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fake second form of id fake id qld MySpace is an advertising supported site on which anyone with Internet access can create a free profile. Members can post photos and journal entries fake student id hong kong photo fakes Minnesota id fake best fake id state chfake free fake id templates,Last month's meeting caused such a fervor that another event has already been scheduled for all parents of Palo Alto public school children in April. Larry Magid ,MySpace is coming under fire as more parents and experts tune into the phenomenon. The site has recently been linked to cases of missing persons ,Police in Middletown fake id at bank drivers licence western australia caught with fake id new york Magid ,The average adolescent

make a fake id online identification card maker vegas vacation fake id guy fake Pennsylvania can The extent to which people are putting that stuff out there is truly amazing," Magid said. "Are they looking for an international audience Because that's what they're getting. premium fake id new york state fake id texas fake ids fake id laws dc hologram id card Both public high schools in Palo Alto also have group accounts on MySpace. Palo Alto High School's account ,Some students have included their full names and ages how to make a fake Alaska driver's license how to recognize a fake id fake id provisional Case in point: By clicking on the profile of one Palo Alto middle school group member ,He misses his grandmother. His weaknesses are ego, anger, irritability, whiney ness." He doesn't know if he's ever been in love. He takes medication for Attention Deficit Disorder. ,"The bottom line is it's exactly the kind of information predators need, not just to locate them, but to groom them as well," Magid said, referring to a manipulation technique sexual predators often use to gain a victim's trust called "grooming. ,Besides posting personal information on MySpace ,If I were to click on there and see my kids with keg cups, I'd be worried," said Ken Kratt, a juvenile detective with the Palo Alto Police Department. ,The group moderator for Gunn has included a photo in which she is holding what looks like a wine bottle. Another Gunn member has posted a portrait of herself bending over in a mini skirt. That girl also says she is a swinger. ,Magid said parents should not overreact. After all, MySpace is not entirely bad and can be used in positive, healthy ways to enhance computer and communication skills. ,On his Web site, Magid says parents should first find out if their child has a profile on MySpace or another online networking service. It is each parent's decision whether they let their student have or keep a profile, but one powerful message parents can share is that online postings can follow them forever. ,"A photo or a piece of writing that may seem funny or cool or just a wee bit edgy to a 16 year old could be very embarrassing a few years later when that same young person is trying to get a job or establish a relationship," Magid writes on his site.Parents should learn about child ,Mike and Sharon have been married for five years. They the proud parents of 3 year old Billy. Mike works construction. Sharon has advanced college degrees in child development and education. She works in the same preschool that Billy attends. ,Alas, the marriage has fallen apart. Mike and Sharon have decided to divorce. They kept it civil and tried to put Billy needs first, but they can agree on how best to divide Billy future care. ,Lawyers are hired, motions are filed and the court asks a neutral professional to make a recommendation. An evaluation is conducted. Each parent is interviewed, references are collected and Billy is observed with each of his parents. ,Sharon is confident that the evaluator will support her request for primary care. She is, after all, a child care professional. She teaches other parents about child development and parenting. She reasons that Mike is a nice guy, but that his skills with a hammer and a pipe wrench are irrelevant to parenting. Sure, Billy loves both of them, but shouldn the court make her the primary parent ,Do you agree with Sharon Of course, you know too little, but let assume there are no secrets here. There no violence and no drug abuse and no alcoholism. Neither parent is a closet devil worshipper. Billy is healthy and cute and fun and, although he really doesn understand what going on, he wants both his mommy and daddy. ,Of course, the easy way out would be to divide the parents care a process that the New Hampshire courts refer to as the allocation of parenting rights and responsibilities somehow equally. Monday and Tuesday with mom. Wednesday and Thursday with dad. Alternate weekends. Or alternate weeks. ,Or there may be a number of relatively balanced plans, but to make the point, let pretend that the court must