more than one person during the incident before dropping the gun on the floor. After picking the gun up off the floor, Midder is seen leaving the club, police said. ,A loaded 9 mm clip was found underneath a pool table near the front of the club, and when questioned by police, Midder allegedly admitted he had a High Point 9 mm handgun with him and that he dropped it after brandishing it. Midder also admitted he lost a loaded clip to the gun, police said. ,had nothing to do with the murder part, Midder told the Mirror as he awaited his arraignment Friday afternoon at Magisterial District Judge Jeffrey Auker office on Fourth Street. keep saying, I have nothing to do with that body. who was convicted of felony robbery in 2005 in Virginia, was charged with illegal possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, a second degree felony. He was adamant he wasn responsible for the shooting. ,had nothing to do with that, Midder said to Auker during his arraignment. Midder told Auker he works at Choices as bouncer and doorman and has been in the Altoona and Huntingdon area for about three years, since he got out of prison in Virginia. Auker set bail at 50,000 cash, and Midder was lodged in Blair County Prison. His preliminary hearing is slated for Wednesday at Central Court. ,Dormevil was also arrested after a run in with police and a deputy coroner at UPMC Altoona, according to police. Charged with aggravated assault and related charges, Dormevil was placed in Blair County Prison with a hearing date of Nov. 13.Police chief addresses Times Union ,A Schenectady police sergeant was not charged with a crime although he admitted last month to using a state run criminal database to check the background of his boyfriend. ,In many instances, police officers have been charged with official misconduct or other crimes for accessing the state database for personal reasons. ,Sgt. , 35, told Colonie detectives last month that he used the secure criminal database "on multiple occasions" to verify the parole status of , who moved in with the officer several months ago. ,Colonie police also declined to arrest Moore for his role in trying to buy a 92,000 Jaguar from a local dealership last month using a counterfeit check. Aubin and Moore both were at the dealership Oct. 14 and involved in the vehicle purchase, which Moore made arrangements to insure and register in his name. ,Aubin, who has a long history of stealing cars from dealerships, was charged by Colonie police with two felonies. ,He also is accused of using a 15,000 counterfeit check a day earlier at another dealership, Goldstein, to purchase a 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee. ,Moore told police that he knew Aubin had a lengthy criminal history, but said he did not know the checks were fake. The 92,000 check was purported to be from a Miami law office and the 15,000 check was from a fictitious company on Washington Avenue in Albany. ,Colonie police said the checks were purported to be from Bank of America accounts but the company certified they were both fakes. ,At a hastily called news conference Wednesday morning, Schenectady police Chief acknowledged that his department was notified about Moore's association with Aubin on Oct. 14, when Aubin was arrested. ,Moore told police that Aubin moved into his Schenectady apartment several months ago and that he believed they were going to make a lot of money because they had signed contracts with a Connecticut company to make "gay porn" movies. ,Clifford said Moore's involvement in the pornography industry and his association with a man who has a long criminal history may violate departmental policies, but the chief stopped short of saying whether Moore would face any criminal charges. ,Schenectady and Colonie police did not announce Aubin's arrest. Moore was suspended with pay last month and Clifford said an internal investigation is ongoing and that investigators had interviewed Aubin in Albany County jail. ,The case became public when a story first published late Tuesday detailed the criminal case against Aubin. In a statement he gave to Colonie police last month, Moore said he and Aubin planned to buy a house and luxury cars with income from appearing in pornographic movies. ,The chief would not discuss the specific allegations against Moore but said involvement with someone who was on parole or in the pornography industry could be violations of the department's policy. In general, many police departments have policies that prohibit officers from engaging in conduct that may put their police forces in a bad light. ,Clifford said it's "not appropriate to have him out on the street working for us. Colorado id fake novelty ids that scan evolved best fake ids

delaware fake id Moore and Aubin were confronted by Colonie police last month as they tried to purchase a 2016 Jaguar coupe from a Colonie dealership. The vehicle was supposed to be Moore's ,Clifford said he was blind sided" by the Times Union's story, although his department has known about Moore's relationship with Aubin, his work in the gay porn industry, and the details of the sergeant's role in the illicit automobile purchases for several weeks. ,Clifford complained that he wasn't contacted by the Times Union before the story was published online Tuesday night. Earlier Tuesday, a Times Union reporter left messages on the mobile phones of two officers who serve as the department's spokesmen, Sgt. and Sgt. , and also on the mobile phone of Public Safety Commissioner . They did not return the calls. ,The arrest of Aubin, who has a lengthy criminal record and was recently on parole, has triggered a much broader, multi agency police investigation into allegations that officers in other jurisdictions may have hosted or taken part in sex parties called "breeding parties" that allegedly were attended by teenagers who were not of legal age to drink alcohol or consent to having sex with adults. ,Those allegations have been made by Aubin, according to sources close to the case. ,Several days ago, the 's internal affairs unit launched an investigation into allegations that one of its officers may have had unlawful contact with a teenage boy. ,That investigation was fueled by statements Aubin made at Albany County jail, according to law enforcement sources. ,In a sworn statement following Aubin's arrest last month, Moore stated he and Aubin met about 10 years ago and became friends before Aubin enlisted in the Army