grant one parent the majority of parenting time and responsibility. ,Does gender matter Are you leaning toward placing Billy in Sharon care at least in part in the belief that a young child needs his mother That a natural inclination. ,Not so long ago, the courts believed that prior to age 7, children needed their mothers more than their fathers. That Years Doctrine has since largely been thrown out with the baby and the bath water. Today family courts are supposed to be gender blind, recognizing that both parents are valuable to the child well being. ,So, does it come down to the difference in these parents education, training and work skills Obviously, that the way I set this story up. But here the catch: ,Observed at play, both parents are attentive and involved with Billy, but Sharon is teachy. Billy brings her a cool new toy and she sits him down to show him how it works. Billy comes to her with a boo boo and she examines the toy he was playing with to discover if it could hurt him, but fails to cuddle and comfort the child. Reading together, she shows him letters and teaches the sounds they make. ,Observed at play with his son, Mike is present and responsive. When Billy shares a new discovery, he joins his son in the excitement. He asks Billy questions about what Billy thinks. A bump on the knee that brings tears to Billy eyes earns a hug of reassurance and a high five, and the two are back to play. Reading together is an adventure focused on images and sounds, made more exciting as Mike changes his voice as he expresses each character words. ,Billy is perfectly safe and smiling throughout the two observations, but the experience is very different. If these two peeks into Sharon and Mike parenting are representative of them more generally, then the court decision becomes more interesting. ,Will Billy be better off largely in his mother care, where he likely to become an early reader with lots of skills, or in his father care, where concrete knowledge and achievement appears to take a back seat to something emotional and relational that is far more difficult to define ,Are you more like the fictionalized Sharon, inclined to teach and to emphasize how to Or are you more like Mike, taking pleasure simply inhabiting your child world, letting him or her take the lead in play ,If you see yourself in one of these characters, does your parenting partner fit the other Is one of you a listener and the other a fixer Is one of you a doer and the other a feeler ,Together, these two types of parents can balance each other out, very much to the child benefit. Apart, they can look like polar opposites. ,I won tell you what the court decided. That decision is of huge significance to Sharon and Mike and most of all to Billy, but it only a drama useful for illustration. And what exactly is illustrated ,As parents, we can benefit by learning. Reading and taking classes and watching videos. There no harm in being able to recite Piaget stages of cognitive development by heart, to have written a dissertation on social skills and playground behavior or to be proud that you teaching other parents about parenting. These are impressive achievements and valuable contributions, but they are only that. They are cognitive, intellectual, frontal lobe activities. ,Healthy parenting can benefit from all of that, but it is essentially none of that. Healthy parenting and raising a healthy child are about emotional presence and availability. It more evident in Mike hug and reassurance than in Sharon analytical and instructive manner. Leave the teaching to the teachers. ,Every time you are able to set aside your adult concerns and step out of your head to follow your son or daughter in play, to allow the child imagination to define the universe and the child wonder to guide the way, you are giving a gift. ,Maybe it easy to see how this is true when your kids are in preschool and their heads are filled with dragons and fairies and monsters and princesses, when the world is still full of frank wonder and amazement. But it no less true in grade school and even high school. ,Take the time to inhabit your child inner universe without intruding. Listen to the music they listen to without criticism. Try to hear what they hear. Watch the TV shows, play the video games, read the books. ,Join them in their worlds, let them teach you, and you not only fuel their confidence, you build a healthier relationship along the way.Parents told face facts about underage drinking ,ALISO VIEJO The law states you must be 21 years old to purchase alcohol, but some teenagers gain access to, and start abusing it, much earlier than that. ,year I have a death of a student or a family member of a student, or someone who is severely injured, said Charles Salter, principal of Aliso Niguel High School. have had four students from Aliso Niguel High School die because of alcohol. a difficult subject for some parents to hear, Salter said. Still, about 60 parents listened to students and panelists at the school gym on March 29 as they spoke about teenage alcoholics, fake IDs, and alcoholic drinks hidden in water bottles. ,thing is that it occurring before it gets to my campus, Salter said. starts in middle school. town hall meeting, meant to address the issue of underage drinking, included a panel of speakers from Alcoholic Beverage Control, the Orange County Sheriff Department, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Mothers of Miracles, South County Safe Rides and Pepperdine Resource and Youth Diversion Education. ,Students also spoke to parents about the frequency at which teenagers come into contact with alcohol and how some go about getting it. ,Carrie Lee, a senior at Aliso Niguel High School and co president of Safe Rides, said volunteers at Safe rides received more than 200 calls last year from teenagers needing a ride home. ,Safe Rides offers teenagers a confidential ride home if they have been drinking or if they do not want to ride home with someone that has been drinking. ,are very smart, Lee said. drink when the parents are not home, or when they don have to go home. ,Last year, Safe Rides transported 381 teenagers, she said. However, many teens don know the program exists. Several of the callers are repeat users of the program. ,Some act surprised when she shows up to pick them up, and they notice that she has not been drinking during the weekend, she said. ,Kia Makarechi, 17, a senior, held up an energy drink and water bottle and asked parents how many of them had seen teenagers walk around with them. ,It teenagers are carrying them on the way to a party or a dance, are it not just an energy drink or water, Makarechi said. ,To buy alcohol, some teens will use fake IDs or use that of an older sibling ,About one third of teenagers report that at some point or another, they have been in a car where the driver has been drinking, Salter said. ,means someone older is modeling that behavior to our children, he said. ,Parents should be careful of the messages they send their children, said Kenneth Woog, diversion specialist for the Pepperdine Resource, Youth Diversion and Education program, also known as PRYDE. The program provides services, such as counseling, to help troubled teenagers and their families. ,Parents who allow their underage children to drink at home under their supervision, but not when they go out, are sending mixed messages about the permissible use of alcohol, he said. ,message we are giving a child is that it OK to drink, Woog said. just have to avoid getting caught. Woog said, parents should send a consistent message that underage drinking is not permissible in any situation. ,Panelists also spoke to parents about how to help their children make the right decisions regarding alcohol before they come to age. Ensuring that teenagers respect alcohol laws when they are teenagers can ensure they use alcohol responsibly when they are 21. ,students go to college, there going to be drugs and alcohol and all of you who went to a four year college know that you were introduced to a keg before you were 21, Salter said. ,A way to communicate the consequences of drinking is to relate it to something they like, said Mary Beth Griffin, program coordinator for the Orange County Chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving. ,For example, if they play soccer, parents can talk about the possibility of cutting a career short because of an accident caused by drinking and driving, she said. ,Parents should talk to their children repeatedly about alcohol use, she said. ,let it be a one time discussion, Griffin said. ,Teenagers drink because of boredom, peer pressure, to blow off steam or to escape their problems, Griffin said. ,The biggest mistake a parent can do is to believe that their child is immune to the problem, Salter said. ,have had kids who have a 4.5 grade point average, to kids with under a 1.0 grade point average who were caught drinking, Salter said. ,don want you to leave here thinking that all 3,000 of our kids have drinking problems, Salter said. we do have some kids that drink, and if you are not paying attention, we are certainly going to have more.Parents with Prams Style ,More often than not when I go to park in the Parents with Pram spots they are taken by people with no baby seat/capsule attachments on the back seat. I am used to seeing this disregard with legally designated parking like disabled spots so I don even blink when it comes to Parents with Prams. Yet this car today made me do a double take. The owners can even pretend to passing cars that there could possibly be a baby seat in it unlike the equally guilty Hyandai Elantra that was parked in the other occupied spot. ,Before I am called all sorts of charming