and left the area. ,According to friends of Aubin, they said he was dishonorably discharged from the Army but still wore his military uniform often while in public as recently as a few years ago. ,In 2010, Aubin was arrested and sent to prison in Kansas for his role in a nationwide crime spree that included stealing expensive cars from auto dealerships and running a real estate scheme. ,After being let out of prison and returning the Capital Region several years ago, records indicate Aubin continued engaging in criminal activity, including stealing cars from dealerships. He was sent to prison two years ago for a grand larceny conviction in Schenectady County also involving a stolen vehicle and was released from prison earlier this year. ,Moore said he met Aubin 10 years ago through an online site and that they rekindled their intimate relationship this summer after Aubin was released from prison. ,"We met for lunch in July and we . became friends and developed a friendship," Moore said in the statement attributed to him. In time, he said, Aubin moved into his Fifteenth Street apartment. ,Moore said he had "debt issues" and Aubin offered to "help me get out of debt" by producing "gay porn" movies for a Florida company, .Police chief search continues ,Nine months after former part time police Chief Robert Dupuis stepped down, Webster still hasn't been able to find a full time police chief. ,Advertising for the full time position proved fruitless due to low application numbers, lack of qualified applicants and strained budget numbers, the select board said. ,But days after changing the position to part time, which would allow a retired police officer to collect a state pension plus a salary from the town, the applications started rolling in. ,Board members announced Tuesday, at the recommendation of an "oral board" of law enforcement officers and one Webster resident, that they decided to hire a new part time chief, instead of a full time one. By the end of the week, the pool of applications included highly qualified candidates. ,The oral board suggested hiring a retired police chief, who wouldn't need benefits but just a 56,000 to 60,000 salary. The new chief will oversee two full time officers, a part time administrator and a 300,000 budget. ,Webster will see savings by hiring a part time chief eligible to work a 32 hours a week because the town wouldn't have to make contributions to the retirement system, or pay for health benefits, which adds up to tens of thousands of dollars. But each time the retirement system loses a contributing position, every municipality has to increase their contributions to make up the shortfall, or the system's 4 billion unfunded liability continues to grow. ,Of the candidates expressing interest in the part time chief position, selectwoman Nanci Schofield said many are from the same pool of people applying for part time chief positions in three other towns, like Canterbury. ,After the former Canterbury police chief resigned following sexual assault charges that he was acquitted of, the Merrimack County Sheriff's Office did a review and recommended Canterbury hire a part time, retired police chief, too. The sheriff's office was one of the law enforcement agencies represented on Webster's oral board. ,When residents asked at Tuesday's meeting about the advantages of hiring part time versus full time, board Chairman Bruce Johnson whispered, "Experience. Schofield said the advisory board told the select board to increase the salary for a full time police chief immensely" in order to attract good candidates. ,"Which we can't afford to do," Schofield said. ,More residents pointed out that as taxpayers, they had told the select board they wanted a full time police chief twice. First, by approving a town meeting warrant article, and then on the 8 1 recommendation of a police chief search advisory committee that met last winter. ,Resident Sarah Chalsma said, "It just seems to me that a chief that was full time would benefit us more than a lot of other part time people. ,Schofield countered In the meantime ,Unity in a town that has been politically split over its police department for years including a signs campaign this spring for Dan Shapiro, In two to three years down the road, we're going to be able to have a full time chief who's able to continue with that to continue with the unity, the experience and the knowledge and to keep us safe . . . and keep us happy, too," she said. ,While some residents voiced approval for the select board's work on the issue, others were still not satisfied. Scott Sweezy wondered why only two of the three original candidates for the full time position were seen by the oral board, and others insisted the town should be looking for a full time police chief as voters had asked it to do. ,A few residents were more concerned about safety. ,Chalsma said she wanted whatever was best for the protection and security of Webster, even if it means paying more for a full time chief. ,"I'm willing to pay," Chalsma said. If not, she requested proof that a part time chief would keep the town's safety intact. ,"We have a school in town and safety should be our top priority," Chalsma said. ,She added that she was in Concord High School at the time of the 1985 shooting incident when a student who had dropped out entered the school with a shotgun and took two students hostage before he was fatally wounded by police officers. ,"I don't want that to happen here," Chalsma said. "My utmost concern is for the safety of our town, for the break ins that we all hear go on here, for the drug use we all know happens here."Police chief to retire ,SEABROOK Police Chief Lee Bitomske, on extended leave since early June, returned for the day yesterday to announce his upcoming retirement. Monday meeting, Bitomske remained isolated in the receptionist's office in Town Hall lobby, not appearing until all other department heads had reported. ,"I wanted to be last to save the best for last," Bitomske said, joking with selectmen. "I'm announcing my retirement as police chief effective Dec. 31. I'll be a civilian after 34 years of service to Seabrook as a police officer as of January 1. Who knows what the future holds. ,Bitomske's law enforcement career began in Seabrook and lasted for decades as he worked as a patrolman can fake ids be scannable best fake id pictures fake NewYork id mississippi fake id reddit

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