names by trolls, in this particular instance we are talking about three modest Parents with Pram spots on the top level of the Canberra Centre carpark near Dendy. It is hardly a takeover from fascist NIMBY breeders. ,And there is a purpose to these spots they are wider than the standard spot so you can open the door enough to get a baby capsule out or an unwieldy toddler into a pram. I have learnt from experience that if all that is left are narrow spots with poles in them then its best to just drive out, as that capsule ain moving anywhere. ,So to all those people out there who park in Parents with Prams and think they aren inconveniencing anyone, think again. It not nice manners! ,You should be greatful for parents with pram spaces. The wider parks mean I don have to open my door into yours and scratch or dent your car when you park to close and I need to get my kids inthis happens a lot ,Translation: Because I have children I am more than willing to intentionally vandalise your car, or negligently allow those under my care to do so. Accordingly, you should afford me special privileges, and be happy about doing so, even at the expense of your own convenience, so as to prevent me from engaging in vandalism. ,With the quality of that logic you could be an ACT magistrate. ,Sounds like you are one of those who parks too close to cars with baby seats in them and has a dinged car door. It not vandalism if its your own fault. The wider parks mean I don't have to open my door into yours and scratch or dent your car when you park to close and I need to get my kids inthis happens a lot/quote] ,Translation: Because I have children I am more than willing to intentionally vandalise your car, or negligently allow those under my care to do so. Accordingly, you should afford me special privileges, and be happy about doing so, even at the expense of your own convenience, so as to prevent me from engaging in vandalism. ,With the quality of that logic you could be an ACT magistrate./quote] ,Sounds like you are one of those who parks too close to cars with baby seats in them and has a dinged car door. It's not vandalism if its your own fault. ,Firstly I don accept the premise that these new spaces are required for safety, what is required is the same common sense by everybody that allowed previous generations to survive without spaces. ,Secondly, even if it is a safety issue, don for a second pretend it is society problem. Breeding creates purely private benefits for parents, and externalises costs of which this is just one more on the rest of the population. We don really need children from any societal perspective. It is far more efficient to import fully grown, and healthy, labour units from overseas and have then turn up ready to work and pay taxes. ,So speaking for myself, feel free not to do me any favours. like all those safety issues . dropping balls, running through the house with scissors, eating lead paint . OMFG ./quote] ,Plenty of typing, not much TALKING. Derrrrrr./quote]My bad. It's for the greater good, is that too much talking for you /quote] ,It's not for the greater good. ,Firstly I don't accept the premise that these new spaces are required for safety, what is required is the same common sense by everybody that allowed previous generations to survive without "PWP" spaces. ,Secondly, even if it is a safety issue, don't for a second pretend it is society's problem. Breeding creates purely private benefits for parents, and externalises costs of which this is just one more on the rest of the population. We don't really need children from any societal perspective. It is far more efficient to import fully grown, and healthy, labour units from overseas and have then turn up ready to work and pay taxes. ,Firstly I don accept the premise that these new spaces are required for safety, what is required is the same common sense by everybody that allowed previous generations to survive without spaces. ,Secondly, even if it is a safety issue, don for a second pretend it is society problem. Breeding creates purely private benefits for parents, and externalises costs of which this is just one more on the rest of the population. We don really need children from any societal perspective. It is far more efficient to import fully grown, and healthy, labour units from overseas and have then turn up ready to work and pay taxes.Parents' loss epitomizes the toll of mental illness ,Who can blame them It all that left of their son, Pat, who three weeks ago called home from a motel in South Portland, told his father, love you guys, and then hanged himself. ,Pat, 24, suffered from schizophrenia. And his parents, even as they grieve, said last week they feel compelled to tell his story publicly not because they angry at anyone or want someone to pay or think this whole tragedy could have been avoided. ,No, they simply ask that we all remember one thing about people, like Patrick, who been set adrift from the rest of society by schizophrenia or some other mental illness. ,human beings, said John. they deserve our compassion, our kindness. years ago, Pat Doherty was a parent dream come true. ,The youngest of three Doherty kids, he was in the top 10 percent of his class heading into his final year at Cape Elizabeth High School. He also was incoming captain of the school basketball team, had loads of friends, a girlfriend, a loving family without warning, the wheels started coming off. Five weeks into his senior year, Pat came home one day and told his parents he take it anymore and was dropping out of school. ,John and Maryanne, both nurses, were stunned. ,initially thought it was maybe a little rebellion, but it was so out of character for him, John said. was nothing leading up to it. tried to reason with him, but Pat was adamant. He wasn going back. ,graduation, no prom, no basketball, said Maryanne. all just disappeared. and Maryanne told Pat he needed to see a psychiatrist. He agreed. The diagnosis: the early stages of schizophrenia. ,With that, the entire Doherty clan enrolled in a 12 week course offered by the Maine chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness to help families cope with a loved one mental illness. The training proved invaluable. ,But Pat condition steadily worsened. One night that winter, he ran outside the family home in Cape Elizabeth with no clothes on, insisting it was right to do so. ,That led to Pat first and only inpatient admission at Spring Harbor Hospital in Westbrook, where he finally was put on anti psychotic medication. ,got better right away, said Maryanne. he didn think he did and he stopped taking the medications. life became a roller coaster. He eventually managed to earn his graduation equivalency diploma through Portland Adult Education, but despite the 50 or so applications John helped him fill out, he couldn seem to land a job. ,He took several bus trips to California, where he spent time at a Buddhist monastery and became enthralled with Ayurveda, an ancient form of holistic medicine that claims to treat illness including schizophrenia with a combination of yoga, meditation and various dietary and herbal remedies. ,Despite his religious adherence to the Ayurveda protocol, his mental state continued to deteriorate. ,John and Maryanne, Pat only source of financial support, did what they could to keep him close to home when they moved to their new home in Harpswell, they even built an adjoining apartment for him and got him a car. ,But Pat never stayed long and when he left, it would often be for weeks or months at a time. ,Sometimes, Pat would call to tell his parents not to worry, he was all right. ,Other times, they hear from police in places like Nevada where he was found wandering on an Indian reservation or Chicago where he was picked up after illegally crossing a train trestle or northern California where he was caught camping in an off limits redwood forest. ,Each time, John and Maryanne would send Pat money to get him home and redouble their efforts to connect him with the help he insisted he didn need. And each time, much as they wished they could force him to stay put, he suddenly take off again. ,cried a lot, recalled Maryanne. biggest fear was that he end up in jail, or get beat up on the street. got so that we write his Social Security number inside his pants or in the soles of his shoes, said John. were afraid we never see him again because he often be traveling with nothing, no identification. recent months, it appeared to John and Maryanne that Pat actually might be getting better. He even came up with a plan whereby he print and sell T shirts one showed a spaceship with the words a very normal person on my home planet. just didn think he fit in here, said John. else, maybe, but not here. think he covered a lot of it up so well right up to the very end, said Maryanne. think he was sicker than we thought. weeks ago, Freeport police responded to a report of a car deep in the woods off Route 136 in Freeport. They found Pat inside his Camry and, after searching the overstuffed vehicle, arrested him for possession of drug paraphernalia a water pipe and few prescription pills they found in a small plastic bag. ,The pills turned out to be Ativan, an anti anxiety pill prescribed by Pat psychiatrist. ,An old friend from Cape Elizabeth posted Pat bail at the Cumberland County Jail. The next day, Pat made two visits to Maine Medical Center emergency room in the hope he could get his prescription refilled Ativan was the one conventional drug he was willing to take. ,The emergency room visits led to a placement at a short term crisis stabilization unit in South Portland. John and Maryanne hoped that maybe, just maybe, it would be a turning point. ,think he knew something was up, said Maryanne. said in the last week or so that he thought he needed help and he never said that before. upon his release from the crisis unit several days later, Pat disappeared again. Finally, late on the afternoon of June 3, he called home to ask about his car John had already reclaimed it from the impound lot and brought it back to Harpswell. ,Unknown to his parents at the time, Pat had checked into a South Portland motel with money they put in his debit account a few days earlier. ,don you come home for a few days John persisted. come get you. we see, said Pat. ,After a short pause Pat said, really love you guys. know you do, said John. ,It was the last time they ever spoke. Sometime that night, Pat uncoiled a rope he just purchased at Home Depot and took his own life. ,The days since have been pure agony for John and Maryanne as they try to find some meaning, some purpose, behind a nightmare that simply refused to end.Paris attack cell stretched from Europe to Syria and back ,PARIS AP Police, prosecutors, friends, families and acquaintances have unveiled details about the men who carried out the Nov. 13 attacks in Paris. Here is a look at what we know about the suspects: ,Abdeslam's brother blew himself up outside the cafe Comptoir Voltaire. His own exact role that night is unknown. The Paris prosecutor said he is believed to have dropped off the stadium bombers, abandoned his car in northern Paris and then shed a suicide vest in southern Paris. ,Hours after he was linked to the attacks, Abdeslam and two travelers were stopped in their car near the border between France and Belgium but were set free. Salah's other brother, Mohamed Abdeslam, said all three siblings grew up in Belgium and seemingly were content with life in the West. "We are an open minded family. We never had any problem with justice," he said. ,Abdeslam was captured Friday in Molenbeek, where he grew up. ,A group of gunmen with automatic weapons opened fire on bars and restaurants, driving through central Paris in a black getaway car. They included: ,Belgian born Abaaoud has been identified as the architect of the Paris attacks and is believed to have been among the squad of gunmen who attacked bars and restaurants that night. ,He was also suspected of involvement in several thwarted attacks this year, including an attempted attack on a high speed train from Belgium to Paris when three Americans tackled a heavily armed man and one on a church in the Parisian suburb of Villejuif. His ties to many of the attackers date to his days in the Moleenbeek neighborhood of Brussels where he grew up. He bragged that he was able to slip in and out of Europe undetected. ,Abaaoud died during a Nov. 18 police raid on an apartment near the Stade de France. ,Abdeslam, the older brother of Salah Abdeslam, blew himself up outside the cafe and is also believed to have been part of the team that attacked bars and restaurants. ,His former lawyer, Olivier Martins, said Abdeslam had done a short prison term in Belgium for stealing identity cards. A judge freed him after a month in 2010 because he was believed to have turned his life around. Abdeslam's restaurant was ordered shut down on Nov. 4 because of drug dealing. ,"In my opinion, he was someone who was very, very fragile and very easily influenced," the lawyer said. ,Akrouh, a Belgian Moroccan, was identified thanks to DNA provided from his mother. He died along with Abaaoud in the Nov. 18 police raid in Saint Denis. Belgian media reported that he, like so many of the others, had ties to the Molenbeek neighborhood of Brussels. ,Three French nationals have been identified as targeting concert goers at the Bataclan music venue. Two of them blew themselves up and one was shot by police. They were: ,Police say Mostefai blew himself up at the theater. Tall, quiet and conservatively dressed, Mostefai appears to have aroused little suspicion at the housing block he shared with his family in the French cathedral city of Chartres or at the nearby Anoussra Mosque. Arnauld Froissart, a 34 year old bank employee who lives in the area, said Mostefai was "very discreet" and his family was "very nice. only the best fakes illegal id fake NorthDakota can

fake id name in superbad The Frenchman ,Amimour's father traveled to Islamic State held territory in June 2014 in an effort to convince his son to leave Syria but was rebuffed On Nov. 11 ,Ties of blood and crime All the attackers and accomplices so far identified were raised in Europe ,Brahim Abdeslam had put a conviction for stealing ID cards behind him and opened a cafe, The Bataclan team was made up of two Frenchmen who left for Syria in 2013 ,The squad of suicide bombers at the Stade de France included the youngest of the attackers fake insurance ids schwifty ids fake id fake id scans wrong same day fake id

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